A Little Tied Up – Part 10/10
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Disclaimer: The characters totally belong to JK Rowling; I don't make any profit from this.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit adult content
Word count: around 4400 for this chapter
Summary: Draco faces the Slytherins and other loose ends are tied up.

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Harry was dragged into reluctant wakefulness by the sound a throat being cleared rather insistently. He gradually became aware that he was cradling a warm body in his arms and that his nose was being tickled by silky blonde hair. The throat clearing reached a crescendo. Harry opened his eyes and lifted his head to meet the raised eyebrows and decidedly frosty glare of Madam Pomfrey.

"Mr Potter," she said, "would you care to explain yourself?"

Harry blushed, "I'm sorry..." he paused, grabbed his wand and swiftly disabled the Silencing Charm that surrounded the bed and tried again. "I'm sorry Madam Pomfrey. I just couldn't bear not to be here when he woke up. There were things that we needed to talk about."

"I can imagine," she said dryly. "So how has he been?"

"He woke in the night and was okay," Harry blushed at the recollection of what they had managed to get up to, despite Draco's injuries. "He said he was a bit sore, but not too bad."

Draco stirred in his arms and winced, opening his eyes.

"Oh, good morning Madam Pomfrey," he said smoothly, sounding as if he was being presented to her at a garden party, rather than being caught in bed with Harry in the school hospital wing. Harry suppressed a chuckle at Draco's perfect pure blood manners. He wasn't sure they were going to help him much in this situation.

"Mr Malfoy," she glanced suspiciously from one to the other for a moment, then rallied briskly. "So, how are you feeling?"

"I've felt better, but honestly not that bad. My head hurts and I'm aching all over but I don't think it's anything that a pain draught won't fix."

"Well I need to examine you properly, so perhaps Mr Potter had better return to his House now."

"Okay, sorry again, Madam Pomfrey." Harry kissed Draco awkwardly on the cheek and slid out of the bed.

Madam Pomfrey smiled at him. "You can pop back to see him again after breakfast if you like."

Harry beamed as he turned to go. "Thanks, I will. See you later, Draco."


The day dragged for both of them. Draco knew that Harry wanted to spend as much time as he could up in the hospital wing, but he was constrained by the busy Hogwarts timetable. Skipping a lesson to sit with Draco wasn't an option, unless he wanted to lose Gryffindor rather a lot of house points.

As well as visiting after breakfast, Harry also popped in at lunchtime, after lessons and after dinner. They just sat, curled up on Draco's bed and talked and laughed together, enjoying each other's company. Draco realised that before his accident they had rarely had the opportunity to spend much time together. They probably talked more that day than they had ever done before and it only made him even more sure of his feelings for Harry.

After dinner Madam Pomfrey did a last examination of Draco's head and ribs and decided that he could go back to his House that evening. She left him with a potion for the pain, to use only if he needed it and instructed him to report back to her tomorrow for another check-up.

Draco left the sanctuary of the hospital wing with mixed feelings. He was looking forward to getting back to his usual routine, but was more than a little nervous about facing his friends. He knew Pansy was going to be okay from what Harry had said, but Blaise was another matter entirely. However Malfoys didn't shy away from confrontation and frankly Blaise could fuck off if he didn't like the situation; Draco wouldn't be giving Harry up for anyone.

When Draco entered the Slytherin common room, Blaise was lurking by the fireplace with Theo and a few other boys. Blaise glared and the others just stared. Then he caught sight of Pansy on the sofa. He felt relief as she gave him a blazing smile and leapt up, hurrying over to hug him.

"Oh, sorry, darling!" she released him carefully as he flinched, "still sore?"

"Yeah, a bit," he rubbed his ribs ruefully and grinned.

"Now then," she frowned and put her hands on her hips. "What's all this with you and Potter then? I want details please. I can't believe you managed to keep a secret like that. It's obviously serious, so spill the beans!"

Draco rolled his eyes, acutely aware that Blaise was listening to every word of their conversation.

"I'm not giving you gory details Pansy, but yes, it is serious." His eyes flicked up to Blaise and saw that he was watching intently. "It's been going on for about three weeks." He raised his voice a little, "I have Blaise to thank for getting us together actually."

Blaise's eyes flew wide open in shock and confusion.

"What the fuck? What are you talking about?" He approached them, looking angry.

"Remember that day when you played that little trick on me in the Quidditch showers?" Draco smirked as Blaise's eyes flickered in understanding. "Well luckily for me, Harry was in full saviour mode that day... and went rather beyond the call of duty, if you know what I mean."

Pansy was looking from one boy to the other with her eyebrows raised. "Draco, darling, you have to fill me in on these details! Quidditch showers? Heroic rescues? It sounds fascinating." She giggled in delight.

Draco watched Blaise warily, tension crackled between them. A muscle clenched in the dark boy's jaw. Draco knew him well enough to see just how furious he was, although he hid it well.

"Well I don't know what in Salazar's name you see in him," he curled his lip in disgust, "that hair, and those ludicrous glasses and stupid baggy clothes!"

"I happen to love his hair," Draco replied mildly, "and the glasses grow on you. Plus he has an utterly gorgeous body once you take those clothes off." He smiled and raised an eyebrow suggestively, enjoying Blaise's obvious discomfort. "Oh – and Blaise?" he leaned in close and spoke quietly. "He's also a far better shag than you ever were." Draco knew this was a low blow but he'd had enough of Blaise's insults.

Blaise clenched his fists and ground his teeth. "Well don't come crawling back to me when he gets over his gay crisis and dumps you for some Gryffindor girl," he spat in fury. "I wouldn't want your cock anywhere near me after it's been up a filthy half-blood's arse!"

Before he knew what he was doing, Draco swung at Blaise and his fist connected with the other boy's jaw in a sickening crunch. Neither had time to reach for their wands as Blaise fell to the floor with Draco on top of him, hands twisting in the robes at Blaise's throat. Blaise gasped and struggled but Draco had him pinned. He pushed his face close and fixed Blaise with an unblinking steel-grey glare.

"Don't you ever fucking dare to speak about my boyfriend like that again, or I will hex your arse with suppurating boils that nothing will ever cure!" He shook Blaise for emphasis and the dark boy gasped for breath as the grip on his neck constricted his airway. "Is that clear?" Draco waited. "I said, is that fucking clear?"

Blaise nodded, a tiny movement but it was enough for Draco. He released Blaise and stood, panting and shaking out his hand. As the adrenaline cleared from his system he realised he might have injured it when he punched Blaise. Totally worth it though, he thought. Madame Pomfrey could sort it out for him tomorrow when he went back for his check up.

As he turned to walk away, Blaise spoke again.

"I don't think your parents are going to be too happy about this," his voice was cruel. "The Malfoy heir involved with a half-blood, who won't even be able to give them an heir. You do realise that they are going to find out about this don't you? Sooner rather than later I imagine."

Draco turned back and shrugged calmly. "Of course they will, but rather than give you the satisfaction, I'll be sending them an owl myself before I go to bed tonight." He felt a flare of triumph as Blaise finally turned away, defeated.


Harry was getting his arse kicked by Ron at a game of Wizard chess, when he felt his communication slate buzz in his pocket. Conceding the game, he made a quick excuse about being tired and took himself up to the dormitory. Once the curtains around his bed were spelled shut he pulled the slate out.

Can I come and see you tonight?

Harry frowned in confusion before replying: Do you mean come here? To Gryffindor?

Why not? I have the Invisibility Cloak and it makes no sense you risking being caught when there's no need. I can sneak in. I already know the password after all.

Harry flushed and grinned at the memory of that night.

OK then, he replied. I'm going to bed shortly, so come as soon as you can.

Harry quickly brushed his teeth and got ready for bed, tingling with anticipation, knowing that Draco would be with him soon. He curled up in bed. His cock was already half hard with anticipation but he resisted the urge to touch it, knowing that it would better when Draco's hands and mouth were on him later.

Although he was tired he couldn't sleep, and wasn't in the mood for reading, so he just lay still and let his mind drift over the amazing events of the last few weeks. He smiled, enjoying the warmth of real, true happiness that he had so rarely felt in his life. His childhood had been so devoid of love and affection and, although he valued his friendships highly, they just didn't compare to the feelings that he had for Draco. Harry had never really loved, and been loved in return before and it was a wonderful feeling.

He heard the sounds of his dorm mates shuffling in and getting ready for bed, but had left his curtains closed as he didn't feel like chatting. Eventually the lights dimmed and it was mostly silent apart from the occasional sound of a body shifting or a bed-spring creaking. Harry heard the almost imperceptible sound of the dormitory door open and close and sat up, his heart thudding in excitement. Just as the curtains around his bed were parted by invisible hands he heard a voice whisper.

"Harry? Is that you? Where have you been?"

Harry realised with horror that it was Ron speaking, having assumed that the person under the Invisibility Cloak was Harry. As Draco drew the curtains wider, Harry could see Ron, sitting up in bed, his wand brightly lit. He was looking in confusion at Harry seated in his bed, while the curtains continued to move seemingly of their own accord.

"What's going on?" Ron sounded alarmed. "Who's that?"

"Shhhh! It's okay Ron," Harry hissed. "Everything's fine."

Ron's eyes nearly popped out of his head as Draco slipped the hood of the cloak off and his disembodied head swam into view.

"Good evening, Weasley," he smirked. "Don't mind me. I'm just paying Harry a visit."

Ron's face turned that particular shade of scarlet that clashed horribly with his hair. He gulped like a stranded fish and stared in horror at them both.

"Oh Merlin, seriously? He's staying the night?" Ron's voice rose to a strangled squawk.

"Shut up, Ron!" Harry whispered forcefully. "Yes he's staying the night, but it's not the first time he's done it, so just pretend he's not here."

"Not... not the first time?" Ron looked even more scandalised.

"Don't worry, Weasley," Draco grinned. "Harry is extremely good at Silencing Spells, honestly. You won't hear him begging for my cock at all, not even in the slightest."

Harry snorted, he couldn't help himself.

"Oh... that is just way too much information!" Ron grimaced and shook his head, "Obliviate me now, please!"

"Goodnight, Ron," Harry said firmly. He reached to pull Draco onto his bed and spelled the curtains firmly closed, casting his usual Silencing Charm before collapsing back on the bed and laughing.

"You're evil," he chided.

"He'll get over it," Draco said lightly.

Draco knelt and let the Invisibility Cloak fall off his shoulders. Harry's eyes slid over him, taking in the charcoal grey silk pyjamas that lay fluidly over his long, lean limbs. Harry looked up at bright blonde hair that fell over the chiselled features and met grey eyes that he used to think were cold. Now they glowed with a warmth that was all for him. Harry smiled, almost shyly and Draco's lips curved in response.

Harry reached for him and pulled Draco down for a kiss, but broke off before they got carried away.

"So," he said, cupping Draco's jaw and looking at him intently. "How did it go with your friends?"

Draco grimaced, "pretty much as I expected really. Most of them are just avoiding the issue but they'll get used to it eventually. Pansy's cool about it, but keeps badgering me for details which I'm not going to give her." He grinned.

"And Blaise?"

"Yes, well... he's not a happy bunny, especially after I decked him in front of everyone else when he insulted you." He showed Harry his bruised hand.

"Draco!" Harry protested. "You shouldn't have done that on my account. I don't give a shit what Blaise says about me."

"Yeah well, what can I say? I came over all protective and lost my temper. I think he'll leave us alone now though. He threatened to tell my parents about us but I took the wind out of his sails by telling him that I was going to do that anyway."

"And are you?" Harry's eyes flew wide.

"I've already done it," Draco replied. "I sent an owl this evening. I doubt they'll crack open the champagne or invite you over for Christmas dinner this year, but they'll get used to it."

"Bloody hell!" Harry rolled onto his back and looked up at the canopy of the bed above him. "I hope so."

"It's not really that long until we're both of age anyway, so there would be no point in them kicking up a fuss now, would there?" Draco waited and when Harry didn't respond he rolled over and lay over him with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "So if we're done talking now, how about we test out that Silencing Charm?"

Harry grinned and nodded, reaching to undo the buttons on Draco's silk pyjama top. He released them all and helped to pull it off. Draco started to slide Harry's t-shirt up and Harry half sat up to help him, wriggling out of it awkwardly. Once that was also tossed aside they kissed each other hungrily, enjoying the feeling of skin on skin as their hands explored each other's bodies. Then Draco was impatiently shoving down Harry's boxers, while simultaneously attempting to wriggle out of his pyjama bottoms.

"Oh bollocks," Draco broke away from the kiss in frustration. "It's just too damn hard to undress and snog at the same time, but I want you naked now!"

He yanked Harry's boxers down, disposed of his pyjama trousers and breathed a sigh of relief into Harry's mouth as he straddled Harry and ground their cocks together. Harry gasped at the sensation and slid his hands down Draco's smooth back to pull his hips in even closer.

Draco shifted, moving lower over Harry's body, teasing his way down his neck and torso in a wet trail of licks and kisses. When he reached Harry's cock he paused and studied it, it twitched under his perusal and Draco chuckled.

"Eager, hmm? Luckily for you I can't wait to taste you."

He circled the base of Harry's cock tightly with one hand and held it away from his body. Torturously slowly, he licked his lips until they were shiny wet. As he lowered his mouth towards Harry's aching cock he looked up through dark lashes.

Draco's tongue flickered out and tasted the wetness at the tip, making Harry moan and clench the sheets in his fists, trying to resist the urge to grab the other boy's head and force it down. Then as the wet heat of Draco's mouth enveloped the head of his cock he nearly lost it. The Slytherin seemed to realise how close Harry was to coming already and tightened his grip around the base of his cock. He proceeded to torture Harry deliciously, focusing all his attention on the sensitive head, teasing the slit with his tongue and swirling it around.

Despite his efforts to be gentle, Harry's hands soon found their way into Draco's hair and he wound them into the silky strands, urging him to take his cock deeper. Please Draco, more... please... I can't...

Draco released his grip on the base of Harry's prick and swallowed him deep in one swift movement. Harry felt Draco's throat contract, squeezing the head of his cock and he was lost. His hips lifted off the bed and he came, pulsing out his release as Draco swallowed around him.

Draco pulled off and licked his lips. His face was flushed, hair rumpled from Harry's hands and his eyes glittered. His cock was hard and wet.

"Merlin, you're beautiful," Draco gazed down at Harry who sprawled beneath him, boneless with pleasure. "I want to be inside you so much."

Harry smiled lazily and spread his legs wider in invitation, watching Draco's eyes darken as they moved down his body. The Slytherin muttered a wandless Lubrication Spell and pressed just one slick finger against Harry's entrance.

Despite his obvious arousal, Draco seemed determined to take things slowly. He maintained a gentle teasing pressure against Harry's hole with his finger, while his other hand raked slowly up and down Harry's thighs, his fingernails tickling the hairs deliciously. Harry hummed in pleasure and felt his spent cock start to take an interest again. Almost imperceptibly slowly the finger started to move, just tapping gently and teasing in tiny circles until Harry was biting his lip and pushing down against it, wanting more.

"Is that good, Harry?" Draco murmured, watching him intently. "Do you want my finger inside you?"

"Fuck... yes!" Harry hissed, then gasped as he felt Draco probe inside, curling his finger carefully.

Draco fucked him slowly with that one finger, sliding it in and out relentlessly. His other hand was still caressing Harry's thighs but not moving any higher.

"More! Please... I need more!" Harry moaned, driven mad with need by the gentleness of Draco's movements. His prick lay hard against his belly, aching to be touched.

He was rewarded by a second finger sliding in carefully to join the first and Draco increased the speed of the movements just slightly, pushing his fingers in and out, gradually loosening the tight ring of muscle. He curved them up to brush against Harry's prostate making him arch and reach for his cock, but Draco batted his hand away.

"Not yet!"

"Please, Draco..." Harry's voice was desperate. "I need your cock inside me. I'm close again already. Please!"

"I know," Draco smiled, "I can always tell." He removed his fingers and finally lined his cock up at Harry's slick hole. He leaned over and claimed Harry's lips in a searching, passionate kiss as he slid carefully inside. The dual sensations of Draco's tongue moving in his mouth, combined with the delicious stretch of his cock in Harry's arse nearly sent Harry over the edge. He wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling him close until there was no space between them and kissed him back as if his life depended on it. Draco rocked their hips together and Harry clenched around him, wanting to pull him in, devour him.

Eventually they broke the kiss, but Draco only drew back enough so that he could look into Harry's eyes as he started to move. Harry gazed back, losing himself in molten silver, as every painfully slow thrust brought him closer to the brink. Nothing about Draco was hurried today and Harry could tell that he needed it to be like this, gentle, timeless, languid.

Harry slid his hands over Draco's warm back, slippery with sweat. He moved down and gripped his buttocks, feeling them clench and release as he pushed slowly in and out of Harry's body.

"I love you so much," Draco whispered, his eyes bright.

Harry was beyond speaking but replied with a shuddering breath and a glowing smile, digging his fingers harder into Draco's arse.

Harry could see that Draco was close now, his eyes were glazed and his breath coming in rough gasps. Finally Draco reached between their bodies and wrapped his hand around Harry's cock.

"Now... please..."

He slid his hand up, squeezing and Harry let go. He kept looking into Draco's silver-grey eyes as the heat of his orgasm rushed through him and his cock throbbed and spilled between them. He felt his arse spasm around Draco's cock and watched as he finally tensed above him. Draco groaned and bit his lip, never taking his eyes from Harry's as he bucked his hips and pushed in deep as he came.

Harry felt oddly vulnerable, as if he had shared some part of himself that no one had ever seen before. He smiled awkwardly, then whispered,

"I love you too."

Draco grinned, breaking the tension and kissed him softly before rolling off and collapsing beside him, one arm thrown over Harry's chest.

Exhausted and sated, Harry had just enough presence of mind to reach for his wand and clean them up, before they pulled up the covers and sank into blissful sleep together.


In the morning Draco reluctantly tore himself away from a warm, still-sleeping Harry. Leaving a conjured note on the pillow, he used the Invisibility Cloak to get back to his House undetected. He had plenty of time to shower and get dressed before breakfast.

Pansy found him in the common room and they walked up to breakfast together. The other boys were still treating him rather warily so he was grateful for her support.

He caught Harry's eye over his cup of coffee as the Gryffindor entered. Draco smirked as he noted that Harry obviously hadn't had time for a shower. His hair clearly looked as though he'd been fucked thoroughly the night before and hadn't seen a comb since. Draco smiled at him and felt a thrill of happiness as Harry grinned back and lifted a hand in greeting, ignoring the interested looks of half the other Hogwarts students. It felt good not having to hide anymore.

When the post owls arrived Draco braced himself and breathed a sigh of relief as a large cream envelope landed on his plate. Not a howler then at least.

Pansy squeezed his arm sympathetically as he broke the Malfoy seal and slid the thick parchment carefully out. It was from his mother rather than his father, that wasn't too surprising. He imagined that his father might not be ready to communicate with him for a little while.

Dear Draco

I confess that your father and I were shocked to find that you are in a 'relationship', as you called it with another boy. Having said that, we appreciate your honesty in telling us yourself and accept that as you are nearly an adult now, your choices are your own.

We are both a little concerned about what your preferences may mean in the future, as regards a Malfoy heir. However, even if you end up bonded to a male partner in the future, there are ways and means of ensuring that the Malfoy line continues.

As for your current choice of partner, he may not be a pure blood but the Wizarding world certainly has a lot of respect for the Potter boy. Your father remains unconvinced, but I believe that you could do a lot worse.

Yours affectionately


Draco read and re-read the letter, then folded it and put it in his pocket. He turned to put Pansy out of her misery, who was drumming her fingers impatiently on the table beside him.

"Well that's about the best I could hope for really," he shrugged. "She's worried about the heir thing of course – she'll probably be asking you to be a surrogate in a few years time."

He chuckled as Pansy slapped his arm and shrieked in horror.

"Sod off! No way are you using me as an incubator for your and Potter's love child!"

"Right, now I'm going to go and break the good news to Harry."

Draco stood and strode purposefully over to the Gryffindor table. Harry looked up in surprise as he approached. All the eyes in the Great Hall turned to watch the scene that was unfolding.

When Draco reached the Gryffindor table he grinned at Harry then addressed the others at the table.

"Any chance you can squeeze up a bit so I can sit next to my boyfriend?" he smiled sweetly as their jaws dropped as one.

They shuffled over, staring at him as if he was some unpredictable, wild beast who had wandered in from the Forbidden Forest to sit at their table.

"Thank you so much." Draco slid in beside Harry and turned to him. "I just wanted to tell you that I've had a letter from my mother and they're fine about everything. Well...sort of, so I won't be immediately transferred to Durmstrang or anything like that."

Harry smiled. "Well, that's a relief!"

Draco leaned in and whispered in his ear. "And while everyone's watching us, I thought it might be a good time to get this out of the way so they can all get over it."

Draco pulled back, smiled gently then moved in again, pressing his mouth to Harry's. The Gryffindor froze for a moment in shock but then parted his lips, slid his arms around the Slytherin's neck and kissed him thoroughly, oblivious to the crescendo of gasps and giggles that exploded around them.

"Merlin, Harry, put him down! People are trying to eat here!" Ron complained loudly.

"Oh, shut it Ron," Harry pulled his lips away long enough to mutter. "Can't you see I'm a little tied up at the moment?" He threw himself back into the warmth of Draco's kiss.


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