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"Yes,my beautiful ray thing. It's perfect! With it I will turn all the heroes into villains and rule the world!" This was the statement an evil man made as he finished up the beam that he would use on all of the battle brawlers and the bakugan brawlers resistance. Once he had hit them who would be around to stop him? But as he carried out this plan and turned all the heroes evil, little did he know an unlikely team of new heroes would rise to save the world...

"Shadow if you throw one more fork I swear I will-"

"Give me back my yogurt!" Lync screamed as the crazed darkus brawler continued to run from Lync with his precious yogurt.

Volt sat back in a chair and watched the chaos unfold as he casually flipped through a magazine idly wondering what was for dinner and how many injuries would occur today.

Or not. They're doomed.

Earlier Mylene had been trying to watch some tv, but it was ill-fated from the start. They got suprisingly few channels and besides that she lived with Shadow, Lync and all the other Vexos. She never got a moments peace. Spectra and Gus were surely scheming somewhere, which was mildy concerning, but didn't really bother her at the moment. Volt was boring as ever reading some cooking magazine. The real trouble were the darkus and ventus brawlers of the group.

"Mylene I've got a fun new game!" Shadow bounded into the room and plopped down in front of the tv. He was clutching a large number of forks in one hand and a yogurt in the other.

Then Lync ran in screaming at the top of his lungs. It all went downhill from there. Pretty soon forks were being imbedded in nearby furniture and a few unfortunate people, yogurt was covering everything, and there were chunks out of furniture. All of this was accompanied by screams and psycho laughs. Eventually the noise alerted Spectra and he and Gus hurried down to check out the scene.

Spectra felt a migrane developing as soon as he stepped in the room.

Shadow was hanging from an obviously very strong lamp on the ceiling whilst hurling forks. Lync was futiley jumping up in an attempt at the yogurt cup now stuck to the ceiling. Mylene was glaring disapprovingly at everyone and trying to get Shadow down, not to mention to stop throwing forks. Even Volt was out of the chair and appeared to be looking for something, that would later be revealed to be the missing pieces of the furniture.

"Everybody shut up!"

The vexos turned to look at their leader.

"I just recieved a very important text message-"

"What? Someone finally friended you on FaceBook besides Gus?" Lync sniped. Shadow laughed in agreement as he dropped down from the ceiling with the grace of an elephant on drugs.

"No I believe it was your mother wondering when you would reach four feet." Spectra retorted, "In any event our dear friend Masquerade sent me this."

"Wait. Who's this Masquerade?" Mylene asked.

Volt and Lync nodded also wondering, Shadow was to busy trying to jump for the yogurt.

"Come now, none of you've ever heard of the great pain-in-the-butt that is Masquerade?"


"Uh uh."

"Never heard of him."

"Well anyway, he sent me this." Spectra exclaimed displaying the screen of his phone.

'Andrew Nonymous is planning to wipe out both Vestal and Earth! Urgent reply back! The brawlers and resistance have been turned evil. they are plotting the end of the world. Gather your team and meet me at Wardington park at 8pm tomorrow.'


"Why does your inbox say 1/1?' Lync asked with a smirk.

Before Spectra could smack Lync Mylene interrupted.

"So the brawlers found a new hobby. We should care, because?"

"I think it has to do with the fact they're planning to help destroy the world. We're supposed to care because we live on the planet they want to destroy." Shadow stated with very un-Shadow like logic.

"Are you on drugs?" Volt inquired.

"I don't think he's Shadow whoever he is." Lync remarked poking the silent Darkus brawler.

"So you want us to save the world? Get real, Spectra." Mylene muttered.

"No, I want to go to earth and support Gus's juice fetish," Spectra replied sarcastically, "Look, all I'm saying is we go hear Masquerade out. I have some unfinished business with him and this time I'm bringing my crowbar."

"I support whatever Master Spectra chooses," Gus announced,"Especially if I can have more juice in boxes."

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