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Sasuke Uchiha has always been the fat kid, the one that no one paid any attention to, who was constantly teased. He was the joke of the school. But that will all soon change when he meets a guy at this party. A hot one. NaruSasu.


I hated parties. I hated the people who came to them. I hated the mind-numbing techno everyone danced and grinded to. I hated the atmosphere, the stupidity, the impulsiveness, the stupid, giggling drunks that passed me by. Everything. I hated everything about it. I, Sasuke Uchiha, was not a party person. But, my best friend, Shikamaru Nara, was, which was surprising to me, because the boy looked like a lazy ass who could care less for these types of things. I guess his girlfriend, Ino Yamanaka, got him all into it. It was strange. He couldn't get enough of these parties and he constantly dragged me along with them. Said they needed a designated driver. I accepted, of course, but I didn't think it required me to stay and tag along with them. I didn't see the need to. They did. Constantly told me I needed to get myself acquainted with other boys, or, in their words, 'laid'.

Yes, you heard right; I'm gay. But I'm not your typical gay guy. Oh, no, I'm very different. For one, you'd expect gay guys to be hot, right? And skinny? And so flamboyantly gay that there was no way our kind could ever possibly hide it? Did I get all of that right? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'm not exactly that; I'm the exact opposite. I'm overweight by almost 250 pounds and I'm so in touch with my boy side that it's not even possible for other people to suspect anything of my sexuality. And, yeah, I wouldn't exactly be someone's typical shopping buddy, either.

But that's all besides the point.

Ino and Shikamaru drag me into these mindless parties because of those two main reasons. Designated driver. And mission: Get Sasuke laid. I don't think there's another reason for them to invite me, despite they say I'm a good friend and I'm fun and I'm so cute that it's not possible that no one would reject me. I don't believe them, but I'm having very big doubts about that at the moment. People are ogling me like tonight's dinner. Some harsher than others. Others… well, let's just say they're a bit nicer about it. I don't even know why.

Half of the reason I know why they're glaring at me like that is because I'm not very popular amongst these types of people. I mean, I'm gay; people around here hate gay people more than anything else. And I'm repulsive, too, there is no possible way in denying that. Maybe also because I'm an underclassman hanging out at a seniors' party that I clearly wasn't invited to. Sakura Haruno's party, to be exact. And, yes, she was the exact definition of a popular girl. Beautiful, striking fashion sense, nice, smart. She had it all. Boys falling down at her feet. Money. Everything? Yeah, you name it, and she had it. And, yes, she was nice and smart; she actually invited me to this party. We're friends. Not frenemies, but actual friends. Ever since we were in diapers, back when puberty came crashing down on me in the worst way possible. I suppose these people didn't understand that.

I didn't see her nor Ino and Shikamaru anywhere around. Knowing them, they were probably alone in a room together, making out or something. Or making babies… I shuddered at the thought.

To be honest, I was sort of terrified of being left alone here in the party. I'd never been anywhere alone without them. Everywhere they went, I went. They never really hated it when I was around; they constantly welcomed it. I was a follower. I never learned how to be alone properly. So, you can say I was probably more than terrified of being stared down by all these people. I could feel my cheeks burning as I passed them by, the back of my neck drenched in sweat, out of fear, nervousness, confusion. My ears were scorching hot, throat painfully dry. I needed something to drink. And fast. I almost basically threw myself towards the punch bowl, grasping onto the ladle as if grasping to the last little bit of life I could feel leaving me. The punch bowl was spiked, I wasn't stupid enough not to know this, and, to be honest, it was the smallest thing I needed. Even if I didn't like the taste of alcohol one bit. I needed something. Anything to ease the throbbing pain in my throat, something to busy my senses from the people that I knew were still staring.

As I downed the soothing drink, I could feel myself become to unhinge just a little. The drink was strong. Way strong. My heart suddenly started to beat very fast, almost as if in sync with the beat of the music, the same weird beat as the mind-numbing techno. I closed my eyes and smiled for the moment, forgetting where I was, and I started to sway from side to side, dancing along to the sound of the music. It was strange how easily I was influenced by the smallest hint of alcohol consumed into my system. I started to sweat even more. I started to feel strangely dizzy. I felt as if though the whole room was spinning, but I didn't stop dancing. I didn't care people were staring or that some guy - drunk, I supposed - was grinding on me, grunting and breathing against me. I let myself be guided by this stranger's touch, by his sudden need for dancing with me, of all people. We danced for a long time, it seemed; I didn't remember. All I remembered was ditching him to go get some more spiked punch. Several times.

He followed me, resting his hands upon my waist as he rained kisses down my neck, his girth pressing up against the back of my ass insistently. Why this guy was doing this sort of thing with me and me alone was mind-boggling, but I knew I sure as hell wasn't going to go along with it. I could feel my face go beet red. I mean, okay, honestly, I was tipsy and all, but I wasn't easy. Not even in my drunken state. Rage flared up within me and I whirled around to punch him square in the jaw. I punched him good, too. Had a pretty steady, accurate aim as well, to my greatest surprise. He stumbled to the ground, holding his pained jaw, moaning aloud.

My face burst into flames as a crowd suddenly formed around the guy, each of their faces looking up at mine. Glaring at me, hating me. I looked back down at the guy. He glared up at me drunkenly, holding the side of his face. I felt my insides churn with anxiety and fear; who knew what this guy would to me? I couldn't stand around here for too long. I escaped from there as soon as I could and ran to the nearest room I could find, slamming the door shut behind me. I hyperventilated into the dark, heart beating quickly, face red, feeling disoriented and scared whilst burning with drunken rage. I swallowed, my lips quivering, shaking. I didn't know why I was so scared for my life. Maybe because the sight of the crowd glaring at me in anger was not something I expected to be following me all night; it only ever happened at school. I never expected it to follow me at a party that I was invited to. Or that I was going to punch some random guy either. I wasn't myself when I was under the influence of alcohol. I did things that were out of the ordinary and I didn't like it. Even if I did like it when I punched the living crap out of the guy. I mean, to be honest, I never had a guy grind up on me the way he was doing so. And the way he touched me… I didn't know whether to be disgusted at myself or at the guy. I found myself liking it as much as he did. The kisses he pressed against my skin, against my neck, against my sensitive body, excited me. If my conscious was dead in that moment, I probably would have let myself be touched by that guy, no matter how far he went. Well, okay, probably not that far, but far enough.

It was strange at how much of a man-whore I could become with tentative, yet equally as provocative touches from strangers; one could tell I didn't get out much. Despite the idea I was gay, I'd never actually gone farther enough as to getting a kiss on the cheek, and that was only from girls who only looked at me as a friend and nothing more. Not that I cared, but, I mean, it'd be nice to know that some girl wants to go farther than that with me. Actually, it'd be pretty nice to know if anyone wanted to go farther than that with me. I'd never really had anything exciting happen to me, especially a relationship. I was such a loser.

I struggled to gather my composure, proceeding to breathe normally in the dark. I tried to slow my heartbeat, but I was so scared. What if the guy came in here and beat me to a pulp? What could I do? Would I be able to fight back? If I did, could I do it without thinking of the way his lips connected with my too sensitive skin? I didn't think so.

I breathed in slow, in hopes of calming myself as I stumbled blindly in the darkness, staring at the door in lost despair, waiting for what would come staggering drunkenly my way as I found my way onto a bed. I sat upon it almost tiredly and I swallowed nervously, rubbing the back of my neck almost as if doing so would bring back the feeling of the way that stranger's cold, chapped lips rested against my skin. It didn't. I let out a slow, shaky breath, clearing my head and brought oxygen back into my life. I was lightheaded now. What would it have been like if I'd let him continue with his ministrations? What if he'd planned to kiss me? Would I have pushed him away then, knowing this?

I shook my head, scoffing. Of course I wouldn't; I was too proud to let myself be taken. I would be scared as well. I mean, I didn't know how to kiss, much less be in a compromising position as intimately as the one I'd imagined myself in. I wasn't experienced in that area; it would have been my first kiss, and it didn't help that I kept thinking about it. I blushed a deep red in result to thinking too hard about any of this. That's my problem. I thought about trivial things too much, trivial things that required less thinking skills than I input.

I sighed.

That was the negative thing about being a fat, repulsive kid; one thought more and more about things and dwelled on what could have been. The positive thing, however, was that I took shit from no one, but that was also considered a bad thing. There was no win-win thing in this sort of situation.

The doorknob suddenly rattled, startling me from my train of thought, and, for that moment, I thought it was the guy I punched coming for revenge. I flinched as soon as the door opened. But then I realized it wasn't the guy. I couldn't see this guy's face, but I could tell he was hot. Blond hair, tan skin; he was the type of guy I fell for constantly. His face was obscured by darkness. Light from the party scene poured into the dark room where I resided in. I still couldn't see his face. The figure in doorway stood there for a moment - staring at me, I was sure - then he stepped in, closing the door behind him, the music and cheering and laughing and talking from the people outside muffled by the door.

Judging by the way he walked, he didn't seem drunk, but some people had astounding sense of balance when it came to drinking, so I wasn't too sure. He smelled strongly of smoke, though. Filled the whole room with the stench. To be honest, I didn't like cigarettes, nor did I like to smoke them, but I sure loved the smell they gave off. I thrived off the smell for a moment before a lamp clicked on behind me. How did he get over there so fast? I turned. He stared at me, bright, blue dilated eyes stunning me for a moment. I felt my heart suddenly beat very quickly.




So hot.

Granted, yes, he was a little chunky-looking from the face, but the hot kind of chunky, the kind that was on the football team. He had nice lips. Pink, full ones. Beautiful ones. I suddenly swallowed, licking my own dry, chapped lips. He had nice arms, too. One could instantly tell, judging by the way his muscles rippled against the tight, black shirt he was wearing, even if he wore a red plaid, button-up shirt over it.

Honestly, this guy was the perfect concoction of a model. I'd never seen him around the school before. I mean, this guy was hot, and not many hot guys walked around our school looking like that without going unnoticed. Did he even go to our school? If he did, how the hell hadn't I seen him before? And how did Sakura know him? Why didn't she present him to me? Or to anyone else? Was he her boyfriend? So many questions surfaced of this guy's everything. I mean, he was just so friggin' hot. Not a single person could go without ignoring this guy. Not even me, and I ignored many hot guys before. Of course, though, I couldn't actually say that hot guys were ever in close proximity and in the same room with me like this one here.

I was one lucky bastard.

He spoke, but I couldn't hear anything. Didn't listen. Did he sound as beautiful as he was, I wondered, but my attention was slightly - okay, a lot - diverted by the startling beauty this guy provided for me, so I couldn't concentrate among finding out this sort of information. I was going to hyperventilate, I just knew it; I was already on the verge of doing so, all fault against my erratic heartbeat. I felt as if I was going to have a panic attack. And I was already embarrassed enough. I could feel my face going up in flames as he stared me, eyes scrutinizing me, judging me already, laughing at me. I couldn't find myself to tear my gaze away from his. I didn't have the self-control I desired.

"…Room?" His voice faded into my eardrums and I swallowed, biting my lip; it was a beautiful sound. His voice was deep and soft, surprisingly; he didn't seem to be frustrated at the lack of an answer he was receiving. If anything, he sounded confused. I struggled to focus on the sound of his voice and forced myself to respond.

"Wha…?" I sounded like such a moron. My heart crashed against the restraints of my ribs as he stared me down, lips parting to speak once more. I suffered deep inside; he was so hot. I could have drooled.

"What are you doing in my room?" He repeated, pink tongue darting out between those beautiful parted lips, licking them. I swallowed, throat going dry.

I couldn't respond. Not when he was looking at me like that. I was speechless, frozen on the spot because of this guy. I was on the brink of hyperventilation, and I was sweating so profusely; I'd never been around a hot guy like this one since ever. He made me nervous. Very nervous. I was sure he could see this. However, if he did, he had a nice way of pretending he didn't notice. I looked away, and mustered up enough courage to speak, to distract myself from him.

"I… sorry. If you want, I'll leave. S-Sorry." My voice shook, and, as I stood from the bed, my legs shook, too. He watched me, but stilled my movement, hand grasping at my forearm. My whole body shook. My heart beat even quicker. God, this was so embarrassing. My cheeks flushed as I turned to look at him. I found him staring, scrutinizing me, sizing me up and down; was he checking me out? I laughed in my mind. Of course, he wasn't; why would he be checking me out? I wasn't the least bit attractive, and it utterly confused to think that he would think that of me. It was absurd, the idea.

"No, it's okay. I just… I didn't think anyone would be in here." He murmured, watching me too intently, too seriously, azure eyes smoldering into my own against the dim light. Why was there so little light in here anyway? I started to sweat even more, pressured by the realization. The guy released my forearm. "Stay."

Now, to say that this singular word didn't affect me in any way at all, would be a lie. A cold shiver traveled down my spine. It was confusing, but there was something about the way he spoke that hypnotized me, that made me want to bow down to his every whim, every need. He had a way with people, there was no doubt about that; I could clearly sense this. He knew he had power over me somehow. I knew he did. He watched as I sat back down on his bed, eyes never once tearing away from mine. I couldn't hold such a gaze for long without turning a beet red; I turned away. Never did like it when other people stared at me for so long. Especially when it came to a hot guy like this one. He joined me, sitting too close to me, crowding me; I couldn't breathe. I scooted away from him slightly. I wasn't keen on having someone sit so close to me; I had a phobia about that. However, he pretended not to notice this.

For a moment, we sat in silence, listening to the pounding rave music knocking against the bedroom door. I resisted the urge to dance, to lose myself in a flurry of movement like I did earlier with that other guy. I suddenly really wanted to dance. I didn't care with who. Just as long as it was with this blond guy. I shifted in the bed slightly. He did, too. I took a glimpse at him. Surprisingly enough, he was staring at me; I reddened immediately. Did he like me? Or was he just fascinated by how easily I seemed to blush and he felt the constant need to keep watching me in order for me to keep on doing so? …Or maybe I was just paranoid. I wondered where Ino and Shikamaru where. But I didn't worry about them too much. I really didn't think it mattered where they were; they were having fun, I was sure. I shook away the mental image from my mind, blushing even harder. I wondered where Sakura was as well. I mean, this was her party and her house. It couldn't be that hard to find her, right? Wait…

"You said this was your room?" I suddenly questioned the guy beside me. He was still staring at me, but was obviously shocked at the abrupt question. His eyes refocused on me once more. Was it getting hotter in here or was it just me? The flush on my cheeks wasn't going away. He nodded. I frowned. How could this be his room? Sakura was an only child. She didn't have any brothers and sisters. I mean, if she did, she obviously would have told me a long time ago. Right? Unless he was just a visiting relative or something. He sensed my confusion. He spoke.

"Sakura hasn't told you about me, has she?" He inquired, then scoffed as I shook my head, confused. "Of course she hasn't. I'm Naruto. Her half-brother."


My brows furrowed together. I shook my head.

"That's not possible. I mean, it is, but…" I sounded so stupid. He didn't notice, thankfully. "Her parents have been together since… since she was born." I wasn't so sure now. "…Right?"

He shook his head, blond hair falling over his eyes. He pushed it away. "Not exactly. They had a falling out years before she was born. Dad went to a club, got a little drunk, messed around with a lady that happened to be my mom, and, well, one thing led to another… Nine months later, I was born. I was a bastard child. Her mom found out. But there weren't really harsh feelings about it. Not anymore, I think. She kicked him out, though, for a small amount of time. Took him back a couple of months later." He suddenly stood from the bed and walked over to a little fridge in the corner and took out two cans of beers. He offered me one. "Beer?" He was obviously not going to talk about this for any longer; it made him uncomfortable. It was clearly visible in his eyes, which refused to meet mine during the time he was talking about this. But they met mine now, watching me eye the beer in apprehension. I swallowed. He was older than me. He was legal already. He could drink as freely as he could. I couldn't just yet. I was a minor. Okay, yeah, sure, I drank some spiked punch, but that was different. Being offered a beer officially by anyone older than me was wrong, it felt wrong. I felt so much smaller compared to him. I found myself taking it reluctantly, fingers curling around the cool can slowly. Almost as if doing so would cause utter pain, which I thought did.

He didn't need to know I was years younger. He didn't need to know I still went to high school when he went to college. He didn't need to know that I was scared, especially when I took a small sip of the drink. It felt so cool sliding down my throat. Fresh. I closed my eyes. It tasted so good. I found myself chugging it greedily, guiltily, and hungrily. I was so fucking thirsty. Naruto suddenly laughed. God, he had such a beautiful laugh.

"Whoa, hold on there! Take it easy! It's not going to disappear. Savor it. Don't chug it all in one take. Yeah… like that. Slowly." He watched as I downed the rest. He laughed as I grabbed at my head, taking the empty can from my lips, flinching slightly at the wretched aftertaste that seemed to follow. I never did like beer. He took the empty can, eyeing me. "You all right? Went a little fast there…"

I nodded. My brain wasn't functioning right at the moment, though; it was all fuzzy and stuff. I laughed a little at the feeling. He seemed to relax, then his lips pulled into a lopsided grin.

"I like how you hold your alcohol. You want another one?" He questioned, not even waiting so much for a response as he walked over to the miniature fridge yet again, taking out another can of beer. He opened it, then handed it to me, and joined me on the bed once more. "But, this time, you got to savor the flavor." I took it, but only took a small sip of it. I didn't want to do a stupid thing like what I did again. He smiled.

I wanted to talk about him some more, but I didn't think he'd like that. Still, it couldn't hurt to try.

"Sakura… does she know?" It was a stupid question, yes, but, sometimes, in cases like these, people never usually found out about distant siblings until their teen years. I wasn't so sure that was when she found out, though.

The smile that grazed across his lips faltered. I regretted asking. I wanted him to smile at me again. He took a sip of his beer, and looked down at his hands. He nodded, meeting my gaze once more.

"Yeah, she knows. She's known for years. We've talked before on several occasions, but this is actually my first time visiting down here in the valley. I asked if I could of my own accord. She's my little sister, and, well, she's graduating; I wanted to be here when she did so. She was there when I graduated from my high school." He had a faraway look in his eyes as he remembered. A smile quirked at the sides of his lips. I found myself doing so as well. He looked at me now. "Though, I think it seems I came on the wrong date. There's a party here. I mean, of course I expected there to be a party a week before her graduation, but I didn't expect it to be so… sexual." His brows raised, and he shook his head. "High school kids nowadays are getting more and more hands-on…" He laughed slightly, eyes crinkling at the sides. "I don't blame them or anything - raging hormones and all; understandable - but, at least, have some sort of decency not to act upon it physically. Or in public."

He laughed fully now, the sound like music to my ears. I found myself laughing, too, my brain fuzzy. We laughed for a long time. It could have been the way the beer affected us, but it was too soon; we'd only just drunk one. I was on my second one, though, and I could still feel the spiked punch restarting in my system, fueling my once drunken state yet again. I didn't know about Naruto, however; this could have been his first drink of the night. Or his fourth one. He was old enough and mature enough to hold his alcohol, unlike me. He probably got into a club beforehand and drank a little before coming over. That's probably the reason why his eyes were dilated. That, or he was just tired.

The alcohol in my system suddenly made everything look better, sound better, feel better. I shiver went down my spine as his knee brushed mine. It felt too good. As his laughing died down as did mine, my eyelids drooped slightly, taking all of him in, checking him out. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to do everything to him. And vice versa. But I wasn't all too sure how to get him to do any of that. Even if I was just a little bit drunk, I couldn't really have all too much courage to do anything too daring, especially encouraging some guy to do something with me. I had that fear of getting rejected. And I didn't really have a way with words with anyone I liked even in the least; I never learned how to promote words well into great sentences. I always flubbed.

I remember once a long time ago, back in my freshman year, I liked this guy, and Sakura convinced me to tell him I liked him and to ask him out on a date. Mind you, I was almost basically the same size - if anything, I was only just a bit bigger - and I was much more outgoing, so this seemed like a piece of cake to me, but, I don't know, something happened in that moment when the first words slipped past my lips weren't even words. They were just sounds. Words stayed lodged in my throat. I ran away before I could flub anymore. I messed up bad. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't look him straight in the eye after that. I supposed he was laughing. I mean, I was pretty sure he was. He hung out with those type of people; those horrible kind of people that never left anyone alone, taunting nonstop about their mistake until they graduated. I remembered them. They made my life hell.

The more I thought of what had happened years ago, the more I wanted to fight against the restraints of my reserved personality; I just wanted to let loose. Go crazy. I wanted to make out with this guy. I didn't want to care what I looked like. I didn't want to care about anything. About what would happen if it led any further. I shivered at the thought, and took another sip of my beer, the taste invading my senses, influencing me further and further away from the path of soberness. I could feel my eyes drooping, my inhibitions losing the fight against my body. I wanted him.

"I saw you punch that guy…" Naruto suddenly murmured, stunning me from my approaching, lustful ways. His eyes burned into mine ferociously and unexpectedly. I found my heart beat quicker against my chest, my shy ways returning once more, but I didn't let it show that this made me nervous; I hoped he didn't notice this. I nodded, a small tinge of red tinting my cheeks as he stared. Crap, he noticed. I blushed even harder. But he only smirked, sizing me up, then he nodded in approval. "I can see why. Douchebag, that guy was. Grinding up on you like some horndog. No matter how far away you tried to get away from him, he followed. Never left you alone?" I shook my head, utterly shocked at how he seemed to catch all of that. Did he notice me before? Or did I just make that big a scene? "Kissed you, too, huh? All over your neck?"

Now I was sure he noticed. Nobody would take the time to bring all this up in a conversation without making it seem they weren't watching. I was sure he was watching me. The way his eyes glinted in the dim light of the room convinced me thoroughly; they oozed interest. He could have raped me with those eyes if he wanted to. And I probably would have let him.

I tried to swallow down the large lump in my throat. But I couldn't. At least not now. Not when he was watching me in such a way like that. This time, for sure, I knew he was interested. My breath caught in my throat. But I shook my head. He couldn't be; I wasn't attractive. He was just under the influence of alcohol like I was. However, as he leaned closer to me, I took a whiff of his breath, but it smelled nothing like alcohol. If anything, it was just a small hint, but not a lot like my breath. He stank mostly of smoke, and, for some reason, sweat. He watched me, that penetrating gaze of his keeping me locked in his eyes. He licked his lips as his eyes shifted to take a glimpse at my own quivering lips. I was so nervous. Why was he getting closer? Did he want to kiss me? What would I do? Would I push him away like that other guy? Would I punch him too? Would I run away as well? Unless this whole thing was all just in my head caused by this beer I was drinking and the one before that, and the spiked punch.

His lips suddenly brushed against my jaw, jolting me from my thoughts, causing me to drop my beer, the liquid seeping through the carpet. Naruto didn't notice, or even care. I shivered in excitement and anticipation at the touch of his lips brushing against my racing heart - what was going on with me? - and my cheeks burst into flames at the contact. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was sure he was playing with me. Right? I mean, this had to be all a joke. A bet he thought he could win? Would he win if I'd let him? What if Sakura walked in on us? I almost pushed him away at the thought, but…

"You're into me, aren't you?" He murmured against my jaw. I tensed, biting my lip as my breaths suddenly came out in sharp gasps at the feelings he caused to surge through my body. Excitement, lust, joy. He chuckled at my reaction. I blushed, breathing hard as he looked into my eyes, then he smirked. "'Cause I am." That threw me off the edge just a little. I clutched the bed sheets tightly instead, knuckles turning white at the touch of his lips that now rested at my neck, kissing it. Kissing at the place where my heart beat vivaciously. I blushed so hard. God, I couldn't believe my luck. He was so hot. And I was a fucking mess.

I asked myself what was wrong with this picture. What made this so wrong? Only everything, I found myself concluding. I was the fat kid, and he was perfectly fit; too hot for mankind. I was socially awkward. He wasn't. He was the utter opposite of me. It didn't make sense. How could it? Another reason was because he was Sakura's half-brother, and he was way older than me; none of it would be possible to act upon. At least, to me. I considered it taboo. Messing around with someone's half-brother who was years older than me was just crossing the line. But my fantasy of this guy was coming true. I mean, yes, I was sure this was all fueled by the effects of alcohol, but it didn't matter to me. Not now, anyway. All of my senses were enhanced in the heat of the moment. My inhibitions were losing yet again. I was confident now.

I crawled into him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He didn't object, and he didn't huff in protest against my weight. His only response was that he kissed the living daylights out of me and shot them straight into oblivion and beyond. He was fucking good. He knew he was, too. I groaned into our kiss. We fell onto the bed, the mattress creaking softly in response. He chuckled. The vibration almost sent me into a flurry of excitement. I gasped a little. He took that as an opportunity to shove his tongue into my mouth, exploring, devouring…

I'd never French kissed before. To be honest, it felt strange. I mean, I never approved of drool. Not even of my own. But that's what was dribbling from our lips; that was what I had to deal with for the moment. I was disgusted. I wouldn't return this. I shied away from the fact of shoving my tongue into his mouth. What if my breath stank? I didn't want him to taste my lunch. The whole idea of making out like this made me a little sick. But, oh, God, he made it feel so good, so I just had to return the action. I wasn't the least bit experienced, though, I knew I could try.

I shoved my tongue into his mouth and we battled for dominance as he groaned softly, kneading my ass with thoroughly experienced fingers. I moaned long and hard, losing the battle. He smiled beneath our caress. I'd never done this before. I was never touched like this before, kissed like this before. It was so much to take in and too much to enjoy completely; I could only do so much. I was dizzy. Drunk with untamable lust and want. I was scared, too. What if this led to something else? I would bottom, wouldn't I? Of course I would, that was a stupid question. Here I was, acting like a wanton whore, offering myself all over the place; why the hell wouldn't I be?

Naruto suddenly flipped our positions over, his grip and talented fingers lost from my ass. He was surprisingly strong. I was aroused. Our make-out session didn't cease, however. But he was holding back. Judging from the way he now gripped at my shaking thigh, I knew he was holding back. His fingers gripped so deeply into my skin, I was afraid he would leave bruises. His tongue traveled everywhere in my mouth, like if he was on vacation. Mine was timid, only shoving in every now and then to taste the faint taste of smoke that lingered within his breath. The menthol was addictive. He bit my lip, pulling it, licking it, sucking it. I didn't expect that; it was hot. I groaned again, thrusting slightly into him in response; I honestly didn't expect to do that. I was fucking needy now. He huffed against my mouth shakily at the action and pulled away, eyes shut. I stared at him through blurred eyes. Did I hurt him? He took a breath, shoulders heaving up and down quickly, as if out of breath. He looked strange. Strange hot, though. His lips were red, his hair was messed up, his red plaid shirt gone, black shirt showing off tanned arms and a broad chest beneath. I wondered if I did all of that to him. I wondered if I looked as he did. Worse, maybe?

We resided in silence for a moment, our heavy breaths the only sound noticeable in the room. He still had his eyes shut. He held himself over me with both hands planted on the bed, next to my head. I watched him, watched as he tried to reassemble his composure, watched as he opened his eyes. My heart accelerated. His once bright blue eyes were now a dark blue, obviously darkened by the power that lust had over him. They grew darker as he took my appearance in.

"Damn, you're fucking hot…" He breathed out, pressing against me as he leaned in to kiss me again. I felt something press against my shaking thigh.

I stiffened. He was… hard. For me. Because of me. I swallowed. And he was big. Too big. I panicked a little. I pushed against his chest, breathing hard, shaking my head.

"I-I can't… it's just… I… we…" I couldn't find the words. I was at a loss. I was flubbing again. My heart beat quicker as he leaned down towards me and kissed my neck. I flushed, shutting my eyes as he bit onto my neck, suckling at the sensitive skin provocatively. I gasped at the feeling, toes curling in my socks. My first hickey. I couldn't believe it. He sucked harder. I moaned at the pleasurable pain, clutching at the front of his shirt, shaking my head lightly. I started to sweat profusely, probably more than I already was. The air in the room was already getting stifling. "N-No, Naruto, wait…" If he continued to do this, we would end up doing… well, that. And I didn't want to. I wasn't ready.

It was hard to say no to these lips, but I still couldn't find it in me to pull away for two reasons. One, because, deep inside, I really wanted to. But reason number two was reasonable; he didn't even know my name. I never even told him. This was going to turn out to be a one night stand, if anything. I didn't want that. I was still so young. I wanted to save myself, save my virtue for that special someone. Him, possibly, if this developed into something further. My body deceived me, however. I grinded and thrust onto him like no tomorrow, driven by want and lust and need. His lips popped from my neck loudly. He moaned aloud, and, oh, my holy fuck, what a beautiful sound it was. He growled almost in an animalistic manner in the room. He was sweating already. It glistened off his face like holy water, but I refused to give into him. I sat up, before he could do anything else, swallowing at the look of desire that came over his features. For me.

"I can't." My voice cracked. "You don't even know my name…"

He laughed, a broken, cracked laugh. He didn't notice this. He was out of breath.

"I do. Your name's Sasuke. Sakura told me a lot of things about you." He grinned lustfully at me now. "Never told me you were great at this, though." He obviously meant his raging hard-on that was not that hard to miss. No pun intended. I shook my head, red-faced.

"I can't." I repeated. I almost succeeded in escaping from him as I was about to push him off from me gently, but he kept me in place, fingers locking around my forearms instantly. He pushed me back down on the bed, his eyes tempting me, teasing me. There was no way I could say no to him. He kissed me again, his hands now cradling my face soothingly. This kiss was sweet. Nothing like the passionate embrace from minutes earlier. I liked it; it was just like the movies. But my common sense screamed at me for having a lack of control for this boy. It fought against me, forcing me to speak. "It's… wrong… On so many… levels." I murmured in between short kisses. He 'hmm'ed in response.

"So… many… levels…" He repeated, proceeding to ravish my neck once more. To mark it yet again. I groaned, biting my lip, smiling drunkenly at the touch of his lips against my skin. "Sakura's half-brother… older than you… more… experienced…" He bit me over and over, sucking me, marking me, tasting me, teasing me. His hands slid down my chest, creeping towards the button on my jeans, dark blue eyes measuring my expression, watching me. I was frozen from head to toe with pleasure seeping from within my body. I was sweating with anticipation, shaking with fear. I didn't know if I could do it. It would be my first time. I didn't want it to be like this. At a party. Sakura's party. In her brother's room. After only, like, what, thirty minutes of knowing each other? No, it had to be special.

My body was keen on betraying me, though; he wanted it as much as I did, despite how scared I was. As Naruto unbuttoned my jeans, I struggled against the urge to push them all the way down myself. I wasn't going to show him how desperate I was. But he was taking forever to slide them from my thighs. I was getting antsy.

"Naruto…" I moaned, pushing myself onto his fingers, offering myself; I was so horny. He smiled. God, I was a whore. His fingers pushed down my jeans, freeing me from my restraints. We were going to do this, and I was going to let him. Oh, man, I was going to let him. I felt so self-conscious, despite the idea that my demeanor didn't show this. Didn't show that I was about as nervous as I felt. I was scared. My heart was racing like a jackhammer against my chest as his fingers hooked in my underwear. I didn't want to. Couldn't let my inhibitions loose completely. I shut my eyes and shook my head, stilling his fingers aching movements. I'd never let anyone see me or touch me down there. And I couldn't just let myself. But he was very convincing. His fingers ghosted over me, watching me. His muscles rippled against his shirt as he reached to touch at my face. I was shaking and sweating, scared but anxious even in this moment. He noticed all of this, and his expression changed. His eyes still smoldered with desire, but not as much now that he watched my slight frightened expression. I was afraid of how unattractive I already looked; I didn't need to look any worse. Though, he wasn't in the least bit repelled by me. He cradled my face in his hand, crawling up from where he was residing from in between my thighs, resting himself on top of me. He wasn't all too heavy, so it didn't bother me that much. He kissed my nose. I blushed, shaking against his touch, against him. The action was too intimate. We'd only known each other for a short time. It seemed to come natural to him, however, so I welcomed the touch. He sighed, staring up at me, resting his chin on his arm and on my chest. He studied me. Then…

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" He muttered nonchalantly, as if not even in the least bit surprised. The question stunned me for a moment. Was it really that obvious? Did I honestly seem so nervous that it seeped through my façade of want and need for him? I shifted against him nervously. He held me in place. I was forced to look into his eyes, forced to tell the truth. I swallowed and nodded.

"Is it really that noticeable?" I questioned him. He stared at me intensely, suddenly serious, the dark look of lust in his blue eyes diminishing little by little, but it was still obviously there. For sure, he was still hard. He was pressed up against my shivering thigh.

He nodded. "The evident fear was in your eyes. I could tell. You were into it, but then when I started to grab you, you freaked. Don't think I didn't notice." I avoided his look. His hand pushed against my cheek, forcing me to look at him yet again. The action was gentle. I stared into his eyes slowly. I felt like a small child, caught with my hand in the cookie jar. He sighed, gaze suddenly changing. "How old are you?"

I feared to answer the question. I was afraid he'd walk out of my life forever. This one moment of passion in his bedroom would be lost forever. I'd have to live through life with a broken heart. I realized this was just a bit melodramatic, but Naruto made me feel good and I wanted him to make me feel good even more. Even if it was just for one night, he made me feel like he wanted me. He probably didn't want me anymore now that he knew I was a virgin, and I concluded he would want me a little less if I told him my age. He was an adult. I was still viewed as a child. He would never ensue a relationship between us. I was ashamed at my lack of sobriety; the beer was finally kicking. It was strange.

"Sasuke, come on. How old are you? I'm not going to leave if you tell me." He knew what I was thinking; this guy was amazing.

"I'm seventeen…" I murmured, awaiting his response nervously.

His hand suddenly slid from my face, the muscles in his jaw tensed. He didn't approve at all. He pulled up my pants, fingers brushing against me lightly. This was it. He was readying himself to leave. Cleaning up the evidence. He stared at me again, standing from the bed now as he put his red plaid shirt back on.

"You're not even legal. And it would have been your first time…" He reasoned, eyes searching mine for anything else. He knew I was hiding more. He pressed on. "Was anything else your first…?" I was quick enough to answer.

"Everything." I answered back. He took a step back. Yeah, he was leaving. I was sure he was. I sat up in the bed, continuing. "My first touch, first kiss, first… well, first everything… I… sorry. I couldn't exactly push you away… it… It felt good…" I tried to hide my shameful face as he stared me down. My face was red. I knew it was. I was close to tears as well. I'd been rejected before. Not by hot guys, per se, but by other guys. All in all, this could have been my first rejection, and it hurt like hell. I stilled the aching of my heart, pressing my fingers tentatively against my chest. It hurt so bad.

I didn't know why I was taking this rejection so hard if he was just a stranger, probably a guy I'd never see again, but I doubted that, considering the fact he was Sakura's half-brother. Then again, she kept him a secret for so long that it felt that way. I was a fat kid. I was naturally sensitive underneath all this lard. But, of course, I wasn't going to show that side to him. I wasn't going to let myself. I braced myself as I stood, trying to be strong. It was hard, considering the fact that I still had a raging boner like he did. I ignored it, ignored the idea of sex staring us straight in the eye. I was sure Naruto avoided the idea as well. He shifted his feet nervously as I zipped up my pants. He took in my appearance. I took in his. He still looked at me with the same desire glistening in his azure eyes. I did too, I'm sure. But we didn't act upon it. Couldn't. Wouldn't.

"You've never… You can't honestly tell me you've never done any of that?" He asked me softly, his eyes observing me, scanning me for any signs of truth. Wasn't it obvious to him? Didn't he see what others saw? All this fat…? "I mean, I thought you would have. You're not bad looking…" Was he being serious? I didn't think he was. I could've punched him. But, by God, he was. There was no teasing laughter dancing in his eyes as there always was when I received a complimenting insult. He was telling me like this was true, from the bottom of his heart. My heart soared.

"I'm not…?" I choked out. I was close to tears. I forced them back inside, heaving quiet gasps. I didn't know why that affected me so much even right now - must've been the beer talking - but he smiled. He must have sensed that I'd never been complimented before. He took me into his arms. He smelled so good. He smelled like sweat and beer and smoke, but I didn't pull away from him; it was the first non-sexual, non-provocative action of the night - despite his hard-on pressing against the inside of my thigh; he was still so fucking hard! - I liked it. He pressed his lips against my forehead, a sweet touch. I closed my eyes, smiling faintly. He treated me so nicely. Like I was delicate. I'd never been treated in such a way. I felt attractive now. His hands slipped round my waist now, keeping me in place against his chest. I opened my eyes at the new touch. He looked down at me, a new look now coming over his features. He tipped my chin up, his fingers brushing against my lips in the process of doing so. A chill went up my spine. His lips parted to speak.

"You may not be old enough to hang around with a guy like me in the sexual department just yet, but… I like you." I should've already expected the confession, but I couldn't help the feeling my heart gave just by hearing those words confessed out loud. To me. Me, of all people. I couldn't help it. It made it even more real. Someone liked me. Naruto liked me. A hot college guy liked me. I bit my lip in order to keep the cheerful shriek that was threatening to slip past my lips quiet. I would not act like some girl, but it was hard not to; someone liked me, dammit! Naruto sensed my excitement. He grinned, but made no side comment about this. "And, uh, I just hope that, um… well, I kind of want to get to know you… and stuff…" Was he asking me out or something? Did he want to set a date with me? I swallowed, heart beating quickly as he struggled for words, a small blush coming over his cheeks as he grinned at me nervously now. "I mean, I understand if you didn't want to! There's many reasons - I'm aware of all that. I'm old. I'm Sakura's half-brother. And, well, uh… I guess I'm pretty, um… ugly…? I'm guessing…" He sounded so serious that it made me laugh.

"You're not. You're very pretty." I laughed softly. I said this so confidently that it couldn't have been the beer that possessed me to say this; I didn't feel nervous or anything about saying it just like that. I smiled as he stared me down, still grinning, arms still wound around my waist tightly. He held me like he liked me, like he wanted me, like if I wasn't the fat kid. I felt happy. I felt normal. I felt… A vibration in my pants?

Both Naruto and I looked down at the source of disturbance. I pulled out my phone. Reality came crashing down on me. Sakura's name flashed across the screen. She was calling me. I looked at Naruto quickly and pulled away. What if she was watching? What if she knew we were together? Alone? In his room? I was acting unreasonable, but… What if she was? I clicked my phone and answered, measuring Naruto's expression. He wasn't grinning anymore. His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed nervously. I was sure he was thinking the same thing I was, but it was worse for him; he was Sakura's half-brother, and he was hanging out with me, a minor. I was also sure that Sakura didn't know he was gay. I shrugged, throwing him a nervous look as I pressed the receiver to my ear.

I was greeted with pounding music, boys and girls laughing, Sakura laughing. I swallowed.

"Hey, Sasuke! Where are you? Ino and Shika are looking all over for you!" Ino and Shikamaru! I forgot all about them! They were my ride home! Oh, God, what time was it? "Said you wouldn't answer your phone! Your mom's been calling like crazy! Why don't you answer your phone? Did you meet someone?" Her voice turned teasing, interested in knowing. I looked at Naruto and bit my lip. He didn't meet my gaze. He was deep in thought. Way too deep in thought. I refocused my attention back to the matter at hand.

I ignored the last question. I ignored everything she said.

"Sakura, what time is it?" I murmured nervously.

She laughed at the other end of the line. Obviously she was having fun.

"It's a quarter to one! Wait, what? Oh, my gosh…" My heart dropped. My mom was going to kill me. Sakura read my mind all too easily. "Sasuke, you have to go home! Your mom's going to freak! Where are you?"

I couldn't really say I was in her half-brother's room. We wouldn't have time for any explanations.

"I'll meet you outside, okay? Are Ino and Shika there with you?" She said they were. "Okay, I'll be outside." We hung up.

I practically ran to the door, tearing it open, up until I remembered that Naruto was still standing there. Deep in thought. Without thinking, I pulled him into a kiss, breaking him from his trance completely. He was reawakened once more at the simple, innocent touch I'd inflicted on him. I could feel him smiling beneath our kiss. He knew what my response was to what he wanted. I pulled away before it got deeper.

"I'll call you." He whispered against my lips. How would he do that? I didn't even give him my number. He laughed, obviously reading my thoughts. "I have my ways. Don't worry about it." I smiled and gave him a final kiss for the night.

Before I left the room, I saw him bring his fingers to his lips. He felt something in the kiss. A spark. He grinned at the feeling.

I felt it too.

And I smiled.

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