Sanji's POV

As soon as we reached a island, We got to a hotel and I got up in a room. I promised Zoro we would talk about what was going on but I feel it will be more than that. I'm afraid I may have fallen in love with him because he kissed me. I never thought I could ever love a man like I would usually love a woman. Since he kissed me, I just wanted so much more from him. I wanted to kiss him again and I wanted to hug him. I felt my phone vibrate and I sighed. It was a text message from Zoro.

Zoro: Hey:D The doctor said it was a miracle that I'm still alive, Any longer and I would have died. I am going to be there soon. I love you xxxxxx

Sanji: Thank god your alright Zoro. Well I will be here waiting in my room for our chat. Well I love you too

Zoro: Wait.. You … love … Me

Sanji:... Lets just wait till you come back kay?

Zoro: Kay!

After a couple of hours I heard someone knock on the door.

"Who is it," I said, I knew who it was but I wanted to be sure.

"Its me," I heard Zoro say and I walked over and opened the door. He had his arm badged but he still looked a cool as ever.

"Oh hi," I said and walked back in and sat on the sofa, "Just come in," and so he did. He sat down next to me and sighed. It was silence for awhile as we sat looking away from eachother, until I heard cry. I turned around to see Zoro, facing away from me crying.

"Zoro, Whats wrong," I asked turning around and wrapped one arm around him.

"I can't believe I caused all of this for you," Zoro said falling in my arm, "I don't deserve you Sanji, You deserve someone better,"

I wrapped another arm around his chest and he rested his head on my thighs "Zoro, before all of this, I was gonna end up with some hooker or I was gonna end up unhappy, Zoro I want to be with you now,"

"Sanji...," He was interrupted with my lips crashing into his in a passionate kiss. Zoro seemed surprised but after awhile I felt him melt into me. After a moment of of kissing we broke apart and gasped for air. Zoro sat back up and looked at me smiling.

"Can we continiiue .. in the bedroom," He asked and pulled his shirt of to show his abs and the scar down his chest, I smiled and pulled my top off to and began to walk to the bedroom.

"Sure," I whispered and fell on the bed, He walked through and climbed on the bed. When he reached my body, He began kissing down my body.

"," I moaned in pleasure, He got down to my trousers and unbuttoned them and pulled trousers and boxers off and started to kiss my inner thigh, I moaned out in pleasure and started to arch my back. He got to the top and began to lick and suck me, I moaned out grabbing onto the sheets and arched my back more. He stopped for a moment and got to level with me face and kissed me again. I completely melted into his loving arms and wrapped my arms around his neck. He began to pull his trousers off and he looked at me happily

"Sanji, Are you sure you want go this far," He asked and then ran a hand down my hips.

"Never been more ready in my life Zoro," I said, "So go on.. Take me,"

"Okay, Do you have any lube, I don't want to hurt you," He said and I smiled, He was so cute when he was concerned.

"No," I said then grabbed something from a bag, "Shampoo might work," I said laughing and he took it from my hand and covered his length in it.

Zoro lined himself up with me and then pushed himself into me, I closed my eyes as I felt a sharp pain, I then arched my further and screamed out. He looked at me and smiled, He didn't move to let me get comfortable with it. After awhile he began to thrust into me keeping a rhythm and a steady pace as I moaned out.

"Fast Zoro Please,"I moaned out as he began to move quicker and harder. He pulled me up so we we moth sitting up as hi thrusting got faster.

"Gahh Sanji..I'm .. I'm," Zoro said and clinched onto me in a embrace.

"Yes baby, Me to," I grabbed onto his back as we suddenly came together.

We fell back on the bed and grabbed onto each other and lying together. It was a minute of heavy breathing and gasps of air.

"Zoro," I whispered and held onto him "I love you,"

"Sanji, I love .. you," He said as he fell asleep.

"Hmm, Thanks Zoro," I said falling asleep.

Thank you so much Zoro.

A/N THAT IS THE END OF WHOS THIS PERSON but don't worry because within a week I will write a sequel. I hope you enjoyed my story. Thanks to my reviewers and peopled who fav'd or subcribed. XD I love you all.