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Game of Life
Chapter 22 - Decision

Goten bent his knees, slided sideways across the plain using only toes and heels, and finally arched to his side with a finger pointing out, one on each hand. Gohan nodded and noted how the angle of Goten's body was precisely ninety degree to the left.

After returning to a straight posture, Goten waved and shouted, "Gohan, do you want me to show you again?"

"I want to give it a try this time." Gohan flopped his back on the ground and flipped forward, springing his body to a stand. Compared to the moves Videl and he invented for their Saiyaman's pose, this little dance was rather tamed, so Gohan did not feel even a bit embarrassed when he began. "So, Goten, how did it feel to merge body with Trunks?" Gohan asked as he moved into position, starting with bending his knees, making sure his heels were connected.

His brother plopped on the ground and leaned back, using his hands as a support. "We were so young then-"

Gohan let out a short laugh. "Little brother, you're still so young," Gohan pointed out with a mischievous smirk.

"Hey! I'm grown up now!"

"Sure, sure. Kids, just because they're older than last year, they think they're all grown up."

"That's not nice!"

"I'm just teasing you," Gohan laughed. The laugh was good. Already he could feel his tensed muscles relaxing. It was good to forget the troubles even for a short while. "Am I doing this right?" Gohan asked when he moved across the plain, mirroring Goten's earlier action.

"You need to make sure your toes and heels always touch."

"This is harder than it looks."

"Yeah, it took us longer than twenty minutes to get this right."

Gohan started over again. This time he paid more attention to the position of his toes and heels. "So how did it feel?

"It was a weird feeling. It was like both our heads were thrown into a whirlpool and then spit back out into one being. We don't even know who was doing the thinking. Sometime it was Trunks and sometime it felt like me..." Goten paused and raised his head to the sky. "I wonder how Trunks' doing?"

There was a brief silence. Gohan felt guilty for leaving Vegeta and Trunks within the system, escaping all by himself. On top of that, he had not brought Bulma to safety as intended. Buu was now their biggest threat. Before defeating him, they would not stand a chance. "Vegeta will bring him back. I know he will."

Goten sighed heavily as if blowing out a steam of bottled air. "Gohan...Trunks is the biggest brat, always bossing me around. I let him because it's easier than fighting him."

"Bossiness runs in the family." Gohan shrugged.

Dropping his head, Goten continued, "If only I fought with him that time, none of this would have happened."

Gohan paused in between his stretches. "Goten, life is full of 'ifs' and 'what ifs'. We can't change the past. We can only do what we can in the present to change the future. Trunks is not gone yet."

"Gohan, you're so wise."

"Wisdom comes with age. Someday, you'll sound just as 'wise' as us adults."

His little brother snorted, "You're still a kid, Gohan. Dad is much older than you."

"So he is," Gohan chuckled. "Come on, Goten. Time to get serious."

Goten nodded. "Right and it's time to get Trunks back."

Videl had witnessed and even experienced extreme pain. During the tournament, she had unluckily battled with an unexpected strong enemy who had broken multiple bones in her body and had sent her straight to the ICU. She had felt like her body was crushed by the a thousand tons of steel, rocks and even a couple of mountains. However, looking at Bulma who was on the verge of giving birth to a new life, the pain she had felt was so miniscule compared to the pain of labour.

"Damn you to hell, Vegeta!" Bulma screamed with crazed eyes; her head thrashing around. Videl grounded her teeth and held her breath when Bulma twisted her fingers back until she felt like all the tiny bones dislocated from their sockets.

"Bulma, you have to calm down," Chi Chi said in a controlled and soothing voice, holding Bulma's other hand while brushing the damp lock of hair from Bulma's forehead. It took Videl by surprise when Chi Chi first used that tone since her mother-in-law tended to overreact to lots of situation. Even her normal talking voice were higher in pitch. Videl shifted her eyes from the wailing and cursing Bulma to the controlled Chi Chi. At least someone in this cave had some sanity left.

Bulma let out one more scream before dropping her head onto the makeshift pillow. Her breathing was heavy. She let go of Videl's sore hand and dropped it to her side.

"Chi Chi, this can't go on," Videl said with a frown. They had tried to stop the flowing blood for the last fifteen minutes but to no avail. Chi Chi had confirmed that blood loss was definitely not part of the labour. "We have to get her to a doctor."

"You told me the city's in chaos. How are we doing to find one? We can still manage if it's just labour, but I'm not a doctor. I can't treat the blood loss. If she loses anymore, she won't have the energy to push when the time comes."

"How much longer?" Videl asked, hating the fact that she was useless.

"I don't know..."

The card entrusted to Videl by Bulma laid beside her. Somehow, Bulma thought this was the key to end all their current dilemma. If that was true, then perhaps, the city would go back to normal and then they could find help for Bulma. Videl reached over, swiped the card from the ground and stood up. "Chi Chi, I have to go."

With a nod, Chi Chi said, "Go. I'll take care of Bulma."

"Tell Gohan to go straight to Capsule Corps. I'm sure he'll have a better chance at Bulma's machine than me," Videl said as she took one last look at Bulma and her mother-in-law. "Do you think the baby will be okay?"

"For Bulma's sake, let's hope so. The worst thing that can happen to a mother is the lost of a child, especially an unborn one."

Videl gripped the card tighter and nodded. She had always wondered if her mother blamed her for giving her life at the expenses of her own. Seeing Bulma's plead to save the baby and even forsaken her own life, Videl knew her mother probably had the same selfless thoughts. Videl swallowed hard and took a deep breath. "Chi Chi, I'll come back as soon as I can if I don't see Gohan. Keep Bulma safe." With that, Videl proceeded to the cave entrance.

Vegeta was aware that all were waiting for this next move. He stared blankly at the older Trunks in front of him. For the first time, Vegeta had the fate of his family in his hand, including the son from the future who was neither real or fake. His family...when did they become so important? What made them so important in his life?

It was strange. Now that he asked himself the question, his mind wandered back to snippet of the conversations he had with them.

"What the hell are you staring at?


"Why, did I grow another head?"

"I wish. If you did, then I can stare at two of you. Good eye candy."


"How cute! You're blushing!"

"Shut your nonsense. I do not blush, vile human!"

"Vegeta. I'm the luckiest woman in the world. You're always here-"

"Not like I have much choice."

"But you do. You can leave this mudball planet whenever you want and I can do nothing to stop you."

"Don't start giving me ideas."

"So Vegeta, will my dark prince save a damsel in distress if her life is in peril?"

"Oh please, Bulma. You are no damn damsel. If anything, you should be the one saving me from distress. Devil knows you human finds joys in irritating poor souls like me."

"You're such a grump."

"Never claimed to be anything else."

"One of these days, you will cross a sea of fire with a sword in your hand, well, maybe not a sword...anyways, you will slay an army of foul creatures just to save me from those horrible beasts. I will swoon and fall in love with you all over again!"

"Hmph. Dream on, woman. And stop reading those silly books."

Bulma had wished it. Now it was up to him to fulfill it.

"Are you still mad?"

"Hmph. Brat, if your mother let me kill you, you'll be dead a hundred times over."

"Come on, dad! It's not so bad. It came off quite easily."

"You are to stay away from me for the rest of your miserable life."

"Awww...I said I was sorry!"


"Dad? You got to admit, you look pretty darn good with that color."

"Say anymore and I will not care what your mother says."

"Fine. I'll go back to my room."



"What is the worst you did to Kakarott?"

"Not much. He's no fun. I mean he'll just laugh. He thinks it's funny."

"So you're saying you brats pick me because I don't think it's funny?!"

"...well...yeah...you have a better reaction than Goten's dad..."

"Trunks, until you successfully annoyed that brainless fool, do not come back home. Now pack your stuff and leave!"



He wondered if he had, at that point in time, truly meant for Trunks to never return.

"Vegeta...you're going to be there, right?"

"Be where?"

"In the delivery room."

"Why should I?"

"You weren't there when Trunks was born..."


"I want you to be there. I want you to witness the birth of our daughter."

"Stupid human custom."

"Listen, bastard! It's not easy shitting out something the size of a watermelon. The least you man can do is be there as a support!"

"Hmph. I'll think about it."

He had not given it another thought until now.

"Dad, I have so much fun today. Thank you!"

"Hmph. You can fly faster than all those stupid rides you went on. I don't see the fun in that."

"You didn't have fun?"

"What do you think? I didn't want to be here in the first place."

"I figure. You only came here because of your promise."

"That's right."


"Oh, stop with your pouting!"

"I'm not pouting!"

"Yes you are!"

"Hehehehe. Dad?"


"I have fun anyways...because today, it's just you and me."


Vegeta made up his mind. He knew what he had to do and he was not going to like it one bit.

Trunks stood in midair facing his dad and his older self as they stared at each other, one without a hint of emotion and the other filled with a mixture of resignation and determination. Trunks wanted to interfere, stepped between them and called them out for being crazy but the silence was so potent that it had created a poisonous mist, immobilizing Trunks' limb and his ability to utter a sound.

The flicker of indecisiveness that had flashed through his dad's dark eyes mixed with intense worry was enough to unease Trunks. To Trunks, his dad was always strong and powerful; weakness was just not in his dad's blood. No one could defeat his dad! However, today...Trunks had found his dad's one and only weakness...his family...Trunks realized as the full brunt of guilt clenched around his stomach. It was he who had caused his mom's suffering which had given Tysfia a leverage.

He wanted to scream at his dad to leave! Forget about him and save his mom who was clearly in pain. Those words did leave his mouth but his dad had scolded him. In truth, Trunks didn't want to stay in here despite what he had said. He was scared to be alone again. Trunks bit hard on his lower lip to suppress the unwanted memories of his isolation. The time he had spent alone was not fun and he did not want to ever experience it again.

Trunks turned to his dad and saw the dark pupils darted to the suspended screen and quickly back at the older Trunks, so quick Trunks wondered if those eyes had moved at all. Trunks did not dare look into the screen. When he first glanced at it and saw his mom in such a horrible state, it took every bit of energy to stop himself from crying like a baby he was. Tears was not welcomed at time like this, especially in front of his dad.

Still locked on his dad, Trunks wondered what was going to be his decision. Surely his dad knew Tysfia was messing with them, though if his dad thought they could defeat Tysfia, he would have acted by now, right?

Next, Trunk glanced at his older counterpart. For some reason, he hated the fact his older self showed no fear even when facing his own demise. While the fear still lingered in Trunks' bone, the older Trunks stood unwavering with a grim smile. They had reconciled their earlier heated encounter, but Trunks felt another pang of jealousy as he saw no traces of cowardice in his older counterpart. Trunks shook his head. It was this jealousy that had gotten him in trouble the past days. He contained it, pushing it to the depth of his mind. He could not afford to cause his dad's further problem.

"Well, well, well, I say this is quite a development," Tysfia mused, taking another sip from his conjured cup. "What will you do, Vegeta? I can't wait to find out!"

Trunks threw his head sideway and shot a menacing glare at the physical form of the voice. Tysfia sat on top of the tallest tree, swinging his legs in a childish manner, focusing intently on his dad and the older Trunks. Trunks scowled. At this moment, he no longer feared his captor. All he felt now was hatred and disgust toward the one who had forced his dad into a cursed decision. He wanted so much to pound the living crap out of Tysfia.

From the corner of his eyes, Trunks saw his dad lifted his arm and stretched it before him, aiming directly at the older Trunks. With wide eyes, Trunks quickly turned his attention back. Crap! His dad is really going to do it! Without so many words, Trunks could tell his dad liked the older Trunks, if not, his dad would not have searched for the older Trunks. His older self stood with hand supporting his broken arm, smiling resignedly.

This was wrong. This was all wrong! His dad was not cold-hearted, at least, not anymore. This is cruel! His dad was going to kill someone he actually liked. He had to stop this nonsense! But what about mom? If they couldn't escape, his mom would be the one in trouble! No! He had to stop this! This mom would agree with him. She would not want to see his dad willingly or unwillingly kill.

Trunks rushed to his dad. "Dad! No!" Once there, Trunks grabbed a wrist and tried his hardest to pull it back. Already, he could feel the ki surging though his dad's flesh. Trunks pulled and pulled but his dad refused to budge. "Dad, there must another way!"

"Move, Trunks," his dad warned in a chilling voice. Even so, Trunks stubbornly continued to pull.

"Mom will never agree to this!"

He sensed his muscle twitched.

"She does not have to know," his older self said, paused and then continued with a slight frown, "Trunks, I'm a product of this world. Sooner or later, I'll disappear. If it means saving your family, I'm more than willing to trade my existence for yours."

Why did the older Trunks' words pissed him off, Trunks did not know. Trunks' earlier thought of the older Trunks' bravery was no more. "Stop playing hero! I don't need your sacrifice! You think what you're doing is brave and selfless? Don't you think what you're doing is cruel to my dad?!" Trunks spat and almost choked from shouting.

His dad flinched again. The older Trunks lowered his gaze. Trunks had never felt so frustrated in his life. Why do adults always think they can just throw their life away without a thought of those they leave behind?! His dad did it once and it was the worst feeling in the world especially when his dad did it for him and his mom! And it was happening again...To make matter worse, he had brought this upon them with his childish and insecure feeling.

"Please, dad! You can't do this! Mom will be pissed!"

"Move!" his dad warned again. This time, his dad pushed him out of the way.

"I'm going to cry! This is just too good! Go, Vegeta!"

The second Trunks whipped his head back to the bastard, a light appeared from the corner of his eyes. He gasped.

Behind him, the merry cheering increased, urging Vegeta to hurry. Trunks paid the voice no heed. He prayed that Tysfia would keep his words to set his father and younger self free and that his father would truly commit to seeing this through. Trunks knew this was cruel to his father but even worse was the possibility of his father and younger self's continued entrapment; trapped in this foul world while forced to watch idly as his mother struggled onto life. There had been a glimmer of worry before his father once again put on that stoic mask. It was then when Trunks had let the cruel words flew from his mouth, asking his father to commit murder on the one who shared the same face and name as his true son.

Trunks let his lids covered his eyes. In its concealed darkness, he could hear his younger self gasped. If at all possible, he wished his younger self did not have to witness this. Trunks lowered his head until his chin rested upon his chest. He felt the warmth of his father's ki approaching. Trunks cracked a hidden smile beneath the veil of his fine hair. Strangely, in his last moment, his thought was not of his father but of his younger self's accusation, accusing him of playing hero. Hero he was not. If he was a hero, he would have destroyed the filthy scum and spared his father this torturous act. No. Trunks was a coward for not searching a better way to end the fiend's life. Trunks took the easy way out. His body shook as the warmth became warmer. He willed his body back to calmness, hiding his fear so his father could not witness his weakness. The warmth became stifling hot. His end was near. Beneath his breath, Trunks whispered, "Take care, father."

Trunks waited for the impact.

It never came.

Trunks threw his eyes opened and saw his father controlling a golden trail that swerved passed him, almost singed his shoulder as it continued its path. Before Trunks could turn around, he heard an explosion from behind. He whipped his body around. When he finally spot the source, he saw a single tree in the foreground engulfed in fiery flames. Like a match caught on fire, the evergreen bushes that were grounded in the cervices of the rocky mountain lit up one by one. Soon, the land turned into a sea of fire.

Instead of waiting for the smoke to fan out, Trunks swept his gaze across the vast landscape and sky, half expecting Tysfia to escape the blast as he had done countless time. Trunks was utterly surprised the creature was no where in sight. Without a second thought, Trunks returned to the dispersing smoke; thin grey mist spread apart, making an opening in front of the burning tall and once sturdy evergreen tree.

"So you're not infallible after all," his father said with a short snort.

As the creature appeared, for the first time, the smug and forever amused look was stripped from its face, replaced by an exasperated and twisted expression. Creases formed on its once flawless skin and around the thinly slit eyes. Below the neck, an electrical shock fizzed from the hole on the right shoulder down the length of its arm. Tysfia was injured was the only thought ringing through Trunks' mind. His father managed to hurt the foul creature. But how? Trunks twisted his body back to his father who was behind him, exuding with rightful confidence.

"Dad, you scared the living hell out of me! I thought you're really going to kill Trunks!"

"Hmph. I'll save your mother my way," his father said, a smirk emerged from the corner of his lips. He then stared at the fragmented figure. "I'll be damn if you think I'll take orders from some bloodless losers."

Tysfia pulled his palm from his forehead all the way down the rest of his face. Like an actor putting on a theatrical act, the twisted expression disappeared. The annoying amused look returned. "I admit I've underestimated you, Vegeta. I never thought you're such a good actor, physically and mentally," Tysfia said in an unexpected light-hearted voice and then raised a hand in the air. Trunks tensed and readied himself for an attack that never came. Instead, Tysfia snapped his fingers and dark fabric began to stitch a patch around the hollow hole.

Despite feeling silly for offering his life and as it seemed - unnecessary - Trunks was hit with a case of curiosity. He wanted to know exactly how his father managed to land a blow when all their previous attempts had failed. Trunks wanted to ask and was about to, but his younger self cut him off with the same question.

Young Trunks moved beside Vegeta and asked, voice oozing with intense curiosity. "Dad, how did you do it!?"

His father's arms returned to its former position, across his bloody chest. Though bloody, Trunks could tell the wound was starting to heal, at least compared to a short hour ago. While Trunks was not a true Saiyan, he too, felt the muscles and bones mending.

With a cocky laugh, his father answered as he eyed Tysfia. "You're not so tough if you have no control over our mind."

Of course. The solution was so simple that Trunks was surprised he had not thought of it. While he had succumbed to the hopelessness of the situation, his father had stayed calm and did not relent to their fate. In a matter of minutes, his father had unraveled their opponent's weakness and formulate a counterattack. As for him, Trunks did not even try.

Tysfia made his way toward them while dusting the debris from his clothing. "Nice one, Vegeta. I give you that," Tysfia said, pausing midway and rubbed his chin, "You could have blocked me from your head, but you have chosen to fool me with your sweet memories instead." A grin appeared on his fair face. "Here I thought you're going to give in easily."

"Hmph. Free us and I promise I'll leave you with a whole corpse."

"I won't gloat too soon, Vegeta. It was only one lucky shot and the same trick will not work twice on me. But if you want to play, I'm more than happy to oblige," Tysfia finished with a slight bow. The creature raised his head to his younger self, scanning him from head to toe, and his grin turned to a smirk. "It seems I have not raised a high enough stake. Obviously, the welfare of your wife is not enough to pressure you." With his eyes still on his younger self, Tysfia continued, "I can definitely fix that." When he finished his sentence, Tysfia straightened and snapped his fingers.

From the corner of his eyes, Trunks saw his younger self let out a sharp cry. As if someone had pull the platform away from his feet, young Trunks started to drop with arms and legs flapping wildly.

"Shit! I can't fly!"

Instinctively, Trunks sped down and held his hand out, desperately trying to grab onto any pieces of his younger self's clothing. His father followed. "Father, I'll take care of Trunks! Defeat Tysfia!" Trunks yelled without looking back. He heard a growl and a few curses. Even further behind, he heard a wild, uncontrollable, taunting laugh. He ignored them and increased his speed. Trunks managed to snatch the neckline of young Trunks' T-shirt, almost choking the kid. Trunks grimaced when he realized he caught his younger self with the wrong arm. The jerk caused his healing muscle to tear apart again. With gritted teeth and clamored shut eyes, Trunks held on, using every ounce of energy to keep the kid afloat. He gave himself a few seconds before opening his eyes, only to find young Trunks' leg dangling inches away from the rocky terrain.

That was so damn close.

Slowly, Trunks lowered his younger self. When he felt young Trunks' feet securely on the ground, he quickly let go of the fabric. He rubbed his shoulder, trying his best to ease the burning pain. Trunks examined the younger Trunks and relieved to find the kid relatively unharmed, just a bit shaken. Satisfied with his examination, Trunks finally asked, "Trunks, what did he do to you?"

"I don't know. I suddenly felt like all my ki was gone," Trunks explained as he flexed his fingers as if trying to summon his power.

Trunks was glad he listened to his instinct. Normally, a fall like this would not do much damage to the body. However, without the ki's protection, it would highly unlikely that young Trunks could escape with just a few scrapes and scratches.

As if reading his thoughts, the boy glanced up at the sky and then the ground, probably mentally calculating the distance. "That was close!" his younger self exclaimed as he wiped a bead of sweat from the forehead.

Trunks stepped forward, the movement agitating his hanging arm. When Trunks winced, his younger self furrowed his brows. "You're hurt."

"It's nothing," Trunks shrugged.

"I'm sorry."

"This is not your fault."

"I mean I'm sorry for the words I said earlier."

"What you said was true. I'm cruel for putting father in that situation."

His younger self shook his head. "I blamed you because I...I..."

"You don't have to say anything," Trunks forced a smile.

Trunks searched for his father and found him hovering above. Although his father was short in stature, one would not disagree that this Saiyan was fierce, commanding and very fitting to the title he held as the prince of a very ancient and powerful race. Tysfia had left the burning trees to stand before his father, towering over the short man, beaming as if he had won the war before it even started.

This was one of the most confusing enemy ever. Unlike the androids whose sole purpose was to destroy, Trunks could not find a viable reason why Tysfia was so intended to toy with them and not outright killed them. At least the androids could blame their destructive nature on their creators. What about Tysfia? What reason did he have? Revenge? Not likely since they had never met. World domination? Wouldn't that be easier if they were out of the way? Trunks had a sinking feeling that this creature was toying with them because he could and did not need a reason to do so. As far as Trunks was concerned, this was the worst type of enemy and the most despicable.

If his father was furious of the treatment of his son, his father did not show as his face was now blank. Trunks knew what his father was trying to do. To keep his mind empty so Tysfia could not read his move. Will it work? Trunks hoped so. It was a shame the first shot did not destroy the fiend.

"You should help dad."

Trunks shook his head. "No, father has a plan and we'll just be in his way."

"How do you know that?"

"Do you really think father didn't think about killing me?" Trunks lowered his eyes to the ground, escaping his younger self's gaze. "He would have if he didn't have another choice. I mean, my life is nothing compared to yours and mother's so unless father had another plan, I doubt he'd attack as he did."

His younger self's face suddenly twisted in anger. "You don't know dad at all! If he didn't like you, he wouldn't give a shit if you're dead or not!"

"You also think he was going to go through with it," Trunks pointed out.

"Yeah, well..." his younger self stammered. He kicked a pile of loose rocks, letting them rolled down a slight slope. "Well, obviously, I don't know dad that well either. I certainly didn't think he'd come in here to save me. I didn't think he was going to hug me again..." his younger self trailed, cheeks growing slightly pink, probably from remembering the earlier incidents.

Trunks looked up at the two figures above. There had not been any movement between the two. Their mouths were moving and Tysfia still sported that annoying smug and all knowing look. "It doesn't matter how well we know our dear father. If you don't get out of here alive, there'll not other chance to get to know him better."

"You said dad has a plan."

"Can you feel your ki?"

There was a moment of silence when his younger self tried to summon his ki and then shook his head.

Sighing, Trunks watched his younger self. "Let's hope Tysfia doesn't pull the same trick on father."

His younger self's eyes widened with trepidation and let out a silent 'oh no'.

Trunks nodded. "The element of surprise is gone and now it's even tougher to destroy the bastard."

If only his father could harden his resolve to kill him. However slim, it was their only chance to leave.

Vegeta lowered his eyes to the ground where he saw his son sat cross-legged, conversing with the older one. The older one had freely offered his life and truth to be told, there was a moment when Vegeta had seriously thought about it. Then his pride kicked in full force. He, the prince of Saiyans, would never -ever -listen to an adversary of his. Doing so would mean he was defeated before he even tried. He had meant it when he told Trunks he'd save the boy's mother his way, the Saiyan way, even if it meant leaving Bulma to her fate a little longer. She'd understand since she was the wife of the greatest fighter. Besides, his woman was not one to give up. She would survive.

His memories had served as a distraction to fool that bastard into thinking he was serious about choosing Trunks' death in favor of his freedom. It had worked and it really pissed him off that he had overshot the damn blast. Had his aim been true, the bastard would be burned to the crisp. Of all the enemies he had faced so far, this one was the most frustrating and infuriating. If the sissy bastard faced him in a hand to hand combat and not run like a damn coward, Vegeta had no doubt he defeat him.

He knew that the same trick would not work again and knew the upper hand and confidence he had gained earlier was ebbing away. Vegeta folded his arms across his chest and forced himself to ignore his sons who were safely on the ground. He locked onto the bastard who stood only yards away. It seemed that there were more tricks that the bastard had yet to release. Vegeta had no doubt that stripping Trunks of his power was a warning that the bastard still had the upper hand in this tiresome battle.

"Too bad. Wouldn't it be nice to see your son's body plastered all over. It'll definitely bring some needed color to this awfully monotone land."

He could feel his veins pushing against his forehead, but Vegeta said nothing. He would not allow that bastard to provoke him to attack out of anger. A cool head was the deciding factor to winning or losing this battle. "What do you intend to do, sissy?" Vegeta asked flatly, his voice betrayed nothing.

"Ah. Name calling. I really don't appreciate it. I rather you called me by my name, Tysfia," the bastard sighed, "I really hate being called a sissy and a bastard when I'm neither," the bastard pouted. "Come on, Vegeta, be a good sport and call me Tysfia," the bastard said, his voice coming real close to a grating whine.

"Sissy." Why the hell he was wasting time playing games with this bastard? He should get moving and show the sissy exactly what a true Saiyan was capable of. Nobody made a fool out of him and lived to see another day.

A smile appeared on the bastard face. "Pride. Such a wonderful thing. How I will enjoy when I wipe your so called pride away!" the bastard crossed his arms and watched the boys with a queer expression as if he found the boys fascinating. "I wonder if this will change your mind."

The bastard removed a hand from the folded position and snapped his fingers. This action was seriously getting on Vegeta's nerve. If Vegeta could do nothing else, he'd make sure that he'd break every damn bones in those fingers.

"Before you think about breaking my fingers, you should concentrate on your poor boy's safety first, don't you think?" The bastard pointed down to where the boys were chit-chatting. His eyes followed. To his horror, Vegeta saw a whirlpool in the middle of the river and suddenly five spikes of water spiraled into the air and then swirled into spheres.

Without thinking, his body moved and when he hit a barrier, Vegeta let out a succession of colorful curses. "Bastard!" he roared as he threw a few ki blast, attempting to penetrate the damn invisible wall. When his ki exploded without passing the barrier, Vegeta cursed again.

"Call me Tysfia and I'll let you through."

"Like hell I will!"

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