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My theory is that she stole the original witches and converted them with her power into her minions and the witches the girls fight in the anime are just copies of the originals, meaning they are familiars.

2009, Feburary 15th

For a young girl with a plain simple dark blue dress that contrasted with her pale skin, young Robin had moved to New York with her parents. Her hazel eyes explored the city and it's heights. Her short brown hair was curly and danced in the wind as though it was calling her and wanted to lead her to a secret place.

With them were performers whom had been with the family for about 5 years each with their unique talent(s).

A man with a luchadora mask could headbutt a bullet and live. A bishie clown could drive a clown car using only his feet and a girl could do double-dutch while the ropes were on fire jumped using her hands.

Robin's specialty had been hanging upside down on the trapieze while laughing and juggling 3 balls.

To most that would seem...Odd but it is a circus to an audience and children it was like...Magic. To not have your blood rush instantly to your face like that...

Many came to see her and her parents, whom were acrobats that juggled objects back and forth to each other over a slowly increasing distance.

When they were done, they would jump into the air and land in the thick rope net on their feet, like cats from a high building.

Out of the corner of her eye, Robin saw an odd cat by the exit and entrance of the ring.

One of the bearded ladies off hairy plushies?

This one had a moving tail. Red eyes, rings on it's back and 2 sets of ears with earrings around it. Those earrings defied gravity as much as she did.

She kept up her juggling act and it turned it's head towards her.

The clown car seemed to have ran over it but she saw it was perfectly fine. It had not moved.

Maybe it was just her imagination?

The audience gasped and some stood up.

A snap was heard and two performers fell to the floor.

Ribs pierced the lungs and heart and with one last gasp, tear filled eyes tried to reach up to their upside down daughter.

The odd creature with red eyes cleaned it's mouth of rope.

The police came and Robin had been watched by the other performers.

They were to watch her and she looked at the floor in broken silence.

Time passed but words fell deaf to her.

She looked up and saw lights and men in blue but her eyes darted to the ambulence.

She broke out into a run towards the two body bags that were once her parents but was restrained.

She gave up fighting and dropped to her knees.

Her voice came back to her and it was raw, gutteral and heart-breaking.

Not even the siren of the ambulence leaving could drown it out.

She awoke the next morning in her bed and went to her parent's room, next to her's in the trailer.

It was empty.

She stayed in there and cried herself to sleep. She was told to grieve through practice, she knew that crying wouldn't bring them back or improve her skill, it was a waste of time.

She sighed and got into position.

She opened her eyes and started to scream as soon as she saw the net.

With the recent loss a surge of visitors came in to watch and tried to talk to the girl but the other performers could only take money as a form of thanks for visiting.

Some pocketed the money and others gave it to the girl but she blankly looked at it and rejected it with a nod.

Practice for everyone turned from horrible to worse.

The girl who could jump rope crushed her bones in her hand and got burnt scars, the man who could headbutt a bullet didn't check his gun to see that it had been replaced with a real one and the man who could drive with his feet didn't check to see if his brakes worked and was hospitilized after driving into a wall.

If Kyubey could laugh at their foolishness, he would.

April 23rd

With injuries and losses happening the group had to post-pone shows and it lead to internal arguments and blaming of others for the screw ups.

While all this happened Robin stayed in her parent's room.

The group was soon forgotten by the media and their fans and crumbled.

Soon only the ring leader, a man with a purple top hat, purple suit, orange ascot, a silver stop-watch, purple pants and a was left to care for Robin and found her staring at a net in a shed where they kept their supplies.

He sighed.

"Robin...I've known you since you were an infant. When you first rode a bike and stumbled it took you two years again before you mastered it and rode it on a string. You befriended a bear after it tried to claw at you and ended up saving it from becoming put down for good."

The 12 year old turned and recognized him.

It had been a few weeks since she last saw him.

To him she looked paler and her face more vertical, she barely ate. He nodded and held out his hand to her.

"Let's eat."

She slowly ate her waffles in the old-style diner but she toyed with the knife and fork as though she didn't know how to use them.

The ringmaster looked worried and knew that babying her would not help her case and coughed.

"Robin. I was wondering, I am leaving the business and-"

The knife flew at him and he dodged with a bored expression on his face.

"Don't leave us." She said.

"My dear...The others have left us. They know that we are a lost cause."

She stabbed her waffles hard, a scraping noise was made which drew attention from everyone eating or taking orders nearby."

"I can make this work, I just need time."

He nodded.

"I came to give you this." He pulled a will out of his sleeve.

"Alfred...What is this?" She saying eyeing the half folded paper.

"Your parents left this for you and you can read this later."

He handed it to her.

"I will give you until next week before I leave, if you come with me than your life will be normal, if you stay than I will call social service to pick you up."

She didn't nod, she looked at the paper.

She chose to stay and was now in charge of the circus.

Her parents left her nothing it was just a lie Alfred created to get her to come out of her room.

It was his deed to the business.

She sat in the audience and looked at the messy ring.

"I...I wish to have a grand stage, one that will have everyone in the world come and see. I wish to be powerful and defy physics so that what happened to my parents won't happen to me..." She said aloud.

She closed her eyes and laughed at her inability to coup with her situation, she should have gone with him.

"Do you really mean that Robin Grayson?"

She opened her eyes and was startled by the red eyed plushie she saw the night of her parent's death.

She was physically taken back and pulled on it's ears to check if it was real.

"If you make a contract with me, I can fulfill your dreams."

"...I want to have the greatest show ever and the world will be my stage."

It's eye's shown with glee as a soul gem in the shape of an egg appeared in front of her.

It was as blue as her dress and filled with a light grey fluid.

She would have screamed but she had felt worse pain before so she grabbed it and wondered what had changed by stepping outside.

April 30th

At first the tent was lifeless and dirty but soon people remembered after a few hours (almost 2 days) and came by to help clean it up.

She was the only performer but it didn't matter to her audience, it was like she hypnotized them and they laughed and cheered and loved her.

Kyubey, from the same entrance as before, let Robin have her "victory."

She would never know about witches and with her grand wish, he could seek out more girls who would try to take her down when she matured into a witch.

Check and mate he thought as she used her magic carelessly to do some physic breaking flips.

If she used too much magic for another show his quota would closer to completion and he could fight entropy.

A.N: I couldn't think of anything for W.N. besides wanting the whole world to be her stage (No barrier) so that she would be highly acclaimed but after a poor review (Where the reporter would say it was all strings and wires), which she doesn't take well (tries to prove with magic but than Kyubey mentally tells her that; her audience are like zombies and they just come to watch because of Robin's magic) turning witch which destroys Russia (Where I originally was going to have her located for the whole Witch Night Celebration since it's European based.)

From there she would move slowly across the globe, and destroy major countries and continents (save Antarctica), for a year until she got to Japan where she would face Madoka and Mami for the first time.