Victor pulled the big black SUV up the familiar dirt road that had started it all for Carly. She felt her heart beating fast in her chest as they approached the old abandoned house that Dean Winchester held her captive and tortured her.

"You okay?" Bobby whispered at her seeing her slightly panicking in her seat as Victor drove the SUV to the back of the house out of viewi.

Carly swallowed hard looking at the older man. "No, but this is the only way tot take Dean Winchester down. Once he realizes he's not in charge anymore he'll start to fall apart and lose it."

The SUV finally came to a stop.

"Dean's going to know that I'm not here alone," Carly spoke knowing that they were all thinking the same thing.

"That's right because we're not leaving you alone," Nick said sternly. "We'll each take a hidden position in the house."

"I hate to burst your bubble idjits, but I ate in no shape to be fighting in case you haven't noticed," Bobby gripped from his spot.

Victor rolled his eyes annoyed. "We know that which is why your old ass is staying in the car."

Carly opened her door when she heard Bobby yell, "I AIN'T OLD!"


The Impala speeded down the dusted old highway, single sided road, leaving a trail of dust behind the tailgate. Dean had his foot pressed on the gas pedal all the way down to the floor.

Led Zeppelin blared in the car as Dean kept his eyes focused on the road through the windshield as the sun began to set., though his mind was hell bent on Carly Benson.

He never believed it when Ash told him she was meant to save him from himself. There was no going back. This is who he was now; a cold blooded killer.

Dean turned the headlights off as he reached closer to the scene….


Carly felt every muscle in her body tense when she heard the familiar sound of boots waling along the old hardwood floor.

"Come out come out, wherever you are…." She heard Dean Taunts getting closer.

This was it, now or never.

Carly managed to find her voice. She was surprised at how strong her voice came out. "Come and get me."


Dean smirked, his gun pointed towards the sound of her voice. "Did you really think you could escape Dean Winchester?"

Suddenly Dean felt sharp pain in the back of his head as he felt a flat iron skillet connect against his skull causing him to drop his gun.

"SON OF A BITCH," he yelled trying to regain his balance to keep from falling. His right hand was pressed against the back of his skull as if it would heal it.

He felt the flat iron skilled connect against his fingers breaking them as the impact hit. He roared in pain, falling to his needs.

"Looks like you picked the wrong hostage, Dean Winchester," he heard Carly's voice say determined.

Dean let out an insane laugh. "Just the opposite, sweetheart," he grunted. "I found the one that's going to put me out of my misery. DO IT!"


Carly bent down snatching up Dean's gun that was on the floor and had it pointed point blank at his head.

"I don't blame you, Dean. Not anymore. For the record, Bobby Singer is still alive. You didn't kill him."


Part of Dean was glad Bobby was dead. After all he always was like a second father to him. That was his last thought he felt a bullet go in his brain...


Carly heard his body fall with a thud on the ground and tossed the gun down as she heard footsteps run downstairs.

Though it was still dark she saw Victor walk over to wear Dean's body was. Victor bent down checking for a pulse on his neck and sighed with relief when he didn't find one.

"Never thought I'd live to see the day, Dean Winchester the most wanted man in America is finally dead," he said.

"It's over, Carly. You can go back home now," Uncle Nick told her.

Carly wasn't even hearing him when she watched Sam Winchester stand in the front door frame, his eyes staring at his older brothers' lifeless body.

She walked over to Sam not know what to say except…"I'm sorry."

It might have been the light coming from the full moon out side but she could have sworn she saw tears on his face.

"At least he can't hurt anyone ever again," Sam Winchester said his voice emotionless. Deep down Sam knew that his older brother was now in a better place.


A/N: Huge thanks to all of you who stuck by this story. Finally it has come to a close. I am now over my writer's block and will be updating my other stories.