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Chapter 13

Grievous, Asha, Amelia, Zeliska and Jason watched from the bridge of the Executor as the rest of the fleet entered hyperspace.

"What's our plan of attack General?" Zeliska asked.

"When Mara Jade arrives in the hanger Admiral Piett will activate the shields. We will then capture her, do not kill her. If she dies the Emperor will be suspicious."

Jason asked a fair question, "What are we going to do once we capture her?"

Amelia spoke up, "The Scientists and Sorcerers have been working on memory wiping technology. We believe we can use it to wipe out any memory she had of serving Palpatine."

"What if old Palps contacts us?" Asha wondered.

"Piett will inform him that her shuttle never arrived. When Mara is under our control she will pretend to be his agent, but will actually be ours." Grievous turned to his team, "Any questions?"

They remained silent.

"General" Piett walked over, "Mara Jade's shuttle is approaching."

They watched the shuttle enter one of the hanger bays.

"Activate the shields" Piett ordered, "I'm going down there."


Mara Jade emerged from her shuttle with a stormtrooper escort. Fifty of Piett's troopers lined up to meet her as Piett himself approached.

"Agent" he bowed his head, "It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Let's skip the pleasantries" she swept past him, "With Vader gone I am in full control. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Not at all" Piett hastily answered, "But he might"

Mara glanced around and spotted the cyborg known as General Grievous approaching with four figures clad head to toe in black armour.

"Troopers at arms" she ordered.

Her squad raised their weapons, and the troopers who served under Piett shot them down.

"Troopers?" she turned to Piett, "What is going on?" she demanded.

Piett took a step back as Grievous and his squad surrounded Mara, "In the name of the Dark Angels you are under arrest."

Mara's eyes darted among the Sith, "You will all pay for this" she threatened.

"Get her" Grievous folded his arms as his squad attacked.


"Where am I?" Mara opened her eyes.

"You are on board the Sith battlecruiser Falling Shadow" a Mirialan appeared in the edge of her vision.

"Who are you?" Mara noticed she was restrained against a table.

"I am Empress Barriss" she smiled, "One of the three high leaders of the Empire of Angels."

Mara looked at her confusedly, "I thought you died during the Jedi Purge"

"Fraid not" Barriss held up a goblet filled with a black liquid, "Bottoms up"

The liquid sprang to life. It burst out of the goblet and latched onto Mara's face. The substance slowly seeped through her nose and mouth. For a moment Mara was dazed then she looked at Barriss with a fresh eye.

"What is thy bidding, my Mistress?"


Emperor Palpatine sat in a meditative position.

'Lord Vader, can you hear me?'

There was no response.

Palpatine stood up and paced his office. Lord Vader missing, the Rebels still standing and surges in the Dark Side. So many problems.

He contacted the new Death Star being built over Endor, "Get me Moff Jerrapod."


"It is finished," Piett informed the Hight Council via holo conference. "Malevolence II is finished. Droids have been arriving from Geonosis to crew it."

"Excellent Admiral" Ventress smiled, "Our fleet is almost ready."

"Ahsoka?" Barriss nudged her, "Are you okay?"

Ahsoka glanced around at the rest of the Council, "I want Vader to be set free."

"WHAT!" Grievous stood up.

"You heard me General" Ahsoka met his stare, "I want him released."

Barriss and Ventress turned to the rest of the Council, "Can you give us a minute?" Ventress asked.

Piett and Daala left to supervise the assembly of the Malevolence. Grievous cancelled the transmission and left to train more of the female warriors that served under Tessala Corvae, which had been renamed the 'Sirens'

"What's up?" Barriss settled into her chair.

"Palpatine is getting suspicious" Ahsoka frowned, "We need to let Vader resume command."

Ventress nodded, "Our memory wiping equipment is ready. We can wipe out everything that has happened since Hoth. Admiral Piett will receive a distress call and will take the Executor to investigate. When he arrived and found Vader, Mara Jade will be killed by the Rebels. Vader will take over and things will return to normal."

Barriss took over, "Mara and the rest of the fleet along with Maleovlance II will move to Geonosis and pick up the rest of our forces. Piett and our troopers will stay on the Executor and discreetly send us information."

Ahsoka nodded, "Let's do it then."


"Our spies report that a fleet of ships have been spotted at Geonosis" A Bothan announced. "There was Star Destroyers, several new forms of cruisers and a massive warship."

Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma exchanged looks.

"What are the Empire doing at Geonosis?" Luke glanced at Leia, "There's nothing there."

"Except an old droid factory from the clone wars." Mothma frowned, "Is it possible our spies could get infiltrate that planet?"

The Bothan thought for a moment.

"We'll try" he answered.

As Leia stood up to leave Luke tapped her on the shoulder.

"What?" she turned to him.

"Lando and Chewie sent us the co-ordinates for Jabba's Palace. I'm going to go rescue Han."

Leia nodded determinedly.

"Let's go get him."


'Vader doesn't suspect a thing' Piett's hologram smirked, 'The Executor has been summoned to Endor, apparently a second Death Star is being built.'

The remaining Council let out frustrated groans.

"Great" Ahsoka held her head, "So old Palps is going for a second try."

"Didn't he learn after what happened to Moff Tarkin?" Daala was furious.

Ventress held up her hands, "Calm everyone. We are not at risk. This is a perfect opportunity."

"Indeed" Barriss nodded, "The Rebels will be forced to destroy it and when they do we shall swoop in and finish them off."

"Stay on your guard and keep us informed." Ahsoka told Piett.

'Yes Mistress' he bowed and vanished.

Asha entered the room.

"High Council" he bowed. "We have received a transmission from Aurra Sing."

"Put it through" Barriss nodded.

Aurra Sing's hologram appeared in the centre of the room.

"Yes Aurra?" Ahsoka smiled.

'Skywalker junior has sent his two droids here. He is trying to free Solo. I think it is safe to say that he will show up in person. Shall I kill him?'

"No" the Dark Angels shook their heads, "Let him and Jabba kill each other." Ventress added.

'Understood' she vanished.


Grievous strode around his new command ship barking orders to the thousands of droids. They were far more advanced than regular battle droids, each one now possessed the intelligence of commando droids. But his personal magnaguards still outranked them all.

"What is the status of our weapons system?" he enquired as he entered the bridge.

"We are fully armed and all weapons systems online General" a B1 droid reported. "Shields are at the ready."

"Hyperdrive fully operational" another reported. "The last shipment of droid soldiers has just arrived in cargo bay nineteen."

Grievous almost felt happy as he listened to the far more advanced droids under his command.

"General one of the cargo ships is reporting an inbound ship with pathetic cloaking technology" one of the bridge crew sniggered.

Grievous blinked as he registered the droid had reported a ship trying to sneak past before it actually did.

"Ignore it for now." He ordered, "Once it is in range activate the tractor beam."

"Yes sir" they responded.

"They didn't say 'Roger'" Grievous smiled happily.


Aurra watched from the shadows as Luke Skywalker tried to free his friends. She cast a mocking glance at the Princess wearing a slave outfit and chained to Jabba. Not so high and mighty anymore.

The floor beneath Skywalker opened and he fell into the Rancor's pit where Jabba had fed his ex-favourite slave yesterday. Aurra stepped forward interestedly and watched him try to avoid certain death.

"You kriffing bitch" Leia swore as she spotted Aurra.

"Shut it Princess and just be glad Jabba has taken a fancy to you" Aurra smirked, "Otherwise it would be you down there."

A roar emerged from down below and the spectators feel silent as they saw the massive gate slam down on the Rancor.

Needless to say Jabba wasn't pleased.

"Bring me Solo and the Wookie" he thundered, "They will all suffer for this outrage" (A/N That's the translation of course "Shut up Zeliska!")

When everyone had been gathered they waited for Jabba to pass sentence.

"His high Exaltedness the Great Jabba the Hutt has decreed that you are to be terminated immediately" the gold protocol droid announced.

"Good I hate long waits" Han Solo muttered.

"You will therefore be taken to the Dune Sea and cast into the Pit of Carkoon the resting place of the all-powerful Sarlaac."

"That doesn't sound so bad" Han couldn't seem to keep quiet Aurra smirked as she knew his 'put on a happy face' charade was about to end.

"In his belly you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested, over a thousand years" the droid sounded nervous.

"On second thought, lets pass on that" Solo didn't sound so confident anymore.

"You should have bargained Jabba" Luke warned him.

The guards dragged them away.

"That's the last mistake you'll ever make" Luke warned.

Jabba merely laughed.

Aurra watched as the crowds moved out of the room. Jabba indicated her to follow. Gritting her teeth she smiled at the overgrown slug before following him. Might as well ensure that the Rebel heroes were wiped out.


"So" Grievous strode up and down in front of the Bothan spies. "You expect me to believe that you are simply searching for scrap metal here?"

"You are not part of the Empire?" one of them asked innocently, "If you are not part of the Empire then why are you holding us?" he indicated the dozen droids with blaster jammed into the backs of him and his two partners.

"Because" Grievous grabbed one of them by the throat and lifted him clear of the ground. "You are trespassing in Angel territory." He dropped him.

"Angel territory?" one of the spies looked confused, "What do you mean?"

The door to the cell opened and a pair of armoured figures entered. Taking post beside the door they stood to attention as a tall graceful figure entered.

"My friends" the figure lowered her hood. She was a Togruta, her lekku's draped down across her curvy figure. "What brings you to my domain?"

"Apologies madam" one Bothan bowed his head respectfully. "But we were sent to find out why Imperial ships were orbiting Geonosis."

The Togruta laughed softly, "Ah you are from the Rebel Alliance. Guards stand down." She ordered and the droids stepped back from the prisoners. "Come" she beckoned to the Bothans, "Join me for some refreshments as an apology for my General's abruptness." She sent a reproachful glance at Grievous.

"If you insist" the Bothans followed her cautiously, with the guards and the massive cyborg close behind.


"So the Rebel Alliance has reached us" Ahsoka sat down at a table and gestured for the Bothans to do likewise, "We were afraid the Empire would discover us first"

"What are you doing here with a fleet of warships?" one Bothan asked.

"We are preparing to attack the Empire but needed to make contact with the Rebellion to combine our forces" Ahsoka smiled friendly as a droid placed goblets on the table in front of them. "A toast to the death of the Empire" she raised her glass.

"Cheers" the Bothans raised their glasses, but failed to see the liquid come alive.

"Tell Zeliska, Jason and your sister to meet me in the command centre in ten minutes" Ahsoka contacted Asha as she watched the Bothans submit to her will.

"As you command Mistress" he bowed and vanished.


Aurra aimed down the scope of her sniper rifle and fixed the crosshair on Calrissian's chest. Things had blown apart and now the prisoners were trying to escape. Skywalker's droid had smuggled a lightsaber and now he had it and was tearing through the guards.

As she pulled the trigger the Wookie pulled the human out of the way.

"Stupid furball" she hissed and focused on him.

A body pulled itself into view and she looked past her scope to see Skywalker pull himself over the railing.

"You" he lifted his lightsaber.

"Me" Aurra nodded, "Well I'd love to stay and fight but I've got better things to do." She ran and jumped over the edge. As she was falling she pulled a small board out of her backpack and unfolded it into a hoverboard. She took off surfing across the dunes.

"I'm on my way back" she contacted two of her Sith Brothers, "Have the ship started and ready for take-off."


"Jason, Asha and Amelia" Ahsoka, Barriss and Ventress stood in front of the kneeling figures, "We promote you to the rank of Sith Inquisitor. Only the High Council is above you now."

"Thank you Mistresses" they replied.

The crowd of Sith cheered loudly as the three new Inquisitors stood up.

"We have another surprise" Ventress nodded to Grievous.

"Asha, Amelia, Jason and Zeliska." He stepped forward, "The four of you are now the elite force of this Empire. When the mission must succeed you will be called upon and from now on you will be called the Angels of Death"

"Thank you General" they bowed.

"The Empire is constructing a new Death Star over Endor" Ventress announced, "Our new friends," she indicated the Bothan spies, "Will ensure the Rebellion attacks it. While the Rebel and Imperial fleet are engaged, we shall wait. Once the dust settles and a victor has emerged then we shall emerge from hiding and destroy them!"

The crowd of Sith cheered.

"My brothers, my sisters" Barriss raised her arm, "Admiral Piett has informed us that Emperor Palpatine himself is personally overseeing the Death Star's construction. When he is dead Admirals Piett and Daala will assume command of the Imperial fleet and turn them towards the Rebellion. The Malevolence II along with General Grievous and the Angels of Death will arrive to finish them off. The Falling Shadow and the rest of our fleet will then invade Coruscant. With the capital conquered, the Rebellion dead and the Imperials under our control we shall claim the galaxy for the new Sith Empire!" she proclaimed

Another cheer went up from the troops.

"Prepare yourselves" Ahsoka grinned, "For the Day of Destiny is here!"


Admiral Piett stood on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Executor awaiting the upcoming battle. The Imperial fleet had gathered at Endor, knowing the Rebels would be forced to attack them.

Admiral Daala on-board the Star Destroyer Avenger waited with her fleet above Geonosis. Once the fight was over her forces would arrive to support Piett and finish off the Rebels.

Malevolence II and its thousands of droid fighters and soldiers were prepped and ready. General Grievous, Jason, Zeliska, Asha and Amelia stood on the bridge. They silently pondered what this day meant. A new Order, a new Empire. The galaxy would never be the same.

Aurra Sing arrived in the hanger bay of Falling Shadow. She joined the ranks of Sith and Sirens waiting in hundreds of transports. A red headed woman joined her.

"It's time" Mara Jade smiled before putting her mask on.

Ahsoka Tano, Barriss Offee, Asajj Ventress and newly appointed General Corvae stood on the bridge of Falling Shadow.

"We've come a long way" Ahsoka smiled fondly at the other Dark Angels.

"To think we used to fight the Sith" Barriss grinned.

"Now we shall lead it" Ventress finished.

The Day of Destiny had arrived.

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