"One And Only" – A sequel to "Set Fire To The Rain"

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Chapter 17

I know it ain't easy
Giving up your heart
Nobody's perfect, it ain't easy, trust me I've given up your heart

"I was thinking... from Monday I'll be your boss again and tomorrow is your birthday, so I think we heed to celebrate." she said with a wicked smile.

"Oh..." he said, his grin widening in excitement. She took his hand in hers and guided him in the MRI room.

April, 2012

"Cuddy..." he whispered in her ear. Cuddy groaned in her sleep and rolled onto her side, giving her back to him.

"As much as I love the sight of your back side, it's time for you to get your well formed bureaucratic ass out of bed, my lady." he informed her, slapping her ass.

"Oh, come on House! Five more minutes." she whined from under the pillow.

"Cuddles, if we get to your mother's late, she'll have my ass cut off and served on a plate for dinner. I don't want to be the object of her rage. So, get out of bed this instant!" he said, standing up from the bed. Cuddy growled again, before gripping his forearm tightly and dragging him to sit next to her again.

"When did we switch roles?" she asked with a smile. House leaned down to peck her lips before laying a hand on her swelled stomach. Cuddy's smile widened as she felt the baby kick and...

...her reality lurched back into the present as Rachel started calling for her.

"Moooooooommy!" Rachel yelled from the living room. "Mooooommy, Emma is throwing things at me." she yelled once again. Cuddy stood up from the bed and walked to her daughters.

"Emma, it's a bad thing to throw stuff at your sister. Does she throw stuff at you?" she asked the almost 16 moths old girl. Emma looked at her tiny feet and giggled. "She doesn't, so you must not throw toys at her." she explained, trying not to yawn and make herself look ridiculous as she tried to teach her younger daughter a lesson..

"Baby, where's your dad?" she asked Rachel, who pointed to the window.

After putting Emma down onto the carpet, Cuddy made her way outside. It was spring and the trees in the backyard were blooming. House was walking up and down the length of the fence, talking on the phone with someone. His eyes were bright thanks to the sun shining in the sky, but most of all they seemed to be alive as he smiled on the phone. Cuddy stared at him thoughtfully. Why was he smiling? She didn't know the answer, but promised herself she'd investigate. House wasn't the type to smile over the phone to anyone, he did it sometimes when Wilson was babysitting and called them because Rachel and Emma had caused havoc in the Oncologist's apartment. House caught her as she leaned onto the door frame and nodded his head, before bidding farewell to the person he was talking to.

"You're up." he stated.

"As you can see, I am. Emma was throwing things at Rachel. Again." she said with a smirk. House chuckled and sat at the table under the patio.

"Who were you talking with?" she asked.

"Uhm... Wilson. He tried to talk me into wearing a pink tie at tonight's fundraiser." he said, smirking. Cuddy eyed him suspiciously.

"I know that you just lied to me. I don't think I want to know the truth though. So, just... promise me that what you have planned won't embarrass me." she pleaded.

"I haven't planned anything to embarrass you, Cuddy. I was just discussing with my buddy about tonight's dressing code." he lied again.

"Okaaaaay!" she said, obviously giving up on her boyfriend's attitude. "Just, don't embarrass me and the whole hospital. We need this fundraiser after you've broken another MRI machine." she concluded, entering the house.

"Hey, as far as I remember WE broke that MRI! On your first day back at work!" he yelled. She heard Cuddy chuckle before the she switched on the shower.

House stood there on the chair, looking in front of him as a million thoughts run through his mind. If only Cuddy knew what she was into for the night.

House entered the ballroom at 8 sharp. Emma and Rachel were ushered inside by Marina, who had been asked to look after the girls during the event. Rachel had insisted she wanted to be with her mom and dad that night and Cuddy couldn't do anything but accept her daughter's request at least for this time.

Cuddy had been there since the afternoon to check everything was ready for the party and at the moment she was having small talks with few of the rich donors that had been invited. She was sipping a glass of sparkling water when she glanced at the door and saw House and the girls coming towards her. She excused herself from the conversation and walked to them.

"Thank you Marina for coming! You can take the day off tomorrow." she greeted the babysitter politely, before kissing her daughters on the cheek and pecking House's lips.

"Hi there." he said. "Patty and Selma look wonderful" he whispered in her ear. Cuddy looked amazing. Her flawless body was wrapped in a strapless midnight blue satin dress. It hugged her perfectly and the necklace she was wearing cascaded right at the top of her breasts. Her hair were semi straight like usual, but in a way it made her look even more beautiful.

"You don't look bad yourself" she replied grinning. She gave him her drink while she knelt down to talk to Rachel. House took a sip and almost chocked on it.

"Are you alright, daddy?" Rachel asked.

"Yes, Rachel. Cuddy, why the h..." he started but stopped himself when he met Cuddy's infamous death glare. "Why are you drinking sparkling water?"

"The party hasn't even started yet, our daughters are here and plus I don't want to get drunk tonight. This fundraiser is important for the hospital and for me. It's the first since I started working here again and I need to gain more trust with the new board members. That's why I asked you not to embarrass me this morning. I need this to end well, House. I really do." she almost begged. House nodded as she took his hand in hers.

"So, I saw Wilson but I didn't get the chance to say hi. Shall we?" she said, pointing towards the bar, where the Oncologist was sitting next to Dr Emerald. Cuddy tugged at House's hand, while Marina and the girls went to the area of the ball room reserved for the children.

"Oh Lisa!" Ines greeted her now best friend. "I was looking for you. I have something to tell you." she said, smiling over at her now fiancé.

"You!" House almost yelled. "You knocked her up!" he said pointing his finger to Wilson, who in return blushed and smiled sheepishly. Ines scolded House and slapped his bicep before breaking into an hysterical laughing fit.

"Is that true?" Cuddy asked. Ines nodded and hugged her friend close. "Oh, I'm so happy for you!" her smile widened. House unwillingly let Ines hug him, but when Wilson came forward, he took a step back.

"Oh no, buddy." he said, but Cuddy shoved him not do gently against Wilson. They laughed at House's growl and Cuddy could sworn he had heard him mutter something like I'm happy for you, but she knew House would never let other people listen to such words coming from his mouth. She looked at Wilson, who blinked several times before offering his best friend another smile.

"So, Bubba Wilson will be the same age of Bubba House The Third." House said, placing a hand on the small of Cuddy's back. She froze and stared at him open mouthed. Wilson and Ines stared at the couple in shock.

"Are you... are you... again?" Wilson stammered, blushing. House laughed out loud, Cuddy following him before sighing in relief. Ines met her gaze and nodded towards the bathroom.

"Men, the ladies need to use the loo. We'll be back shortly. House, you might want to teach your best friend how to change diapers. He lost a bet against me and he's forced to be on diapers change duty for the first three months." Emerald said with a laugh, while she took Cuddy's hand in hers and went to the bathroom with her.

"You gave me quite a scare House. I thought Cuddy really was pregnant again." Wilson said.

"Nah. I think we have other more important things to settle first." he replied.

"You mean, you're not against the idea of having other kids." the Oncologist continued.

"I'm not against the idea, but I've already told you we have more important things to do first." he repeated.

"Such as?" Wilson asked.

"Finalizing Rachel's adoption." he said taking a sip from Cuddy's glass.

"It won't be easy... you are not married and it'll take a lot more time to..." he started but was cut off by House.


"Huh?" Wilson stared at him confused.

"We're not married. Yet." House explained.

"Are you.. are you telling me... you... you..." Wilson stammered again.

"Yes, Wilson. I do plan of proposing her. That's why I've been walking around with an engagement ring in my trouser's pocket for the past few days." he said. The Oncologist stared at him, his jaw almost touching the floor. He was about to reply but both Cuddy and Ines came back. He said nothing but couldn't help but feel proud and happy for his friends.

"Lisa, the girls are sleeping in your office, do you want me to look after them till the end of the party?" Marina asked Cuddy several hours later.

"No, you can go Marina; there's no need to stay here. Thank you so much." Cuddy thanked her baby-sitter before peering into her office to check on her daughters.

House was in the office with them. Cuddy could see his tired eyes and his graying hair, the rough lines of his face, his thin lips. She could see all of those things, but she could only imagine what he was thinking about. He looked so deep in thought, his eyes displayed the same emotions as they had earlier when he had been in the backyard on the phone with Wilson. He looked nervous and almost embarrassed. Cuddy took a deep breathe and entered her office.

"Hey." he murmured.

"Hi. Why are you hiding?" she asked, leaning against his shoulder as he sat on the edge of the desk.

"I'm tired." he said looking up.

"We can leave in thirty minutes. Everyone will leave in the next fifteen minutes and then I have to clear things with the head of the catering staff." she said, stroking his back soothingly. He leaned onto her and sighed.

"I love you." he whispered. Cuddy smiled and laughed softly. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing. Just... I'm surprised, that's all. You never say that you love me, but then you say it when I less expect it." she concluded with a smile.

"Is that a bad thing?" he asked locking his eyes with hers.

"Not at all. It makes me more aware that I'm finally happy." she answered, cupping his cheeks in her hands.

"We all are." he said, pecking her lips. As he pressed his lips to hers, he felt her smiling. She nuzzled her nose in his neck and sighed.

"I have to go now or we will never see the end of this fundraiser." she announced straightening up. House blocked her and drew her into his arms again.

"Nah, you don't really have to." he mumbled while kissing her exposed shoulder. She moaned softly and shook her head. "Did they at least give you lots of money?"

"Yes, they did actually." she said proudly.

"So, I guess I made a good thing by letting you wear this dress and show Patty and Selma off to the donors." he joked grabbing her breasts. He then kissed her neck and collar bone, still massaging her breasts. Another moan escaped Cuddy's lips and she had to bite her tongue not to show how much she was enjoying this.

"Cuddles, you're overly sensitive tonight." he said. "Me gusta" he said in a fake Mexican accent, while wiggling his eyebrows.

"I guess I am." she said, looking down to House's lap. "Don't let Little Greg get overly excited till we get home, huh?" she joked before turning around and leaving her office. Cuddy closed the door behind her and took a deep breath; she then readjusted her dress and walked towards the catering crew.

House looked at her, studying her every move. He knew she was hiding something and he needed to know what was obviously bothering her.

They walked together from the car to the front door. Cuddy was holding a sleeping Rachel in her arms, while House was trying to stop a suddenly hyperactive Emma from slapping her tiny hands on his face.

It took them almost half an hour to get her back to sleep and the silence finally filled the house. Cuddy was in the bathroom, taking of her make up and brushing her teeth when House peered inside. She was applying some lotion on to her face and she had never looked so beautiful in his eyes. He walked back towards the bedroom and reached for the ring in the trousers he had just taken off. He slid the little box under his pillow and laid on the bed.

That was the right choice, he repeated in his mind. He was going to propose and make part of Cuddy's dream true. He didn't do it only for her, he wanted it to be an extra test, the final test of his life. He was going to do something he had never thought he would be able to do, but now he was happy and in love and had two fantastic daughter who loved him as much as he love them. Cuddy was perfect for him, he could manage his craziness, his crankiness and his childish behavior 24/7; but what if Cuddy grew tired of him? What if one day she woke up to find him extremely annoying and couldn't bear to be with him? He'd be alone, again. And House knew he couldn't face rejection any more. This was a giant next step and if he was willing to do that, surely Cuddy was the right person. Crossing his fingers over his heart, House closed his eyes and thought about the phone call he had with his mother that morning. Cuddy had walked in on him and he had to end the call, but he couldn't help but smile at his mother when he had informed her what she was intention to do. She had never pressured him during her visits, not as much as Arlene did. House chuckled thinking about Arlene's reaction to the news.

"What are you laughing at?" Cuddy asked while entering the room. She sat on the bed, applying some more lotion onto her hands.

"Nothing... something I saw on TV earlier. An elephant." he lied.

"Will you?" she asked handing him the bottle of lotion and motioning to her shoulders. She tied her hair up in a ponytail and moved the straps of her tank top. House put some lotion on his hands and began massaging her shoulders softly and yet with enough force in order to relax her muscles.

"You were saying..." she recalled.

"Yeah, but it was extremely boring, I was more concentrated on the fact that the presenter's assistant was wearing a yellow thong and screaming that he was in love with a monkey." he invented.

"Seriously? I hope you didn't let Rachel nor Emma watch that crap." she stated, while moving her neck slowly.

"Nah. They were with Marina at the park." he informed her while rubbing lotion on her shoulders. He leaned down and kissed her neck. His tongue lingered out on her skin to taste her. Cuddy gasped at the contact but leaned into him.

"You know..." he said. "I was thinking about the finalization of the adoption." Cuddy turned around to face him.

"What about that?" she asked nervously.

"It'll take a lot of time for me to get all the papers and I don't really fit the right criteria..." he said.

"That's not true, House! You're a great father. Emma and Rachel both love you and I know it'll take a lot of time before they'll make it official, but..." she replied in a single breath.

"Wooohooo! Cuddy, calm down! I'm not saying I'm giving up, I'm saying quite the opposite actually." he stopped her, grabbing her by the shoulders gently.

"Then what are you saying?" she asked dumbfounded.

"I'm saying that it's going to be hard for me to adopt Rachel. I'm an ex drug addict, plus we're not married." he explained.

"And so? You're an ex addict. Key word being ex. You don't take any more Vicodin, you've been clean for years, well except for that one time, but... I trust you and I'm sure we won't make the same mistakes twice. As far as the marriage thing, I think it won't really be a problem. If we were married..."

"If we were married, I'd have the right to be considered Rachel's father and the legalization of the adoption would take less time than if we weren't married." he concluded. Cuddy nodded.

"So... you said you don't want to give up and yet I don't see where your speech is headed." she said, kneeling on the bed right in front of him.

"Well... I did a lot of thinking and I decided that... we should get married." he stated plainly. Cuddy's eyes widened, she opened her mouth but no words came out. "I've never thought of marriage and I'll probably suck at the whole being a husband thing, but if I see myself with a woman for the rest of my life, that woman is you. And I want Rachel to officially be my daughter too, and I want it as soon as possible." he confessed, looking at Cuddy in the eyes.

"House, is that... is that..." she started.

"If you're asking me if this is a proposal, then yes, this is a proposal. I even have a ring." he confirmed, taking the box from under the pillow.

"Oh my god..." she whispered. A hand coming up to cover her mouth as she stared in shock at House's hand where the open box showed her the elegant ring. "House, if you're doing this only because of the adoption..."

"I've already told you this is not the only reason. I love you, Cuddy. I really do." he said, looking down at the ring in his hand. "Plus, I've already told my mother. If you say no, she'll have your ass for hurting her little boy." he joked.

Cuddy stared at him for a while then broke out laughing. She laid on the bed and laughed out loud almost rolling as she clutched her stomach.

"What the hell Cuddy!" he almost yelled. Cuddy looked up at him and smiled, before grabbing his arm and drawing him down onto the bed so they were both laying on it on their sides.

"I'm sorry for my reaction, House. It was really rude, but... I had this dream this morning and in the dream you said something very similar." she explained smiling up at him.

"So..." he prompted.

"So... if you don't do it the proper way, I'm not going to answer" she said and grinned. House grunted and changed into a sitting position.

"Excuse the cripple from kneeling down on the cold floor." he said, earning a smirk from Cuddy. He cleared his throat dramatically before speaking. "Lisa Cuddy, will you do to this poor crippled, but well endowed man, the honor of being his personal mistress?" he said. Cuddy slapped him on the chest and gave him an evil glare.

"Okay, okay. I get it. You want it the classic way. Jeez... women." he mumbled. "So, for the third time. Will you, Lisa Cuddy, have the honor of being my wife?" he finally asked.

Cuddy shook her head incredulously before taking a grip on House's T-shirt and dragging him on top of her. She drew him into a passionate kiss, making sure that they both would never forget this moment. When they broke the kiss, they laid on the bed together, staring up at the ceiling till House took Cuddy's hand in his and slipped the ring onto her finger. They both looked at it, still incredulous of their newly acquired status.

"You're my fiancé now." she muttered while intertwining their hands and placing a kiss on his knuckles.

"Yup. Do I still get to have sex with you right?" he joked. Cuddy laughed and placed her head on his chest, snuggling against his side.

They were silent for a while enjoying the calm of the house, in order to make the new events sink in. House was the first one to talk.

"You were nervous earlier." he said.

"I was. I've been having problems with few of the new board members, they said I can't be the boss of a hospital while being also a mother of two children. But now I'm fine, I'm relaxed. We gained more donors tonight and part of them were really interested in your department." Cuddy replied.

"No, I mean later, when we were in your office and after you left the office." he said and he felt her stiffen a little. "Now that I think of it, you shuddered when we were talking to Wilson and Emerald. I joked about you being pregnant again and you blushed." he said. "Cuddy..." he hesitated.

"House, I... am not pregnant." she informed him. "I thought I was." she looked up at him. "My period was a week late and I had immediately thought that we had been reckless at that I was pregnant again but I didn't think about the amount of stress I had been in because of tonight's fundraiser. And anyway, I got confirmation half an hour ago that I am indeed not pregnant." she concluded still looking up at him. He nodded and wrapped his other arm around her.

"Well, we could always make the girls a little brother one day..." she said with a laugh.

"We will see..." he commented.

"Huh? You don't want to have any more kids?" she asked.

"We have plenty of time to think about having another kid. For now, you have a wedding to organize and a hospital to run; I have Oncologists and mothers-in-law to annoy, girls to spoil." he joked.

"We don't have that much time. I'm almost 50." she said.

"First, you're not almost 50. Second, don't you know Little Greg? He's a stud and he's very cooperative." House said. Cuddy stared at him before laughing and this time he laughed too, hugging his fiancé close to him. He kissed the crown of her head and nuzzled his nose in her hair.

"Now, let's get some sleep. You have the day off tomorrow and girls to tame. I have lives to save and I have to work on my world domination plan with Wilson at lunch break." he stated seriously.

"Good night, House." she mumbled.

"Good night, Cuddy."

Almost an hour later House was still up. He looked down at Cuddy as she unconsciously snuggled closer to his body, seeking warmth. "You're my one and only, Cuddles." he whispered, pressing a kiss on her head. He closed his eyes just when Cuddy's lips curled into a soft smile.

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