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Story Start


Kakuzi shot forward, his fist impacted a tree as Mizuki twist away and threw several kunai forcing Kakuzi to draw his own and knock them away. ''This is pointless Mizuki-teme, you can't beat me.'' he said as the blue haired man retrieved his giant shuriken and swung it it with extreme force at Kakuzi's head. The shinobi had disappeared in a burst of speed and popped up behind and attempted to jab him only for Mizuki to dodge to the side, leaving the man vulnerable.

''Take this teme!'' two Naruto clones leaped out from the trees, distracting Mizuki just long enough for Kakuzi to dig his heal in the ground and slug the shinobi in the jaw causing him to fly back. Kakuzi continued on ahead and was about to strike again when Tsubaki tossed some shuriken and used the Kage shuriken bunshin no jutsu to multiply them, catching the chunin off guard. Kakuzi was able to twist out of the way to avoid them being lunged into his neck and head but several of them firmly grafted his leg and foot sleeve to the tree.

''Kuso!'' he swore as Tsubaki took out another shuriken and began charging them. Kakuzi placed his fingers into the wholes and began yanking at them, trying to pull them out as the woman closed in one him. Just before she could strike the killing blow, Naruto and his clones collided with her, sending her reeling back into another tree and rendering her unconscious and his spells dispelled. Naruto dropped to his knees in exhaustion, the over saturation of Kagebunshin nearly draining him of his reserves.

''Damnit!'' Mizuki swore. ''I won't lose...not to you.'' he said as he retrieved his wind shuriken and hurled it with all his might at the downed Naruto. Dazed and drained, Naruto looked up, frozen in fear as the massive wind shuriken hurled towards him. His life began flashing before his eyes, with his biggest regret not making something out of his life.

''You really are determined aren't you kid?'' Kakuzi asked as he and the blond were currently sitting on the head of the Yondaime Hokage eating an ice cream bar. ''Most of your generation would have given up by now. I guess that stubbornness of yours is good for something.'' he said as he took a bite out of the chocolatey shell of the vanilla ice cream.

''Hey Kaku-sensei.'' Naruto asked as his ice-cream begin to drip. ''Do you really think its possible for me to become Hokage one day? I know you said that it isn't likely...'' he trailed off as Kakuzi chuckled and sighed.

''It isn't likely right now. You're just a kid Naruto-kun and you have your whole life ahead of you. You need wisdom, experience, and maturity. You need to brush up on your shinobi skills and began understanding other people. Being a good Kage means forsaking selfish whims and sharpening your mind, but if you want to become a great Kage it means bringing everyone together.'' he paused and thought about. ''Being Hokage means not only understanding how the human mind works, politics, history, and the meaning of sacrifices; your juvenile behavior makes you one of the last people anyone would nominate for Hokage.'' Naruto once again deflated. ''Which is why I'm trying to help you. Two, you have to come and realize that pestering people is not a way to make a good impression. Now, I watched your behavior around that Haruno girl and that's something more befitting of a fan boy then a shinobi. Now has she ever accepted any of your offers for date, say anything nice to you, or react in a manor of doing anything else besides hitting you when you got on her nerves?''

''B-But...Sakura-chan is just...'' Naruto paused, trying to stammer and argue against Kakuzi's point. Sakura was extremely pretty, not to mention she was lonely.

''If you truly care about Sakura-san, than wouldn't you want what's best for her? Isn't it selfish to try and force her into liking you?'' he asked as Naruto realized he couldn't argue against Kakuzi's point. ''So take a chance and look at other girls. Be confident and think your actions through. I assure you that if you change yourself a bit you might find yourself with a bit more prospects.'' he said as he pat the boy on the shoulder. ''So come on Uzumaki-kun, finish your ice cream because tomorrow morning we're doubling your training tomorrow.''

Naruto closed his eyes and waited for the pain to come. Only to her a glrrk and the coppery smell of blood to fill his nostrils. He slowly opened his eyes and he looked up to see Kakuzi in front of him. Naruto's eyes widened in horror as a the giant shuriken was sticking out of his chest. 'No...' he began to flash back what happened to Iruka moments ago. 'Not...again.' Naruto thought as Kakuzi fell back, blood dripping from his mouth as he began coughing.

''You're a fool just like Iruka. WHY DO YOU INSIST ON PROTECTING THE DEMON!'' The blue haired man cried out, his repeatedly failure to kill Naruto was causing him to steadily lose grasp on his insanity. He was being consumed with by his hatred.

''Kakuzi-sensei...'' Naruto whispered as tears stung his eyes. ''Why?''

''The smart thing would have been to grab you and jumped out of the way,'' the chunin admitted as he began coughing up blood.''My body moved on its on. Sorry kid, but you got to live. You got to live on to be Hokage. Just...just don't let me death be in vain.'' he said as one last breath escaped his lips and he closed his eyes.

In his mind more memories of his past played, more times he'd had spent with his sensei. Memories, whether good or bad, that he couldn't help but play through his mind.

"Don't let me catch you acting up again Uzumaki!" Kakuzi yelled, his face painted black as he chased Naruto out of the teacher's loud.

"When I become Hokage, then you're going to be sorry. You're going to beg for forgiveness.'' the blond boasted only to be sent flying out a window courtesy of an eraser thrown by said furious teacher.


"Naruto!" Kakuzi snapped. This was the fifth time he called out to the day dreaming blond. '' What was the name of our second Hokage?'' he asked, finally drawing in the blond's attention.

''Uugh. Robitopping?'' he dimly remarked as several students quietly giggled while some of the others called him idiot.

A growl escaped Kakuzi's lip. ''Alright you little smart ass. One week detention.''


''You idiot...what did you do?'' Kakuzi asked as he began tending to Naruto's finger wounds. ''Damnit stop squirming.''

''But it hurts!'' the blond whined.

''I told your dumbass seek instruction before trying to wield a kunai by its edge. Did no one teach you...'' he began, before catching himself as he saw Naruto's depressed face. ''I'll teach you what to do once your fingers are healed. Don't want you cutting off your fingers.'' he said as the blond brightened up.


''Hey Kaku-sensei what's this?'' Naruto asked as the man handed him a package.

''New Kunai and shuriken. Yours are blunt and inefficient. If I'm going into the effort to train you might as well make sure you're well equipped.'' the man remarked, acting aloof.

''Thank you Kaku-sensei.'' Naruto promptly glomped the man.

''Damnit it boy let me go. You know I don't like human contact.'' the man ranted and rave, trying to keep the smile off his face.

And he was dead. Kakuzi was dead.

Emptiness opened up inside of him. Kakuzi was dead. His teacher and one of his only friends were dead. No more going out for ice cream and being trained by him. No more of the man lashing out of at him and acting generally annoyed. Never again would he have anyone to get into a verbal sparing with.

He was gone. Naruto was completely oblivious to his surrounding, unaware that Mizuki was making his way towards him. Kazuki took the hit for him. Kakuzi was dead because of his actions.

He let him die.

Rage unlike anything Naruto ever felt exploded inside of him. He didn't try to control it as the fury generated from the very depths of his soul.

''No one left to save you now demon,'' Mizuki taunted.

''Shut up...''

It was so cold, so hollow it snapped Mizuki out of his craze. Though it only lasted for a moment as he pulled out a kunai from his pouch. ''Die demon!''

Naruto's head shot up, his eyes transforming into a flaming red and chilling Mizuki to his core and causing the man to freeze in fright.''I'm going to kill you.'' The blonde's voice had definitely changed. It was deeper, throatier, and sounded much more menacing. Suddenly Mizuki felt an awful feeling of unconditional fear wash over him as he saw red chakra begin spiraling around the boy.

Naruto steady himself, pushing himself to his feet as his eyes began to darken into a blood-red crimson and formed into slits. His hands sharpened, his fingernails sharpening and growing as his limbs fashioned themselves more into claws them something human like. Naruto's tear-stricken cheeks which now the whisker marks had become much broader and darker. His mouth was pulled into a snarl that exposed elongated canines and slightly sharpened teeth. The swirling red chakra was gathering around his body, forming a vague silhouette around the boy. The amount of malicious chakra radiating from him cause the scream that threatened to escape Mizuki's mouth paralyzed his lungs.

''I...will kill you!'' It wasn't just a mere threat. It was a complete and utter promise.