So been watching Haruhi (Movie), watching Let's Plays of Chrono Trigger and Futurama before sleeping and came up with this... Spoliers for ep 1-10.

Let's flip a coin and see what DID NOT happen should the outcome of the episodes we seen changed.

Humor induced chapter coming Friday.

The bespecaled mess looked through the ruins of a once ignorant city.

What was left was now as empty as her world.

She laid there looking in pain but at peace since she would no longer awaken. And that's what made it all the worse, she would never awaken to see her again, the one she protected and loved and stole nights with just to be normal with her.

She remembered back to the first time they met and the adventures that happened after. Yet if she were to make a wish it would undo her work that caused her to save the planet. A planet which would not remember, a planet that thought this was just a natural disaster.

She looked around and found the other savior, whose face was ripped off, due to the gravel, was lying there like she had been crucified but at least Mami Tomoe wouldn't suffer some other horrendous fate.

Homura looked back towards Madoka with tears falling like waterfalls and lifted the body. She wasn't strong but she wanted to at least return her home. Along the way the rat joined her and she told it to go away. It complied and left the city altogether, but like a coin toss, the chances of this happening never happened.

She didn't track it down at the mall, instead she just went and started to plan her attack on Walprigus Night. She carefully planted enough bombs at structural weak points as well as carefully not to leave behind any trace of her DNA on things she stole from the military or yakuza.

When that was done she checked up on her best friend, she was safe, she didn't meet Mami Tomoe and she was ignorant of the other world but of course, like most things in history, it was what could have been.

Mami died yet again, or would have had it not been Homura there to help her.

She attached a bomb to some cheese and as soon as it was about to eat it, she got herself and Mami behind a protective barrier and as the grief seed fell, she gave it to Mami. Or she would have, had it not been for her cold personality.

They were there to throw down and that's what Madoka just did. She threw Sayaka's egg down the bridge and it shattered.

Kyouko didn't stay in town and Madoka became a mess but Homura opened up to her but like a miscarriage, what the baby could have been will never be known.

Madoka held Sayaka's Soul Gem as hostage.

She ordered for the blue haired girl to face her own idealogies and make her confront the boy she loved. She became fluestered and refused.

Homura pulled out a standard handgun and held it to her throat.

"Do as she says or so someone help me, I will make sure you never speak to anyone ever again." She said coldly and with a stare that had EVERY intention to pull the trigger.

So the four, well five since the rat was on Homura's shoulder, to the violinist's house.

She confronted him outside while the others were around the corner, they couldn't hear what was happening but thanks to the two magical girls' superior hearing they got the gist of it.

"He doesn't like her for her immaturity and says he is not her property." Kyouko said slowly.

"She showed him the soul gem." Homura said.

The distinct sound of a shatter made all of them come out of their hiding places.

Sayaka was dead and the boy told her that she was a yandere freak.

She died like Mami did, betrayed by what she knew. This sadly would actually happen, with or without her confronting him.

Her soul gem was thrown off the bridge. It landed safely on a truck. Homura ran to get it.

She would get tired since her power needed some time to work after time was frozen, yet she got to the truck and climbed it.

She held the gem to eye level and shot it. No one needed her immaturity or grief around, plus she knew what would happen to her, had she been alive.

She convinced the others that when the truck went up a ramp, it fell and was shattered when another car drove over it.

Kyouko, left town and Homura and Madoka got closer but ultimately, she contracted again and Homura left before she could see the results.

Madoka knew that what Homura wanted and this wasn't it and cried that she left her alone.

A single tear was shed as was a bullet and Miki Sayaka ceased to be.

Kyouko never saw Homura.

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