Two Days Later

Augustus was blessedly alone in the commons when Veruca found him.

"Gloop," she called in her accented voice.

Augustus looked up, his previously cheerful mood beginning to drain. He knew Veruca well, as she ran in the same social circle as him, but that didn't mean he had to like her. The British Brat (as he was fond of calling her in his head) was the biggest snob he'd ever met. Unfortunately-

"Violet wants me to tell you that we need to have a crowning rehearsal done today after school in the gym," Veruca informed. Her tone made it obvious she wasn't pleased to be playing messenger.

The two foreigners were both royalty at the upcoming dance and had been paired together as first attendants. Augustus, who hadn't even wanted to run for royalty in the first place, had nearly vomited when he'd found out who his partner was.

"Today," he asked sullenly, "I had plans today."

"I'm sure whatever silly practice you have can be missed," the British girl said flippantly.

"It vasn't practice," Augustus protested, "It's-"

"Gloop do you really want to change Violet's plans?"

The German paused thoughtfully, and then decided he valued his life.

"Today, in de gym," he confirmed unhappily.

"Right." With that Veruca turned and walked away, leaving Augustus to a few more minutes of enjoyable aloneness before someone else found him.

One Day Later- Lunch

"Crisis, crisis, crisis!"

Veruca stumbled back as Violet pounced on her.

"For God's sake, what?!"

"Lindsey's stupid grandma died," Violet exploded, "What the hell am I supposed to do? I can't waste time with the dumb stuff. This dance is headed for disaster!"

Veruca looked at her blankly. "Lindsey…"

"My assistant," Violet snapped, her gum following, "For the dance. Who oversees the manual labor while I make the plans so I don't have to waste time. That Lindsey. Comprehend?"

"Oh yes, that Lindsey."

"What am I supposed to do? The dance is next Friday!"

"Did it ever occur to you to get a new assistant?"

Now it was Violet's turn to stare blankly before breaking out into a grin and blowing a happy gum bubble, "Veruca you're a genius!"

"I swear your schedule is stretching your brain into nonexistence," Veruca muttered. But Violet wasn't paying attention, she was already scanning the cafeteria looking for a victim. Aha…

One Minute Later- Cafeteria

Charlie moved past the drama table with his lunch tray and paused. He had come to the tricky part of his cafeteria trail, getting past Mike and his gang. Normally he managed to pass without incident (Mike preferred bullying him later in the lunch period) but one could never be too careful. As long as he merged with a crowd of people he would be back on his way to the nerd table and safe for a few precious minutes.

A good opportunity arose and Charlie began moving along with a group past Mike and his posse. The bullies were busy throwing food at each other and weren't looking up as the skinny boy passed by. Perfect.

But then-


An eager hand grabbed his arm and yanked him to a stop. Right in front of Mike's table.Charlie tensed and snuck a look; the loud greeting had caught the bullies attention. Shit. Mike's gaze flickered on him but then, strangely, focused on whoever was holding him hostage. And turning around he saw that person was non-other than Violet Beauregard.

Double shit.

The blonde girl was smiling widely at him, which made the English boy jump a little.


"Uh…um…hi," Charlie answered weakly.

"Your name's Chuck right?"

Loud snickers broke out at the bully table.

"Er, Charlie actually."

"Oh my gosh, my mistake Charlie! So, how are you," Violet spoke very fast and never lost her enormous grin.

"F-fine thanks."

"Yeah no problem! So look I'm pretty sure you're not involved with any extracurriculars are you?"

"Any what?"

"Extracurriculars. Like clubs or teams?"

"Oh, um, no." As he spoke Charlie glanced over at the table. Most of the bullies had dumb smirks on their faces…except Mike. He sat there with is brow furrowed as he watched.

"Well you know I have this great idea! See I'm in charge of the dance coming up and since I'm soooo busy I usually have this assistant that helps me out, you know? Well my normal assistant just totally flaked out on me so now I really need a new one. And guess what? I think you'd be perfect!"

"What," Charlie took a step back.

"You'd be perfect as my new assistant! It'll be a great way to get involved and I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun!"

"Your assistant? Um, I dunno, I'm not really-"

Violet's smile hardened somewhat, "Everyone needs to do something at school. It's your duty as a student."


The smile hardened further, "C'mon Charlie, it'll be fun."

"I don't think-"

Abruptly Violet changed tactics. Sticking out her bottom lip she looked at him through her lashes, "Oh please Charlie."

Charlie was surprised even further, "Well um…it's just…I don't think I'd be…good at it?"

"You're British right," Violet asked gently.

He nodded unsurely.

"Aren't British boys supposed to be gentlemen," Violet questioned, "I thought good manners came with the sexy accent."

Charlie could feel his cheeks heating up.

"The work isn't too hard. And it would really, really, really help me out," the pretty girl practically purred as she stepped forward, subtly invading his personal space.

"I-I-I," Charlie stammered as the girl placed a light hand on his arm.

"It would give us a chance to get to know each other," Violet said saucily as she began rubbing his arm, "We could become good friends."

As Charlie looked away in embarrassment he suddenly remembered whose table he was standing in front of and who was watching Violet rub his arm. And all of a sudden it became very important that he get out of here as soon as possible.

"Yeah sure I'll do it," he said quickly.

"You will," even Violet was surprised.

"Yes, yes," Charlie said, panicked, "Anything."

"Oh thanks Charlie," Violet cried, "I'll Facebook you with the deets." The gum chewer threw her arms around the skinny boy's neck and kissed his cheek with a loud smack before hurrying off. Charlie gripped his lunch tray and quickly scurried to his own table. Once seated, he chanced a look over at the area he had just left.

Mike TeaVee was looking right at him, milk carton crushed angrily in his fist, murder in his eyes.

Triple shit.

Next Wednesday- Hallway

As Mike walked down the hallway at school the crowd automatically parted. It always did but even if he wasn't, well, him the look on his face would have prompted it anyways. The whole school was on alert, had been since last week. Mr. TeaVee was in an absolutely nasty mood and nobody was safe.

On this particular afternoon Mike had ditched his usual cronies and was heading to the library to serve a detention for something he had already forgotten about. That was when he saw them.

The boy's expression darkened even further at the sight of the table selling tickets for the dance; Bucket and Violet were sitting together. Violet was barking orders at Bucket to get her change while the boy tried handing out tickets.

Mike scowled.

Why the hell would Beauregard offer to become 'good friends' with Bucket, one of the most pathetic human beings Mike had ever met? The jocks she normally dated were bad enough (with brains approximately the size of a marble) but to just throw herself at that nerd… Did the bitch have any self-respect? Even though he hated Violet he could still admit to himself that he held in high regard. For Christ's sake their banter was one of the only things that made this stupid school mildly interesting. But the guys she chose to date never failed to piss him off. They were so worthless. Someone like her should be with someone like-

The bully viciously shook his head as his thoughts began taking a dangerous turn. Now wasn't the time to think about stuff like that. Now was the time to go make some people's life hell.

He walked up to the table, completely ignoring the sizeable line. Shoving aside the boy paying he looked straight down at Bucket, "Two tickets moron."

"Right, sure, yeah," Charlie quickly went to take two tickets out of the pile, until Violet clenched his hand and stopped his motion.

Mike glared at the touching hands.

"What the hell do you think you're doing," Violet asked Mike.

He casually turned his eyes to his nemesis, "Feel free to correct me Beauregard but isn't this where I'm supposed to get tickets for the dance?"

"Yes," Violet answered, "So why are you trying to get tickets?"

Mike sneered, "Because I'm going."

There was a collective gasp from the students behind him.

"To the dance," Violet questioned with disbelief all over her face.

"No, to the circus," Mike snorted, "That's not too far from what this shit will probably be."

"You can't go!"

"Actually," Mike reached forward and grabbed himself tickets, "I can."

Violet's face began turning pink with anger and the flush spread down her neck, and maybe even lower…

(Do not look down her shirt. Do not look down her shirt.) Mike vaguely wondered if his own face was getting a red tint as he fought to keep his eyes on hers.

"Who are you taking," Violet asked swiftly.

"Why do you wanna know?"

"Because I do idiot," the girl reached forward and tried to snatch the tickets back. Her hand brushed Mike's before he yanked it away, trying to ignore the goose bumps that erupted on his arm.

"Shayla Krueger if you need to know so bad."

"That skank," Violet spat, "I thought even someone like you could do better than her."

The bully's eyes gained a strange glint, "Are you jealous?"

"Get out of here," Violet screeched, pointing down the hall as though to direct him.

"Always a pleasure Beauregard," Mike drawled as he began to saunter away.

"You haven't paid for those tickets," Charlie called after him timidly.

Mike rolled his eyes, deciding the waste of space didn't deserve a response.

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