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The Job Turns Us On

Morgan repressed a shudder when the ME slowly rolled the girl onto her side. Her back was covered in scars and slashes, indicating that she had been held for a while.

However, the awfulness of the sight was not why he was shuddering.

That would be because of Reid.

The genius was standing next to Morgan, biting his lip. When they first entered the crime scene, Reid's eyes flicked around the room, taking in the handcuffs, gags, whips, paddles… It was a well-furnished playroom.

Like the one they had at home.

Morgan could see Pretty Boy's pout; they had been playing when they were called on this case and Reid had been begging for it ever since.

That was three days ago.

Reid's eyes were wide as they took in the scene. And where he and Morgan stood, there was a table at waist-level. Reid took full advantage of that.

Morgan had barely noticed when his belt was undone, but jumped to attention when long fingers unbuttoned his fly and slipped inside his pants.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Reid smiled at the ME and nodded at something she said. Morgan gripped the table in front of them and prayed the woman wouldn't turn around.

Reid stroked Morgan while carrying on his conversation.

"Estimated TOD was about three hours ago."

Had they been a little quicker… Reid's hand squeezed harder, a gentle punishment. Because three hours ago, they had chased down a false lead based on Morgan's information.

"This is the missing girl," the ME sighed. "Means he's had her for nearly two weeks."

"What's the damage?"

How the fuck could Reid sound so calm? Morgan choked back a gasp as cool fingers teased his head.

"Most recent are the whip marks on her back. After that, it looks like the handcuffs; she struggled." The ME moved down the body. "A few burn marks, but that's not his favorite. Bruising around her neck, strangulation, but not enough to kill her."

"Cause of death?" Reid asked, squeezing Morgan again when the older agent tried to shift away. Morgan stifled a groan.

"This." With her back still to them, the ME pointed to the girl's inner thigh. "He slashes the femoral artery before he starts the final whipping. As she lost blood, he started to hit harder."

Reid frowned. "She bled out while he whipped her and when her struggles lessened, his rage increased."

The pressure of Reid's hand increased with Morgan's struggles.

"He gets off on their reactions."

Morgan gritted his teeth. "We already profiled that."

He still, after four months, didn't know what Reid did with his hands but it brought him to his knees. Or it would have if he hadn't grabbed the table. Instead, his legs trembled so badly they threatened to dump him on his ass.

"Agent Morgan?"

Somehow, Reid had Morgan zipped and buttoned before the ME turned around. His shirt was untucked, so she couldn't see that his belt was undone.

"I'm fine," the dark agent flashed her a smile and didn't even jump when Reid pinched his ass.

"This mostly confirms our profile," Reid said. "You can bring her to the morgue. We're going to meet our team."

She nodded and finished her examination. "I'll send your analyst the results."

"Thank you." The two man nodded and left the playroom. Once in the SUV, Morgan reached across the seat and grabbed Reid's shirt collar. "You are in so much trouble."

Reid smirked and kissed Morgan; the dark man loosened his grip on the genius's shirt. "You're the one who almost got me caught at the stakeout. Hotch still gives me funny looks." Morgan grinned; he had fingered Reid when Hotch did a perimeter check.

"Let's face it, Pretty Boy. The job turns us on."

Reid laughed.