By Sword and by Claw

Authors note:-

Alright, what follows is a sort of trailer for something I'm playing with. At the moment its a little too big for me to write, depending on what direction I take it. If I decide to write it at all.

I'm putting this out there to test the waters, if you will. If people like the idea I might be able to pull something out of it in the long term. If not then this is where it will stay.

Authors update

Well That test went well. A lot of people liked this idea and it's already inspired at least one other writer to do something similar. After a while I've come up a big story for this one and have more than a few things planned. The only problem is this that this opening needed a few small tweaks to get it all to fit.


Willy knew this job was going to be fun. The guy running this town had it planned to the last detail. Hiring the biggest army of vampires and demons he'd ever seen with one goal, ambushing the Slayer, herd her away from her friends and allies, then kill her.

It had worked too, she'd ran like a rabbit. Trying to lose them; first on the streets, then in the graveyards and the woods. Finally she'd dived into a cave. Hadn't done her much good though, they'ed followed . 'Come on out Slayer,' he called over the chuckling of his friends. The Slayer was good against a few Vampires, but twenty six? She didn't stand a chance.

'It won't do you any good hiding Slayer, we can just smoke you out!' He lit his lighter before turning to one of the others. 'Get some wood, we're going to have us a bonfire!'

The chuckling spread as they surrounded the cave mouth and Willy flicked the lighter again. It had taken awhile to gather this many Vamps, but a lot less time than it should have. When word got out what was going on they had come from far and wide for the chance to take out the infamous Summers Slayer.

It was then the Slayer came out of the cave mouth, in one hand she had a silver dagger, a red ruby mounted just above the hilt. In the other she had a gold gauntlet, with short claws glinting in the moonlight. 'Looks like you found some toys.' He called out, his boys had toys too. Swords, axes, some had baseball bats and others knives. They'd come prepared, more than enough to take out tiny blonde girl. Even if she did have super powers

But as he looked at her his smirk fell away. There was something off about the way she stood, her shoulders were just that bit too straight. The way she looked at them wasn't a fighter backed into a corner. More that of a hunter that had their prey wander hapless into the killing fields.

Then he saw her eyes, shining green. Not a demon green, something colder, more primal than even that. Like two glinting chips of frosted jade. 'I don't like this Willy…' one of the gang said backing off.

'Then you keep back, the rest of us can take her.' he ground out, only he wasn't that confidant. Something had happened. This wasn't the same scared girl that they'd been chasing.

The Slayer took a step forward, and the vampires all one step back. Then she said one word, quietly. As if it was the sound of far off rumbling, the sort that shook the ground for miles around, 'Thunder.'

The dagger in her hand flashed, it's blade growing longer and hilt suddenly curving, as if grabbing the ruby that shone with a light of it's own.

Another step forward. 'Thunder.' She said again, this time louder. As if charging the very air with electricity. The sword visibly jumped another two sizes as she pointed it at them. It looked sharp, too sharp. Ghostly threads of lightning danced from the jewel.

She called out a third time 'Thunder.' and the tiny arcs became stronger, scattering across the ground and around the Slayer's feet.

Willy wanted to run, to hide and pull the world over his head, but he couldn't. He was frozen in fear, they all were. The Slayer brought her long sword up, enguard with both hands, in front of her face. As if saluting something before rising it high above her head; 'Thundercats hoooo!' She cried out and everything went red.

Buffy woke up, curled up at the bottom of her bed, still in her street clothes. 'How did I get back here?' She asked herself, standing up. Popping a shoulder she saw the time. She wasn't quite late, but it was getting there. She quickly got changed into something bit more suitable for school and found her bag,

Without thinking about it she packed everything she needed, including a golden whatever that was on her pillow. Back tracking the Slayer looked at it. It was metal, but not gold. There was a silver hilt sticking out of the top and a red jewel that looked sort of like a cats eye. 'Weirdness.' Buffy whispered, she couldn't remember where or how she got it. Only that it was important for some reason. 'Ah well, I guess it's another job for Giles. It might take his mind off the whole Accession thing.'

End Trailer


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