+'Be My Cinderella'


Yuugi smiled through the kiss he was sharing with Yami. He moaned slightly when Yami's hands danced around his hips and slowly crept under his shirt. Yami was leading them toward the bed and Yuugi felt the back of his feet touched the edge of the bed before they both fell on the mattress still kissing each other passionately and heatedly.

Yuugi broke the kiss, gasping for air. His slightly red, flustered face stared at his fiancé with his lovable amethyst eyes. Yami's crimson longing, loving eyes stared back at his love. Yami's fingers were trailing down toward the top of Yuugi's pant.

All a sudden, heavy knockings could be heard from the door, "YAMI! GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! YOU BETTER NOT HAVING SEX WITH YUUGI IN ONE OF MY SPARE ROOM RIGHT NOW! YOU STILL HAVE TO GO TO THE CLUB LIKE YOU PROMISE!" Bakura yelled through the door.

Yami groaned and laid his chin on Yuugi's shoulder who was giggling, "Stupid Bakura….but I don't want to go, I want to stay here with you…." Yami complained in a childish voice to his lover.

More knocking.

"Yami, you do know that if you don't go to the bachelor party they have planned for you they will break down the door and drag you out?" Yuugi explained with a grin on his face and he was also playing with Yami's hair at the same time.

"Why don't you have to go?" Yami asked with a pout, "You're a guy too…."

More knocking plus Marik's and Bakura's yelling.

"Malik, Ryou and Jounouchi already planned to celebrate with me at Bakura's house. We are having a sleep over too…." Yuugi winked, "Now hurry up before they come back with a hammer or something." Yami reluctantly got off the bed, pulling Yuugi up as well. Yuugi placed a sweet chaste kiss on Yami's cheek, "Go and have fun ok?"

Yami smiled and nodded his head. He opened the door to see his piss off friends. "I'll see you tomorrow my love…." Yami said and was being dragged away by his friends.

Seto still stood in the doorway smile at Yuugi, "Don't worry, we will look after him and he will be in one piece for tomorrow." He winked at Yuugi and hurry along after the others.

Yuugi shook his head with a smile. He couldn't believe his wedding is tomorrow and he was getting married with the love of his life, Yami. After Anzu let him move in with Yami, Yuugi was able to spend time with Yami every day. Yami's parents were really awesome and happily accepted Yuugi into the family. They were relieved that Yami finally found the one who would love and take care of their son since they didn't have the time to do it themselves because of the work overload. Yuugi and Yami had dated for three years before Yami finally proposed to Yuugi unexpectedly on Yuugi's birthday. Yuugi, Ryou and Yami's mother, Sienna practically cry when Yami gave out such an emotional speech.

A soft knock on the door broke Yuugi from his thoughts, "Hey Ryou." Yuugi answered, "You guys set up the tent?" Malik have decided to have a camp out or more like camp in inside the house while they would talk all night and drink.

"Yup, we're waiting for you to get your ass down there." Ryou said, "So how are you coping with it?"

"To be honest, I'm really scare and anxious right now. I can't believe it is tomorrow!"

Ryou laughed and sat on the edge of the bed, "Yeah you feel like that at the start but when you see his face tomorrow as you walk down the aisle, all your nervousness will be gone because you will said it to yourself, it's all worth it." Ryou and Bakura got married last year which was also the same time as Marik and Malik's marriage. It was a big two joint party and it was also the night that Yuugi lost his first to Yami as well. Everything didn't turn out well though since Malik's sister did not approved of the marriage but that did not keep Malik from loving Marik. The two siblings still haven't talk to one and another and Yuugi knew that his friend still loved and missed his sister a lot but he couldn't do anything to help out.



"Grr…I swear if anyone hits on me once more, I'm going to leave this stupid party!" Yami frowned at his friends, "Don't they get it? I even show my engaged ring to them as well…a ring basically shouted 'I'm taken' but they just don't give up!"

Marik laughed and gave his buddy a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, "It's not our fault that we're so good looking and girls just throw themselves over us."

"Sorry girls…we're all taken, except this guy…" Bakura announced pointing toward Seto who threw him a murderous glare, "He's not married yet…." But none of the girls were brave enough to get near the Seto Kaiba. He was known to be a very cold man. But only one person was able to creep to his heart.

"So when are you and Jounouchi? Yami's is getting married tomorrow which leaves you buddy." Marik said.

"I'm planning to propose to my puppy soon after the new tournament is over…" Seto replied sipping from his glass of wine. "So Yami, how are you feeling?"

Yami stopped fiddling with his ring and a big smile was formed on his face, "Absolutely happy! Yuugi is finally going to be mine!" His face always lit up when someone mention his lover, "Tomorrow is going to be the happiest day of my life!"

Bakura shuddered, "You sounded like a love sick girl just then…."

"Like you weren't on your bachelor night…." Marik chuckled, hi-fiving with Seto.

"Where are you guys going for your honeymoon?" Seto asked.

Yami grinned, "We're going to Paris and then to Egypt."

"Egypt?" Bakura asked and then laughed, "Oh yeah, forgot that you two nerds were into those mystery millennium pharaohs thingy."

"Oh yeah Yami! What about your annoying cousin? Is she going to be there?" Marik questioned. Since that last incident at Anzu's house, none of the group talked to Rebecca anymore and she was also transferred to another school as well. But a few months after, she came back regretted all the things she had done.

Yami nodded his head, "Yup, Rebecca is coming. She's over me now and she realise she was a real bitch then and even apologised to Yuugi. Can't believe they are like best friends now too. But for her mother….she's still a pain."

"Well, whatever, let's all congratulate Yami for his special day." Seto spoke and raised his cup, "To Yami." The four best friends clink their glasses together before they gulped down their wine.


The next day, people from school and work have come to celebrate the wedding of Yami and Yuugi. "Yami! My baby boy is growing up! Oh!" Sienna hugged her son crying out with happy tears.

"Mom…." Yami was embarrassed with his mother's action, "You're soaking up my clothes." Yami was wearing a silky pale white long sleeved collar shirt with a button up silver vest and a black jacket and pant. He also wore leather shoe and his hair were spike up the usual way. A purple rose was also placed upon his jacket's pocket.

"Oops…sorry my bad…." She grinned cheekily, "My….you look dashing as well." She gave him the thumb up, "You would make a great model!" She winked and her husband placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Yami, my boy. Your mother and I are so proud of you and we're glad you finally found the one you loved." Hiro spoke and Yami hugged his father.

"Thanks Dad and Mom. Let's go greet the guests while we all wait for Yuugi."

Meanwhile in Yuugi's room, Anzu and Rebecca were busying applying Yuugi's make-up and styling up his hair. These three have become best friends and often they would use Yuugi as a doll to dress us. It took them a long time but they manage to encourage Yuugi to wear a dress at the wedding. "All done." Anzu cried out. Yuugi opened his eyes to see that both Anzu and Rebecca looked very pleased with their work, "Go and take a look in the mirror Yuugi, you looked so beautiful."

"Oh my god, I can't believe I have decided to wear a dress! This is going to look ridiculous on me." Yuugi thought and sighed before he got enough courage to look in the mirror. He gasped at the reflection he sees. The long white backless lace dress clings tightly to his body showing his perfect curve and he wore two sparkle white glass slippers. The make-up, the girls apply on him was light with a little shimmering silver eye shadow to brings out his eyes. His hair which he grew longer wore tied into a low pony-tail and they left two strip hanging from the front, slightly curl. The chocker that Yami gave it to him at the dance was worn on his neck.

Yuugi felt like tearing up, "Thanks guys…you two did such an amazing job, I'm speechless." He choked, tears were threatened to fall.

"Don't you dare cry and ruin our work!" Rebecca warned before she giggled, "You look absolute gorgeous! I bet Yami wouldn't even last through the vows and fainted half-way for starring at you." She joked.

Anzu suddenly clicked her fingers, "Oh yes! Mom and Dad sent a letter to me to give it to you. But knowing you will cry easily over nothing, I will give it after the wedding." She said and Yuugi hugged both of them.

"Thank-you for everything." Yuugi said. It was really surprising that how these two girls were once against Yuugi are now friends with him. Maybe it was because of his kindness that changed them. Well, whatever it is, Yuugi was glad he has them now.


Yami stood nervously waiting with Seto his best man beside him. Duke, their pianist started to play the melody, Pachelbel and the beautiful piece filled the room. Yami looked up ahead to see Yuugi with Anzu (the bridesmaid) walking towards him. His breath caught in his throat as he sees how beautiful Yuugi was. No words could describe the beauty in front of him. Ryou and Sienna both were admiring the dress Yuugi were wearing and they started too whispered to one and another. Hiro had to hush them when they were getting a little too loud.

Yami frowned when he noticed a lot of people in the crowd were staring at Yuugi in a perverted way but he stopped himself from beating them up when Yuugi threw a smile at him. "It doesn't matter if everyone else is admiring Yuugi, because he belongs to me." Yami thought dreamily and smiled back.

Yuugi anxiously held onto the bouquet of roses in his hands. He could tell everyone was watching him but his eyes were only on Yami. "Only a few more steps to go…." Yuugi told himself. He finally reached toward the end and Yami took his hand. The priest was reading through his book. Yuugi suddenly felt a little uneasy. Yami squeezed Yuugi's hand to show that he was also nervous as he was. Finally it was their vow.

Yami took a deep breath and stared into Yuugi's eyes, "Yuugi, I take you as my husband. To say I love you is not enough. To try to condense the depth of my feelings into a few words is impossible. It doesn't tell of the respect I have for you as an individual, nor how I appreciate how tender and caring you are, nor the joy I find in your laughter, now the tears I hold back for you pain, nor the strength you give when I need it, nor the pleasure I feel in your touch. But if to say I love you means all these things. Then let me say I love you more each day." A wild cheer came from both Bakura and Marik and everyone applaud. Yuugi was crying from Yami's speech and Yami had to wipe the tears off his little one's face.

Yuugi smiled through his tears, "Yami, I am proud to take you as my husband for all the time we have been together. There has always been the kind of love and understanding which is only shared when there is true love. You have helped me triumph over challenges presented. Encouraged my personal growth and boosted my self-esteem. You have helped me become the person I am today. And with your help I will be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday. I love the way you love and care for me. I love the way you trust and believe in me. I love the way you always look your best for me. I love you and I love my life with you. Today as we begin our lives as husband and husband I commit myself to you." It was another round of applaud from the crowd and Yami felt teary as well. The couple exchanged rings which they have special carving on it.

My Prince Charming.

My Cinderella.

Duke smiled at the scene and played another beautiful smoothing piece called Minute and Yami pulled Yuugi into a deep passionate kiss, "I love you." Yuugi whispered to Yami when they broke off from the kiss, "You saved me from my fairytale."

Yami chuckled and shook his head, "No Yuugi, You saved me by letting me find my perfect Cinderella." And they both shared another kiss.


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