"If you could be an animal, what would you be?"

"Mmm… a snake."

"A snake? Why? Do you consider yourself the embodiment of sin or something? That's nothing like you at all!"

"Why do people always jump to conclusions? They are blinded by the fangs and poison and the story of Eden without even taking the actual animal into consideration; it's the same with cats and falsity, dogs and loyalty, birds and fragility. But cats can warm you up at night just as well and domestic dogs can bite you as easily as a dire wolf, and I doubt you'd consider a hawk as fragile if you saw it swoop down on a panic-stricken hare running for its life. I hate animal symbolism.

Everyone is afraid of snakes, even the harmless kinds, because they might bite or strangle you, yet no one is scared to go outside in the morning because an inconspicuous, innocent bystander might shoot you or slit your throat. Snakes lead a sad life. They have no vocal chords and the only audible connection some can make with the environment is through monotonous hisses. How do you know what they would say? Like me, snakes are shunned by those who don't know them, used by those who do, destined to live in an enclosed room with various thoughts that no one else will ever listen to."

"I never thought of it that way. But there's still a significant difference between you and them.

I'm listening to you."

Author's Note: Just a simple conversation that played out in my head on my way to school this morning... Who's who? Teehee.