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Zero wondered how he would look like nine months from now on. Even thinking of such thought made him smile; a beautiful expression graced his face. His hands trailed down to his stomach, already in love with his soon-to-be child. He was going to be a father and he swore he would be a good, if not great father.

He would shower his child with love, happiness and all those wonderful things that he and Ichiru didn't get the chance to feel or have.

If his child was a boy, Zero would name him Hope and if she was a girl...well, he was planning to use Yuki's maiden name as his daughter first name.

"You look beautiful." a sweet voice whispered. He felt a pair of strong arms around his waist. Instead of answering him, Zero leaned into the warmth of his husband, returning the protective embrace.

This was his family and he would not let anyone take it from him.


Written by Wookie

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