Okay ermm... hi :) This is my first fanfic and so reviews are very much appreciated. An Amy/11 Fic (They are such a cute couple) Anyway hope you like! :) x

Panic strewn across her face and the sheer look of fear in her eyes Amy Pond was frantically trying to resuscitate her husband, Rory Williams. Although she'd never had first hand at CPR she was doing pretty well. Yet after every breath she would give a quick glance at Rory's chest in some hope that it would start to rise and fall of its own, but every time she glanced it lead to more compressions. The Doctor was at her side giving her support; a look of worry on his face. The Doctor could do many things, he could save planets, save species even the entire universe when it came to it but the one thing he couldn't do was bring people back from the dead and deep down in his hearts he had a feeling that Amy wasn't going to win this battle.

After what seem like lifetimes of trying to resuscitate her husband, Amy could do nothing more than squeeze Rory's hand and yell Rory's name in some attempt to help. Yet she knew that he was gone. The Doctor understood what Amy was going through as he too had lost those nearest and dearest to him and was happy and content to just hold Amy in his arms and let her sob into his shirt. Although not fully ready to admit it the Doctor himself shed a tear or two at the sight of his friend dead before his eyes but he didn't allow himself to get overly emotional.

Eventually Amy's cry lessened to a sob and she soon fell asleep on the floor next to the Doctor. The Doctor carefully removed his arm from underneath her and gently carried her to her room. Amy's room on the Tardis was created from Amy's own mind and could be changed as and when she chose. At the moment her celling was a deep bluey black like the night sky with stars that twinkled in the darkness and a bright full moon which acted almost like a night light. Her walls were also dark and covered in twinkling stars and you could even see a shooting one moving across the wall in the distance. At the moment Amy's bed was at the centre of the room a small single bed which was bedded in a black satin duvet and moulded to shape around Amy as the Doctor placed her in her bed. The Doctor seam oblivious to the change of layout to Amy's room but knew very well that it would probably change again by the morning. The Doctor placed Amy down in her bed and pulled the duvet over her, Amy simply snuggled down completely unaware of her change of location. The Doctor let out a small sigh and thought to himself. Oh Amelia what have I done to you? He gave her a light kiss on the forehead and slowly walked out of the room, letting her have the rest she so clearly deserved.

I know its short but they'll be more, promise ;) x