The final chapter of this story. I apologise for the lateness, but hope you loyal readers don't mind. Now, a new Sith has set his sights on destroying the Dark Angels. Will he succeed? Will the Empire of Angels crumble? Read on.

The End of the Beginning

The Sith Battlecruiser Falling Shadow emerged from hyperspace and begun its approach to Zygerria. The heart of the Zygerrian slave empire.


"Identify yourself" a Zygerrian appeared on the screen.

"This is Empress Ahsoka." The Togrutan answered, "I am here to do business with your Queen."

The Zygerrian visibly paled, "Welcome to Zygerria Empress Tano" he bowed his head quickly, "Please land on the outskirts of our city, it will give us time to prepare for your arrival."

Ahsoka nodded, "Very well"

"So, why are we here?" Jason asked curiously.

"Every so often I come here to buy slaves" Ahsoka leaned back in her chair, "I'm actually quite good friends with the Queen after all the business we've done. First I arrive, we chat, then she shows me the latest additions, I purchase large numbers, we chat some more, then I take the slaves back within my Empire's borders to free them and give them jobs."

Zeliska raised an eyebrow, "So you buy slaves, only to free them and give them jobs?"

"Correct" Ahsoka nodded, "I don't like slavery, but I would rather be friends with the Zygerrians than against them."

The door opened and General Maraxus entered.

"Do you want the good news or the very good news?" he grinned.

"I'll take the good" Jason answered.

"Our outpost on Maraxion has retrieved the power source for the space station. It is being transported to the Raxus Prime shipyard."

Ahsoka's chair swivelled round to face him, "What's the very good news?"

"It is going to be installed in an almost unstoppable machine" Maraxus glanced at his watch, "It should be ready in a few days."

"Time to go visit the slaves" Ahsoka stood up, a Sith-Lady-in-waiting wrapped a cloak around her, "Admiral, look after the ship" she added to Daala.

"As you wish" she bowed her head.


"I don't trust this place" Maraxus glanced around cautiously, "The Forever Empire didn't try to stop slavery. Heck, Mark IV even supported it."

"Quiet general" Ahsoka strode through the crowds, "We are here on business and I know their ruler."

"Didn't Palpatine's Empire try and close her down?" Maraxus asked interestedly.

"Pfft" Jason scoffed, "They didn't even bother. Anyone who was enslaved was left hung out to dry."

The small group passed stalls selling living beings. Jason and Marxus were particularly upset about it.

"So you and the Queen are gal-pals?" Maraxus paused to examine a line of Togrutan slaves, "Isn't she quite old by now?"

Ahsoka handed over a large sum and smiled reassuringly at the slaves who fell into line behind her.

Zeliska dropped to the back of the group in case any of the slaves thought of running.

"We shared our youth elixir with her" Ahsoka continued onwards, "So no, she isn't that old."

They arrived at the steps leading to the palace. A group of guards stepped out to block them.

"Who are you?" the captain demanded.

Ahsoka lowered her hood. The gems set in her gold tiara alone would be worth an army of slaves.

"Oh it's you" the captain smiled quickly, "My apologies for the misunderstanding madam." He bowed.

"Quite alright" Ahsoka and her entourage continued up the steps, "Zeliska, take these soon to be free people to the Falling Shadow."

"As you command Mistress" Zeliska bowed and contacted the ship to send down a shuttle.


"Welcome Ahsoka" the Zygerrian Queen hugged Ashoka, "It is good to see you again."

"Indeed" the Togrutan sat down on a large sofa beside the host, "How is business?"

Miraj waved a hand, "Must we talk about business straight away? Oh," she spotted Jason and Maraxus, who were hovering near the door, "That armour indicates he is one of yours, the other wears a military uniform. Are you going to introduce me?" she teased.

Ahsoka smiled humourously, "Queen Miraj Scintel, this is Jason, one of my elite agents; the other is General Maraxus, a dimension traveller."

"Pleasure to meet you, your Majesty" Maraxus gave a large theatrical bow.

Ahsoka rolled her eyes, "That will be all general."

"Yes ma'am" he stood up straight.

"So, you have come for a little shopping trip" Miraj stood up, "Well then, let me show you our latest additions."


A large ensemble of slaves were brought out and presented to Ahsoka. Some looked defiant, some were calm, while others had sheer terror in their eyes as they looked up at the richly adorned Togrutan Empress

"Choose whichever you like" Miraj sat down, "So tell me about these other dimensions" she asked Maraxus, "What is my empire like in other worlds?"

Maraxus squirmed awkwardly, "Well, in one dimension a Jedi charmed you in an effort to free Togrutan prisoners. You ended up holding his friends hostage to get him to stay with you."

"I was charmed by a Jedi?" Miraj blinked, "Which Jedi was that?"

Maraxus glanced at Ahsoka, "Anakin Skywalker. You held Ahsoka and Obi Wan as hostages."

A chill filled the air and everyone noticed Ahsoka stiffen at those words.

"In the end however you set them free, but then you were killed after an argument with Count Dooku." Maraxus hastily stepped back to get out of the way as Ahsoka turned to the Queen.

"Good thing we don't live in that dimension huh?" the Empress grinned.

Miraj smiled, "For a moment there I thought you would try and kill me."

"Nah" Ahsoka turned back to the slaves, "We're friends."

Jason patted Maraxus on the shoulder as the General stood beside him, "Next time, use a different example." He advised.

"Duly noted" Maraxus let out a breath he'd been holding.


"Ahsoka should be back soon" Ventress and Barriss strode through the hallways of the Imperial Palace, "What do you think of this event Maraxus told us about? Christmas was it?"

"Yeah" Barriss nodded, "A time of family, exchanging gifts, peace, joy et cetra."

Ventress glanced thoughtfully at her close friend, "I think we should have a dance"

"Wow" Barriss gasped mockingly, "Asajj Ventress wanting to organise a dance. What's next? Zeliska not being in love with Grievous? The Carina twins not making out with Asha while their dad's away?"

On a faraway world General Maraxus felt a chill in his bones.

"So, a dance" the two Empresses continued onwards, "Boys invite or girls invite?"

"I would say girls invite" Ventress answered, "Our Sisters probably have crushes on certain people so it'll allow them to take a chance on relationships."

"It's settled then" Barriss turned to one of her attendants, "Make the arrangements"

"At once Mistress" he hurried away.


The Falling Shadow arrived back at Coruscant with a large number of slaves, they had already been informed of what would happen. They would be taken to homes to live. Each day they would be taken to an educational development centre. Following their graduation they would be given jobs to help the Empire of Angels.

All in all it gave the Angels more staff.

"Honey I'm home" Ahsoka called as she entered the palace.


Ventress sprinted across the hallway and vanished through a door. A second later Grievous thundered after her.

"I'm coming General!" Zeliska took off after him.

"Zel wait for me!" Jason took off after her.

"Running in the Palace" Maraxus shook his head, "Immature"

Ahsoka and the General continued through the palace until they heard muffled screams. They burst through the door to see thrashing figures in a bed.

"Hey General" Asha's red face emerged, "Um, you're early."

Ahsoka closed her eyes when she noticed Asha's bare torso, "We heard screams" she explained.

"Hey dad" both Carina twins appeared from under the sheets.

Maraxus stood perfectly still for a moment, before fainting.

"I'll see you later" Ahsoka hastily retreated from the room.

Making her way to the throne room she found Barriss talking to several technicians.

"I want speakers positioned here, here and here." She pointed at a diagram of the Grand Hall, "Excuse me a moment" she hugged Ahsoka as the technicians left, "Glad to see you're home."

Ahsoka sat down on her throne, "So what did I miss?"

"We decided to have a girls invite dance" Barriss sat on her throne, "Grievous found out it was Ventress' idea and now he is after her. General Corvae and Lilandra are overseeing the delivery of dresses and suits for everyone. The Carina twins are dating Asha, oh, and we haven't heard from Admiral Piett."

"When was the last report?" Ahsoka frowned, "It's not like Piett to make a mistake."

Barriss shrugged, "I don't know. Several ships have been sent to find his fleet so it shouldn't be long. Now" she brightened, "Who are you going to invite?"

"I didn't think we were allowed to interact with other people" Ahsoka raised a facial marking, "Besides if I'm going I've already picked who I'm going with."

"Oooooh" Barriss' face lit up gleefully, "Who is it? What's his name? How long have you had a crush?"

Ahsoka rolled her eyes and took Barriss' hands, "It's you Barriss."

Before anything more than surprise filled Barriss' face Ahsoka closed the distance between them and pulled her long-time friend into a passionate kiss, which, after a moment, Barriss returned.

"Ahsoka" Barriss blushed as they broke apart, "Where did that come from?"

"Ever since we were Jedi I've always thought of you as my best friend, but when I never felt attracted to anyone it made me think I had already found someone" Ahsoka wrapped her arms around Barriss' waist, "The only people really close to me was my master, Master Plo, and you."

Barriss raised an eyebrow and glanced down at the arms holding her close to Ahsoka, "So it's taken you all this time to pick me out of those three?"

"Well, being a Jedi, and then teaming with Ventress and all that didn't leave me with much of a chance to ask you out." Ahsoka smirked, "So, will you go to the dance with me?"

"Yes Ahsoka" Barriss smiled and kissed her.


The Grand Hall was adorned with decorations and tables. A large section in the centre was left open as the dance floor. A lot of male Sith were looking rather uneasy. They were used to training, fighting, and combat. They never actually had dance lessons.

The females were more at ease in elegant dresses. They tended to travel in packs until one by one they left to join their dates.

"Presenting, Sith Inquisitor Amelia and Jo'arka" the droid, dressed in a neat suit, announced as they entered.

"Hey Asha" Amelia greeted her brother, "So, who'd you get invited by?"

He looked puzzled, "I think it was Carina A, but when I met her outside I could've sworn it was Carina B."

"Hey guys" both twins arrived, dressed in identical sapphire dresses with their hair long and blonde.

"Have fun" Amelia winked at her brother as he looked from one twin to the other and back again.

"Presenting, Sith Inquisitors Zeliska, and Jason" the droid declared.

Zeliska wore a black satin dress, Jason, like the other men, wore a tuxedo.

"I didn't expect you to ask me" he grinned, "I was expecting you to ask Grievous"

"I did" she muttered, "But someone beat me to it."

Jason raised an eyebrow but didn't pursue the subject as they wondered over to the buffet table.

"Presenting Empress Ventress and General Grievous"

Zeliska spun around to see the two enter, "She invited him" she gasped.

Grievous' freshly polished armour gleamed white against his blood red cape. Ventress wore a long flowing purple dress.

"Thank you" he muttered.

"No problem, General" a smile graced her lips, "Next time just say you want me to invite you before Zeliska does, rather than chase me through the Palace."

"Presenting Chief Interrogator Lilandra and General Maraxus."

Lilandra wore a gold coloured dress that went perfectly with her lilac skin and blue hair. Maraxus surprisingly wore a tuxedo instead of his uniform.

"Glad to see you've regained consciousness General" Jason grinned, "Everyone's talking about it."

A vein was bulging above Maraxus' eye.

"He just needs to get used to the fact that his daughters aren't kids anymore" Lilandra cooed, "Isn't that right Marax?"

"Yes" he spoke firmly, "It is fine. Would you like something to drink?" he asked as though he had trouble speaking.

"Thank you" Lilandra let go of his hand and he walked jerkily away, "I'm using a mixture of Force and Zeltron abilities to keep him under control at the minute" she explained, "But he is certainly fighting it."

"Presenting, Empress Ahsoka and Empress Barriss."

At those words everyone turned to see the two Empresses arrive, hand in hand.

The music stopped. Mouths dropped comically. Ventress clutched her glass so tightly it shattered, sending fruit juice all over Grievous.

"As you were" Ahsoka invited them.

Stunned silence continued.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea" Barriss muttered.

Ventress glanced at her destroyed glass, she set it on the table and lifted a new one.

"A toast to the Empresses" she declared, "And to our Sith family."

Cheers went up from the crowd in response and after a moment they resumed what they were doing.

"So when did this happen?" Ventress asked as her fellow Dark Angels joined her.

"Earlier today" Ahsoka admitted, "I kissed Barriss and she returned it."

Barriss wrapped an arm around Ahsoka, "To be honest I never knew you had any attractions towards me. I assumed we were just good friends."

"Well" Ventress smiled, "It's certainly good to see that you two are happy with your lives as Sith Empresses. Hard to believe that decades ago we used to try and kill each other."

"So, you having fun?" Jason asked as he waltzed around the dance floor with Zeliska.

She nodded, "Yeah, but if you will excuse me" she took a step away, "I have something to check."

"Want me to come with you?" Jason asked.

"No it's fine." She walked away.

"Oh, okay then" Jason glanced around at the couples dancing then started to walk over to a seat.

"You mind dancing with me?"

Jason turned to see one of the Carina twins holding out her hand to him.

"Which twin are you?" he asked, "Are there any differences between you two anyway?"

She winked, "Not telling."

"Are you sure your dad won't mind?" he asked as he took her hand.

For an answer she jerked her head in a direction. Jason glanced over and spotted Maraxus and Lily twirling on the dance floor. Maraxus looked considerably more relaxed and didn't even glare at Asha as he and one of the twins passed by.

"Okay then" Jason agreed.


"What?" Tessala gaped at the hologram of Admiral Daala, "Say that again"

"Piett's ships are destroyed." Daala looked her usual calm self, but Tessala detected a tone of sorrow, "A recording was salvaged."

"Let's hear it" Tessala turned to a group of droids, "Make a copy of this."

"I am the dark, the cold, the fear. I have been awakened and now these Sith imposters shall pay. Only I, Sith Lord Drazonior shall remain. Then I shall awaken my sleeping army and the galaxy will tremble at the whisper of my name. Dark Angels, I am coming for you."

General Corvae took a disk with the recording on it, "I'm taking this to the Angels" she told Daala, "I suggest you return here. Especially if something or someone is planning hostile actions."

"Roger that" Daala saluted and vanished.


"I never thought this would happen." Ventress remarked as Grievous lifted her into the air, "When they turned to the Dark Side I never figured they would end up together in a relationship."

"Do you feel left out?" the cyborg spun Ventress in the air before sending her spinning across the floor.

Ventress back flipped over, "No, well. A bit" she admitted.

"I'm sure you three will be as close as ever" Grievous dipped her, "So what is our next move in galactic domination?"

"We will start setting up military bases on planets not under our control, or ones that are uninhabited. What news of Maraxus' new weapon?"

Grievous rolled his eyes, "The base is under heavy guard. An entire fleet of Sith Battlecruisers and Star Destroyers are surrounding it. All he will say is that the machine is just as powerful as the Death Star, but without any weaknesses and is a lot faster."

"Uh huh" Ventress started to imagine what it could possibly be, "Hey, where did Ahsoka go?" she looked around.

Barriss overheard and walked over, "She felt tired and decided to get some rest."

"I'll murder Asha" Maraxus growled as Lilandra pulled him out of the hall, "He is dancing with my kids for the love of the Forever Empire."

"Relax darling" Lily placed a hand on Maraxus face and released a surge of contentment into the stressed human, "Let your daughters do as they wish."

A purple vein pulsed furiously in his forehead, "Lily, I thought we agreed we you wouldn't mess with my emotions or mental state."

"Yeah well at this rate you'll be grouchy for the rest of the night." Lily smirked, "Now c'mon. I want to show you my interrogation room, or my torture chamber." She adjusted her hand and sent a powerful rush into his blood. The accelerated blood and a few other side effects were more than enough to get him under her control.

"Anything you say" Maraxus gasped.

"Good" with a predatory like grin she waltzed away, with a hormone crazed human close behind.


She changed into her silk night clothes and sat down in front of her dress table. Slowly Ahsoka reached up stroked her face.

"Still young" she sighed, "Twenty years later and I still look like a young woman."

"A very pretty one at that" a voice spoke.

Ahsoka spun around.

Standing in her bedroom was a tall thin man wrapped in a cloak.

"And who might you be?" Ahsoka cursed herself as she spotted her lightsabers on her bedside table.

"I am Sith Lord Drazonior" he smirked, "The ruler of the Sith Empire. Not some pretender" he smirked, "Unlike a sad little girl."

Ahsoka slowly moved away from the table, "I am going to say this once. Leave and never return or my Brothers and Sisters will peel the flesh from your bones."

Drazonior didn't even blink.

"Did you hear me?" Ahsoka demanded.

"Piett's mind told me all I needed to know." Drazonior stared at Ahsoka, "Before I destroyed his ships and him along with them I absorbed every detail about your Empire that he knew. Your weapons, your forces, your defences, everything. As we speak my warriors are invading your palace. Nothing can stop me now. And soon I will have what I came here for." He stepped forward.

"What is that?" Ahsoka felt a trickle of sweat run down her face.

"You" he whispered, before unleashing a massive stream of black lightning that engulfed Ahsoka.

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