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Australia woke to the gentle mumbling of the still sleeping nation beside him, and he smiled sleepily seeing New Zealand crooning in his slumber. He whispered reassurances into his ear, and the smaller country snuggled into his chest, Australia poking his nose into the other's soft hair.

As they lay together on the bed, Australia began to reminisce about their relationship.

Australia, or Jake, was well known as the wild one among his friends. He was the one who flirted with the most girls, did the craziest stunts, and got the most drunk when they went out. His friends were all pretty wild themselves, even if in different regards. The only one different was New Zealand. Leo was always a very timid, shy boy who preferred staying home and wandering in sheep pastures. But Jake and Leo had always been close friends, and it came to no surprise for either of them when they woke up together on New Years.

They were as different in appearance as they were in personality. Australia was tall and tan, with chestnut hair gelled back beside two small spikes jutting up at the top of his forehead. New Zealand, however, was both slight in stature and fair. His hair was a tan-blonde and he had a small horn-like curl above his ear that he would often fiddle with when he got nervous.

Jake saw the boy instinctively twitch in his sleep, reaching for the exact curl. He gently grasped the hand, stroking the lines of his palm as he saw Leo sweating nervously from what appeared to be a bad dream.

He knew better to wake him, and instead only held him closer, rubbing the back of his neck comfortingly. "Sh… It's okay."


Australia pulled back at the muffled sound and smiled at the adorable nation, his hair ruffled and eyes still blurry from waking up. "Yes?"

Leo seemed to realize what was going on and chuckled, itching below his eye. "How, how long have you been watching me?" He asked quietly, looking shyly through his pale eyelashes.

"I just woke up. Do you want to get up now?"

New Zealand looked at the clock, then back at the waiting man. "It's Sunday," he whispered, their conversation continuing in hushed tones. "And we don't have to work."

Jake smiled again, his eyes crinkling and slight dimple forming above his chin. "Do you want to go back to sleep? Or something else…"

Leo turned a furious red and quickly waved his arms in front of him, profusely denying the implication, "N-No! I just, um I'm still a bit tired, so?"

Jake chuckled and pulled Leo into him, his arms wrapping around the small boy and his hand looping back up to thread through the base of his neck. "Of course. Whatever you want."

So the two lied back in the bed, curled into one another, the party animal and the shy boy, indifferent to their differences, and fell asleep.

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Not to mention in my headcanon, he's just shyer in the morning.

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