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Chapter One


"Give a young boy chipmunk a microphone, he will sing his heart out. Take it away, he will have a broken voice." ~ Munk19

The Staple Center was crowded with people who bought tickets to see the chipmunks and Chipettes sing live. Fans were holding signs and screaming each chipmunks, loud enough so the whole auditorium was filled with excitement and anticipation!

Outside the auditorium, fans, who did not have tickets, waited outside for the arrival of the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. A limo can be seen driving by, stopping in front of the red carpet. The passenger door opens as the chipmunks and Chipettes exit out of the vehicle. They stood next to their counterpart and waved to their fans, who waved back. They entered the building and were surrounded by make-up artists, but they walked pass them and they each entered their own dressing rooms. They all looked happy and excited as they were getting ready for the show. However, one chipmunk was not as happy...


He looked in his mirror as he examined himself. He looked good, but he didn't feel good. He felt like he was going to vomit. The pain in his throat was too much for him. But that didn't stop him from performing on stage. He could have fooled the audience with his singing, but he couldn't fool his family. They have been noticing the changes in his voice, and Alvin had to come up with an excuse or lie, saying that he is fine and that he is just tired. He knew that he was not going to fool them, but it was worth the shot. He just couldn't face the fact that he might be sick. He knew he was strong, but for how long.

After Alvin finished changing his clothes, he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Alvin yelled.

Through the mirror, he saw a women enter with a headset on her.

" Alvin, you brothers and the Chipettes are waiting for you. The show starts in five minutes." The women told him.

"Okay, thank you." Alvin told her, not taking his eyes off the mirror, while putting on his cap.

The women nodded and exited the room. Alvin sighed as he looked at himself fully in the mirror. Honestly, he didn't feel like going out there and singing. But, he felt like singing was his energy that kept his heart going. So he reluctantly turned to the door and exited the room. The women who met Alvin moments ago, walked up to him and handed him a microphone head set, which Alvin put on. Alvin could hear the audience scream out his name...

"Alvin! Alvin! Alvin!"

He smiled at his name being cheered by his fans. Now he knew that he had to perform tonight. He sang because he loved it. He sang because the audience wanted it. He sang because of the audience, and he was not going to let them down!

"Are you ready?" The women asked.

Alvin looked at her and back at the cheering audience, he let a smirk appear on his face.

"You know it!" Alvin said confidently.

He ran out on the stage and met up with his brothers and the Chipettes. They smiled at him, and he returned the gesture. He then faced the cheering audiance.

"How are you guys doing tonight?" Alvin yelled, trying his best not to show any signs of pain he was receiving in his throat.

The crowd cheered as the music started to play.

"Lets Rock!" Alvin yelled.

The beat then became the tune to the song The Boys and Girls of Rock and Roll...and they began to sing.


In the forest, an older chipmunk women named Vinny, was heading to the Seville house. She received a letter from Simon and Theodore, saying that something was wrong with Alvin, however the letter not giving her any information on what's wrong with him. Just that he has a sore throat. Once Vinny got the letter, she left home as soon as she can, worried about her son's sudden sickness, getting a funny feeling that she might know what it could be...

'Oh please God, let not it be what I think it might be!'. Vinny thought.

She kept walking until she saw buildings and people. She knew she was close to seeing her boys, most importantly, Alvin.


The crowed cheered as Simon played the last chord on his guitar. The Chipmunks and the Chipettes were all waving to their fans as they smiled. They were happy that they could please their audience with their music. Alvin, who had the same feeling, knew his throat was killing him. The part of the song that he sang required him to scream and use all of his strength in his voice to please the crowd. They all took a bow and hi-five the front row. Then they all ran to the back, except Alvin who faced the crowd one last time.

"Thank you, L.A!" He screamed, before leaving the stage.

The crowed cheered louder as Alvin exited the stage. The women, that had spoken to Alvin before the concert, took off his microphone, and watched Alvin walk into his dressing room in a hurry. She giggled.

"Rock stars" She said, playfully.

She then walked off to continue her job.


In his dressing room, Alvin quickly drank a cold bottle of water. His throat was killing him, and he couldn't control the pain. At the last drop, Alvin threw the empty bottle in the recycling bin. Even though the cold water cooled down the burning sensation in his throat, he still felt the pain, and it was hurting him badly. He started to get changed, and once he was finished, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Alvin said, not looking away from the mirror.

He heard the door open and he saw a familiar face enter the room. Alvin turned around with arched eyebrows.

"Mr. Talbot?" Alvin asked.

"Hello Alvin." Talbot said.

"Hi." Alvin said. He then faced the mirror. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you guys in concert. I must say, what a magnificent concert it was!" Talbot complimented.

Alvin smiled.

"Thanks!" Alvin said loudly. Then regretted it, once he heard his voice crack.

Mr. Talbot took notice of this.

"Alvin? Are you feeling alright?" Talbot asked.

Alvin turned around, facing Talbot.

"Of course." Alvin said. "Why ask?"

"Well, your voice...it's..."

Knock! Knock!


Alvin and Talbot looked at the door to see Simon standing there.

"Yeah?" Alvin said.

"We have to go, Dave is picking us up soon." Simon told him.

"Okay." Alvin said. He looked at Mr. Talbot. "Gotta go Mr. Talbot."

"Okay. You boys take care!" Mr. Talbot told them.

"We will!" Both boys said together.

Alvin and Simon exited the room and walked up to where their younger brother Theodore standing.

"Why are we rushing home?" Alvin asked.

Theodore looked at Alvin.

"We have to get home to go see mo-"

"To see a movies on T.V! It's movie night ya know Al!" Simon said quickly, interrupting Theodore from telling Alvin about their mother's visit (which he does not know about).

"Alright then! Lets go!" Alvin exclaimed, as he walked to the back door (away from fans).

Once Alvin was out of sight, Simon looked at Theodore.

"Theodore, what did I say about telling Alvin about mom's visit?" Simon said, sternly.

Theodore looked down.

"Sorry Simon. I guess I forgot, and it slipped out." Theodore told him.

Simon sighed.

"It's okay Theo. I just don't want Alvin to get angry when he finds out. Also, it wouldn't help his throat if he starts yelling." Simon said.

"So you do know about it!" Brittany yelled.

Simon and Theodore turned around to see the Chipettes standing behind them.

"A-About what?" Simon asked nervously.

"Oh don't play games with me Simon! Something is wrong with Alvin's voice." Brittany said. Her sisters, Jeanette and Eleanor, nodded in agreement. "Is Alvin okay?"

Simon sighed.

"Okay, I guess you caught us. You see, Alvin has been having a sore and scratchy throat for two weeks now. We told him to tell Dave, so we can take him to the doctors, but he refused. He is just too stubborn to accept that he needs help." Simon said. Theodore nodded in agreement.

"Wait!" Brittany exclaimed. "Two weeks? How come Dave never noticed Alvin's change in voice?"

"You don't know Alvin, Brittany. He can hide anything from Dave. He made sure that he never had full conversations with him, so Dave won't notice his change his voice." Simon said.

"Wouldn't Dave notice Alvin not talking that much?" Brittany asked.

"I guess not. I mean he hasn't noticed anything for two weeks." Simon said.

"How can he not notice? How does Alvin get away with something like that?" Brittany half-yelled.

"I don't know Brittany! He's Alvin! That's all you need to know! He's Alvin!" Simon exclaimed loudly.

"Simon..." Jeanette said gently.

"Well!" Brittany exclaimed, as she crossed her arms.

Simon sighed.

"I-Im sorry guys. I am just worried about Alvin. He could be really sick, and he is not asking for help. I mean, Theo and I can tell Dave, but we promised Alvin we won't. You know how the Seville brothers are. You cannot break a promise." Simon said, with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Didn't you just say you told your mom?" Eleanor asked.

Simon smirked.

"Alvin told us to make a promise to not tell Dave. He didn't say anything about telling mom." Simon said.

"Oh Simon!" Jeanette giggled.

Simon blushed when Jeanette said that. He couldn't deny it, she was cute, and he had a huge crush on her. He was just too scared to admit it to her.


The Chipettes turned around and waved to Miss. Miller. They turned back to the boys.

"Well we are leaving now." Eleanor said.

The Chipettes ran to Miss. Miller. "Bye!" They said in unison.

"Bye!" Simon and Theodore said together.

Simon turned to Theodore.

"Come on Theo. Let's go wait outside with Alvin." Simon said, as he and Theodore walked to the back door.

As they exited the building, they saw Alvin sitting on a bench. They walked up to where Alvin was and sat on the bench with him. Simon being on the right side of Alvin, and Theodore being on the left. It was nice and breezy outside, and the sunset can be seen behind a building. Causing the sky to turn a bright red and orange. The boy sat their in silence, until Simon spoke up.

"So Alvin," Simon started. "how are you feeling?"

"Okay." Alvin said. "Why ask?"

Simon sighed, and looked down at his feet.

"Just asking." Simon said.

"Well, I just cannot wait for movie night!" Alvin exclaimed happily. "What movie are we going to watch?"

Simon and Theodore chuckled at Alvin's cuteness (They don't deny it. He is adorable when he is happy).

" I don't know Al, but we will figure it out when we get home." Simon told him.

"Yeah!" Theodore exclaimed happily.

"Awesome." Alvin said, as he laid back on the bench.

Simon and Theodore did felt bad for lying to Alvin about movie night, but they had to help Alvin somehow. They were brothers, they need to take care one another to live their lives.

A few minutes had passed, until Dave's car pulled up to the curb. The Chipmunks got off the bench and entered Daves car. All three sat in the back seat, in the same order as they sat on the bench. The car was on drive once the boys were in the vehicle.

"So fellas, how was the concert?" Dave asked, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Great!" The boys in the back shouted.

"Glad to hear it." Dave said, smiling.

The car ride took about an hour, and once they were on their street, Alvin was excited to watch a good movie. As Dave pulled up to the driveway, he noticed a women, who was a chipmunk, standing on their front porch. Once he examined the women, he realized who it was.

"Vinny?" Dave said in a whisper.

"Mom!" All three chipmunk brothers shouted happily, before jumping out of the car and give her a group hug.

Dave got out of the car as well, smiling at the scene. As he walked up to the porch, he started to hear the conversation they started.

"...so mom why are you here?" Alvin asked. " You usually come here during the winter."

Vinny took quick glances at Simon and Theodore, who shook their heads, before answering Alvin's question.

"Well, since I was bored home. I decided to see you three!" Vinny lied, to hide the real reason why she is there.

However, Alvin got suspicious.

"How are you bored?' Alvin asked. "During this time of the year, you grow crops and work on your garden. We all know how busy you can keep yourself."

Vinny laughed nervously.

"W-Well, I-"

"And the only time you visit us during this time of the year is when there...is...an em..er..gen..cy..." Alvin said, before he glared at his brothers, who laughed nervously. He looked at his mother. "Did they tell you!" Alvin yelled, pointing to his brothers. "Did they!"

'Alvin! That is no way to talk to your mother!" Dave yelled.

Vinny noticed that the time Alvin was yelling at her, his voice was really scratchy and rough, mostly like sandpaper.

"It's okay Dave, I will handle this." Vinny said.

Vinny looked at Simon and Theodore, who reluctantly nodded, and slowly put their heads down, She turned to Alvin.

"Alvin, the real reason why I am here is because...is because your brothers sent me a letter, saying that you were not feeling well." Vinny explained.

"You broke the promise?" Alvin yelled, glaring at his brothers. "I told you guys, I was fine!"

Simon looked up at Alvin.

"First of all Alvin, we promised we wouldn't tell Dave! Second, you are not fine!" Simon said loudly.

"I am so!"

"You are so not!"






"Hold it!" Dave yelled, going in between the arguing brothers. He looked at Vinny. "Vinny, come with me inside and tell me what is going on with Alvin." Vinny nodded. Dave turned to Theodore. "Theo, would it be alright if you make some coffee, while Vinny and I chat?" Theodore nodded happily. Dave turned to Alvin and Simon, who were glaring at each other. "As for the both of you, come inside when you work things out. Got it?" Both boys nodded.

Dave unlocked the door and opened it, as Theodore and Vinny followed. Once the door was shut, Alvin sighed and sat down on the porch.

"Why does everyone hate me?" Alvin asked in a whisper.

Simon's angry face softened once Alvin said that. He sat next to his brother, and put his arms around him.

"No one hates you Alvin. We all love you very much. Which is why we told mom...Alvin look, your sick. You can deny it all you want, but Theodore and I notice it. So does the Chipettes."

Alvin looked down.

"I know, and I'm sorry. I just don't like being sick. So I try to keep my confidence up and help myself feel better." Alvin told the his blue-clad brother, Simon.

"I understand Alvin," Simon said gently, pulling Alvin closer to him. "but that is why you have family. Instead of helping yourself, we can all help you." Alvin nodded. "Also, mom came all this way, just to see if you were alright. Doesn't that make you love her so much more? She never wants to see any of her kids hurt, so she gives us love and affection so that whenever we need help, we can always go to her, and she will always do her best to make us feel better." Alvin smiled a little, and Simon took notice. "And you know, Dave, Theodore, and I will always be there for you, just like I know you will be there for us, whenever we are not feeling well. Do you understand Alvin?" Alvin nodded, which made Simon smile. "Good." Simon got up and pulled Alvin up as well. Once they were both up, Simon pulled Alvin into a brotherly hug. "I love you"

Alvin smiled, and hugged back.

"I love you too." Alvin said, before releasing the hug.

"Come on, let's go inside and talk to the rest of the family, okay?" Simon said, before opening the front door

Alvin nodded and followed his brother inside the house, and shout the door behind him. Alvin walked to the kitchen with Simon, to see Dave and Vinny chatting at the kitchen table, and Theodore preparing coffee. Simon cleared his throat to get the adults attention. Dave and Vinny stopped talking and looked at the two brothers.

"Did you two work thing out?" Dave asked. Simon and Alvin nodded, as they smiled at each other. Dave smiled as well. "I'm glad."

Alvin walked closer to Dave.

"D-Dave, I have a confession to make. Y-You see I- I"

"No need to say anything Alvin. Vinny and Theodore told me everything." Dave said.

"So...are you mad?" Alvin asked.

"No Alvin, I am not mad. Just disappointed. You know you can tell me when something is wrong Alvin, we are a family."

Alvin smiled at Simon, who smiled back. Alvin looked back at Dave.

"I know." Alvin told him.

"Well, now that I know what is going on," Dave said while getting up. "I might have to call the doctor to have you checked out." Alvin nodded. "Now where is that doctor's number."

"I know where it is Dave. I'll show you." Simon said, signaling Dave to come upstairs.

Dave followed Simon upstairs, leaving Alvin and Vinny in the kitchen, also with Theodore making coffee.

"M-Mom?" Alvin called.

"Yes dear?" Vinny asked gently.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Alvin asked.

'Sure sweetie." Vinny said, before getting up.

She followed Alvin to the room where the staircase was.

"What's the matter?" Vinny asked, gently.

Alvin looked at his mother.

"Well, first of all, I want to apologize for yelling at you earlier. That is no way a son should treat his mother." Alvin said.

Vinny smiled and pulled Alvin into a hug.

"Aw, it's okay sweetie! You know your mother will always love you!" Vinny said.

Alvin smiled, tears forming in eyes.

"I know mom. I-I love you too!" Alvin said, tears dripping down his cheeks.

"Now you have nothing to worry about. Dave is going to call the doctor, and he is going to make you feel better, okay?" Vinny comforted.

Alvin nodded, sniffling.

"Okay. Thank you mom, for loving me!"

"You're welcome, honey?" Vinny said with a smile.

Vinny and Alvin still embraced each other, not wanting to let go. For Alvin, not seeing his mother in a long time. And Vinny, who might lose Alvin forever, and not wanting to let go. In other words, they both loved each other.


Upstairs, Simon and Dave were in the Chipmunk's room. This is where Simon said he kept the doctors number.

"Okay Simon, where's the number?" Dave asked.

Simon smirked.

"Right here." Simon said, pointing to his head.

Dave arched his eyebrows.


"555-8425, extension 225." Simon said.

Dave blinked.

"Simon if you had the number in your head-which is surprising-why did you bring me upstairs?" Dave asked.

Simon grinned, and motioned his hand to follow him. Dave obeyed and followed his son out the door, over to the staircase. Simon pointed down smiling, and Dave smiled as well when he saw what Simon was pointing at. Alvin and his mother, Vinny, were hugging. Dave also heard sniffling, which meant that Alvin was crying as well.

"Alvin likes to show our mother affection when no one is around." Simon said, still smiling." He gets shy and embarrassed when he does it in public, or when he is around other people. Notice that Alvin left the kitchen with mom. He wanted to be alone with her, cause Theodore is in the kitchen. That is the reason we went upstairs, so Alvin can be alone with mom."

"Wow Simon, how do you know all that?" Dave asked, shocked.

"Let's just say that when you grow up with a brother like Alvin, you know a lot!" Simon said, with a smile on his face still.

"you know Simon, I bet Alvin is glad to have you as his brother." Dave said, smiling.

"Thanks Dave, I'm glad Alvin is my brother as well. Sure we have our arguments, but I will always love him, just like I know he will always love us." Simon said.

"Well, I am glad to hear that." Dave said, ruffling Simon's hair. "Come on, I need help calling Alvin's doctor." Dave said while walking to his bedroom. "Maybe you can help me remember my Social Security."

"I know that! It's 127-8-"

"I was kidding Simon!" Dave said, chuckling.

Simon chuckled as well and entered Dave's bedroom.


Downstairs, Vinny reluctantly broke the hug, and looked into Alvin's eyes. She noticed tear stains on his cheeks, and she wiped them off. Alvin smiled at this, and Vinny giggled.

"Come on, Alvin. Let's go in the kitchen and have some of Theodore's fabulous cookies!" Vinny said happily.

Alvin nodded and followed his mother into the kitchen. Vinny put her arms around her son as they walked. All she wanted was for Alvin to feel better, and the doctor to give her good news. She hoped that it is not that serious. If it is not, then she does not have to worry about losing Alvin...

...and revealing a secret that she has been keeping for years.