Rich Steele unto Mary Scurlock

'My loved creature,

I write this only to bid you good-night and assure you of my diligence in the matter I told you of.

You may assure yourself I value you according to your merit which is saying that you have my heart by all the ties of beauty, virtue, good nature and friendship. I find by the progress I have made to-night, that I shall do my business effectually in two days' time. Write me word you are in good humour which will be the highest pleasure to your obliged husband,

Rich. Steele

I shall want some linen from your house tomorrow.'

No Turning Back

It had been a week since Edward and I had had our moment. I was having the greatest time. He had driven us to Florence for a few of days. We had already been there 2 days and were staying at the Hotel Calzaiuoli. He was taking me out to dinner this night, to the Ristorante la Giostra. It was very beautiful inside.

'Edward, you really didn't have to do this.' I smiled.

'I wanted to though.' He took my hands in his, smiling at me.

Our moment was disturbed by the waiter.

'Posso prendere il tuo ordine?'

'Sì, avrò l'insalata di astice su La Giostra, e lei avrà...' He gestured towards me.

'La carbonara di tartufo bianco d'Alba?'

'Very well said.' Edward winked at me.

I smiled.

'Si, e per il vino?'

'La tua migliore.' The waiter nodded, smiling and walked off.

'You sound very sexy speaking Italian.' I complimented.

Edward chuckled. 'So do you.' I blushed.

'Was it good?'

'Excellent. You did well.'

'Thank goodness!'

He took my hands again, bringing one up to his lips. He kissed it gently, looking at me with so much love in his eyes. He brought them down on the table again and started rubbing them between his fingers.

The night went by pleasantly. That was until we got back to the hotel. His arm was around my waist while we walked back to the room, but it seemed he was impatient. He pushed against the wall right outside our room, bringing my wrists up next to my face. His fingers entangled with mine and he kissed me.

'Edward, we should get inside first.' He let go, but as I took out the key and tried to open the door, he kissed my neck. I shivered with delight, letting a small moan escape my mouth. If he could do that to me by just kissing my neck, I became excited at the thought of what else was in store for me tonight. It put me off for a few seconds and he noticed so stopped for a moment.

I opened the door to the room very quickly, wrapping my legs around his waist. I thanked my head for choosing to wear a knee-length dress tonight. His hands gripped my thighs lightly but firmly. And he pushed us against the wall. As I undid the buttons of his shirt, he kissed my neck and chest. The sensation was amazing and made my skin tingle. Each kiss was one of love and lust rolled into one. Finally I had experience just a part of what every woman wanted...PASSION!

He brought me over to the bed as he lifted his shirt off completely. We hadn't gotten this far before. I ran my hands down his chest as he kissed my neck even more, noticing the effect it had on me. I brought them slowly to the top of his trousers and began to undo them. When they were off, he lifted me up from the bed, untying the back of my dress and bringing it up over my head. I flipped us over, so I was straddling him. Leaning down to kiss him, his hands ran up my outer thighs and over the sides of my stomach, making me shiver. He went to unclasp my bra as I kissed his chest and lips, then flipped us over again when he had undone it. My nipples were erect from the pleasurable touches he had laid on me.

He smiled down at me, and then came down to kiss from my lips, down my neck and chest, taking one of my nipples into his mouth. I moaned loudly, arching my back towards him. He played with the other one and then switched sides. Flicking his tongue on each nipple; It felt so good. 'Edward...'

'Mmm?' His lips caused vibrations on my nipples, which made me moan even louder.

'Please, I want this...' I breathed in deeply, letting out the next two words in a sigh. 'So badly.' That seemed to drive him crazy as he lifted me up and placed me back down on the bed, straight. He kissed down my stomach, slowly. I was wet and aching for his touch. I pushed him over so I was on top of him. I kissed him, lightly, running my hands down his chest again. I backed off the bed, removing his boxers with me. I gasped. He was huge. Now Jake had been big but, wow, this could top all cocks I'd ever seen. I had such a craving for it. He had a semi-hard on, so I took him in my mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure and surprise. 'Bella, fuck, mmmm...fuck yeah baby fuck yeah.' I took him right back as far as I could before gagging; probably only getting half of him in.

He sat up, pulling me up onto my feet. He placed his hands around my waist and kissing the skin between my breasts. He looked up at me. I placed my hands on his face, leaning down and kissing him. He stood; taking me in his arms, he placed me back down on the bed. Removing my panties, slowly kissing down my thighs. He threw them to the floor and moved up towards me again. I could feel his arousal pressing into my opening.

'Are you sure you want this? You're not going to regret it?'

'I want it, Edward, I want you.'

That was enough reassurance for him. He pushed into me slowly. That drove me crazy, I pressed myself against him, struggling to get more of him, but he stopped and pulled out again. I whimpered from the loss. He smirked and came down to me ear, whispering, 'Patience, Bella, is a virtue.'

I shot him a playful glare. He kissed me, pushing in again all the way. I moaned against his lips, wrapping my arms around his neck, bringing him closer. He started to, slowly, rock in and out of me. He grunted. 'Bella, wow, feels so good.' It did feel good. Extremely good. It was like 2 puzzle pieces fitting together after an hour of searching for the right one. It was the most comfortable I had been in years. My stomach was all a flutter.

The next few minutes were spent moaning and grunting and whimpering, pleading for more. Edward and I were connecting on a different level than we had ever before.

He kissed me passionately, bringing us closer together. I had never known such pleasure. 'Oh, Edward.' I was growing closer and closer to release.

'Bella, I'm so close.' He panted.

'Me too.' We were both breathless. He kissed me hard and began to move in and out of me faster. I kissed him back, feeling my release at the brim.

'Edward...' I moaned.

'Come, Bella.'

That was enough for me, my release rippled through my body, tightening around him. I felt his break as well. We lay there panting and kissing.

He pulled out of me, lying beside me and pulling me into his side. I kissed him softly and then lay back into him.

It was still early in the night, so we lay there, calming down in a comfortable silence.

'You don't regret it, do you?'

I looked up at him. 'No and I never will.'


I began to think about the situation. I was still married. I didn't regret what we had just done and I never would, but what was I going to do?

'What are we going to do, Edward?'

'I don't know. We have options, but someone is going to get hurt any way we do this. What do you want, Bella?'

'I want you. But I don't want to hurt him.'

'I know, but it can't be helped if what you want is to be with me.'

'I know. I'll tell him. But I want to say it to his face.'

'Okay, well you can tell him when you get back and then I will pay for your flight back here again?'

'You don't have to pay.'

'Just let me, Bella. You know you won't win the argument.' He smirked.

I smiled at the thought. I never did.

'Alright, but just this once.'

'Not if I can help it.' He muttered under his breath. I clearly heard him but chose to ignore it, rolling my eyes.

He pulled me closer to his chest, kissing my hair and inhaling deeply. I soundly curled into his side, my hands on his chest. Glorious thoughts scattered through our minds as we drifted into an abyss of sleep.

I woke the next morning to an angelic form next to me, sleeping off last night's activities. He looked so peaceful, all worries and cares gone from his face. He looked so innocent. This angel next to me was the man I loved and adored; my soul mate. The man I was leaving my life behind for. And it was completely worth it.

My mind drifted back to the first time I had woken up next to Jake, after our first time. It was the day after graduation. Jake's dad, Billy had gone to stay with Charlie that night, because he knew Jake was going to propose to me that night. It was a beautiful night, with the stars out. We had sat on the beach, still in our graduation clothes. Jake stood up pulling me up with him, knelt to the ground and confessed his love before pulling out his mother's engagement ring. It was a beautiful ring from the 1920's; it had been his great-grandmothers. It was a thin platinum ring in circle diamonds, with a big circle with rubies, as the main feature of it, and in the middle of the ruby circle was a gorgeous diamond. He had shocked me with the engagement and being the teenager in love that I was, I said yes. We had gone back to his and took each other's virginity.

The next morning with him, I had woken up to an empty bed. He had been making breakfast in the kitchen. It had been slightly awkward because neither of us had been satisfied that night. We were fine after the wedding with practice though, but it didn't last. I guess that night had been where it all started. We both had gotten into great universities and lived life as a normal couple. Well we lived life as if we were just roommates. Not lovers, not a couple, not even a married couple. Yeah, sure there was a kiss every now and then and we slept in the same bed, but other than that there was nothing.

I rested back into Edward's side, staring up at the ceiling.

I don't know how long I had been like that when he stirred and looked at me. 'Morning beautiful.'

I smiled up at him. 'Morning.'

He turned to kiss me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck again.

Everything I had thought about love was completely wrong. Now that I knew it for myself, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

The biggest smile came to his face before kissing me, which in turn made me smile too.

He kissed me with such passion, though we both were still smiling into the kiss.

He pulled away, still smiling. 'You're not going to get this smile off my face.'

I laughed. 'Me neither.'

He laughed too. 'What do you want to do today?'

'How about the Il Duomo?'

'The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore? Sure.' He smiled and kissed me again, before getting up to take a shower.

I lay there for a while, looking out of the hotel window, thinking about how this trip had turned into something so magical. I couldn't be happier or more at peace than I was at this very moment.

He came out a few seconds later. 'You want to join me?' He smirked.

I laughed, getting up and throwing the sheets off. He stood, jaw dropped and aroused. I laughed. I walked closer to him, pulling him into the bathroom and into the walk-in shower. The warm/hot water cascaded down our naked bodies, rinsing through my hair as he kissed me. I had never done this before and it felt really good. He pulled me against him tight, as his tongue entered my mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist, as he grabbed my ass and pushed me against the wall. The water continued to spray down us as he entered me and fucked me hard. It was the best feeling, a feeling of ecstasy. Never mind cloud nine, I was on cloud one billion. I felt high from him. His scent, his taste, the way he touched me and of course, the way he felt in me.

Groans escaped his lips constantly, while I was trying to swallow my moans to keep from being too loud. 'Ugh, Edward, so good...' I trailed off, moaning. He groaned.

'Bella, you're so hot, I can't take it anymore. Fuck, you have no idea of the affect you have on me.' I pulled him closer and gave him a hard, passionate kiss; only breaking away when my orgasm ripped through me.

'Ahhh, Edward, fuck.' I moaned, as I felt Edward's juices flow into me. We stood there panting, skin to skin, leaning against each other for support, as our release subsided. His head was leant against my chest.

As he looked up at me, he smiled. I laughed. 'Wow.'

'Well, that's an understatement.' He stated. I laughed.