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Chapter 1

When Jillia stepped into her tent she didn't expect to find two young men standing there. Even though the two young men were dressed in the uniforms of soldiers of the Highland Army, the worried looks on their faces told her otherwise. "You must be the Rebels working for the City-States that my brother finds so bothersome. Don't worry I don't agree with his plans for the City-States of Jowston, so don't worry I won't tell anyone," said Jillia.

"My name is Jowy Atreides and this is my friend Riou Genkaku," said the young man with the long pony tail. While Jowy was handsome, she kept looking at Riou. Not only was Riou was handsome, but he also had a look of kindness and determination on his face. The last name of Genkaku also surprised her. She had heard of the great Genkaku who was the hero of the City-States had disappeared right after the previous conflict between the City-States and the Highland Empire.

But not that long ago rumors were being spread that Genkaku has adopted a boy and a girl who like their deceased guardian were fighting for the City-States against the Highland Empire. Riou even had the mark of the Bright Shield on his hand like Genkaku did when he was fighting for the City-States. Jowy even had a mark on his hand, but it was black sword.

"Would you like to have some tea while wait for the soldiers to calm down," said Jillia as she pulled out a couple of tea cups. Jillia smiled when Jowy and Riou agreed before sitting at the table in the middle of the tent.

"It seems odd that the King of Highland would let his beloved daughter travel around with her brother and his army," said Riou right before he put a generous amount of honey and cream in his cup of tea. "My father heard of rumors of atrocities that my brother was committing in his name," said Jillia. "What have you seen while traveling with your brother," asked Riou.

"Horrors that I have never imagined seeing in my lifetime, I would call Luca and animal but that seems like it would be an insult to animals," said Jillia as tears started to fall from her eyes. While Jowy looked uncomfortable since he didn't know how to comfort a crying princess. Riou just grabbed her hand. "No one should ever have to experience such horrors, I promise that no matter what I will make it where Luca never harms another innocent life," said Riou.

Jillia knew that she shouldn't feel comfort from someone who had just declared that he was going to kill her brother. But that was exactly what she felt. "We have to make Luca Blight and Captain Rowd pay for what they did to the Unicorn Youth Brigade and Pilika's village," said Jowy. "Pilika," asked Jillia.

"She is a girl that helped Jowy when were separated, she was a kind and curious little girl until the Highland Army destroyed her village. Because of the horror that she has seen, she has been mute ever since then," said Riou. "That is horrible," said Jillia.

Just then Jillia then heard someone approach the tent. "You have to hide," whispered Jillia. Jowy and Riou quickly ran behind a piece of cloth that was used to separate the area of the tent that Jillia used for her changing area. Luca and Rowd then walked in to the tent. "Your highness a couple of traitors have been spotted in this camp," said Rowd. "You wouldn't be hiding them under you skirt dear sister," asked Luca as he placed his hand on her thigh.

Jillia hated it when Luca showed such inappropriate actions towards her. "I would never want to hide people who would want to bring harm to my father," said Jillia as she pulled Luca's hand off of her thigh. Luca growled at the thinly veiled contempt in her voice. While she would never wish to see harm fall upon the King of Highland, she couldn't say the same about sadistic Luca Blight.

"Look Your Highness, the princess has made us some cups of tea," said Rowd who was trying to change the subject. "How thoughtful," said Luca as he picked up Riou's cup of tea. Luca then took a drink of tea, but then he spat the tea from his mouth which landed on Jillia's face. "You know how much I hate cream and honey in my tea," screeched Luca as a look of disgust crossed his face. Luca then dropped the tea cup and the started to stop on it until it was just tiny little pieces of porcelian.

The tears on Jillia's face started to mingle with the scalding hot tea that had just been spat onto her face. The set had once belonged to her mother and was the only thing that she had left of the woman that had never been able to meet. Luca then grabbed the edge of the table and turned it over causing the rest of the tea set to break. Luca then grabbed Jillia's shoulders and started to shake her like a rag doll.

"You show more love to some useless pieces of china than you do to your own brother, you are just like those pigs that I slaughter every day," screamed Luca. Rowd just stood there with his mouth hanging open. Jillia didn't know who she hated more at that moment, Luca for the abuse he was giving her or Rowd for not doing anything to stop it. Just when Jillia thought that Luca might kill her, Riou ran out of his hiding place and knocked Luca down with one of his tonfa. "If you lay another hand on Jillia, I swear that I will kill you," bellowed Riou.

Disgusted by the abuse the Luca was giving his own sister, Riou had to stop it by any mean necessary. "We have found the traitors and one of them has attacked the prince," Rowd called out. "We have to get out of here now," said Jowy as he ran from his hiding place.

"Come with us, I can protect you from Luca if you come with me to Muse," said Riou as looked at Jillia and held his out to her. Jillia the picked up a pair of fans used for fighting before she took Riou's hand. Riou barely paied attention to the pair of fans that were lying on the travel sized vanity, but he now noticed that the fans had some deadly looking blades along the edges. "We have to go now or we will be caught," said Jillia.

As they ran through the Highland Army Camp, Riou was pleasantly surprised to see that Jillia knew how to fight.

But things went from bad to worse when the army started to surround them. "Riou, you need to take Jillia to the meeting point so you will be able to give the information we had found out about the Highland Army. I will stay behind and keep the army at bay," said Jowy. "I can't leave you, you are my best friend. It was bad enough for us when got separated, but I don't think I can go thorough it again," said Riou. "You must go now or I will never forgive myself. I promise that no matter what I will make it back alive," said Jowy. Even though Riou hated what he had to do, he knew that he had no other choice.

"You better come back, Nanami will kill me if you don't," said Riou as he grabbed Jillia's hand and started to run away as Jowy held up his hand. The last thing Riou saw was Jowy calling up the power of the Black Sword Rune on his hand.

Author's Note: The reason why I gave Riou and Nanami the last name of Genkaku is because I have never been able to find out what their last names are.