I'm here again! I'm simply on a roll man…

This story is a response to Strata's Stargazer's challenge:

Anyone up for a challenge? Not sure where the idea came from – exhaustion, wine, and the idea of zombies I think – but I have a challenge for SDK writers!

A five minute fic featuring the end of the world. SDK characters only– doesn't matter who – and at least one has to die . Sadly, I suck. I think this took me at least 5:30 to finish. I fixed spelling errors, but kept all the bad grammar.

Let me see what you got!

(end. challenge is taken from the story "Five minutes to the end of the world")

Whee! Here I go!


5 minutes left.

The silver-haired man ran, grabbing his half-brother by his arm. He panted heavily. They've been running for almost an hour non-stop.

Hotaru frowned. "You know, ribbon-boy, I can run perfectly fine on my own."

Shinrei glared at him, hastily releasing Hotaru's hand off. "Couldn't you have said that earlier?"

3 minutes left.

Hotaru frowned. "What?"

Shinrei groaned in frustration. "I can't believe that you're my half-brother."

His half brother smirked in reply. "The feeling is mutual."

The Mibu soldiers were closing in on them… the two betrayers of Mibu.

2 minutes left.

Shinrei grabbed Hotaru by the cuff. "I'm telling you this once and for all. Run for your pathetic life, and don't come back to the Mibu Land. Ever. You get me?" Hotaru tilted his head in confusion. "… Live."

1 minute left.

With that, he summoned his strength and tossed his brother as far as he could. Hotaru won't die from the fall. He's too strong for that.

Shinrei turned back to face the Mibu soldiers, determined to fight till his life is drained out of him. "Show me what you've got." He smirked.

Completed with 2 seconds left! Okay, so it's NOT the end of the world, but it was a fun experience nevertheless! Gosh, my whole body was tensed up! The only things I did outside of the 5 minute period was to write the author's notes, think of a title and add a word or two in there to make the sentence a little clearer. All spelling and grammar are 'checked' as I wrote.

Oh yeah… actually the time markers in the story are more of the amount of time I had in my countdown, it is not related to the story. The time taken in the actual story is probably less than 3 minutes XD

Geee… I hope it's obvious that I wanted to show that Shinrei sacrificed himself so that Hotaru may live. The story is AU since it never happened in the original manga. But the setting and stuff is about the same.

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