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3 months and 2 days later on May 15th I was laying in the hospital bed in a delivery room getting ready to meet my little girl. My labor wasn't that bad at all and I had refused the epidural again. I didn't need it. I was strong enough to handle a little pain. I had already been there for 6 hours and was ready to push. I couldn't believe how fast it all went but I was incredibly happy. When you're pregnant your main goal is to meet that little life that you've held inside your body for 9 months and you feel like a kid on Christmas Day waiting to see what you've gotten after waiting so long. "All right, Tessa," said the doctor. "I need you to give me a big push." I gave him the biggest push I could as Dave held my hand. "Good," he said as he waited for another contraction before telling me to push again. Once we reached the 4th push I was crowning and the doctor told me to push again. I got in 3 pushes before I heard the cries of the baby. I was so relieved. Labor and delivery was a lot of work and I was glad it was over. "It's a girl," said the doctor with a smile as the nurse handed Dave the scissors to cut the cord. "Do you want to cut the cord, Dad?" asked the doctor.

"Sure," said Dave with tears in his eyes. "She's beautiful," he said before cutting the cord.

"She is," I said as I got a glimpse of her before the nurse laid her down on my chest as she cleaned her off. "She is really beautiful. Hey there, Pretty Girl," I said as I touched her small fingers. "All ten fingers," I said.

"And all 10 toes," said Dave with a smile as he admired our baby girl before the nurse took her to put a diaper on her and to weigh her and do the APGAR test.

The nurse brought her over wrapped in a pink blanket and a pink cap and handed her to me. "She is a very healthy baby. She weighs 7lbs and 12 oz and 19 inches long." She was a peanut compared to Zachary when he was born.

"I can't believe she's finally here," I said.

"I know," said Dave. "We've been waiting for you for a long time, Missy."

"Tell, Daddy you need a name," I said.

"I don't know, Tess." He said. "What do you think? A Scarlett or a Victoria?"

"I don't know," I said. "I'm leaning more toward Scarlett because of her beautiful red lips but I also really like Victoria it's got the sound of royalty to it. And we all know she's going to be the princess of the house. I think you should pick, Daddy. It's your choice."

"Are you sure, Tessa?"

"I'm sure," I said. "I want you to pick her name. I picked Zachary's name. You can pick her name."

"All right," he said looking at her. "She's definitely a Scarlett. Scarlett for sure," he said.

"Scarlett. I like it," I said with a smile. "But Scarlett what?"

"I don't know. What's your mom's middle name?" he asked.

"Rose," I said with a smile.

"Scarlett Rose Montgomery-Batista," he said. "I like it."

"Me too. It's so beautiful just like her. Welcome to the world, Scarlett Rose," I said as I touched her soft cheek as she slept in my arms.

Once the doctors had everything cleaned up I told Dave to get Zack, Amber and Zachary so they could meet the baby. I was so excited for Zachary to finally meet his baby sister. A few minutes later and the door opened. They all walked in. Zachary was carrying a pink teddy bear as Amber was carrying him in the room and Zack had a balloon saying It's a girl. "She's here?" asked Amber.

"She's here," I said. "Come meet your baby sister, Zachary."

Amber carried Zachary over so that he could see Scarlett. "Baby," he said with a smile as he pointed to her.

"Yes, Baby," I said with a smile as Zachary handed me the teddy bear. "Is this for the baby?"

He nodded his head and said, "Baby."

"She is beautiful, Tessa," said Amber. "What's her name?"

"Scarlett Rose," I said with a smile.

"I like it. Very beautiful. Original but classical. And look at those red lips. I can see why she would be a Scarlett."

"She is so precious," said Zack.

"Thank-you," I said. "Zachary, do you see the baby? This is your baby sister; Scarlett. Can you say hi to Scarlett."

"Hi, Baby," he said with a smile as he looked at his little sister.

"Do you want to give the baby a kiss?" I asked. He nodded so Amber leaned him down so that he could kiss Scarlett. He kissed her on the forehead and it was probably the sweetest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. Zachary seemed to really love the new baby but once we brought her home he was not happy at all.

*Four and a half years later*

And that brings me to today. Zachary is 5 years old now and has recently started kindergarten and Scarlett is 4 years old going to pre-school. They are night and day. Zachary is husky with deep blue eyes like me and looks exactly like me. He is more like Dave because he enjoys playing sports and being outside. He is the little athlete playing football and learning the basic skills of basketball. I know Dave enjoys every minute of it. He is more of an easy going child and just goes with the flow. I can pretty much talk him into anything. Scarlett on the other hand looks just like her father; Dark eyes, dark curly hair and everything. And she has those beautiful red lips still. She is more on the skinny side and probably doesn't weigh more than a hiccup. She is the more intellectual of the two children. More like me I would say. She's not into being outside or playing sports. She's clumsy and it is a miracle if we get through a day without her tripping and falling down. She is just like I was when I was a kid. She would rather read or try to read than play outside or watch TV. She wants things to be her way or no way. She is independent and there is no way she will allow me to talk her into anything. Even though Scarlett is more like me she does have her dad's temper while Zachary has my temper. It amazes me how different my kids are and it does cause some havoc in our house. Conflicting personalities is the way to describe it but for the most part they get along.

I am down in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids and Dave before we were having our day of family fun; something we did every Saturday as a way to spend time together. That hasn't changed at all. Dave is sitting at the table reading the newspaper, "It's really quiet around here what are they up to?"

"I don't know," I say flipping the pancake. "Scarlett is up in her room and Zachary is in his room."

"Oh," he says. "I'm surprised Scarlett isn't down here trying to help with breakfast."

"Me too. She likes to help."

"I know," says Dave. "How has work been?"

"Busy," I say, "but I like where I am right now." I no longer work for Cosmopolitan as much as I liked it I was offered a higher position for a parenting magazine and being the sole bread winner for my family I had to do what was best for us and that was taking the better job with the better pay.

"And how is your book coming?" he asks.

"It's coming along very well," I say. "I love writing."

"I know," he said as I finished breakfast. I am in the middle of writing a children's book about a ballerina named Scarlett. It started off as a bedtime story I would tell Scarlett every night because she loved it so much I got the idea to turn it into a children's book. It was Scarlett's Story after all she was my inspiration for it.

I call the kids downstairs as I'm putting blueberry pancakes on plates for them. Zachary comes downstairs first in his usual sweatpants and t-shirt and takes a seat at the table. "Morning, Zachary."

"Good morning, Mom," he says as I hand him his pancakes. "Blueberry. My favorite," he says as Scarlett comes downstairs. "What are you wearing?" he asks her.

I turn my head for a second to see what she has on because with Scarlett you never know. She has her own style and she will not let anyone dress her but herself. She has on a pair of white tights with black polka dots, a light pink leopard print skirt, with a white and pink striped long sleeved shirt with a light pink bubble vest. She has on a pink knit hat that had a big pink flower on the side. She is also wearing pink boots. Dave was looking at her too and then goes back to looking at his newspaper without saying a word. I don't even know what to say. "How do I look, Mommy?" she asks as she models for me.

"You look beautiful," I say not wanting to destroy her individuality and creativity.

"She looks like a freak," says Zachary with a laugh.

"Shh," I say. "That's not nice."

"I don't look like a freak you look like a freak," she says.

"I do not you do," he says back to her. It's only 9:00 I am not ready for a fight so early in the day.

"Stop both of you," I say as I give Scarlett her pancakes.

"But he said I look like a freak, Mommy. I don't look like a freak. I look cute."

"Yes you do," I say.

"A freak," says Zachary.

"Zachary Ryder," says Dave. That's enough to get Zachary to stop picking on Scarlett.

"Haha," says Scarlett as she sticks her tongue out at him.

"Scarlett Rose," says Dave. "That's enough."

"Okay, Daddy," she says as she begins to eat her pancakes.

Later that day Dave and I take the kids to the park so that they can play. It's actually not that bad of a day in November. It isn't too hot and it isn't too cold. It's probably about 60 degrees which really isn't bad for a November in New York. Dave took Zachary to toss the football around in the grass while I play on the playground with Scarlett. Scarlett runs to the swings first, "Push me, Please, Mommy."

"Okay," I say as I get behind the swing to push her. She laughs as I push her and it is music to my ears to hear her laugh.

"Higher, Mommy," she says.

"Higher?" I ask, "Don't you think you're going high enough?"

"No Mommy, I want to get to the sky so I can touch the clouds."

"You want to touch the clouds?" I ask. "I don't think it's possible."

"It is, Mommy. It's all possible. I can touch the clouds. I just have to get high enough."

"I'll try," I say as I continue to push her. She finally realizes she will never be able to touch the clouds so she asks me to stop the swing so that we can go play on the slide. Then after the slide we do the monkey bars. I help her go across because she can't do it yet. Zachary and Dave come over to join us so we can enjoy the playground together. These are the moments I enjoy the most when it comes to my family.

As it gets later in the afternoon we decide it's time to leave and head out to get pizza for dinner and then we go home to watch a movie. Our movies usually consisted of singing frogs or singing princesses. Today Scarlett chose the movie so we sit and eat popcorn as we watch The Little Mermaid. I don't know how many times we've seen this movie but it's been a lot. It is one of Scarlett's favorites and usually the one she ALWAYS chooses. I can't complain though because I actually like the movie it just gets old after seeing it umpteen times but as long as I am with my family that's all that matters to me. I will do anything for my kids to keep them happy.

As the evening turns into night I put the kids to bed like I do every night. I go into Zachary's room first and read him a quick story. "Goodnight, Zachary," I say as I close the book.

"Goodnight, Mommy. I love you."

"I love you too," I say as I kiss his forehead. "Sleep tight," I say as I tuck him into bed.

I make my way down to Scarlett's room after I'm done tucking Zachary into bed. I sit on the bed and say, "what story do you want to hear tonight?"

"The ballerina story, Mommy," she says as she holds on to her pink teddy bear she's had she since she was born.

"Again?" I ask.

"Again," she says with a smile waiting to hear it. I have no choice but to tell her the ballerina story again. She has heard it so much she says it with me now as I tell it to her.

"The end," I say as we finish the story. . "Good night, Scarlett."

"Goodnight, Mommy. I love you."

"I love you too. Sweet dreams," I say as I kiss her forehead and tuck her into bed. As I walk out of the room I look back at her one more time. She looks so precious as she holds onto her bear, closes her eyes and falls asleep.

I make my way downstairs to the living room where Dave is watching Sportscenter. "Are they sleeping?"

"Yes," I say as I sit down next to him. "Thank-you, Dave," I say.

"Thank-you for what?" he asks confused.

"For this. For this life. I wouldn't change it for the world. You gave me two of the best gifts of my life. Zachary and Scarlett. Thank-you and thank-you for loving me."

"You're welcome,' he says with a smile. "It's hard to believe we've come this far huh?"

"Yeah," I say. "I never would have thought but I'm glad it turned out this way."

"Me too," he says as he kisses my lips softly.

Sometimes in life you just get handed unexpected twists. For me it was realizing I didn't love John and that John wasn't the love of my life like I had thought for so many years. If 6 ½ years earlier you asked me if I thought I would be married to Dave Batista with two kids I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy. Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't have dreamed my life turning out like this but I am glad it did. I love my life with Dave and I love my kids; Zachary and Scarlett. They are my entire life. They are the reason I wake up everyday and they are the reason I live. Dave and me may have started out in a Forbidden way but I wouldn't change that for the world. Many people believe some things have to fall apart in order for better things to fall into place. I am a true believer of that statement. Everything with John and me fell apart but Dave came along, I got pregnant, had Zachary, got pregnant again, had Scarlett, lost my job with WWE, got a job as a magazine editor and then got a better job. For a while everything fell apart in my life but then something better fell into place. I truly believe this was the life I was meant to live sadly it took me 16 years to realize it but I have many more years ahead of me so I will definitely be living my life to the fullest and enjoying the unexpected twists life gave me. Dave once told me I was predictable and my life was like vanilla but after everything I have to say my life is more of a twist and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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