((I have not updated this story, but didn't want to leave fans of it hanging….so here is the basic outline for the ending))—

Basically, Howard is accused of stealing the necklace by Cal, but Howard is a bit smarter than Spicer Lovejoy and switches the necklace from himself to Spicer, then when asked to turn out his pocket says "What about that fellow there?"

Howard buys a stateroom down the hall from the Ship's Purser (He has several hundred in cash on him) and they "get it on." When the sinking comes, Howard calculates the lifeboat capacity and reminds Rose. She refuses to leave him and he says "It's okay, I have an idea."

As a engineering genius, he takes deck-chairs and un-used life jackets and builds a raft for himself, Rose, Fabrizio and Fabrizio's Norwegian girlfriend. But the panic and danger set off Hughes' OCD (if slightly). As in "The Aviator", he becomes repetitive and obsessive "Hand me the deck chairs, hand me the deck chairs, hand me the deck chairs, hand me the deck chairs". Rose notes this but says nothing.

Right before the ship splits, the four young people launch the raft and escape the ship. The sinking and the drownings have a profound effect on them.

Unlike "Titanic", the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace remains with Cal (Spicer gives it to him after the framing attempt fails.) Rose reports that Cal claimed it was lost in the sinking for the insurance money. He escapes prosecution, but is (like in the movie) ruined by the crash. Howard establishes Rose's mother with a generous allowance and she begrudgingly accepts him...especially after the grandchildren come.

Hughes' OCD gets worse into middle age, especially after his famous crash in the late 30s, but having a stable marriage with Rose mitigates it. He dies in 1983 of heart disease, having lived to see several of his last innovations utilized by the Space Shuttle.

Lovett asks about the "Heart of the Ocean"...and Rose pulls it out of her handbag. Hughes had bought it from Hockley at 1/4 the price, in return for him and Rose testifying that it went down with Titanic.

Rose ends her story and recalls that for the horrific tragedy of Titanic, it led to her having an incredible life, with an incredible man.