Chapter 1

He ran through the pumpkin fields of saint morning, yelling for help, as the monsters chased him. It all started when he met this one girl, a acrobat by the name of Estella, in the lawolf fields, sitting there alone cradling her leg. He walked over to see what had happened and she showed him the long gash going down her leg. She said the bleeding had stopped so he sighed in relief. He asked what he could do to help but she didn't reply. He started to get worried after he saw she was turning pale, so he picked her up and took her to flaris in search of a skilled assist, known as Epione. She was starting to cough and say all sorts of nonsense about what happened but it all sounded like gibberish due t her constant stammering. The only words he could make out were "Pumpkin" and "Fire". By the time he made it to flaris the guards told him it was too late for entry aver since the, "Murder of the Night" where many citizens were harmed and/or killed by a rouge billposter and a crazy Elementor. The guards told him he could stay in the outhouse where late travelers could stay for the night. He begged the guards if they could let him slip through but they declined and said they'd lose their jobs or be under arrest for allowing it. The guards, taking pity on him, gave him a small med kit. He cursed and dragged Estella inside. There were 5 people inside of the house, 3 vagrants, a knight and a blade, none of which could help her. He used the med kit, which, pathetically, fixed her voice, which was useless because she had blacked out after a couple minutes of being carried. He put a blanket over her and walked over to where he was told to sleep. He shut his eyes and fell asleep.

He dreamt of what happened to Estella, which was a bit gruesome for half of them, but none of them explained her ending up by the lawolf hill. One was her getting attacked by a guy with a pumpkin mask who lit his weapon on fire and getting cut in the leg. The others apparently involved rape and so on. He woke up to the sound of the breakfast bell in the house and headed for the bathroom. He washed off and headed to go get Estella and move out. He snagged some breakfast from someone else and walked out into the city. Epione was said to be there for three days, which meant she was leaving soon. He had to hurry if he wanted to catch her on time. If he were right, she'd be getting one breakfast in her guilds house. The one bad thing was that he wasn't close with any guild members so getting to speak with Epione was gonna be hard. He passed a bunch of scams said to help her but he didn't believe a word they were saying. He finally found the guilds house and was told by other vagrants who tried to get in that it was dangerous because the guards don't like vagrants inside. He kept walking to the door and knocked. A guard opened the door and frowned, "Not another dumb vagrant. What is your excuse for interrupting Epione's goodbye party? Another, 'I need buffs from the greatest' crap? Speak"

"I need Epione to heal my... uhh… friend here. She's really injured and keeps stammering and shaking, I'm getting worried" He showed the guard Estella's leg that had been gashed. The guard didn't believe it. "And why not find another assist, kid? There are many here. Now run along and go try some other stupid guards patience.

He said, "This one is serious, she's starting to get a fever. I beg of you to let us in." The guard did a couple vital tests on her and began to believe the vagrant. "Say kid what's her name?"

"Estella, she told me"

"And yours"


"You may enter, Lady Epione wishes to see this, Estella. But, be polite, they don't have arrogance for the rude."

"Yes sir"

He entered into the room and politely bowed before the Guild leader, Kingchaos. "I am grateful that i have been invited into this house, Sir Chaos, my friend here is-"

Kingchaos cut him off, "Yes the guard told us of this tragedy, and Epione is over there on the couch enjoying her cake."

"Thank you, sir."

"Call me Chaos, kid"

Sure thing, sir... I mean Chaos"

Epione examined the vagrant and frowned. "Her gash was burnt shortly after the attack and she has a cut on her back, probably made by a mothbee, she'll live after the potion has done it's job, she'll be fine in a couple of hours if not thirty minutes. You're lucky you found her when you did, or she would have died."

"Really? Where'd the burns come from, lady Epione?"

"Probably a pumpkin head in saint morning, what she was doing there, i don't know."

"Thank you, lady Epione."

Azzuma bowed and started to take Estella to her home; besides, he had to get his job quick before another trouble started. He finally got her home and placed her in bed, she woke up for a few seconds and wheezed the words, "Thank You".

Azzuma smile and walked off to the lawolfs.

Estella woke up and remembered two things. One was the hero who saved her and two was the box she lost in the fields. She ran downtown to see if she could find her new friend, and there he was, sitting in front of a billposter, learning some crap about the jobs. She decided she'd get into the conversation and walked up to the group then sat down. The first thing she heard was Azzuma saying, "Rise and shine sleeping beauty". She playfully punched him in the shoulder and started laughing.

"So your the one who found me in the fields, hmm?"


"Whatcha doing here anyway?"

"He's teaching me the classes, so far I like billposters."

"What do you think I should be?"

"Jester, they suit you."


"Funny and like to hit people."

They both laughed and then she told him about the missing box.

"I must have dropped it while I was running, please help me find it, it's very important."

"I guess, where is it?"

Pumpkin town"

"Okay, I guess I'm going"