AN: Without further ado, the epilogue.

"This is absolutely ridiculous."

Julian checked his phone for the third time in a minute and huffed loudly. He folded his arms across his chest and tapped his foot desperately while looking at the cashier and the other two people before him in line. Don't get him wrong, he was all for nice and chatty baristas that always welcome you with an abnormal smile for seven am on a Monday, but there was a limit, and the lady at the head of the line telling the girl in the counter about how she found out yesterday that she was pregnant with a little girl and she didn't know whether she should name her Charlie or Maia and that she wasn't even supposed to have coffee so "just an orange juice, thank you –hey, what d'you think of Rose?" was pushing that limit. And Julian couldn't snap because to do so you need to be awake and he hadn't had his coffee yet because the lady was now talking about Charlie or Maia or Rose or Tracy's college fund with the college girl that was, Julian wouldn't be surprised, about to take out a Washington University pamphlet and tell the woman how that was her best choice.

But he was Julian Larson Armstrong, one of Hollywood's most charming actors, and this was his first day of shooting a movie in almost a year. Paparazzi were everywhere looking for him and he wasn't planning on yelling at a twenty-something year old and a pregnant woman on his first day. No, this was his comeback. There was no way he was going to mess this up.

There were already other people behind him, the coffee shop was getting crowded and the streets were slowly coming back to life. The lady finally paid for the orange juice and he was one step closer to his cup of coffee until the blond guy in front of him got a phone call and he decided it'd be wise to take it while still in line and still not having ordered his coffee.

Julian took a deep breath and counted to ten in his head but it was all in vain. "I'm Julian Larson, why am I even waiting in line?" He muttered a bit too loud and looked at his phone one more time.

"Still a primadonna, I see."

The voice sent shivers down his spine and as soon as he was able to, he turned around slowly to meet a pair of green eyes that were looking at him in amusement. "Julian," the guy greeted with a nod.

He didn't need coffee anymore. "Logan." He cleared up his throat, stuck out his chest and looked down on him. "Should I call this a coincidence or plain stalking?" A smirk.

Logan laughed and stared at him for a while. Julian hadn't changed since the last time they saw each other but somehow he seemed different. "I've been in Seattle for a couple days now. There's a congress and I'm supposed to speak in twenty minutes but that guy over there is ruining my perfectly fitted schedule." Julian muttered his agreement and watched as Logan walked up to the other blond and shared with him some words before the guy waved him off, asked for a black coffee to go and then threw a ten, still focused on the phone call.

He thought of a million of creative insults to use on that guy but decided against it. Instead, he put on his best smile for a Monday morning and approached the counter where Logan was talking in a hushed tone with the barista. The actor cleared his throat loudly, made his order in less than fifteen seconds –like normal people –and saw Logan out of the corner of his eye. "Aren't you gonna order anything?"

"Already did. Thanks for inviting, by the way." After a second, he couldn't help but smile and shake his head at the blond while handing his credit card to the girl who was pretending her excitement was because she loved working on Monday mornings and not because Julian Larson was standing in front of her. After he paid for his coffee and Logan's they walked to a side in silence and stood there until their orders were ready.

"Listen, I have to… –"

"Yeah, me…–" And they stared awkwardly at the door.

Julian chuckled and was about to say something until he realized Logan was already waiting for him with the door open. He gulped back his words, stepped outside and said goodbye to Logan with a nod, turning to the opposite way the blond was heading.

Five steps later something made him stop, turn and frown.

"You know, I paid your coffee." He called out loud and Logan stopped too and faced him with a curious look. "It is only fair for you to pay for my dinner, say, tonight?"

Nothing was more mesmerizing than Logan's mischievous eyes and smile. He walked up to the brunet, pursed his lips looking amused and let out a long breath. "Fair enough. For a five-dollar coffee," he regarded at the Styrofoam cup in consideration, "we can go to Burger King, how 'bout that?"

He rolled his eyes in response. "How about a fancy place and then I'll pay the difference with a less fancy place another time?"

Logan tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. "Julian Larson, are you asking me out on, not just one, but two dates?" Julian narrowed his eyes and took a sip of his coffee.

"A chance of a lifetime, take it or leave it. I'm staying at the Westin."

They stood in silence for a while unaware of the people and the noises and the time that was passing though.

"I'll pick you up at eight."

And he was there at eight o'clock.

Julian made him wait fifteen minutes.

But it was worth it.

AN: And I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single one of you that has even considered reading this fic that has cost me blood and tears and a lot of feels. Also, a shoutout to my lovelydovely beta Chiara who is djhbfoduhfodumrmw and I love her for being with me whenever I needed someone. That's it, folks. I finished this story and I still have 19 for a couple more hours so I feel accomplished. Thank you so so much if you're reading this. I love you all. Have a really fantastic life, my dears.