Nineteen year old Carly Benson woke up just like every other day doing the same old routine; turned the coffee pot on, take her shower, drink a cup of coffee while getting dressed for work and leaving in a rush.

It seemed normal in her boring life. She just didn't know how much her life was going to change forever….


Carly cursed almost tripping as she entered the bank. The bank was swarming with customers and employees. She could tell this day was going to be busier than usual because it was Friday and Friday meant payday for most businesses.

The line for the bank tellers was already long and she saw her boss giving her his usual stink eye. She smiled at him knowing she made it to work with two minutes to spare and rolled her eyes as she quickly made her way to her booth.

"I was starting to give up on you," Carly's co-worker and friend Nina said with a smirked.

Carly stuffed her purse in her drawer at her booth. "Have I ever been late?" She replied with a smile.

"I just love watching you piss Mark off."

Mark aka the boss of the bank, who was a complete utter self absorbed ass.

Carly put her name tag on her black silk blouse a ready to get this day over with so she could relax all weekend.

She hit the button waiting for the next customer.

"Give me all the money," A voice demanded startling her.

Carly looked up not sure if she heard right. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" She found herself staring at the most handsome man she had ever seen and swallowed hard with fear when she saw who it was. "Shit," she breathed.

"I see you heard of me," The guy replied with a satisfied smirk on his face.

Her body was frozen in fear. She forced herself to try to stay calm. She knew how dangerous was from the news and what he was capable of.

"Y-yes," she said afraid that if she said his name he'd kill her on the spot.

"Do exactly as I say sweetheart and there won't be any trouble," he told her with a sexy smile, casually leaning over the counter.

She licked her dry lips waiting for his instructions.

Then sirens wailed in the distance and his handsome face quickly turned cold and hard.

"FUCK!" He yelled pulling out a shotgun. "EVERYBODY DOWN ON THE GROUND!"

People screamed dropping instantly to the floor.

He turned his attention back to her looking at her name tag with the shotgun pointed at her face.

"Carly, bag up all the money in the drawers and you won't get shot. Understood?" He ordered dropping a large duffle bag in front of him.

Carly slowly nodded finding it difficult to move with the shotgun pointed at her face.

The robber must have noticed because he lowered the shotgun to her chest.

"I haven't got all day sweetheart."

Why did he have to call her sweetheart? Before she knew it she found herself emptying all the drawers with shaky hands and putting the money into his large duffle bag.


Then she heard the shotgun going off making everyone scream including her. Cautiously she darted her terrified eyes to where the gun had went off and gasped.

Mark's body was on the floor not moving. Blood poured out of his chest.

Then she felt the shotgun pointed at her back and the bag ripped out of her hand and closed her eyes. Please don't let me die…

"Your coming with me," she heard him say.

Oh, no.

She felt herself being dragged out of the bank…..

A/N: This is totally different for me to write. This is just a sneak peak if you want me to continue or not.