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Chapter 1

I was speeding down the streets, the wind blowing against my visor as I weaved skilfully between the cars. I was coming up to a set of traffic lights when I reserved a text. Slowing at the red light (and checking there wasn't any cops around) I whipped out my phone to see that the txt was from Tosh.

Slight problem. Can you help? Followed by an address

Now Tosh doesn't ask for my help very often. But when she did it usually ended up interesting. As soon as the red light changed I was off, weaving through the traffic, breaking several speed limits and reaching my destination in 5 mins.

To say things were interesting was an understatement. One man had been shot, and a girl was being held hostage by a puffer fish. Obviously torchwood was slightly out of their depth and needed a little help. I had been helping torchwood since I had met Tosh (not that they knew this) and I knew if I was going to help this time I might have to reveal myself. Slipping though the slightly opened window I pulled out my trusty knife, ready to cut the fish's throat. Just as I swung my arm round the creature's neck there was several loud gun shots, and pain flared in my arm. I let go of the creature as it slumped down dead, turning to look at the guy who shot him.

"You are bleeding git. What ya have to shot for? I was about to kill him but no, typical male, you had to pull out ya gun and start shooting." I looked at tosh "Ello Tosh, did I miss anything?"

Silence greeted my statement before Tosh spoke.

"Your bleeding" pointing to my hand.

I grimaced

"Thanks for reminding me sweetie. The captain over there shot me; now I'm going have to drive home with a bloody hand."

"Who are you?" Great now the captain is going to shoot me.

"None of your bee's wax. Now I'm going hope before you lot decide imp some alien you want to lock up. Tosh I'll drop by yours later and borrow your first aid kit.'

With that I turned to go only for one of the other guys to stop me.

"I'm a doctor and will take a look at your hand if you like."

I shrugged and consented when tosh looked at me pleadingly.

"Fine but make it quick."

I was escorted to the SUV and had only just sat down on a wall when captain git started with the questions again.

"How do you know Tosh?"

"If she hasn't told ya then I'm not going to"

"How did u know we were here?"

"Tosh texted me"

"How'd you get in the house?"

"I flew down the chimney" I had finally lost my temper "what the hell does it matter? Once again I helped the mighty Torchwood but do I get any thanks? NOO. IM treated like a criminal."

The captain looked stunned

"How'd you know we were Torchwood?"

I shrugged.

"How do I know the Doctor? How do I know your name and the fact your immortal and just returned from a year that never was? Just coincidence I suppose." I finished sarcastically.

As we finished 'talking' my hand had finished being wrapped. So I stood up and with a wave to tosh started back to wear I hid my motorbike. Before I could leave I felt a hand on my shoulder and a gun pointed in my face.

"You're coming back with us."

In one move I had dear jack on the ground with my knife at his throat.

"No-one tells me what to do. I'll come to your base but I'll do it when I feel like it not before. And don't even try and follow me or recon me. Cause trusts me, I might be the only person able to make you mortal again."

I walked away smiling to myself rather happy that I had put the dear captain in his place.

Chapter 2

I wasn't surprised when I found tosh sitting up waiting for me when I arrived at her house a little after 2 am. After all if a gal knows ya long enough she will know that you're not going to turn up at a conventional time when you have a gun happy captain after ya for saving his team.

"Ello Tosh, have you got summit I can eat? Been running on empty for a while now"

I had to laugh when I was immediately handed a bowl of my favourite chicken fried rice.

I was half way through the bowl when Tosh decided to speak.

"Jack's been giving me evils all afternoon since I refused to talk about you."

"So captain happy wants to know about me does he?" I was of course completely uninterested.

"Come on Sam look at how you announced yourself!"

"It's not my fault the git shot me while I was trying to help."

"No but you did give him a mouthful when he had every right to be suspicious."

"OK OK I suppose you've been ordered to drag me in as soon as you see me?"

"No I'm meant to stun you then call him"

I laughed

"Are you going to then?"

"You know me better than that, but please drop in soon as I am worried jack might think I'm betraying him if you don't!"

I sighed walking to the sink to wash my bowl.

"OK tell ya what at 10:30 tomorrow I'll 'drop in' and talk to the dear captain."

"Should I be worried?"

I grinned as I climbed out the window

"Of course".