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Anybody POV

It was a normal sort of day at Camp Half-blood. The satyrs chased the wood nymphs, Clarisse dumped new campers in the toilet, and Connor and Travis were stealing from the camp store again. It was a normal sort of day. And then it wasn't.

Annabeth and Percy were walking along the beach when IT happened to them. A hot, dry wind that smelled faintly of perfume blew across them, and they both fell to their knees. "What the Hades…" Said Annabeth, except her voice was deeper… "Percy, what happened?" Said Annabeth. Except it came from Percy's mouth. "Um Annabeth, why am I YOU?" Percy said this with remarkable calm. Annabeth screamed and looked at her arms. She screamed again. "Ahhh I'm hideous!" Percy looked hurt. "Hey that's my body, don't make fun…" Annabeth looked at him. Or rather, Percy looked at him. That was weird… "We need to see Chiron. Now."

"Hey Travis, pass me that bobby pin, I need to pick this lock." A hot dry wind blew across them. "Ah… Hey Connor? Why am I where you were?" Connor looked bewildered. "I don't know. It's like teleportation!" They looked at each other. "Maybe Chiron will know what it is?"

Nico and Tyson were out in the woods fighting a giant scorpion. Tyson smacked the scorpion with his club which sent it reeling toward Nico's Stygian Iron blade. The monster disappeared and Nico and Tyson high-fived. "Not bad big boy- woah, did you feel that hot wind and whyyy am I so tall?" Nico said this in a rush and Tyson blinked. With two eyes. Nico blinked as well. With ONE eye. Tyson spoke. "I am you." Nico looked scared. Except now we was a cyclops. Nico tried to keep a level head. "Let's go see Chiron, he'll fix us."

Chiron stood on the porch of the Big House, waxing his bow string. "Chiron! Help!" Screamed Annabeth. "How very unlike her, she must have seen a spider." Percy followed close behind. "Oh shut-up you big baby, we'll figure it out." Chiron looked startled. Percy treating Annabeth like that? But something was wrong with their voices… Just then Connor and Travis jogged toward him, alternating shouting his name. Then Tyson and Nico stumbled out of the forest, running toward him, shouting his name as well. Chiron responded to them. "Campers, what's the problem?" They all spoke at once. "Campers, campers, please, let's have some order!" But they all shouted the same thing. "WE SWITCHED BODIES!"

An Iris-Message appeared, with Aphrodite beaming down from it. "Hi guys!" She said. Only Chiron replied. "Hello, Lady Aphrodite, what brings you here?" Aphrodite smiled, causing the boys to drool. "Well, I decided I would switch some of your guys bodies to see how you would react." Chiron looked puzzled. "Lady Aphrodite, aren't your tests usually of love?" Aphrodite rolled her eyes and said. "It IS a test of love, see, three different kinds. Romantic love, Percy and Annabeth. Brotherly love, Travis and Connor. Friendly love, Nico and Tyson." Chiron nodded in understanding. "So what are the tests for them?" Aphrodite drew a piece of paper and showed them it through the Iris-Message. It read, "TEST NUMBER ONE- TRUST... TEST NUMBER TWO- LOVE... TEST NUMBER THREE- SACRIFICE...