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Id just gotten to the good captain's office in time to witness a bomb attach itself to John Harts chest. I was more surprised when Ianto gleefully pulled out a stop watch at started counting off the time until it exploded.

"I know he is the world's biggest prat, but shouldn't we help him." I whispered to Ianto as John started to panic.

"He killed Jack, shot Owen and nearly killed Gwen. I don't think any of us really mind him blowing up." He whispered back before checking his stop watch again.

"Fair enough. OI" I yelled as John attached himself to Gwen with a pair of handcuffs and swallowed to key. I slapped myself across the head. After all I should have seen that one coming; he had tried that trick on me once.

Things moved rather quickly (funnily no-one seemed to care I was there anymore), and suddenly I was on a car park roof with Gwen, John and Ianto. Gwen was preparing to throw herself into the rift and had just started a big speech about telling jack something (I bet it was I love you) when jack pulled up and stabbed hart in the chest with a bleeding big needle.

"How the hell is that going to help?!" I yelled at him.

"It's filled with all our blood; it should confuse the device and make it fall off." He yelled back looking at john expectedly.

"Bloody hell. Why don't we just kill him? The device will fall off anyway if his heart is no longer beating." I stepped forward, one knife raised, ready to slit his throat, when the devise fell off with a clang at my feet. "SHIT!" I kicked it hard just as the rift opened. We were all thrown backwards as the devise exploded and suddenly it was night time. I didn't really care though. "She shoots and it's a goal people! Sam wins the world cup." I stopped myself congratulating when I noticed everyone staring at me. Gwen no longer in hand cuffs, and john appeared to be about to leave through the rift. "What are you lot staring at?"

John Hart laughed and kissed me before ducking out the way of my fist. Pushing some buttons on his wrist he stepped into the rift leaving a parting message for jack.

"Oh by the way. I've found grey."


Jack stood dazed for a few minutes before shaking himself and speaking, looking at his fancy wrist watch / vortex manipulator.

"OK people we have gone back 24 hrs. so we need to go somewhere to avoid ourselves. Don't want to cause a paradox." I tried to slip away unnoticed but was spotted. I stood with my hands on my hips trying to look innocent.


OMG they were pointing guns at me again. This is getting really boring.

"You are coming with us, and this time you will be answering question."

I lost my temper.

"OK fine. You want me to answer your bloody questions I will. Never mind I saved your lives more times than I can count, no you want answers." I deflated and slumped forwards. "You can all come back to my flat, at least then you won't run into yourselves and I will answer some of your question." Jack looked like he wanted to disagree so I held up a hand to silence him. "I'm only answering some of your question Captain Harkness. It's not time for you to know something's. Take it or leave it."

Weather it was the fact I looked bad tempered or the fact I had sprouted a tail and ears again, Jack agreed, and I silently led the way to my flat. This was one conversation I was not looking forward to having. I was going to have to reveal how I knew the doctor. I could feel it.