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Chapter 1: Key to my Heart

Beck POV:

I wake up to a crashing sound on the wall of the RV. I sat up immediately knowing it's Jade trying once again to break down the door. I stumble out of bed and look at the clock, squinting at the bright neon numbers that show it's a quarter past 3. I groan before reaching for the door. It was Jade, arms raised just about to hit the door again with her monkey fur purse.

"Finally! I was starting to think you'd died," her loud voice pierces through the solemn darkness, as she let's down her hand. I stare for a while as she storms in, throwing her purse on the ground before promptly collapsing on my bed.

"Jade, it's a quarter past 3."

"So?" she exclaims. Classic Jade. I sigh, before settling down next to her.

"You know," I start, running a hand through my hair, "The reason I gave you the key was so you didn't have to wake me up, or cause me to replace the door." I glance at the door, wincing when I spot another dent in the metal.

"So you're saying that I should reach into my bag, find that tiny key, and take the effort to open the door, while you could just turn the handle from the inside," she retorts. I roll my eyes.

"What about you? Why the late visit? Missed me too much?" I tease, suddenly more awake. She punches my arm.

"Owww!" I scrounge my eyes in mock pain.

"Shut up, that didn't even hurt," she growls. I chuckle.

"Have you ever thought about going for anger management?" I grin

"Now you're just asking for it," Jade threatens, turning over before squashing a pillow into my face.

I flip over, smirking as I throwing the pillow to the side to tickle her. She screams and laughs, trying to wiggle out of my reach.

"Escaping is fruitless!" I tell her holding her tightly to myself, my fingers mercilessly poking her sides.

"Be..Beck! Stop!... Stop it!" she cries out between gasps of laughter. She pushes and shoves desperately trying to get away and in the process, nearly falls off the bed.

"Whoa, Jade don't scare me like that," I said, tightening my arms around her around her waist, pulling her up from several inches off the floor. We lie there a while, a little out of breath. Finally she pushes me off and we find each other face to face. Her hair falls over her face and I brush it away silently. We're both still panting a bit. Grinning, I lean in to kiss her, and she returns it with the same passion. We stop, gasping for air, and then I spot a dark bruise on her shoulder that looks fresh.

I freeze abruptly, pulling away and she glares, about to scold me when she sees my worried expression. Confused, she follows my gaze to her back. Her eyes widen in shame and she hastily pulls her cardigan around her tighter, but I grab her wrists.


It all made sense now, why she wasn't here at the usual time, 6. Why she hadn't answered my calls earlier today. It was all her father's doing.

"What?" she answers, her voice sharp as a sword. She glares at me hard and I stare back, pleading with my eyes. Both of us were for silent for a while.

"Let's just go to sleep," she whispers, turning back to the wall. But I can't, because she's hurt, not just on the outside and I know that. How could I just let it go?

"Jade?" I ask gently. I feel her stiffen next to me for a moment, before relaxing when I kiss her hair.

"Hmm?" she tries answering casually, but we both know the hidden truth.

"Was it your dad again?" I keep my voice soft. I know this was a touchy subject for her.

There was silence. I sat up, so I could see her face. She just looked away.

"Jade," I know she can hear the concern in my voice.

Slowly, she raises her head facing me, and I can see another vague purple bruise on her jaw, as well as another around her right arm. Her eyes stared straight into mine, blue and beautiful. Strong, yet delicate and frail. But it held no secrets and I relish that. That she trusts me enough; that I had finally broke through her walls she kept up. I knew her sarcasm and attitude was just her default setting. I knew the other side of Jade. I knew why she acted the way she did, I knew that it was more than just her impatient personality. More importantly, I knew that she needed me and I'd always be here for her.

I reach down and kiss the bruises I know is a result of her father's violence and alcohol/drug addiction. Then I lie down again, she snuggles up to me, her head tucks into the crook of my neck. She closes her eyes and I stroke her hair.

"Beck?" she asks suddenly, looking up so she could see me.

"Hmm?" I responded.

"I lost your key," she said softly. I hold back a laugh and smirk, pulling her closer. I know her well enough to be pretty sure she's scowling.

"It's okay babe, I'll always be here to open the door," and although it's dark, I know we're both smiling.

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