Protège-Moi de Mes Désirs

Song is from Protège-Moi, by Placebo, I thought I'd go with the French one, since French is the language of d'amour and all that jazz.

Took at a half hour break from my studies and thought, hey, I'll do a story in dedication to my all time favourite pairing. Yes, I probably should have been working on Illusions of Bliss, but this was just too tempting...

Perfect. She was absolutely perfect, nothing short of beautiful in his eyes. He hungrily admired the curves that accentuated her slender body. Watched as slight water glistened of her form, trickling down her various crevices.

Seemed over time, the older man had lost his love, it had taken a back spot, and his problems with the un-dead had to come first. But he finally had her to himself, no one else to distract.

The room was all set, low lighting, his favourite song playing gently in the background. He was finally going to get what he had dreamt of for years. But he didn't know quite what to say. After all the years of waiting for her, yearning for her, he couldn't quite imagine it was happening to him. Brown eyes glazed over, and licking his lips, he couldn't wait to taste her juicy inside.

His hands delicately grabbed around the soft, almost dough like body, he was careful to keep her intact. She was fragile, not one to be thrown around, and he was all too willing to treat her as such.

"I've waited so long for this." The man whispered the words, he had only dreamt of saying in a situation like this. He didn't expect a reply, it didn't matter to him. What mattered was he finally had the chance to connect with the thing that completely understood him. Over everything, she understood him. She didn't talk back, she listened to his problems, she didn't complain and never had they argued.

All this made him realise why he loved everything about her. His body's instincts took over him, and he gave into the lust he had tried to hide for years. A smile began to play on his thin lips, for the first time in years he was happy, ecstatic in fact.

"Barry's loves him some sandwiches, alright."

Barry chuckled, and slowly lifted the sandwich towards him, smelling the sweet scent which had tantalised his taste buds since he was a child.

He took once large bite of out the freshly made BLT; it made a satisfying crunch which brought a smile to his lips. The man was finally able to indulge in his desires, and he loved it.

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