"One And Only" – A sequel to "Set Fire To The Rain"

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Chapter 1

I dare you to let me be all, the one and only
Promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove up I'm the one who can
Walk them miles
Until the air starts
... on your mind

. . . . .

Once again House woke up to an empty bed, a frown immediately replaced the soft smile that had risen on his lips thanks to his pleasant dream. He had dreamt of her. Again. He imagined her hands caressing his broad chest while her lips were whispering slowly into his ears. He could feel her breath tickle his skin just below his earlobe but suddenly all those memories left his mind and lead him into a long, fast vortex of pain. He screamed while his hands reached his leg trying to soothe the aching pain of the non-existent muscle. He let a tear fall from his eyes and it escaped fast from under his eyelashes, wetting the pillow.

Cuddy didn't know what to do. She had been sitting in her car for twenty minutes while staring blankly at the dash. When she finally gathered all the strength she had in her body, she exited the car and slowly paced the distance between the vehicle and the door. Her legs were weak and her body was shaking slightly because of the muffled cries she was trying to hold but she shrugged in her oversized coat and kept walking. She reached the door in what seemed like a lifetime and she slowly raised her hand and softly knocked on the wooden barrier that separated her from the man who lived on the other side.

Several minutes had passed since her hand had first made contact with the door but she still hadn't received a response from anyone. She suddenly felt her limbs get weaker as a shot of desperation and disappointment hit her. She glared at the apartment and sighed, turning around she walked back to her car. Cuddy opened it and took out a piece of paper from her bag. She scribbled something on it in a quick movement. She wasn't paying attention to anything that night. Everything was out of her control and dealing with her ex-boyfriend should have been out of question, but she needed to talk to him or at least inform him on the sudden decision she had made. She got out the car and once again walked towards his door. She stopped for a moment and fell on her knees making the thin note slide under the door. She felt drained of all energy but she stood up hesitantly and left that place behind her back. Once and for all. Or so she thought.

House heard the sound of her car fade away and he immediately limped to the bathroom and emptied his stomach. The pain was unbearable and was attacking him in every possible way, making him feel worse than ever. For a moment he thought that it wasn't the physical pain what hurt the most, but his emotions. He shook his head and reminded himself to stop talking with Wilson. He was strong, so he thought, but was it true? He thought he could do this, deal with his life, deal with a life where she wasn't by his side. Only now he realized he was failing; his mind was trying to tell him something but he didn't listen to it. He was a screwed up, he was born this way and he knew he couldn't change. Cuddy had believed he could but he did prove her wrong after less than a year spent together.

One of his mottoes had always been "People don't change". He recalled saying that lots of times, several to Cuddy herself but most of the times he was reminding himself what a failure he was. He had learned it from his father, in a harsh way made of fights and yelling but it helped him convince himself he couldn't change for the better; he was destined to be alone, to keep people away from him, to love but not to be loved.

He stood up from the bathroom floor, his leg gave out a little but he supported himself leaning against the wall. He made his way towards the door where she had waited for him to let her in. He didn't regret leaving her outside; he could be mean, a jerk, a son of a bitch but he couldn't show his weakness to other people, especially not to her. He couldn't show her how much pain he was feeling, he couldn't open up to her involuntarily and tell her that he was still madly in love with her. He couldn't do it to her. Or to himself either. He reached the door and took sight of the small piece of paper she had let slide in. He leaned down and took it with his hands. He smelled it and smiled. Her perfume, one of her many features he had grown to love. He opened it slowly, only to find a few lines on it.

"House, I made my decision: I'm leaving Princeton in two days. I accepted Professor Lamb's offer and I'll be teaching at Michigan University from next month. I wish we could have had a proper good bye... Always yours. -C"

. . . . .

Eight months later...

"Good morning, Michigan University. How may I help you?"

House chuckled a little hearing the girly voice of the Dean's secretary. He imagined her wearing a low cut blouse, leaving her breast exposed to the naughty eyes from old professors and young students with M-rated fantasies who could easily sell them to the porn industry and make lots of money. He smirked and when the woman on the other line repeated the question he spoke for the first time.

"I'm looking for Dr Cuddy."

"Who's calling?" she asked politely.

"I'm Dr House, and old friend and ex-employee of Dr Cuddy."

"Oh, let me see what I can do for you. Uhm" she said, with a frown. "Dr Cuddy is on maternity leave..."

He felt the woman's words hit him like a million bullets. He let his cell phone fall to the floor with a thud while his eyes roamed the gloomy room in search of an explanation. He could hear the secretary calling his name in a pointless attempt to get an answer from the him. He took his phone and ending the call, he put in in his jeans pocket. He grabbed his leather jacket and his car keys. He wanted to know what was on Cuddy's mind and she was going to tell him everything. He started the car and drove to a place he hadn't been to in over 25 years.

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