I woke up on the day of my wedding to the cries of my 6 month old son Zachary. "I'll get him," said my fiancée' Dave Batista.

"It's okay. I got him," I said as I got up out of bed.

"You should get some rest. Let me get him," insisted Dave as he sat up.

"I'll be all right. I got him," I said as I put on my white silk robe.

"Are you sure, Babe?" he asked me.

"I'm sure," I said as I walked toward the door. "I'll feed him and be right back."

"All right. I'll be waiting," he said as he laid back down.

I walked out of the room and walked into my son's nursery. He was laying in his crib crying with his tears rolling down his face. "It's okay," I said as I picked him up out of the crib. "What's the matter," I asked rocking him back and forth to calm him down. I sat down on the rocking chair in the nursery and pulled the bottle out of the bottle warmer and began to feed him.

Zachary was the perfect baby, he was always happy and he was just an enjoyable baby overall. He favored Dave and me. He was the perfect mixture of the two of us. He had dark brown hair which is understandable coming from two dark haired parents. He inherited his deep blue eyes from me but his mouth came from Dave. He was absolutely beautiful and perfect. As he looked up at me with his deep blue eyes I felt sadden even resentful to the fact that I never wanted this. My life was never supposed to go this way but somehow my life went in the opposite direction of what I wanted. I was never supposed to marry Dave Batista. I wasn't supposed to get married at all. This wasn't the life I picked out for myself and it wasn't the life that I wanted but like I said my life took a complete turn and went in the opposite direction I wanted it to. Don't' get me wrong I love my life and I love where it's headed now but this wasn't the way it was supposed to go.

My name is Tessa Montgomery and I am 32 years old. I grew up in West Newbury, Mass. I was born March 18th, 1979 to my parents Charles and Kate Montgomery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I was always labeled the good girl until about 13-15 months ago. I never really did anything wrong. I voted, I served my jury duty when I needed to and I never had a parking ticket or a traffic infraction. I was a rule follower and never stepped outside my comfort zone. I used to be on WWE's creative team but like I said life took me in a completely different direction and now I am a magazine editor for a famous magazine. I don't' know what else to say about me but did I mention that I used to be the girlfriend of John Cena? Yeah; John Cena, my former lover and best friend. We were together for years but like my job with WWE that went in the complete opposite direction. My entire life changed in a matter of 15 months maybe even before that. It's funny how you think you have your entire life planned out but that one thing happens to come along and change it all.

It all began 27 years ago when my father Charles was offered a position at a West Newbury law firm. We relocated from Pennsylvania to a small suburb in West Newbury where I met my best friend John Cena when I was just 5 years old. John was always two years older than me so he was 7 when we moved to the block. We moved into the house right next door. John immediately introduced himself to me as we moved in. We instantly became friends; not just friends but best friends. We spent our summers having campouts in our backyards, gathering around a fire my father would always build in the backyard to make S'mores and roast marshmallows. We would go to the neighborhood pool to swim every afternoon and we would spend a lot of time in the tree house his father had built for him and his brothers. I was the only girl John ever played with as a child. In the treacherous winters West Newbury had to offer we would have snowball fights, build snow men, play in the snow and then have a cup of hot chocolate his mom would make for us. He was my best friend and probably my only friend. I wasn't a very popular child in elementary school. I was considered a teacher's pet and a goodie goodie. I had my bottle cap glasses and stringy hair. I was quite the homely looking child but some how John saw past all that and decided to be my friend. He often stood up for me when the kids on the playground would make fun of me. He was never really interested in the other girls on the block or in our elementary school.

Then came middle school these were probably the worst years of my life. I was a late bloomer far behind most of the girls in my grade. While most of them hit puberty by 11 or 12, I didn't hit puberty till I was about 14 years old. I didn't start to get breasts until I was 12 ½. This was when I grew self conscious of myself and my appearance. I never experienced acne or anything but I experienced mood swings worse than anyone I knew. John was still my best friend in middle school and my reputation of being a teacher's pet and a goodie goodie still stood. I didn't have much friends in middle school but I was smarter than most of the kids in my grade. I guess that's what happens when no one invites you to birthday parties, sleepovers, to go to the movies on Friday nights and you spend all your time studying. A fact John always made fun of me for. He used to tell me not to be such a nerd. We still had sleepovers together when he wasn't busy with his friends and he still stood up for me. He was always a good friend to me and was always there when I needed to talk. By this time our parents were making jokes talking about how we were going to grow up and get married. They would talk about how we would have children together and we could tell them how we met when were 5 and 7 years old. They had the whole story planned out for us, they had our entire lives planned out for us. The truth was, I didn't see John in a romantic way. He was just a friend. A very good friend.

High school was pretty much the same as middle school. My mom finally gave in and allowed me to lose my glasses and get contacts. That was a plus on my side. I still wasn't the most popular girl in the school but I did manage to get other friends besides John. John and me remained really good friends in high school as well. John was the big football star while I was more low key. I joined clubs like the Spanish club. I was part of the National Honor Society and I joined the school newspaper. It was something I was interested in because I was very interested in journalism and writing. John would always get invited to the big parties and he would invite me to go with him so I wouldn't stay home on Friday nights being a dork and studying but I always declined the offer. I didn't want the stares from other girls that had crushes on John and I didn't want to hear the whispers of people saying, "what does he see in her?" The truth was I was the nerdy girl hanging out with the school football star by luck. Not because he liked me but because my parents moved in next door to him years earlier. He was still my best friend even when his girlfriends came around. There were plenty and I wasn't fond of any of them. They were all materialistic and more worried about popularity than anything else. I never understood what John saw in those girls but to each their own. I continued to be the good girl that stayed home and studied on Friday nights and Saturday nights. I never really had a boyfriend until my Sophomore year.

During my Sophomore year of high school I began to see John differently. I could tell that he saw me differently too. I guess I wasn't that little girl he used to see and he surely wasn't that kid I used to hang out with. I had general romantic feelings for him. It happened one night when I did decide to attend a party with John. It was only because it was at his parents' house while they were out of town. It was a pretty wild party with alcohol, smoking and sex. Pretty much the usual at high school parties when the parents weren't around. After all the guests had left the Cena house was pretty trashed but I stayed over to help him clean up. It took a while but we managed to turn the house back into what it looked like when his parents left. We were taking the trash bags out to the trash can when John said to me, "So Montgomery, what's your deal?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You're always so quiet and you never want to be social but tonight you were the social butterfly."

"I don't know," I said. "I guess my comfort zone and I couldn't let you host a party by yourself."

"And why not?" he asked flashing me a smile.

"Because if it weren't for me would you have gotten your house back to normal?"

"Probably not," he said. "But I mean you never want to go to parties with me and you never want to have fun. You just sit at home and study. Why? You're only young once, Montgomery. I think you should live a little."

"I don't know. I just don't like to be that girl," I said.

"What girl?" he asked.

"The girl everyone talks about. The one that they say doesn't deserve you. I see how people look at us when we talk. Let's face it, Cena. I am a nerd. And nerds don't have friends like you."

"Why do you care what people think? I don't care what people think about me. If I want to hang out with my best friend Tessa Montgomery I'm going to hang out with my best friend. I don't care what they think. And besides maybe I like you as a nerd," he said with a smile.

"No one likes the nerdy girl," I said.

"I think I can prove that fact wrong," he said, "because I do," he said as he leaned down and softly kissed my lips. I dropped the trash bag I was holding and wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. John had given me my first real kiss and it was everything I thought it would be.

A couple weeks after our kiss John asked me out on a date and then the next thing I knew we were a couple. There were a lot of people talking and hating on me but I didn't care. I got my guy which I took joy in. I attended his prom with him that spring and then he went to Springfield college where he continued to play football. I still had two years of high school to finish and he was with me for those last two years. He even attended my junior and senior prom with me. I couldn't have asked for a better guy and on the night of my senior prom I lost my virginity to him. I chose to wait that night to make sure everything was real between John and me. He agreed and never pressured me into anything I wasn't ready for. That night was the best night of my life. He was passionate and gentle. He made my first time as special as he could. Shortly after prom I graduated from high school ready to embark on a new adventure.

My studying on Friday nights must have paid off because I scored really high on the SAT's and graduated high school as the class Valedictorian. I even attended Notre Dame for Media Science in journalism. I wanted to do something with writing or work for a magazine. When I finished college John had already been out for two years. We moved into a small apartment together in Hartford, Connecticut. John decided he wanted to become a wrestler and I wanted to write for WWE's creative team. He began his training and I began to work for WWE's creative team. John made it big while I was doing my thing with the creative team. It was a dream come true. It was everything I wanted in life. I had my best friend as my boyfriend and a job that I had always wanted.

Once John made it big in WWE; which didn't' take long, he bought us a beautiful house in Tampa, Florida. It was an amazing house and it was everything I wanted. I was happy and John was happy. That was all that mattered to us. Everything was what we wanted it to be until about 5 years later.

* 5 years later*

I had just came back to the hotel we were staying in after a meeting with Vince McMahon and the other creative team members to see John had ordered us a late night dinner. He had the candles lit and a bottle of champagne chilling in ice on the table and two glasses on the table. "Hey, Baby," I said shutting the door behind me.

"Hey, Beautiful," he said greeting me with a kiss. "How was the meeting?"

"You know how it is when we come to this stupid draft stuff. So many big changes and then more work for us."

"What do you have to do now?" he asked as he massaged my shoulders as I slipped my shoes off.

"Nothing yet but you know when they bring superstars over from Smackdown to Raw they want us to work with them to come up with a new persona. Not my favorite thing."

"Hey," he said, "you worked with me and I love my new persona. It was time I got rid of that rapping stuff."

"So true," I said. "You are many things but Vanilla Ice you're not."

"You didn't like my rapping?" he asked with a smile.

"Not really. Although your Thuganomics look was pretty hot," I said.

"So should I rap for you now?" he asked.

"Not tonight," I said with a smile.

"So what is going on with the draft? Who's going where and who is coming to RAW?"

"You know I can't tell you that and besides I don't even know. Vince is being really hush hush about it this year. It's like some big secret. I'm just scared you're going to get drafted to Smackdown and we'll be working different shows. Then we'll hardly see each other."

"Not going to happen," said John. "They have Batista and Taker on Smackdown. They don't need me again."

"Batista.. That name just irks me," I said.

"Oh yeah. You're not a fan," he said.

"That's an understatement. He's a pig! He just cheats on his wife with some skank and then once he's divorced he sleeps with anything that has a vagina. He has no respect for women at all. He's disgusting. Women are like sex objects to him. And any woman that puts themselves in that position to be another notch on his belt is disgusting too. I can't stand him. My biggest fear is he's going to come to RAW and I'm going to need to work with him."

"Tess, Vince knows how you feel about Dave. I don't think he would put you hands on with him. He's a smart guy. He knows that wouldn't work out."

"I guess," I said. "That would be a nightmare."

"It will be okay," he said. "Just relax. I ordered us some late night dinner and then we can watch a movie. Then we'll see where it leads ."

"All right. Sounds good. I am starving. What did you order?"

"Salisbury steak, baked potatoes and garden vegetables," he said as we walked over to the table.

"Delicious," I said with a smile.

We sat down and had a nice romantic dinner by candlelight. It was a great ending to a stressful day. As we finished eating dinner we cleaned up and then cuddled up in bed to watch a movie. He put on P.S. I Love You which was a smooth move on his part because he doesn't really like to watch chick flicks but he does what he can to be romantic and keep me happy. As we watched the movie I ended up falling asleep from all the exhaustion I felt. It was a long day and I couldn't hold back anymore. I had to fall asleep. John realized I was asleep and he covered me up with a blanket. I felt him softly kiss my forehead before he laid down beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I couldn't have asked for a better man. I loved him so much and he meant everything to me.

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