AN: I have decided to write a 50 Theme Challenge in KH-style. It'll center mostly around our favorite gambler, but possibly other people too. I finally found a challenge with no WORD RESTRICTIONS! :D Anywho, hope you'll read and review.

1. Night

It was always night in the World That Never Was. Always dark. No sun. Luxord didn't understand why it had to be like that. Sure, some of them preferred darkness to cloak their actions and presence during missions or so, but none of them were allergic to daylight. Sometimes it was nice to pay a visit to a world with a sun, really taking his time to enjoy the warmth that came over him when he stepped out of a portal. There was just something off about their own world... Something off...

Xemnas had created the world, and could remove it if he wished to, right? Thinking of it like that, made the whole thing seem so fragile. Could Xemnas erase them all too? Luxord blinked that thought away. He couldn't see any reasons as to why their leader would do such a thing... But deep down he probably knew anyway.

Yes, Luxord had heard the story several times. Xemnas wished to help them all regain their hearts, and for that they needed Kingdom Hearts. But as a master of poker-faces, Luxord couldn't help but feel something lurking around behind Xemnas' fine words. Some hidden agenda, some ulterior motive...

"Uh, dude, you're spacing out again," a voice said, effectively snapping Luxord out of his thoughts. He looked at Xigbar who had sat down next to him, on the edge of Havoc's Divide, the place they were currently visiting. A fall from this balcony would be a gruesome death indeed, he pondered.

"No," Luxord said, "You're just not worth listening to." He shrugged and grinned at the other man.

Xigbar grinned back. "That's really hurtful, man..." a look of mock-hurt flashed over his scarred face for a moment. "But seriously, why are you out here?"

A moment's pause.

"... Fresh air."

"As if! Don't make me send you over the edge," Xigbar said, and clapped Luxord's back a bit too hard to emphasize.

Luxord chuckled. "Lots of sunshine, then? And I doubt that you would really dare send me over this edge, and into my untimely death, might I add."

"Hey, I said send you over the edge, not kill you," Xigbar smirked. Luxord arched an eyebrow at this. Xigbar's powers could easily stop a fall like this, he guessed...

"Don't worry," the Freeshooter said, clapping his back again, nearly sending him over the edge this time, actually. "I gotcha..."

Luxord hoped so.