+'Be My Cinderella'

[Chapter One]

At Domino Private High, students were wandering on the first day of school, milling around trying to look for classes or familiar faces. Bakura and Seto were standing waiting for Marik to come back from the vending machine and Yami who always dragged himself to school late.

"Dude, this is like the tenth times he is late in a row." Said Bakura, eyeing his new shiny black watch as he and Seto sat down on a bench in the courtyard.

Seto chuckled, "He's probably just having trouble adjusting to his new cousin."

"Oh, the one who likes to clings onto Yami all the time, man, she's annoying..." Bakura frowned.

"That's why I gave up going basketballing with him on Saturday," said Marik who had returned with the sodas and sat down on another bench, "He said if he was to go, then Rebecca would volunteer to go also, and I was like, forget it."

The three friends grimaced at each other when they saw at a far end of the courtyard where sure enough, their friend Yami looking annoy walking slowly past gawking people, with Rebecca happily swinging his hand in hers.


Yuugi nervously stared at his new school. This was like the third times he had to move to a new school because of his step sister, Anzu.

His parents had died in a terrible car accident when he was only five. Luckily, Mr and Mrs Masaki took him in since his parents were their best friends. Mr and Mrs Masaki were one of the nicest friendliest people he had ever met and he was grateful for having them has his adopted parents and how lovely of him to gain a sister too.

Anzu. It wasn't that Yuugi hated her. No he was the kind of person that would've accepted anyone. He was just too nice and can never say no to anything. Maybe it was the reason his step sister would always bosses him around and orders him to do things for her. Yuugi always picture himself as Cinderella. While obeying whatever his sister wants him to do, he always wanted to find his prince charming. Prince? Yeah, Yuugi had founded out he was gay when he held no interest for girls at all at his old school. He was rather popular at the public school and made friends easily. Maybe that's why Anzu decided to move to a rich private school since he never seems to fit in with those snobby people.

"Hey get my schedule for me! I'll be waiting at the courtyard." Anzu orders and walks off not even allowing Yuugi to have his say. He didn't mind at all. He was glad to help Anzu out because if she was happy then Mr and Mrs Masaki were happy. And if they were happy, Yuugi will be happy. Yuugi looked at his new school which was a big building. A very big building. He had a feeling it was going to take a while for him to find the office.

It has been twenty minutes yet Yuugi had no idea where he was. He peeked into empty classrooms hoping to find a teacher or even a student for direction. Yuugi who was looking through the classroom windows and walking at the same time didn't really have enough eyes to look where he was heading. WHAM!

He walked right straight to someone's chest. Startled by the encounter, Yuugi accidentally releases a heavy book he was holding onto and it drops onto the stranger's foot. "F***!" The person swore hopping from side to side trying to grab his bruise foot.

Yuugi's jaw dropped, "I'm so sorry..." Yuugi said and went to pick up his book. When he looked up, he didn't expect to receive a glare.

"Do you go around and kill people's foot?" The stranger asked sounding annoyed and angry at the same time. Now that Yuugi had a good look at the stranger, he notices they looked awkwardly similar. They both had the same set of trio-colours spiky star-shaped hair but the stranger's hair were more wilder and sharper with his bangs all up while Yuugi has his framing his pale cherub face. Instead of being pale, the stranger has sun-god kissed tan with sharp beautiful exotic crimson eyes.

"I said I was sorry." Yuugi answered back, "And no I don't go and kill anyone feet except bullies like you." Yuugi wanted to smack himself. It was a new start for him and he just had to use his mouth to stick up for himself. He silently congratulated himself for making a new enemy on the first day.

He was waiting for the stranger to attack or laugh at him or something but no, all he gets were a raise of an eyebrow. The stranger gave him a curious and disbelief looks before his face changed back to the awful glare. "Whatever, I don't have time for this..." The stranger muttered to himself and his shoulder push past Yuugi.

Yuugi was dumbstruck by the boy's action but then he remembered the boy held a schedule in his hand. "Hey-wait!" Yuugi called out but the stranger had already turned a corner.


The first thing Yuugi notice was Anzu happily talking to a girl in the courtyard. This was a good sign. Since Anzu made a friend, he wouldn't receive a harsh deadly glare from her for being late of getting their schedules. "Hey Anzu, I've got our schedules." Yuugi announced causing the two girls to stop talking and look at him.

The girl's eyes widen and study Yuugi's feature clearly, "YOU LOOK LIKE MY COUSIN!" She squealed and Yuugi had to fight back from covering his ears. He didn't want to displease Anzu. "Who is he?" She asked Anzu.

Anzu took the schedule off from Yuugi, "He's my adopted brother, Yuugi Motou."

"He's so cute, but my Yami is cuter..." The girl giggled to herself and Yuugi remains silent not knowing if he should say something. "My name is Rebecca."

"Nice to meet you." Yuugi replied back with a smile and Anzu dragged him by the arm leading him away.

"We've got to go Bec, I'll see you at recess!" Anzu yelled back.

Apparently, Anzu have the same English class as Yuugi and he found out that Rebecca was actually a freshman, one year lower than them. Anzu had no choice but sit next to her brother since she didn't recognise any familiar faces. Although Yuugi was feeling nervous at his new school he was also excited to make new friends. He always had a charm that makes people get attracted to him which is why he had already made a new friend in class.

Yuugi was talking to his new friend, Jounouchi. They instantly got along when Yuugi mention he was a game freak. Yuugi felt a nudge from Anzu an indication that she also wanted to get involve with the conversation, "Oh, Jou, this is my sister, Anzu."

"Hey Anzu." Jounouchi grinned.

"Hey, so what are you guys doing now in English?" Anzu asked.

Jounouchi scratched his head sheepishly, "Err...from the last time I didn't fell asleep, I think we were reading a play."

A slacker was what went inside Anzu's head. She didn't need to be friends with those. She wouldn't get any benefit. Anzu totally zoned out on what Yuugi and Jounouchi were talking about and waited for the teacher to arrive.

Soon after the teacher walks in the room and started to do a roll call.

"Bakura Amun"


"Ryou Bakura."


"Hiroto Honda"


"Malik Ishtar?"


"Seto Kaiba"

A grunt was a respond.

"Jounouchi Katsuya."

"Not here"

A few giggles from the girls were heard with a displease looks sent his way by the teacher and Seto.

"Anzu Mazki."


"Yuugi Motou"


"Yami Sennen."

No reply.

"Yami Sennen?" The teacher called again tapping his board in an irritated way, his small prying eyes scanning the classroom. The classroom door was suddenly slide opening revealing the guy Yuugi had met earlier.

"I'm here sir." Yami replied with his bag hanging onto one side of his shoulder. He wore his school jacket like a cape revealing strong muscular arms and Yuugi could sworn he heard someone gasp and fainted at the back of the classroom. Yuugi also notices that Anzu's eyes were gazed onto Yami as well.

The teacher did not looked please and happy with Yami's sudden disruption in his class, "Why are you late again, Mr Sennen?"

"I had a little foot accident and I had to go to the school nurse to check it out." Yami replied and Yugi sweat dropped, oh boy it was his fault then. The teacher didn't look like he believe Yami's explanation for his lateness but he decided to let it go.

Yami smirked in victory. Yuugi immediately looked away and focus on his desk when Yami was walking toward his way. A deep rich chuckle reached Yuugi's ear and before he knows it, Yami had chose a sit directly behind him, not Anzu but him. Yuugi tried to pretend to focus on his books this time trying to look like he was busy and didn't notice Yami at all. But he couldn't help it but feel a little nervous.

Yuugi knew that the guy, Yami was staring at him from behind.

In the middle of class, he realised that Yami had pushed his desk forward, and when he stretched out his feet, one of his shoes tapped against the back of Yuugi's chair repeatedly. Yuugi glanced back nervously for a brief moment, and when he did, his eyes met his. Yami was grinning and kept tapping his foot against Yuugi's chair.

Yuugi frowned slightly, he wasn't a person that gets annoy and have a tantrum over something easily. He never complained and was nice to everyone. Just like how Cinderella would act. A smile lit up his face going unnoticed by someone. "What are you smiling about?" Yuugi snapped out his thought and was now well aware Yami had been watching him. A blush slowly crept up his cheek.

A small unhappy smile was seen on Anzu's face when she witnesses the little scene between the two boys. "Yuugi, pay attention to class and don't turn around." Anzu ordered.

"Yes Anzu." Yuugi answered back quietly, ignoring the boy behind him for the rest of the class.


After class was over, Anzu immediately dashes out of the classroom, probably trying to find her new friend, Rebecca. Yuugi gather all his books and he felt a tap on his shoulder. "Hey Yuugi, why don't I introduce you to some of my friends?" Jounouchi asked with a goofy grin on his face.

"Sure Jou." Yuugi smiled following his new best friend out of the classroom. While making his way out, he notices Yami had been staring at him. A small blush crept up his face before he looked away, avoiding Yami's stare.

"Hey guys, meet my new best friend Yuugi!" Yuugi recognised the two faces in his English class. Ryou Bakura and Malik Ishtar. Ryou had long white kind of fluffy hair with a really pale white face along with light warm chocolate brown eyes. Malik had golden platinum hair with violet eyes and light tan features.

Malik squeezed Yuugi in a tight hug, "You're so cute!" Malik grinned letting go off Yuugi who shyly looked down and mumble a thank-you, "Hee hee...so shy too..."

"Malik, I think you're kind of making Yuugi uncomfortable..." Ryou pointed out with a smile.

Yuugi quickly shook his head, "Is not that!" He looked down again feeling embarrass of his sudden outburst, "Is just that at my old school, guys don't really show THIS MUCH affection toward each other..."

The three boys all looked at each other and laughed, "Yeah we all pretty much into guys..." Ryou announced and his phone suddenly beeps from his pocket. 'Guys, Bakura is wondering where we are. He saves us some seats in the cafeteria."

Malik snorted, "He just wanted a piece of you before class begins again..." Ryou lightly blush at Malik's comment.

"Speak for yourself, you know Marik always wanted a heavy make out before he let you off." Joey teased and Malik winked back in return.

Yuugi smiled happily following his new bunch of friends out of the school hallway. He had thought going to a private school would not work out great for him and unbelievably he had already made new friends. And it seems Anzu was happy with the new school too. Things were working out great until Yuugi also saw who was sitting on the table where his friends were heading.

Yami. Yuugi could have sworn Yami was smirking at him.

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