Title: Mr. Sensitivity 5/5

Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
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Summary: Willow and Buffy are tired of how Spike treats Xander, or how they think he treats him.
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5. No Dawn or Glory.

Beta'd by: Whichclothes

Part Five

Spike decided to stay at the shop to keep Giles company. There had only been one customer and she was only interested in buying incense. They talked about different types of demons, Spike confirming if they really existed. When the bell over the door rang Giles went to greet the customer only to see Xander. "Well… I think I should go make sure I have enough chicken feet. You can never have too much."

Xander rolled his eyes at Giles's lame attempt to give them some privacy. "Hey."

"Hello, Xander," Spike greeted. He was unsure of where he should look; terrified that Xander had come to officially call things off. "What brings you here?"

"I came for you," Xander replied, he took a seat beside Spike.

Spike looked at Xander; a hopeful expression crossed his face. "Really?"

"I wanted… needed to apologize to you. I was an idiot. When you were calling me… it wasn't just to check up on me was it?"

"That was mostly the reason," Spike answered looking embarrassed.

Xander placed a hand on Spike's leg. "You were lonely weren't you?"

"Well, kind of. The apartment is so empty without you," Spike confessed. "And I know I sound like a big girl."

"It's nice to know you want me with you all the time. Even if it's just the spell," Xander said. His eyes caught a motion by the shelves and knew Giles was eavesdropping. Giles obviously spent too much time with the girls. When Spike started to talk he focused back on him.

"Not just the spell, luv. I always want you around," Spike said finally looking Xander in the eye. "I was just too scared to tell you that before. Couldn't wreck what was left of my reputation could I? Maybe the girls were right; I didn't treat you like I should have."

Xander smiled, "We've been over this, baby. I know how much you love me. So do you forgive me?"

"Never could stay mad at you," Spike said and pulled Xander into a fierce kiss.

Giles coughed making them tear away from each other. "I see you have worked things out?"

"Yeah, G-man," Xander said grinning like an idiot. "Thanks for taking care of him for me."

"It was no trouble." Giles admitted. "I must confess that I have enjoyed this side of Spike. It's nice to have conversations that aren't always about our… disagreements."

Spike looked up at Giles. "I know I'll probably deny this when this is over but… I admire you. You have a tough job and you've stuck by Buffy through the rough times. You've taken Willow and Xander under your wing when they weren't a part of this and allowed them to help you. A lot of other watchers with sticks up their arses would have cast them aside, claiming them disposable."

Giles sniffled at that, ready to claim that it was allergies. It was dusty in the shop after all. "Thank you, I truly appreciate that."

"Come on, Spike." Xander stood and brought Spike with him. "I think I owe you some one on one time." He turned to Giles. "Call us if you need us… if you absolutely need us."

"Of course," Giles agreed. If anything came up he would go with Buffy and Willow himself.

Spike nodded his head in thanks and allowed Xander to walk him out of the shop.

The change wasn't drastic. Spike slowly started to become himself. The first clue was when Xander had been watching an old episode of Star Trek and Spike hopped over the couch and stole the channel changer and changed the channel to the twenty four hour porn network. While he watched two women having sex he promised Xander that he would watch the rerun on DVD with him. With popcorn.

The snarking then starting with Buffy but it didn't have as much venom between the two of them. Just enough to make Spike look like the big bad. Xander wasn't about to contradict Spike. He liked Spike as the big bad and as the softy.

"What are you thinking about there, pet?" Spike whispered in his ear. The others were getting ready to patrol. "I hope about us being naked."

Xander chuckled. "I hate to disappoint but I don't always think about sex." Spike pouted and Xander couldn't resist nipping at his bottom lip. "I was just thinking how thankful I am for having you."

Spike puffed out his chest. "Course you are, Xanpet. Who could resist a body like mine?"

Xander raised his eyebrow. "Fine," Spike grumbled and looked around making sure the attention was fully on them. "I'm thankful for you too."

"Aww!" Buffy said with a wide grin. When Spike glared at her she cleared her throat. "Sorry, it's just… nice to hear that."

"It wasn't too bad to say either," Spike confessed with a shrug. "Just don't go spreading the fact that I'm whipped by the whelp here."

Buffy continued to grin. "Wouldn't dream of it, Fangless."

"Come on, Blondie Bear," Xander purred making Spike wince at the name. "Let's go kill some demons!"

"You know the right things to say just to turn me on." Spike leered back at Xander.

The girls gulped and Giles cleaned his glasses. Giles realized that some things were never going to change and that he would have to accept that fact that Spike was going to be open about his sex life. Hopefully without detail. There was only so much Giles could take. "Please… if you have any respect for me, keep the bedroom talk in the bedroom," he begged.

Spike smirked but decided to take pity on the older man. "Fine, but only because I…. respect you….a little bit." The words left a dirty taste in his mouth, even though they were true.

"Thank heaven." Giles let out a sigh of relief.

"Feel free to give me the dirt." Buffy said with a sly smile.

Xander glared at her. "A world of no."

Spike nuzzled Xander's neck. "Don't worry, luv. I don't want her knowing what a nummy treat you are hidden under all your clothes."

The girls giggled. "Hate to burst your bubble there, Spikey. But we've seen what Xander's been hiding." Buffy said with a huge grin.

"What?" Spike's head snapped between Xander, Willow and Buffy. "Explanation. Now!"

"Way to go guys." Xander rolled his eyes at his friends. "Don't get all grouchy," he said to Spike which earned him a slight snarl.

Spike's eyes flashed yellow. "When did they see you naked?"

Willow put her hands up trying to calm the situation. "Me and Xan have been friends for fifteen years, Spike. And it's not like we saw any of the good bits."

"All right." Spike could accept that answer. "And just how does the slayer know what you look like under your clothes? Thought you two never had a thing?" he asked, jealousy rising.

"We didn't," Xander soothed Spike. "It was demon business. I joined the swim team when we thought there was a demon eating them. It turned out the swim coach turned them into fishy demons."

Buffy and Willow giggled again. "He had to wear a Speedo." Willow confirmed.

"A Speedo? And I missed it?" Spike asked looking more than just a little disappointed.

Buffy patted his arm. "I have pictures. How about I give them to you and we call it a truce?"

Spike's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. "Really?"

"Really," Buffy confirmed with a nod. "I'll bring them the next time we come over to your place."

While Spike and Buffy discussed the pictures Xander stood there looking absolutely confused and horrified. "There are pictures?"

The End