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Merry Christmas everyone (just putting it out there for when the day actually comes) with my story The Hunt reaching its finale, I'm tying up loose ends with my spin offs so as well as the Hunt I've updated my Spider-man fic as well.

A word of warning before I start, this chapter involves a lot of breaking the fourth wall, though I'd class this as having one of the most serious moments in the fic, I also consider it the most humorous. But the final judgement is up to you. Secrets are revealed this chapter as we reach our finale. I reedited the story to be a five chapter one, didn't have the motivation to finish a sixth chapter, it would have been pointless anyway, I like to think that the epiphany that Jen comes to at the end of this chapter and her appearance in the main Hunt storyline is enough.

She-Hulk: The Hunt

Final Chapter: Truths

Well I haven't been active for a while. I've been struggling with my powers lately, as you guys know. I was stuck as She-Hulk; I couldn't turn back into Jen. My moods been shifting, every time I'm with Foley I'm more in touch with my Hulk side and then came the day I was to defend Mrs Ashford in court. You probably know what happened, Deathblade, the man everyone was chasing turned up. He cut down a few people in the crowd before finally reaching Mrs Ashford and with no hesitation at all he cut her down too. That's when my inner Hulk really took over, like the time the Leader manipulated me into losing control, I lost control there and then at the courthouse. Deathblade had already taken a fair beaten before he got to the court, but I'd like to think I played a key part in his capture. I hammered Deathblade with everything that I had, shattering his armour and making the man who had taken on Hammer and the Avengers vulnerable, probably for the first time in his life. Mrs Ashford's death was so unfair, it made me so angry, so I didn't let up, I tried to kill Deathblade.


Driver dashed past She-Hulk and for a moment she was distracted. As he ran at super speed, Driver watched Aeon knock She-Hulk into the sky. He widened his eyes as the armoured hero lifted the behemoth into the stratosphere. Aeon poured all of his energy in to a punch that knocked Jen out.

It turned out that Aeon's attack didn't just beat my Hulk form, it also 'healed me' I suppose would be the right word. It was strange, I spent so much time worried over the fact that I couldn't turn into Jennifer Walters, now I'm worried about being Jennifer Walters for the rest of my life. But my anger didn't change; I still wanted to break Cade Hunter's neck. That's Deathblade's real name, that's the man who killed Mrs Ashford, robbing her children of their mother.

Jen sighed as she climbed out of bed. She still felt somewhat sore from her fight days earlier with Aeon. Even though her injuries had healed before she reverted to human form, she still had some bruises that didn't heal. Jen hadn't been in significant pain since her cousin had given her a blood transfusion, turning her into the She-Hulk from that day onwards. She began setting out her clothes for the day, pouring herself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. As she ate her breakfast Jen also checked her phone. Foley had been leaving a few messages wanting to meet up, but Jen didn't have the heart to meet with him. In honesty she wasn't sure about their relationship anymore.

He seems just too perfect, too good to be true and honestly I saw Foley in the crowd after the whole incident with Deathblade and he didn't try to take me from Aeon's arms. It was Jack who carried me to the hospital.

The sudden knock at the door shocked Jen, enough to make her drop her spoon. She cautiously walked to her apartment door and looked through the eyehole. Her eyes softened slightly as she saw a black haired, slightly plumb man waiting for her. She opened the door and smiled as he old friend Augustus Pugliese walked into the apartment.

"Wow, its been a while since I've seen you in pyjamas," Pug grinned slightly.

"Missed it?" Jen asked, spinning around slightly.

Even as regular Jennifer Walters, Jen liked to think of herself as attractive.

Not to blow my own trumpet!

Pug had been in love with Jen once, but they both understood they would make better friends and kept in touch as just that, very good and trusted friends. But since they worked in separate law firms there had been very little time for them to spend together. Jen put on his business dress whilst Pug poured two cups of coffee.

"I've got to say Jen there are few things I miss about being your room mate and a few things I don't, must be nice having your own place though right, no third wheel in the relationships," Pug explained.

"Well, when I get a relationship, you know the life of a super hero," Jen sighed.

"Really? I heard from Foggy you were dating some guy called Foley, the office is talking about him like he's Mr perfect," Pug said.

"Well yes we were an item, but…you're going to think I'm crazy, I think I was forced to love him," Jen lowered her head slightly.

"Forced? Wait, is this like what Starfox did with you and John?" Pug asked.

"Now that I'm away from Foley and that I'm able to process my feelings yes, it was very similar, being with him made me feel happy but that feeling went away whenever I was with…" Jen blushed slightly before sipping from her cup.

"You…you've met someone else haven't you?" the man asked with a grin.

"Well, its nothing official, I mean he's amazing but…I'm more confused than the time the Avengers met my cousin for the first time…"

Cue Family Guy style clip :)

No we are not referencing family guy!

Oh come on!


Pretty please!

All right fine here it is:

Black Widow: Doctor Banner?

Bruce: You were expecting me?

Black Widow: Are you Doctor Bruce Banner?

Bruce: Don't you know already, you are with the government right?

Black Widow: Yes but I was told by General Ross to expect someone thinner, someone who looked a bit like Edward Norton, not Mark Ruffalo!

Bruce: I just gained a little weight okay.

You see, that's funny cause between the Incredible Hulk and the Avengers they…

It's not funny when you need to explain the punch line.

You should consider yourself lucky, if you chose to write about Deadpool there would have been no limits to my requests.

But probably more reviews!

What was that?

Nothing, anyway Jen was incredibly nervous and unsure of herself. Pug however knew Jen and he knew that even when she wasn't She-Hulk she was confident and sure of herself, and while it was true that there could be times when her resolve was threatened she always pulled through, even in cases of cosmic importance she found a way to win.

"You are going to have to make a choice Jen, its not fair to either of them if you mess them both around, if you want to be with this other guy and not Foley then go ahead, if Foley isn't a bad guy then he'll understand, just like I did Jennifer," Pug explained.

"Thanks," Jen smiled as she hugged the man.

"Anyway, I just wanted to see if you were okay, stay safe Jen," Pug returned the hug and walked towards the door.

"Pug wait," Jen nervously put her mug on the table.


"You…you are a good friend, you're a great guy!"

"And even without She-Hulk you're still a sensational woman," Pug smiled.

Wait, did he just…

Who cares, it was a sweet gesture from a sweet guy.

Who you rejected.

Then why don't you pair me with him?

If I had my way you'd be with Hawkeye, I mean it makes more sense than Hawkeye and Spider-woman, not that I don't like Jessica Drew.

But Clint's still with Mockingbird and Driver/Warp/Jack is cute.

Again moving on, after Pug left Jen took a cab to work. Nothing much happened on the journey there, except for the numerous battles and riots that are going on in the Hunt (read in the Avengers section) Jen arrived at her office and looked to see Mallory Brooks waiting at her desk.

Mallory Brooks, fans of my series will probably recognise her. She was a constant thorn in my side, always pushing my buttons. But she's an incredible attorney and let me tell you even though she makes herself out to be a bitch sometimes she has some integrity. She's the J Jonah Jameson to my Spider-man.

Well at least before they replaced Spidey with Doctor Octopus.

Spider-man's been replaced, I must tell the Avengers!

Not in this universe. Anyway there's a serious scene coming up that has a lot of connection to chapter 22 of the Hunt. Mallory Brooks had just met with Cade Hunter and had had her whole morality ripped apart bit by bit by Cade. He told her of all the victims that had been created by her continuing to get criminals away from prison. She left the police interrogation room feeling bitter, and guilty inside.

"Mal what are you doing here?" Jen asked.

"I wanted to ask you a question, and I'd like a serious and thoughtful answer," Mallory said.

"Okay, sure, what is it?"

"I recently saw Cade Hunter today, I wanted to be his attorney, I suppose I consider myself lucky after what he did to the others he was offered," Mallory lightly chuckled.

"Did he threaten you?" Jen asked.

"In a way, but he made me think about my job and what I've been doing with the best years of my life," Mallory sighed.

"What happened?"

"I went in with the intention of defending him, so I put on my old usual trusty lawyer routine…"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I thought you had more faith in me Miss Walters, you don't actually think I like working with those criminals do you?" Mallory asked.

"Of course not, we're both people doing a job, ensuring that the system works and that its fair for everyone involved, even the people who commit those crimes," Jen explained.

"I know that, that's good in theory, but the fact is, we have long time offenders like the Shocker and his crew, even people we know have killed like the Grey Gargoyle and we just continue to let them walk through the front door and to our desks," Mallory explained.

"But Mal, Grey Gargoyle is one of your best clients."

"I know that, and I actually read a bit more into his profile and his list of offences, there have been times when he hasn't come to me as his lawyer…for murders he committed pretty much straight after I had gotten him out of jail time," Mallory sighed.

"I know Mal, it's a question I ask myself everyday…how many people am I killing by helping criminals get onto the streets? But lets also consider the fact that sometimes people's initial theories aren't correct, that's why we have the system so that police can determine the guilty from the innocent, we just ensure that the accused have the fair chance to defend themselves, that's a chance Cade Hunter didn't give his victims, but we're still going to give him that chance to defend himself in a court room," Jennifer explained.

I suppose I was trying to tell myself that as well, trying to justify my own career. You start off your career optimistic, thinking you can make a difference, and while I had the right to reject certain clients, there were still people I defended who you could argue weren't capable of redemption. But what I do know is that Mrs Ashford was innocent, she didn't deserve to die.

"Hey Mal, where are they holding Hunter?" Jen asked.

Mallory looked at Jen for a moment, her eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion. The young woman remained silent as she marked a portion of the map with her pencil. Jen looked at the police precinct and smiled slightly at Mal's silent cooperation. She picked up her bag and began walking out of the office. A car parked at the beginning of the steps to the office and Jen smiled slightly as Foley opened the door.

There he is, the amazing guy I said I'd break up with. Why do I still have feelings for him, and why do I not want to break up with him now.

"Need a lift Mrs Walters?" Foley asked.

"Yeah, the third precinct please," Jen said.

She climbed into the passenger seat and moved her face to kiss Foley. But at the last moment she turned her head, allowing Foley to kiss her cheek instead. He paused, confused by her sudden hesitance.

"Sooo…the third precinct," she smiled.

Foley began driving across the street, looking at Jen from the corner of his eye. She gazed out of the window, seeing some of the damage Deathblade had done to the streets. Victoria Hand had commissioned a team of Thunderbolts, super villains controlled by nanites or black mail to attack the vigilante alongside the legitimate Avengers. Cade however utilised the resurrected heroes under his control and the energy he had no doubt been building up for years in preparation for his campaign against corruption to dominate the forces attacking him. Many civilians had been wounded, there were a few people in the hospital and even more agents and villains had been killed, even Mac Gargan the third Venom was dead alongside Erik Josten, Fixer and Paladin had bled to death after having his arms cut off.

"I know why you're going there, I don't see the point though," Foley said.

"What do you mean?" Jennifer asked.

"You're going to find out from Hunter why he killed Mrs Ashford, the guy's a monster Jen and from what I've heard its dangerous for lawyers to even be in the same room as him, before he was trapped in a containment suit he bit and ripped the throats out of two lawyers cause according to him they molested girls in their spare time," he explained.

"I appreciate the concern Foley, but I have to do this, I need to find out why he felt she had to die…that's what trials are about, bringing the truth to light," she said.

"Except you're not doing it for the people you're doing it for yourself, because a part of you feels that Cade Hunter isn't insane, that he really can see the sins committed by others, why do you feel that he needs to be justified in what he did?" Foley asked.

"Because its how I justify defending criminals, not just because they have the right to a fair trial, to a fair chance to prove themselves innocent but the chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the law, Cade Hunter must be telling the truth, he must be able to see the sins others have committed…think about it, there's such a thing as telepathy, there's Daredevil's lie detector, why couldn't the ability to see all the evil people have done not be true, and yes I do need to find out for myself why he killed Mrs Ashford, what did I miss in my evaluation of her character, was she as innocent as she seemed to be, these are things I need to know Foley," Jennifer explained.

Foley parked the car in the precincts car park, which was nearly full from the amount of people coming in and inquiring about missing people. A crowd had also formed outside of the precinct, people with signs glorifying Cade Hunter's stand against crime and corruption. Jennifer put her bag on her shoulder as she walked into the precinct, flashing her Avengers membership card and her legal papers to the guards. On the way she walked past Mac and Carlie Cooper, both of whom seemed like they were in a hurry. She walked over to the interrogation room, where Victoria Hand watched Cade Hunter. The agent turned to Jennifer and tilted her glasses slightly.

"What are you doing here Walters?" she asked suspiciously.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to Hulk out this time, I just wanted to talk to Cade Hunter about his legal counsel," Jennifer said.

"Really, it seems like he's going to be defending himself," Hand huffed.

"His chances of a fair trial are much better if he has proper legal counsel, its my job to help him plus the Crowner corporation have donated significant funds to my relief program, doing this little favour for them is the least I can do," she explained, removing numerous papers from her bag and putting her glasses on.

Hand remained silent and simply watched as Jennifer walked into the room. Cade was bound to his chair, covered by a suit that contained the energy he would give off. He raised his head, his eyes glowing through the mask.

"Jennifer Walters, I can't say I'm surprised to see you, I knew it would only be a matter of time before you'd come here," Cade explained.

Jen took a seat and placed her papers on the table.

"Hello Mr Hunter, have you been mistreated at all?" she point on a professional tone.

"No, the containment suit and the chains are a necessity, don't think I'm like those other criminals Miss Walters, idiots suing the system because of the way it works…like that man who tried escaping from his cell, was crippled trying to climb the fence, he never got a dime but he's spending the rest of his life being given twenty-four hour care, one of many injustices in the system," Cade explained.

"That's the prison system, not the court system," Jen said.

"The justice system encompasses all Miss Walters, the police, the courts and the prisons, as well as the judgement and morality of individuals, how many crimes have gone unchallenged because witnesses never spoke up, how many crimes have been committed because the criminals weren't afraid, because they know of the leniency of the justice system!"

"So what did Mrs Ashford's death contribute to the cause?" Jen asked, her eyes flashed green for a moment.

Cade tilted his head back, looking at Jen with a casual, near empty expression. He wasn't afraid of her anger, or particularly bothered about what he had done. His eyes flashed red as he accessed the memory of the sins he had seen from Mrs Ashford, just before he had mercilessly cut her down.

"Mrs Ashford was guilty of assisting her husband, providing him with alibis and hiding the weapons he used in his murders, she even helped him dispose of a body once…but ultimately and honestly I would say the reason I killed her was because between her and social services, I'd trust them to raise her children far better than she could, she never even thought of them when she decided to stay with her husband," Cade explained.

"What do you mean?" Jen asked.

"That's probably not true, she did at least once think of her children, when he gave her a bloodied gun for the first time she felt that she should of gotten her children out of there, gone to the police and reported her husband, just to keep her children safe…but she didn't, she decided to stay with that man because when he showed just how much of a bully he was…it turned her on!"


"She was aroused by the idea of being his accomplice, she found the thought of being with a criminal sexy…profit and family were the last things on her mind, tell me Jennifer Walters, would you trust a woman like that to raise two children?" Cade asked.

"She never thought of them at all?"

"Everything she told you, the tears and the pleading for help was all a lie Walters, you see that's what criminals do with their lawyers, they lie, especially when its lawyers like you…but that's going to end," Cade said.

"What do you think you can do in a prison cell?" Jen huffed, rising from her chair.

'I guess you'll have to wait and see,' Cade thought.

Jen walked out of the station as quickly as she had arrived. But much to her surprise Foley wasn't waiting for him, waiting instead was Driver, or Jack as Jen had started to call him. The young man didn't have his car or uniform on and didn't seem to be in a hurry as he always was. He was holding two cups of coffee however.

"Hey," he said, appearing as nervous as the first time they had met.

"Hi Jack," Jen smiled, walking down the steps.

"So you just visited Cade right?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, listen Jack I know you and your friends are hoping that he'll get some happy ending but…"

"Jen, I only said that Cade never kills for no reason…I never said that those reasons were justified, I believe criminals have to be punished…but I'm…I'm probably selfish and arrogant in saying this…I wouldn't have deserved capital punishment after what I did," Jack sighed.

"You were a stupid kid, whom learnt from his mistake," she said.

"And there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about that terrible night when I drove too fast and cost someone their life…that's why even though every moment of my life I feel like the guy at the back of the line for the ATM I take my time when I'm out like this," he forced a smile across his mouth and offered Jen a cup of coffee.

I think I'm starting to see why I like Jack so much. He's like Hawkeye, he's done some bad things and he's been trying to make up for those things. I see in Jack my ideal client, the kind of person who truly wants to change. The anger I feel over Mrs Ashford's death fades and I find myself reaching a conclusion to that case I never thought I would. She deserved to die a lot of criminals deserve to die, but who has the right to be the executioner?

"Listen Jen about what happened the other day, about Foley," Jack sighed.

"It wasn't fair to him, not to tell him that is," Jen said.

"Tell me what?"

The two heroes turned to the end of the stairs. Foley stood holding a cup of coffee.

"Jen what's wrong?" Foley asked.

"Nothing baby," she said.

"Nothing, Jen I think making out with me cant really be called nothing," Jack said.

"What?" Foley widened his eyes.

"Listen Foley I was going to tell you, Jack and I have been working together recently, we met when I was assisting Jack's boss with an adoption case, well you know how Deathblade used dead heroes in his army, one of those heroes was my ex husband John Jameson, and well…he revealed a lot of things, like how…attracted Jack and I were to one another," Jennifer explained.

Foley's face remained impassive despite the severity of Jen's confession.

"We kissed and…"

"It was a simple mistake, nothing ever came of it," Foley said.

"I think the lady wants to speak for herself," Jack narrowed his eyes at Foley.

"That's right isn't it babe, he didn't mean anything to you," Foley said.

There were no questions, just commands. Jack squeezed his hands into fists and dashed towards Foley. But instead of punching the man, he delivered him to the one place a man like him would be afraid to go. Foley looked at his surroundings in shock, he was one the floor of the police interrogation room, right in front of Cade Hunter. Cade looked at the man and his eyes began to glow a red colour.

"Hello Foley, or should I say subject Madman2?" he asked.

"How do you know that name?" Foley asked, shuffling back in horror.

"I don't just read sins Madman, I read souls, though it surprises me that a lab creation of Samuel Sterns has a soul. I also know your plans, the Leader sent you to infiltrate Jennifer Walters life, you were to seduce her and through repeated physical exposure…drain her of her powers and then kill her, but you underestimated her Foley, but you've also underestimated Jack's intelligence," Cade explained.

"And I'm assuming this hypnotic effect you have on women also wears off when they know about it," Jen's voice said over the speaker.

Foley looked towards the one-way mirror, Jen stood one the other side, her eyes narrowed in fury. The trickster was suddenly back on the city streets, looking up at Jack and Jennifer in fear.

"Every night we spent together was your powers at work, I should have known better, especially after what Star Fox did," Jen sighed and then narrowed her eyes at Foley.

He backed away and grit his teeth together in anger.

"Don't…LOOK DOWN ON ME!" he yelled.

"Uh oh!" Jack gasped.

He grabbed Jen and ran her to the other side of the road as Foley's body expanded, ripping his clothes and increasing his muscle mass to hulk like proportions. The man's skin turned a blue colour as he roared, glaring at Jack.

"Great, should've known he wouldn't go down easily, there had to be a big fight scene," Jack sighed.

"Why didn't you just knock him out and then put him in a cell?" Jen asked.

"I thought you'd want some payback, and I didn't really think of that option."

"Just go and stop him…please," Jen said.

Jack nodded his head as his armour swept across his body. He ran at Foley, only for the hulk like creature to slap him aside. A sweat drop ran down the back of Jen's head as the speedster was sent flying across the street. He promptly ran back towards the monster, attempting an unsuccessful attack.

"Lets see if you can hit me now AGH HE HIT ME! How about from the left, AGH SHIT HE HIT ME AGAIN! He'll never see this one coming AGH GODDAMN IT HE SAW IT COMING!"

That's the guy I'd like to go on a real date with.

It's only in moments of real desperation that he becomes useful.


You know despite his warning and the fact that he's getting ass kicked, I don't seem to be that afraid.

You really should be, that's what damsels in distress are like.

I'm sorry what?

Damsels in distress, you know the girl to be saved by the hero. I've introduced an OC to brush you aside and take the spotlight.

Really cause right now he's getting ass kicked.

Point taken, but he'll eventually pull through and save your life. Its what most Gary Stu OC's do, they save the life of a main character whom later becomes their love interest.


That's right, I've turned you into a secondary character. Lets face it you were always just a tool to draw women into comics, plus you were sex appeal, sometimes even a joke character.

That's it, now I'm really mad. When I get out of here I'm gonna bash you, GONNA SMASH YOU!

HA! My plan was a success. No I do not believe She-Hulk is a marketing ploy and I never had any intention of drawing the spotlight away from her, as for my characters being Gary-Stu's and Mary-Stu's... well if you look into their personal problems you'll find they're far from perfect. Anyway in her angered state Jennifer's eyes began to glow green. She gripped her head as he hair began to grow longer, taking on a dark green colour. But the pain quickly turned to satisfaction, for it was exactly what Jennifer wanted. As her muscles and body began to grow and her skin turned green, the sensational woman smiled. Her shoes burst and her clothes were ripped apart, leaving only her bra and panties. Jack and Foley looked at Jen as she changed into the form that enabled her to make the most difference, the Avenger She-Hulk.

(Marvel Vs Capcom-She-Hulk's theme)

"Oh tuuune, this is my favourite theme from MVC!"

Jack I've love to discuss the best theme songs in Marvel Vs Capcom with you but I really need to describe She-Hulk's revenge on Foley.

"Well isn't it obvious? Hells has no fury like a woman pissed off, especially a woman with the proportionate strength of the Hulk but all of the reasoning powers of a young independent woman whose just found out her relationship is a lie!"

Foley gulped as She-Hulk slammed her fist into his face.


Shut up Jack! The punch sent Foley crashing through the alleyway, shaking the police precinct. Cade smirked underneath his helmet, satisfied that he had revealed both kinds of truths to the lawyer turned Avenger. Whilst the police rushed out of their offices to see what the ruckus was about, Mallory Brook stayed in the cloakroom sipping coffee.

"I figured she'd be smashing again," she said, using disdain to hide the admiration she had for the heroine.

She-Hulk punched Foley in his sides, and then delivered an uppercut to his chin, knocking him into the air. She jumped, grabbing Foley's feet and began swinging him around before throwing him into a hydrant. Foley got off the floor as water began raining down on him from the burst hydrant. He looked to She-Hulk and shook in true fear.

"Shit," he muttered.

She-Hulk ran towards Foley and slid across the floor, dodging his punch. Her fist collided with his groin, causing Jack and the surrounding police officers to gasp in sympathy. Foley fell to the floor, clutching his precious area with tears in his eyes. His skin returned to its regular colour as his body shrunk.

"That was for everything you did to me, and for all the times you snidely insulted Pug and my other friends, you're going to tell the police everything you know about Sterns, otherwise I'll throw you into Cade Hunter's cell," She-Hulk smirked as Foley helplessly nodded his head.

"Jen, you did it, that was incredible!" Jack said, running over to Jen.

"I trust you guys can take care of this," Jen said to the gathered police.

Victoria Hand barged through the crowd and like them took one look at She-Hulk and blushed.

"Um, yes, we'll make sure we strap a gamma inhibitor on him," Hand said, pushing her misty glasses up her nose.

"What's wrong?" Jennifer asked.

"You're all wet Jen, and you're only wearing your underclothes!"

Soldier-MS you pervy bastard!

Sorry Jen, couldn't resist, you should be flattered really.

"I need to get back to the Avengers, Warp can you give me a ride?" She-Hulk turned to Jack.

The speedster nodded his head, blushing slightly as Jen wrapped her arms around him. He picked her up and ran at super speed, straight towards Avengers tower. They rushed past Tony Stark and into his bathroom. Jen emerged from Tony's bathroom, clad in a bathrobe and drying her hair with a towel.

"Jennifer, now I've been several years sober and I've still got my clothes on…what happened?" Tony asked.

"Me, I ran her through your defences and into your private chambers at super speed," Jack said.

"Why are you two here?"

"The Leader sent someone to sabotage my life, I smashed him up and my powers are back under control, the police might be able to get something from him about the Leader's location, but putting a pin in that for now I know you guys are having a crisis of your own and I'd like to help," Jennifer explained.

Tony nodded his head and smiled.

"All right, I've got a team of reserves in need of a leader," the billionaire said.

I joined up with the Avengers and heard the rallying call of Siegfried Wallace. Washington was destroyed by the Squadron and the heroes left in the world gathered at Oklahoma to fight the man behind all of the events of the great hunt. As I wait to do my part in the final battle I realise that these events, the involvement of Cade Hunter has changed everything.

Cade was right about what he said, about the flaws in our system, about how sometimes we heroes or law enforcement officers can be too lenient. But it's a half-truth, a half-truth he's thoroughly embraced. I still believe in the power of a fair trial, that we must remain better than the savages we fight. If we don't believe in that, then we might as well be the monsters people always claim my cousin to be. That's what I believe, that's why I'll continue to fight as both an Avenger and a lawyer.

The End

Hope everyone liked the story, to see more of She-Hulk check out her appearences in the final chapters of the Hunt. She-Hulk and other versions of her character are set to make appearances in my story the Redeemer and Ultimate Aeon Origins.

What do you guys think of the final chapter, was it a good enough ending?