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Ch. 1 : Mission start!

'Haha, Gokudera!'

'Baseball idiot!'

'Don't touch me!'

'Go away!'

'Leave me and Tenth alone!'


'What do you think you're doing, baseball idiot?'

'Pay attention, you idiot! Hell why do I even bother?'

'Stop staring you bastard!'

"Idiot, idiot, idiot—Gah!" a short brunet scratched his head in frustration. It has been bothering him all evening.

'I'm officially fed up by this!'

"Then do something about it, Dame-Tsuna." A small foot came down crashing into brunets head, sending him flying out of his chair. Wincing in pain, Tsuna slowly lifted himself up from the floor rubbing the back of his head.

"R-Reborn! Stop reading other people's minds! A-and don't kick me!"

"Don't whine Dame-Tsuna. I kicked you because you weren't paying attention to your homework. You have to finish this until tomorrow."

Tsuna sweat-dropped looking at his pile of homework towering on the desk.

"B-But it's Saturday!"

"The earlier, the better!" replied the arcobaleno, taking a seat on the desk, looking at his pitifully slumped student.

"So what happened with those two again? You're more airheaded than always."

Letting the offensive comment slide through (this time) Tsuna sighed. The other day was HELL. Literally.

And it was getting annoying.

And troublesome.

Not like it wasn't from the very start…

Since it was April, that meant Yamamoto Takeshi's birthday was coming up. And of course like every year (yes, every year) Yamamoto's fangirls crowded around him the most, giving their 'early' gifts.

And as always Yamamoto smiled and thanked them.

And as always Gokudera-kun was pissed off.

Well, more than usual. And THAT was something.

But THIS year it reached the breaking point.

At first Tsuna wasn't sure about Gokudera's feelings. It seemed that the ill-tempered silverette HATED the baseball player and felt threatened about loosing his right hand man's post to him( but Tsuna didn't—doesn't care-, since he's not a mafia boss and doesn't plan to become one in the nearest future. No sir. Nope.), hell he even refused to work with Yamamoto even if his life depended on it. And well Tsuna secretly thought—thinks—that Gokudera's obsessed with him, his loyality gets over the top sometimes, but Tsuna doesn't mind. Gokudera-kun is an amazing friend (right hand man…)

Back to the point.

So after some time(really long time, mind you.) Tsuna noticed Gokudera's feeling rise from HATE to dislike. And that was an amazing achievement!

Of course until Yamamoto got seriously injured and Gokudera swore revenge on the bastard who dared to lay a hand on his friend.

And if you think Tsuna was in shock after hearing Gokudera call Yamamoto his FRIEND, then you're seriously mistaken.

Shock came afterwards, after Yamamoto's condition got from bad to worse. Tsuna still remembers how much he cried(it's normal, since he WAS told that one of his best friends weren't going to make it.) and he swore he saw Gokudera tearing up. Even if the bomber tried his best to hide it, his voice… Well… Sounded pretty bad.

And Kyoko-chan told him that she saw the bomber later, rubbing his eyes furiously with the back of his hand. If that wasn't a dead giveaway he did not know what was.

But Yamamoto gladly survived.

And it feels… As though nothing changed. But Tsuna knows it did.

From Gokudera's side at least.

Ever since Yamamoto got back on his feet, Gokudera started to get jealous of the girls around the baseball player. He wanted his attention for himself. Even though he carefully denied—denies it.

Tsuna knows better than that.

But after some time it got reaaaaally annoying. The hissy fits and jealousy made Gokudera just like a girl on her period. It's not nice to say these kinds of thing, but damn-Even Tsuna has his lines of patience. And they were crossed yesterday.

Just like every morning Gokudera waited him infront of his house. Tsuna was about to greet him, when he saw the silverette being jumped by ever-so-hyper Yamamoto. Curses and laughs flied, Gokudera blushing madly, growling, yelling at the baseball player.

Tsuna felt his eyebrow twitch. Which was weird and unusual. The brunet was pretty sure it twitched like that only infront of a certain pineapple haired illusionist—


The walk to school was pretty loud. And HE was stuck in the middle.

The worst part came when they entered the classroom, when Yamamoto's fanclub immediately crowded around their idol. Cheerful greetings and chatter started.

Gokudera's mood became even darker.

"That baseball idiot… What's up with all those fucking girls around him? Fucking annoying! I should blow them up, their chatter is giving me a headache."

Can you spell jealous?

No need, it was practically WRITTEN on his forehead.

Dangerously growling like a mad dog, Gokudera lifted himself up from his seat, dark aura radiating.


"G-Gokudera-kun, what are you...?" the brunet stammered nervously. It went to deaf ears. It's like the bomber saw only Yamamoto with his fanclub.

"Baseball idiot, we need to talk." He growled, glaring daggers at the taller boy.

"Haha, I'm kinda busy Goku—"

"RIGHT. NOW." Silverette cut him off mid-sentence, gritting his teeth.

Tsuna gulped. This was not going to end well. He didn't need his super-intuition to tell.

"He said that he's busy." A braver fangirl—was it Mizuno? Misaki?-cut in.

Shit. Shit. SHIT! This was NOT going to end well.

Slowly, like in some horror movie the green eyes turned to the brave (stupid enough to challenge Gokudera) fangirl, glaring back.

"Oh really? And what a bitch like you is going to fucking do about it?" Gokudera bit back ferociously, his fingers taking out his dynamite.

"G-G-Gokudera-kun, c-calm down!" Tsuna stammered, walking to the group.

"Haha.. Gokudera, put those down."

But the fangirl wasn't getting the message across.

"You're calling me a bitch?"

"Yes, are you deaf or something, bitch?"

Puffing her chest out the fangirl started a word fight. It took only a few seconds for Gokudera to snap.


"G-Gokudera-kun, stop!"

In the end the classroom got destroyed.

Gokudera was forcefully dragged away by Shamal and Yamamoto, leaving Tsuna to face the pissed off head prefects, Hibari Kyouya's wrath.

"You're responsible for destroying school's property, I will bite you to death."

Ehem. How was any of this HIS fault?

Apparently Hibari didn't care. If it's Gokudera that means Tsuna is responsible.

He was left to clean the classroom until it sparkled. And those bruises inflicted by those tonfas did not help.


Tsuna snapped back to reality.

"Tsunayoshi-kun! Let me in! Don't think you're going to escape like the last time!"

Oh shit—The thing he was 'not' expecting happened.

"I'll talk to Bianchi." Reborn said. "It seems like you have a guest. It's a good thing you remembered to lock the door this time."

Tsuna did not question the Bianchi part, one of his legs already dangling out on the other side of an open window. He had about ten seconds to escape, before the pineapple broke in.

God did life hated him that much?

A slam of door opening confirmed it.

Yes. Yes it did.

'I-I think he's gone…' Tsuna sighed in relief. He was hiding in the park behind some bushes. He guessed that God maybe-probably-not really had some pity on him and let him escape (fall out) through the SECOND floor window before the crazy pineapple got a chance to get him. He really REALLY needed to talk to his mother about letting Mukuro in. Was she blind to the 'I'mma-catch-you-Tsunayoshi' aura? Probably, but that's Nana Sawada to you.

Ever since they busted the bluenette out of Vendicare, the pineapple developed a habit for stalking him and trying to take over his body(or so Tsuna thought).

And it's even worse that he has his link to Chrome. She now frequently hangs out with the girls, girls hang out with Tsuna, Chrome turns loyal and in a few minutes Tsuna is running away with rather creepy 'Tsunayoooshi-kuuun's following him. He even has nightmares, really.

"Boo!~" someone blows air into his ear and Tsuna jumps a few meters into the air from his hideout, with a freaked out 'HIEEE!'

"Relax, kid, it's me. Your number one fan gave up after he saw Chrome." The brunette relaxes and faces Bianchi.

"Good." He sighs in relief and in a matter of seconds, Bianchi grabs his shoulders, houling him up to his feet and starts dragging him from the bushes, towards the exit of the park. " Uh Bianchi, where are we going?" Tsuna asks once he sees that they turn in a different direction.

No answer." Uhh…"

"We are going to see this one person." She finally gives in.

"Huh? Are you talking about Mukuro?" Tsuna asks suspiciously. Just in case. Tsuna still remembers the last time Bianchi used the same excuse to do just that. Oh the horror.

"No, I had my fun."


"I was the one who let him in. It was an amusing sight to see you fall out from the second floor. On the bright side Kyoko thought about helping you out but you ran away." She said nonchalantly. Okay, Tsuna was a little mad. This woman obviously liked ruining his life. Oh and did she say- oh no Kyoko-chan! She saw him in such an embarrassing situation!

Thanks Bianchi, really.

What if he died or didn't make it to the window in time? He would've died girlfriendless! Kyoko would've probably come to his funeral only to laugh at him. He can already see it.

'Poor Tsuna-kun got jumped by a blue pineapple!' Oh joy.

"Wench." He mutters.

"I've heard that!"

"Here we are!"

Okay, now he was lost.

"Hahi? Bianchi-chan? Tsuna-san?"


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