"I must say," Luxord drawled, correcting his gloves the slightest bit. "These coats would have been a great asset in that Narnia-place." He was wearing the usual Organization-coat, but with a few alterations. Fur was lining the edge of the hood and sleeves. The lining was another sort of fur, keeping the Nobody warm in the cold and snowy weather.

Saïx, who was wearing a normal coat, glanced at him. "There is nothing wrong with the temperature."
He looked around. The two of them were standing at a huge lake in the middle of the night, in a world they had never visited before. Snow covered the entire scenery, except for the lake itself, which was frozen. A full moon was shining down on them. Number VII frowned, almost like he was listening for something.

Luxord sighed. "Don't suppose we'll find anything here," he said politely. "It's in the middle of the night, and it's bloody cold." He took a few steps along the lakeside, the snow crunching under his boots. The lake was located in the middle of a forest, by the looks of it, and he wasn't sure whether technology was to find, or what sort of world this really was.

Saïx shushed him, staring straight ahead as if he was still listening for something.

"Do you sense anything?" Luxord said in a hushed voice, finally lowering his hood. He could feel how the cold wind immediately assaulted his ears and cheeks, but he bit back any remark he might have had.

'I can practically feel Jack Frost nipping at my nose,' he thought jokingly.

The place was actually quite beautiful, seemingly untouched at this hour. The Gambler could only imagined how children would dare walk the ice and throw balls of snow, but no children were present right now. Everything just seemed so… calm and stupendous. The moon did not emit the waxy yellow like their Kingdom Hearts, nor was it shaped like a heart. Instead it was a bright and white light that poured down over the two Nobodies, and it was full and round in shape.

Luxord almost found himself squinting up at the orb of cold light. Just like the moon, Saïx' eyes were glowing in the darkness of the night. Luxord always wondered about the yellow eyes. Why Xigbar, Saïx and even Xemnas were endowed with glowing eyes would probably always stay a mystery to him. He wasn't going to ask any of them, even if they might know why.

"Almost like a face, isn't it?" Luxord remarked, still looking up at the moon. He'd heard plenty of stories and tales about what was supposed to be a face on the very surface of the moon. The Man in the Moon, they called it. Ironically, Luxord didn't have the imagination to see a face on the moon. He was simply trying to start conversation.

"I don't see it," Saïx said dryly. Odd. Of all the people, Luxord had almost expected Saïx to at least be somewhat interested in tales of the moon. It was, after all, his element. But Luxord could have over-interpretd too.

"Neither do I," Luxord agreed with a slight chuckle. "Honestly, some stories…" He shook his head.

Saïx looked at him. "The place might be quiet now, but we've only seen so much." He looked up at the moon, and Luxord was sure that Saïx could hear something that he couldn't. "We should split up," Saïx concluded and started walking. Before Luxord could protest anything, his second-in-command had disappeared behind some trees.

"I'll just… stay here, shall I?" Luxord mumbled. Whatever Saïx had heard or seen, Luxord was sure that Number VII was somewhat shaken or perhaps a bit surprised. The Gambler of Fate was just about to start his walk away from the lake, before a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Jeez, someone's moody," a male voice said.

Luxord turned around, only to spot what appeared to be a boy in a blue shirt. He was resting calmly on one of the many branches on a tree, his one leg dangling carelessly. His hair was as white as the snow, while the blue of his eyes was as cold as ice. Oddly enough, the thing the worried Luxord was the fact that the boy wasn't wearing any shoes.

A powerful wind blew the boy off the branch, but he landed safely and gracefully on the ground. The cold snow didn't seem to bother him at all. Luxord watched him the entire time, a pleasant look on his face. It was as if they boy hadn't noticed him, or perhaps he was ignoring him. He sure did manage to describe Saïx' current mood perfectly.

"I think the moon might be disturbing him," Luxord responded, looking directly at the boy, who was about to walk away with some sort of staff over his shoulder. This time, it was the mysterious boy's turn to be stopped in his tracks. He looked over his shoulder at Luxord with a surprised look.

"… You see me?" He asked quietly.

Luxord smiled. "Of course I do."

Another wind blew, and the boy was instantly next to him. "That's amazing!" The boy exclaimed. "I mean, I'm getting used to kids noticing me, but-but-but adults? That's new!" He was mere inches from Luxord's face, and so the Nobody leaned back a bit to avoid any unwanted contact. The boy obviously noticed, because he backed off a few steps. Luxord noticed how the air seemed slightly warmer, once the bare-footed boy had stepped back.

"You really see me…" The boy whispered weakly, his knees almost buckling under him.

Luxord watches the boy quietly, a pleasant smile on his face. Little, white puffs of air were visible every time the Gambler exhaled, and his cheeks and ears were slightly pink, but he no longer focused on the cold or the snow.

"Seeing what others don't… is sort of what I go through life doing," Luxord stated proudly. He stepped closer to the boy, looking him in the eyes. "Of course I see you. How can I not? I've known about you since I was very young… Jack Frost."

Jack's eyes widened. "What?" He said. "So, wait, you actually believe in me?" He was fumbling for words.

"Yes," Luxord said dryly.

"Believe in me? Me? In Jack Frost?"

"Evidently," Luxord answered.

Jack Frost sat down in the snow, apparently not bothered by the cold at all. If he were, it would be strange. "So, you believe in the others too, right?"

"The others?" Luxord lifted an eyebrow.

"Santa Claus…"

"Father Christmas," Luxord mumbled.

"That's right, that's North!" Jack said excitedly, suddenly pulled to his feet by a gust of wind. "And Pitch, you know, boogeyman? Dark, tall and moody?"

"Come now, Jack," Luxord said, "there's no such thing as the boogeyman." He smiled.

Jack seemed to calm down a bit, finally realizing that he was talking to a complete stranger. "Who… who are you even?"

"Who I am?" Luxord asked. "I am what you thought you were. Nobody. Nothing. My name is Luxord."

"If you're nothing, how come you have a name?" Jack mumbled.

Luxord shrugged, a thing a hardly ever did if he had other opportunities. He truly didn't know why Xemnas thought that they, beings of darkness and nothing, deserved names. Perhaps because they were beings and so deserved a name. Everything had to have a name, right?

There was a hollow silence.

"It's funny," Luxord said quietly, still observing the boy. Jack Frost, a story from his very childhood. A legend.

"What is, Luxord?" Jack said, letting Luxord's name play on his lips.

"You see," Luxord began, "You, Jack Frost, is very real. However, almost no one sees you, nor do they believe in you. People are under the impression that you do not even exist. But you are here, and you are in fact very real. Then there is me. People see me; they truly believe that I am there. They can actually feel me if they want to – but I… I am not real. I am nothing. I do not exist."

Jack had to wonder how Luxord, through his entire sad and disturbing sentiment, could still be smiling in spite of every word that left his mouth.

"That's… sad, Luxord," Jack remarked.

"It's a matter of perspective," Luxord forced out, this time fumbling a bit for words himself.

Jack leaned on his staff, one of his hands hidden in his shirt pocket. Once again, a silence fell upon the odd couple.

"I would love to stay and chat, Jack Frost," Luxord said suddenly, "but I have an accomplice, who quite recently obtained the habit of wandering off."

"Who? Sourpuss?" Jack said jokingly, a smirk playing on his pale lips.

"… If that's what you want to call him, yes," Luxord said, already flinching on the inside at Saïx' reaction to his new nickname.

"Is he… is he the same as you?" Jack asked hesitantly.

Luxord nodded. "He is. That's a thing we might have in common, Jack Frost."

"What is?"

Luxord smiled, looking up at the moon. "We take comfort in the fact that there are others like us. People unseen, people fading into the background." People fading into darkness.

"There you go sounding all depressed again," Jack remarked.

Luxord chuckled. "Terribly sorry," he said. "I suppose it's the weather."

"Sorry," Jack said. "I felt like the kids needed some more snow days."

Luxord nodded and turned around to leave. "Until next time, Jack Frost." He started walking in Saïx' direction.

"… If it's any help, you seem pretty real to me," Jack called after him. "And I want you to be too! Can't have some phantom believing in me!"

Luxord chuckled, waving at him over his shoulder. The moon kept shining down on him, as he walked away from the boy.

Guess who's been gone for way too long? That's right, me. And I am very sorry, but when the inspiration's gone, it's just... gone. Luckily I kicked my ass to get myself going with this one.