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This is of course a non profit story I've made for fun. It is of course another Tie In to my Hunt Storyline, this one focuses on She-Hulk in the aftermath of Echo of Destiny and during the Hunt storyline. It wont be as humorous as the other She-Hulk storylines in comics. In this story we'll actually see she-Hulk begin to question her role as a lawyer, particularly when she interacts with Deathblade, the main character of my Hunt Story.

So everyone enjoy

She-Hulk: The Hunt

Chapter 1: Aftermath and the call

Not many people know this, but teammate wasn't the only thing I called Slade Muga. He was my friend, and when we lost him it changed us in ways we couldn't imagine.

"Thank you for coming my friends, I will never forget the feeling of friendship…it helped me to accept my destiny…please don't forget me…. remember and honour those who fall, keep moving towards a better tomorrow" Slade said fiercely.

He held out his hand and his friends grabbed it. They all nodded to him, fighting back the tears as they smiled.

"Let me show you, the kind of hero…that people…need!"

"SLADE!" Sieg yelled as the man's body shattered.

We all dealt with the loss in different ways. Crusader moved on and helped his people. Songbird kicked ass, last I heard she was working at Prison 42 on a rehabilitation program. Tony and Hank lost themselves in their work and Sunfire mourned for him. He apparently held a hero's funeral for Slade on his estate. In a war everyone needs a form of comfort. For soldiers it's the anticipation of meeting their spouse or keeping in touch with their family or event the big paycheck they'll get at the end of it. But for me, for She-Hulk its one simple thing, something I get to cope with both the Avengers and my Lawyer work. Call me what you want, but I'm just doing the first thing men think of me for. Its something that helped me cope with the loss of a friend. Something called a booty call.

The green giantess lifted her lover off the floor, gripping his mouth with hers. She gripped his head tightly as he rubbed her thighs, his legs dangling off the floor. They began to strip one another of their clothes and she threw him onto the bed, taking her bra with him.

My name is She-Hulk and months ago during the invasion of the being known as Karabai, everything changed. You probably know the story; Osborn led the world to hell, leaving it ripe for the picking of an alien conqueror. He came with an army that engulfed the world, an invasion force that eclipsed any plan Osborn could make. Osborn had already captured a load of Avengers, so a billionaire called James Crowner assembled the beginning of a rebellion. I was just one of a few heroes James had recruited, along with him. Slade Muga, at first I didn't think much of him. But then as time went by he showed me how much determination can achieve.

The planet had been engulfed by fighting, not just amongst its own population but against the alien invaders as well. She-Hulk pounded the ground beneath her, causing the alien ground forces to fall and stumble. That day, She-Hulk was matched her savage name as she unleashed her anger, throwing aliens across the city. She grabbed an alien fighter craft and threw it into one of the bigger ships. Taking a running start, She-Hulk jumped onto one of the ships and pounded on the hull.

That's me doing what I did best during the invasion. There wasn't much Jennifer Walters could do. But that part of me still wanted to look her colleagues in the eyes as my team rescued them. Mallory Book, Stu and Pugsly had kept themselves safe at the office basement. Jennifer Walters went down to tell them the coast was clear. But Karabai's forces could get in through the ground. And Jennifer didn't react fast enough.

"JEN!" Pugsley yelled as an alien fired his gun at Jennifer.

The short brown haired woman had her shirt and hair burnt off as she hit the ground. Pugsley ran at the invader in anger, but was promptly thrown across the room. The invader raised his beam cannon, but stopped as he felt something grip his leg. He suddenly let out a screech of agony as his bone was crushed. She-Hulk threw the invader against the wall so hard that he burst like an egg. Her hair regrew and her eyes stayed green.

Something in that alien's gun changed me. I can't turn back into Jennifer Walters, so I guess I'm stuck as She-Hulk. But it got me focused I'll admit. I threw myself into the fight, especially when we lost Muga. Part of me was lashing out, I was worse than ever actually. There was a moment during the invasion where I actually completely lost control. Picture my cousin the Hulk, but ten times worse.

She-Hulk unleashed a scream that threw her enemies back. Her muscles had expanded to the point where they were actually ripping her unstable molecule vest. With every punch she bought down a whole building on top of her opponents. They fired their pulse rifles, but the blasts simply bounced off of her skin. Starfox swooped in, punching the invaders until they fell unconscious. But that wasn't enough for She-Hulk. She towered over the unconscious men, raising her fists.

"Miss Walters what are you doing?" Starfox asked.

The jade giantess screamed as she swung her arms downwards. Suddenly, a man in red armour ran between She-Hulk and the aliens. He raised his shield, gritting his teeth together as the force of the punch cracked his weapon. Red Guardian grabbed the aliens and rolled out of the way as She-Hulk punched the ground again.

"Walters, stop now!" Sampson ordered as he ran to the scene.

"Why, why did he have to die?" Jen asked.

"Jen please stop, don't freak out no matter what, we need to calm down. If we lose our sanity then it would only be an insult to those who died, your friend included," Sampson explained as he looked up at She-Hulk.

He calmed me down and my body returned to the She-Hulk form most men loved to look at. Ironically a few weeks later Sampson went crazy, about the same time that Red Hulk (don't ask) resurfaced. I've spent the past few weeks getting my new law firm started. This time I'm the head of the office and all eyes are on me. Its not what I had before, but I make do with what I've got.

She-Hulk sat in her new office, reading the latest Daily Bugle report on the "Guardian knight". He was Aeon, the person Jen's leader had died to bring back. So far he had bought down murderers, villains and had helped repair sections of the damaged cities. But Jen had never spent more than a few minutes with the man. Her focus had been on starting her new law firm. It was a partnership with Matt Murdock's long time friend and law firm partner Foggie Nelson. The business had been kick started by the generous donations of James Crowner. She-Hulk walked out of her office, wearing a purple business dress. The mere appearance of their employer stunned the lawyers and interns working there. She-Hulk smiled before leaving the office.

Call me what you like but you cant deny, I should be leaving Emma Frost and Spider-woman in the dust in IGN's sexiest comic book babe challenge. Walters and Nelson was already one of the most successful law firms in the repairing world. Believe it or not a lot of people are still being tried for crimes they commit. I recently worked on a defence case in which Chrona Tech tried to sue Crowner Corp out of money. But I of course showed the court that Chrona was one company not illegible to receive money to repair itself. James and I celebrated the usual way. Now however I'm working on a more morally ambiguous case.

Jen walked into the police interview room, offering a comforting smile to her client as she sat down. The client was a woman in her thirties. She had a respectable job before the invasion as well as two kids. Her husband however had been an enforcer for a mob boss. His activities ranged from extortion, assault, blackmail and of course murder. Recently his body had been found displayed in the suburbs. It was part of a string of murders on people with criminal backgrounds.

"Hello Mrs Ashford, I've heard of your situation and I give you my word I'll do everything in my power to clear you of these charges," Jen explained.

"Thank you Miss Walters, god I hate this assumption of the police. Just because I was married to him doesn't mean I actually helped him," The woman said.

"Its okay, now I need you to tell me everything you knew about your husband before he was arrested. I know you've already told the police but trust me sometimes cases can be all about repetition. I've already got a friend talking to your neighbours and your kids will be willing to testify at the trial as well. The police have no logical basis to charge you Mrs Ashford. So believe me when I say that everything will be fine."

"Thank you Miss Walters, please call me Kate."

"Only if you call me She-Hulk!"

Kate gives me an odd look but I'm just stating a fact. I'm She-Hulk, not Jennifer Walters anymore. Of course in the courtroom I've still got Walters's skill with the law. I know what your thinking, I'm starting to act more like my cousin but trust me I wont be talking like a cave man soon. Despite her lack of faith in my sanity Kate still accepts my word. As I drive down the street I see people preparing for the parade that'll take place in a few hours. I'd like to join in, but my focus is now on Avengers business. Tony Stark (you all know him) runs a meeting for some of us long time Avengers. Our topic: Sieg Wallace or rather Sieg Wallace trying to get us to join his Avengers. I can appreciate what he's trying to do, but I just hope he doesn't go too far. He insults me and I know, a crime fighter who is a defence attorney is one giant fat contradiction. But its not like I'm sending murderers back onto the street, just losers like the Blizzard and Rhino.

"God he was annoying, I can appreciate his intentions but sometimes the world doesn't work that way," She-Hulk explained, Sieg had long left the room.

"Aye, indeed his words were mere prattle, I will speak with greater warriors," Ares said.

She-Hulk stared daggers at the back of Ares's head, an action his brother Hercules shared.

"So Herc what have you been up to?" She-Hulk asked.

"I have been travelling with the great scholar Amadeus Cho, we have helped to repair our broken world and our many adventures have even bought us into contact with the Skrull gods," Hercules explained.

"Really, wow that sounds fun, what do you say we talk about it over Dinner."

"Nay I'm afraid, I must return to Pym's Infinite mansion, his Mighty Avengers have been left small since the invasion."

"I see, well see you later Herc," She-Hulk said before kissing Hercules on the cheek.

However before the group could leave their attention was drawn to the TV. She-Hulk widened her eyes as she saw Osborn's body displayed at Times Square.

"Let the punishment fit the crime" I know what that means. When you're in the business of keeping criminals out of jail you know about all the flaws in the system. Of course we don't call them flaws because they help us to deliver the service our client's have paid us for. But helping criminals is a lot different than helping a corporation. People get hurt or their businesses are shattered, some people have even been crippled. When a criminal walks away a lot of people are heartbroken. I've never done it before but I know and you probably know too of cases where murderers have been released from prison and the family of their victim says, "that isn't enough" or "that's not justice". A lot of people, probably you too think that the government protecting these criminals is idiotic and an insult to the victims. I've never actually thought about it before, except for when my old law firm tried to help Samuel Sterns, the leader. But thankfully I can choose my clients more freely now.

She-Hulk walked out of Stark Tower and looked to her right. A large crater was currently on the road, occupied by a man in grey armour.

"Aeon," She-Hulk called, causing the young hero to turn to her.

"Oh She-Hulk, how have you been?" The young man asked.

"Better then ever actually, despite some things," She-Hulk said.

"Really, like what?"

"My ex-husband had his funeral the other day, it was a bitter reunion with Jonah, he's actually divorced his wife you know."

"I heard, John Jameson was a good man, the worlds a lesser place for his and every loss we suffered."

"Did you know him?" She-Hulk asked curiously.

"We worked together once, I was a test pilot for a corporation that provided the Air force with equipment."

"Really, I didn't know that, why don't you talk to us more often?"

"I guess I've never been much for public displays, you do remember that I asked Jonah not to mention me by name."

"Wow, you're on a first name basis with Jameson?"

Aeon rubbed hid head sheepishly while Jen smiled. If the man wasn't trapped in his armour she'd be asking him out. Although Jen could tell that the young man already had eyes for someone else so she decided to change the subject.

"So, Sieg's had it pretty rough lately huh?" She-Hulk asked.

"Yeah…he has," Aeon said as he lowered his head

And just like that he leaves without so much as looking back. I've got no problem with him; besides he pretty much saved the world when he came back. Now he's trying to do what Reed Richards always gets in trouble for, save everyone. I heard from Aeon's friend James Crowner that they've worked on some kind of to do list. Its good to have a goal, it helps drive you I suppose.

As Jen walked into her office she saw a pile of paper work. She groaned as she sat at her desk. A few minutes later a young black haired man walked into the room, wearing a business suit. He smiled as he took a seat in front of Jen.

"Need any help there Miss Hulk?" The man asked with a grin.

Jen smiled as she lifted her head away from her desk.

His name is Foley, like the guy from the X-men, no relation though. But he is a great guy, funny and handsome but not stuck up about it. He only recently passed the bar exam and what better place to work than here. I picked him over a woman with five times the experience but I don't regret it. Foley's fresh and he brightens up the office. It also helps that he's incredibly good with paper work.

Jen put her signature on one of the contracts, while Foley sorted them into order of clients. As they worked the office gradually began to clear out as the day went by. Foley sat down by She-Hulk, his jacket resting on the back of his chair.

"So Jen, you got anything planned later?" Foley asked.

"Well I might be going to my other job, the Avengers," She-Hulk said.

"Really? I've always thought of the Avengers as cool, now that we're past this whole invasion thing I can honestly say I think you guys can save the world."

She-Hulk smiled at the handsome man before her.

"Since there's not much time, how about we get something to eat, there's a café nearby that's open and they do a hell of a sandwich," Foley said.

"Are you asking me out to Subway?" She-Hulk asked.

"They've got a salad selection, its not like you need to worry about calories though…I mean your perfect."

That one compliment is all it takes to get me to go out with him. We go down to Subway; I order the fattest thing they've got. I think with all the work I do I deserve a little reward. Everything changed after the invasion, my old office was gone, cities had been destroyed and the top cop of the world is now dead. I've changed a little and probably the meaning of the Avengers has changed too. For one thing moving this fast was one thing Jennifer Walters wouldn't have done.

When She-Hulk finally got home she lifted her new lover off his feet. She pressed her lips to his, deepening the kiss as he widened his eyes. Foley overcame his initial shock and rubbed She-Hulk's back and waist. He gasped for a moment as she ripped at his clothes. Foley even took Jen's bra with him as he was thrown onto the bed.

We don't talk, although he tries to make conversation. I really like Foley; he's the kind of guy I could take home to mom and dad. But I'm not in the mood for a real relationship this is just comfort. We all need comfort right?

She lay awake, watching her lover sleep. He was small in comparison to her, his thin frame was a contrast to the stronger lovers she had in the past. A beeping sound turned She-Hulk's attention to her bedside cabinet. The sun was setting and Foley would probably be out for the night. She grabbed her Avengers communicator and walked to her wardrobe. Recently she had a new costume made, sort of to signify the change that the whole world was experiencing. Her new outfit consisted of white boots with purple leather stockings that reached to her purple shorts. She also wore a purple sleeveless shirt with a white stripe down the chest and a pair of purple gloves. After putting her costume on she took a final look at Foley.

Have I really changed? I'm still with the Avengers and that's one thing I'm proud of. Maybe it's time for a real change. Foley after this mission you get to brag that you're the She-Hulk's boyfriend.

She-Hulk walked out of her apartment and jumped across the city. The call had been made and she would join her fellow Avengers.

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