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Chapter 35

With the tension in the room only growing, Cain and Drake were silent; the music from the club next door continuing to reverberate against the walls that surrounded them. It was in that moment that Cain had drew the conclusion, the Jack's had wiped his whole security team out - if they were alive, there was no way in hell he'd be standing alone right now. It was fair to say, they were fucking good at what they did.

Stepping forward and to the side, Cain finally moved - Drake slowly circling with him "So...ya gonna tell me what happened?" Cain asked motioning his head in the direction of Drake's clothing - blood splattered.

Smirking, Drake shook his head at his attempt to delay the inevitable "We obliterated ya little army..." He paused "Sorry, Tyse's fucking army. The army that was on loan ta ya. Like shooting fish in a fucking barrel"

Cain growled "Tyse is a fucking means to an end..."

"Yeah..." Drake interjected "Yours..."

Laughing Cain moved forward, now inches from Drake who remained fixed in the position he stood - never would he be the one to move "See, this is why ya were ya taken out of the fucking equation, Orkney needed ta expand, ta move forward - ya wasn't pushing Stokely hard enough and now I know why..." Clenching his jaw, Drake fought the uncontrollable urge to floor the son of a bitch, if Cain dare mention Riley he was surely about to fly off the fucking handle "Besides Tyse's proposal was too generous ta turn down, unlike you Drake, I'm a business man - not hired expendable muscle..."

Drake sniggered "Is that so? So ya know Tyse approached the Darley's first?"

Cain paused, although he tried to hide it, his reaction was fucking priceless "What?" He growled, his nostrils flaring at what he was insinuating "Ya lying?"

"Am I? If that's what ya wanna believe then go right ahead but just know, in reality ya just a fucking rebound. Turns out ya not the date Tyse had originally hoped for..." Drake smirked - cocky as the king of spades, tutted sarcastically "Shame on you, for being the naive and mindless fucking prick B Street hoped ya'd be..."

Growling deep within his chest, Cain's arms flew up and into Drake's chest - forcing him back a step "Drake, ya motherfucker!" He cursed through gritted teeth, too quick was he being forced to see the mistake he'd made "So what, ya doing this for a fucking Darley? Boy ya have lost ya fucking way!"

"I'm doing what needs ta be done..." Moving back to his original position before being shoved, Drake glared - pointing angrily in Cain's direction "Ya don't deserve the title ya've gained. Working with B Street? Ya pathetic. Greedy. Better off six feet under the fucking ground"

Cain snarled, who did he think he was? Not giving Drake a chance to react, he moved and quick, right hooking him harshly across the cheek. Only momentarily dazed by the impact, Drake countered the attack, barrelling the full force of his frame straight into him. They collided, muscle against pure fucking muscle they fought...

Intense. Brutally. Mercilessly they fought. Fists flying, neither one of them letting up. Bloody they remained locked against one another. Adrenalines pumping so hard, every hit taken, every crack of a bone being broken was ignored by choice - weakness at this point was not an option. Cain having never met his match, clearly had underestimated Drake's fighting instinct because at this moment in time he was unbreakable - the sheer force at what he was coming at Cain with was relentless and never-fucking ending. He was military trained yes but being around Cain all of these years had incorporated his own dirty tactics...

But Cain being in the business for his entire life, knew all of the tricks in the book. He did say Drake's arrogance would be his downfall? Shifting his weight, Cain pivoted out of the hold Drake had him in, swiping round he wasted no time in forcefully shunting the tip of his steel toe capped boot into the back of Drake's knee - hearing the crack, Drake crashed to the ground in the moment of his balance disappearing "Motherfucker!" Drake snarled; feeling the muscles instantly burn and protest.

Cain advanced, his body weight keeping Drake pinned against the tiles as his fists flew down like a madman "Ya arrogant little shit Drake. I been doing this shit for forty fucking years!" He screamed. On the ground, Drake could feel Cain's fists attacking what they could, arm's raised, he blocked him from landing the blows to his head. What he didn't count on feeling was the impact against his chest, Cain had found his weak spot and was proceeding to hammer down on the entry wounds Bones had so kindly left him with, fucking prick. Hearing him groan at the pain almost had Cain laughing "Boy I'll die before I let ya take what's mine!"

"Well's that a fucking given..." Drake sneered, waiting for the perfect moment, he had it in the moment of Cain slowing slightly, what it was to be forty years old?. Grabbing a hold of his wrists, Drake pulled him down forcefully whilst lifting himself up; shunting his head forward, the top of his head collided harshly against the bridge of his nose. Hearing the crack and the sound of Cain cursing at the impact, Drake threw him to the side like a rag doll before rolling himself out of dodge. He was hurting, there was no doubt about that - chest on fire, face burning from the countless hits he'd taken, Cain definitely was giving as good as he got.

"Fucking prick!" He heard Cain snap. Not even given a chance to catch his own fucking breath because Cain was there, grabbing a fistful of his vest, pulling him up off the ground and forcing him to stand.

"Shit..." He cursed, struggling to find his balance in the moment of his right knee threatening to buckle. Distracted he allowed his defensives to momentarily fall, Cain on form didn't stop, with an astounding amount of force swung his iron fist straight into Drake's face; Drake already dazed felt his head snap to the right before feeling the pain against his eye - so sharp it might as well have exploded in that very second.

"Look at you, hero..." Cain mocked, thunderously knocking his jaw to the other side "Too bad ya had ta walk through that door. With you dead, Riley was mine and I was so close ta having her, ta doing everything I wanted to her - no more would she be screaming your name 'hero'..."

Wrong. Fucking. Move... like lightning, Drake stealthily dodged his next hit and in turn found strength in his left leg, stepping back out of his grip - he raised his arms up whilst moving. If there was anything Cain shouldn't have done, it was that...and now Drake was about to finish this shit. Smirking, Drake's outstretched arms flew together in a clapping motion, crushing Cain's skull from either side and this time he did cry out, disorientated and in agony he fell to the floor.

Standing over him, Drake glared down at him, his breathing hard - his heart thudding aggressively. He was silent, deadly silent - just watching Cain try to shake the throbbing from his head. Flexing his jaw, a crushed skull was the least of his fucking problems at this moment in time "King..." He mocked "Consider yaself overthrown..." Raising his foot, he didn't hesitate - he struck and hard, over and over - Cain screamed, even tried rolling himself away in the moment of Drake shattering every bone in his legs with just the base of his boot "Drake, fuck! Fuck you!" Cain shouted, the tears clearly visible in his eyes... "Ya son of a bitch!"

Satisfied he wasn't going anywhere fast, Drake sneered evilly at the sight; turning he headed for where his jacket lay - listening to Cain fire off an all manner of curses at the torturous state he'd left him in...

Struggling to move across the room, Drake leant, picking up his leather jacket. With everything protesting, he growled in the moment of slipping it on. Shuffling inside, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and his zippo lighter, selecting one he lit the tip inhaling sharply "I wonder what the insurance on this place would be?" He asked smugly, turning to look at a helpless looking Cain; a sight that undeniably was a long time coming "What do you think?"

Huffing, Cain struck the ground heatedly with his fist "Oh ya motherfucker Drake, I made you..."

"And I ended you...ya point?" He asked, shuffling forward.

"This place made ya and ya what? Ya just gonna burn it the fuck down?"

"Yep, with you inside" Drake replied matter-of-factly.

"For fuck sake, Drake...think about what ya fucking doing..."

No matter how hard the man, if you break his legs beyond repair and threaten to leave him in a burning building, soon enough they will start trying to talk their way out of it? Problem was, Cain had no chance...

"Ya think I haven't?" Drake queried, eyeing him unsympathetically "Question is, did you ever stop and think before betraying ya own? That's the difference between you and me Cain, ya make the decisions without doing any kind of logical forward thinking. Quite simply ya fucked yaself in the moment of trying ta have me killed..." Drake continued watching him try and grab his legs in an effort to stop the pain "But what's really sealed the fucking deal, is ya fucking with Riley, for what ya did ta her..." Flicking open his lighter, he lit it...

Hearing the sound, Cain's eyes flew up to meet his; the look he was receiving was so cold and deadly he could feel the fear travel through every inch of him "Drake..."

"Ya gonna fucking burn, along with this fucking shithole..." Tossing the lighter, it landed, ideally straight into a set of stacked boxes - most definitely chocked full of dodgy paperwork with the way it was catching alight.

"Drake, ya motherfucker, ya fucking wait. One day ya'll meet ya fucking maker!" Cain screamed, his voice echoing.

"I thought that was you? Gotta say, only slightly disappointed..." Powerlessly he watched Drake turn and hobble himself out of the room, leaving the shit he'd collected over the years to go up in flames "Drake!"

Shoving open the entrance doors, Drake exited King, a trail of smoke following behind him - if your gonna do a job right, make sure the whole fucking place is set alight before you fucking leave. Inhaling he breathed in the fresh air, adrenaline still pumping violently, it wouldn't be long until he was be feeling the aftermath of the fight. Barely hearing Cain's curses and cries anymore, he slowly limped across the car lot; pausing at the Camaro. Turning he glanced back one final time to watch the flames engulf the entire building. With King and 'The' so called King destroyed, Orkney was officially his and it was time for things to fucking change.

Leant up against what felt like dozens of cushions, Riley could barely breathe, holding a tissue to her lips she tried to stop the blood that was continually seeping up through her throat. Eyes closed, she tried to rest but her body wouldn't allow it, everything burned forcing her to cry and dry heave at what she was experiencing.

"Hey, hey, breathe baby girl..." Jaz's voice suddenly appeared.

Opening her sore and swollen eyes, she found him leaning just in front "It hurts. It all hurts." Feeling the urge to be sick had her moving forward, ribs twisting she cried "Ah fuck..."

"Jesus, she needs medical fucking attention right now!" Kemp interjected.

"And she's going ta get it..." Ryder replied catching her tearful eyes as he approached, holding out a glass of water and what she assumed was two painkillers "He's right, we need ta get ya ta a fucking hospital darlin..."

Tossing the pills back, almost as quickly as Drake had she took a sip of water "I'll be fine..."

Flexing his jaw, Ryder couldn't help but watch the blood appear on hers lip. What he wanted to be was honest, to tell her that if she didn't allow them to help her, she would be dead by morning... instead he moved forward, positioning himself where Jaz was just leaning; he grabbed the tissue and dabbed her mouth. His eyes just watching the tears fall from her exhausted and bloodshot ones "We're here sweetheart, ya safe with us"

Nodding, she and the Jack's were momentarily distracted by footsteps entering the room; hard and fast.

"The fuck is up with you?" Gunner asked from the kitchen; his eyes glaring over at an undeniably high strung and frustrated Cruz.

"Maybe we should go back? It's been what, a fucking hour and still no word from Drake?" Cruz replied.

Kemp already was shaking his head at that idea "No, ya heard the instructions from D kid, he wanted us all back here with Riley..."

Cruz laughed angrily "Fuck what D said, we shouldn't have fucking left him there!"

Gunner sneered "So ya'd be the one ta take that up with him then? Trust me, there was no talking ta him..."

"But what if something happened? He's literally still getting his strength back!" Cruz continued to argue.

Riley in her own daze listened, if the truth be told she still couldn't believe Drake was alive... Eyes widening at the thought of losing him a second time, her gaze focused on Ryder who'd already caught the look...

"Cruz..." Ryder warned, silencing him "D'll be fine. He wanted ta be the one ta fucking finish it"

Stepping forward, Jaz about to interject and back Cruz up, could suddenly hear the echoing growl of Ryder's Camaro tear up to the warehouse "I guess he did just that..."

Gunner smirked "That or Cain's coming ta tear us a new fucking one..." He joked.

"Fuck..." Kemp breathed out, knowing exactly what that meant if Drake had obliterated the prick as promised...

Anxiously they waited, finally hearing the door be pulled open downstairs, listening to the familiar footsteps on the staircase they all watched Drake suddenly appear on the top floor; white knuckling the rail to steady himself.

"Fucking hell!" Gunner exclaimed, already hurrying forward seeing the state of him.

Turning his head along with Riley, who struggled in doing so, Ryder's eyes widened at the sight. Once again, his closest friend looked like he was about to drop any second. Blood covering his face, it was clear to see the deep and open gashes on his left eyebrow and right cheekbone. Lip split, he was hunched forward clutching at his chest but already limping forward in the moment of seeing Riley...

Weak, battered, bruised and broken, Riley whimpered at the sight of him "Drake..." She whispered, needing to feel him against her to know this whole fucking thing was real and not a fucking hallucination. Shuffling herself forward, she groaned, crying at the way in which her bones were betraying her but for Drake, she was about to force herself through...

Moving across the room, Drake was silent; seeing an oncoming Gunner he just raised his hand - shaking his head at the support. Stopping dead in his tracks, Gunner didn't miss the half smile he had passed him; no matter what he was feeling in that moment there was only one thing he truly wanted...

Somehow she'd found her feet, shakily Riley pushed through the nausea and the pain consuming her but Drake was already moving quicker in her direction. Attempting to take a step forward, she fell, Ryder about to catch her on instinct paused in the moment of her falling right into Drake's chest - his arms wrapping themselves around her softly.

"Drake..." She cried, clutching tightly onto his leather jacket for support. This truly was real and Riley couldn't help but feel the happiness she thought she had lost in the moment of losing him. Shaking she clung to him as if he were her life support "Oh my god, Drake..."

"Ssh I'm here sweetheart..." Drake replied gently holding her to him - he knew if he were to let go she would undoubtedly fall - this was something he had no intention of ever doing, ignoring the protests of his own body; all that mattered in that moment was Riley.

"But you...I watched you, I felt you..." Glancing down at her hands, she remembered his blood; covering her. She couldn't even bring herself to say what she thought had happened. Turning she buried her head into his chest, she couldn't help but release all of the pent up emotions she had from the past two weeks.

"I'm not going anywhere baby, did ya really think I'd leave you? After everything?"

Riley was quiet, completely lost in his embrace - no longer caring for what was happening around her. She was right where she fucking wanted to be. Now and forever.

Leaning against the railing, Gunner smirked "Well..isn't this suddenly very fucking emotional?"

"Shut the fuck up dude, I think I'm gonna cry..." Jaz teased - pretending to wipe the tear from his eye.

Shoving him, Gunner couldn't help but let out a deep throaty laugh watching him lose his footing and stumble to the side "Such a fucking pussy!"

"Ever the sympathetic eh G?" Cruz joked.

Kemp sniggered, crossing his arms at his chest "I think I'm gonna fucking cry watching the two of you..."

Pulling open the fridge door, Ryder whistled, subtly pulling their attentions round to him "Ya girls want a fucking drink? It's not like we've had a rough night or anything..."

Smirking Kemp was already moving in the direction of the kitchen to where Ryder was standing "Ya read my fucking mind"

"What ya having?"

"How about..." Jaz interjected, suddenly appearing at Kemp's side "A cup of we now officially rule the fucking streets of Orkney boys!"

The Jacks laughed, they cheered, they joked, how could they not? If anything tonight was a fucking success. With Cain no longer being a problem, it was up to the Jack's to take the undeniably welcomed challenge of keeping the streets of Orkney just the way they wanted them.

Loosening his grip Drake pulled back slightly, still holding her against him he glanced down at her face; she truly had been brutalised by both Bones and Cain but in typical Riley Darley fashion she tried to remain strong throughout. Feeling the corner of his lip curl upwards slightly, he wasn't going to lie, there was no words to describe how happy he felt that he'd found her - that she was alive. "Shit..." He murmured, as if remembering something suddenly "I know someone else that'll be pleased ta hear ya alive..." Pulling out his cell from his jacket pocket - his fingertips were quick on the keys, Drake could feel Riley's eyes on him, questioning him in the moment of the phone being raised to his ear...waiting for the caller on the other end... "Darley..."

'I'm sorry, what?' Riley couldn't help but silently ask. 'Which one?'

Gazing down at her he smirked, clearly she was surprised by the way in which her big blue eyes were wide. Never could she see Drake communicating with Billy and Joe, not alone the Darley's working with the Jack's? "Fuck ya think it is?" She heard Drake ask before pausing "I got her..."

Feeling all of the little strength she had left slowly be stripped from her legs, Riley leant back into him; happily using the support he was giving her. Gritting her teeth, she tried to slowly and calmly breathe through the pain of inhaling and exhaling; closing her eyes she listened to the one-sided conversation Drake seemed to be having...

"No, I'm not bringing her anywhere. Why? Because she's in a real bad fucking way, that's why?" He paused, obviously contemplating what the right move here was... "I guess I'll be seeing ya soon Darley..."

'An Invitation, really? What the hell?' Riley thought. 'The Darley's were actually coming into Orkney? How very strange and very unlike the men in her life?' Surely she wasn't dead and this is what Heaven looked like?

"Old boating warehouse on 32nd, by the docks? Oh and Darley, don't even think about starting trouble on my estate..." Ending the call without a word, he returned the phone to his pocket; his attention instantly being pulled to Riley who seemed to be struggling with everything at this moment in time. Who could blame her?

"I'm sorry, what? Darley's coming here!?" Ryder suddenly interjected.

Snapping his head round, he found Ryder standing feet from them; looking very unhappy with his recent decision "How about a little fucking empathy?" He asked motioning his eyes down in the direction of Riley "He's coming ta see his sister, then he can get the fuck off my estate..."

"Fuck..." Riley groaned, pulling her eyes open at the realisation she was actually about to face Billy and Joe for the first time since the shooting on Main.

"What?" Drake asked, his hand gently caressing the back of her head.

"For once, I can't predict what my brother's will do. Tied to a chair for two weeks gave me a lot of time to mull this over... " Riley replied softly, pulling her head back her tearful eyes looked up at him "Do they hate me? Could they forgive me? Is Billy quite simply going ta take a leaf out of the Bones playbook and pop a bullet in me for punishment?"

Clenching his jaw, Drake could feel his eyes saying all they needed to in that moment "Sweetheart, I can't tell ya what Darley's gonna do. What he's not, is going ta lay a fucking finger on ya" Inhaling deeply, he controlled the anger that was building "What I can tell ya, is that if Darley wanted ya dead, he sure as hell would have told me where ta go in the moment of me asking for the Darley's help..."

"Ya actively went ta him?" Riley asked, pulling her eyebrows together in confusion "Why?"

Drake smirked "Because I love ya and as much as I couldn't give a fuck bout Darley, he loves ya to - he needed ta know ya were alive..." Cutting him off, Riley had reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, moaning at her whole body protesting, she pulled him down - her lips softly gliding up against his.

"Thank you" She whispered.

Drake nodded, for her he would do anything "Besides, they had their use - B Street had no fucking idea. Tyse just lost his fucking Queen on this chess board - Hackney just became fair fucking game..." And no, he had no interest in controlling that shithole, for fucking with him - Drake quite simply was about to wipe them off the fucking radar completely. Literally having to reign himself in from what he was planning to do, his eyes found Riley's; still gazing longingly up at the man she thought she'd lost "But...let's get something straight right here and now sweetheart, ya ain't going anywhere, there is no way ya stepping back in to Stokely just yet after what Bones..." This time he did snarl - already fired up from the shit that had happened to her, it wouldn't take much convincing to go and obliterate the King of Stokely to...Two Kingdoms in one night, piece of fucking cake.

Knowing just how to calm him, Riley rested a weak and trembling hand on his chest "I'm not going anywhere..." Swaying on her feet, her knees buckled, catching her Drake could hear her ribs, crack and pop at the movement. Crying out she latched onto him, needing to be still as humanly possible. Sweat dripping from her frame, Drake's stomach turned at the sight of her, she was pale, ghostly white; bruised beyond belief. Face riddled with pain, he worriedly watched blood seep out onto her lips; instinct told him it was internal bleeding and that he needed to move quick if she was to make it to morning. It was clear from the way in which she was barely moving that Bones had broke a few of her ribs; only for them to then be continually poked, prodded and struck against by Cain - the sadistic fuck.

"Baby ya need help. I'm taking ya ta the hospital, our remedies aren't going ta work this time..."

Never having been to a hospital in her entire life, Riley couldn't help but feel a little hesitant. Courtesy of her big brother, Riley assumed the place to be filled with accusations and questions she didn't need "Drake, I'm just tired - I just need ta rest" Moaning with every movement, it was clear - her ribs were completely fucked.

"And I just need ta get ya looked at - ya can rest at the hospital..."

"Drake..." She groaned, becoming very dazed very quickly.

"Rye - I ain't asking sweetheart"

"Can I at least see my brother's first?" Riley asked, understandably he wasn't budging easy "Please Drake?"

There she was - Beautiful and always fighting for control. Glancing up at him, those Darley eye's quite simply were telling him she'd go to hospital when she was fucking ready. Not happy about it in the slightest, Drake hissed out a deep frustrated breathe through his nose whilst nodding at her request.

"Okay but for now, ya ass is ta stay on that couch..." He replied, tilting his head down and to the right of them.

Riley nodded "No arguments here baby, I'd quite happily sleep for a fucking month"

Guiding her back towards the sofa, Drake caught Jaz's eyes mid move "Jaz, blanket..." He simply ordered. Ready to help when needed, Drake watched Riley lay uncomfortably on the side that felt least broken, crying out he'd moved forward; grabbing her hand to support "Ssh sweetheart, I get it, trust me. Try ta stay still"

"D?" Jaz interrupted; holding out a blanket for him to take.

Nodding he grabbed it "Thanks J." Covering her, he knelt just in front "Rest, ya safe with me"

Riley smiled "I know" Breathing very laboured, it didn't take long for Drake to put her to sleep using a method that proved very successful on many occasions before. Remaining at her side, he gently stroked her head; repeatedly brushing her hair back until he was convinced she was sound asleep.

"Drake?" Ryder said softly, pulling his gaze round and up "C'mon, ya need ta be checked out..." Because if the truth be told, the Red Jack's leader looked a fucking state.

Drake smirked "Thanks for the offer but, I ain't leaving her" He replied flatly.

Rolling his eyes, Ryder huffed "Don't be fucking stupid..." This comment earning him a quick and sharp fucking glare "And quit looking at me like I'm next on ya fucking hit list. Ya need ta get yaself cleaned up before Darley shows his fucking face"

"I'll watch her..." Gunner suddenly interjected, appearing at Drake's side. Of course he was hesitating on that idea, given Gunner and Riley's history "Drake, I'll keep her safe. Carried her out of King didn't I? Girl was huddled in my lap all the way back ta the fucking warehouse..."

Knowing his second was talking sense, Drake nodded; straightening himself up he felt the world suddenly slip to the right. About to lose his footing, Gunner was there, steadying him "Easy D..."

Shaking the dizziness off, Drake glanced round at Gunner "If ya do anything, it's ta keep a check on her pulse. If it changes ya need ta wake her no matter what and then come get me, cause we'll be taking her ta the nearest fucking hospital..."

Gunner smirked at his friend, always too concerned about everyone else rather than himself "I got it, ya go get yaself fixed up - we're gonna need ya on full fucking form when the Darley's arrive"

And wasn't that the fucking truth? Nodding, he turned - allowing Ryder to be his momentary strength in the moment of his arm extending round his shoulders supportively.

Leant against one of the counter tops in the converted shower room, Drake was still, leaving Ryder to tend to the violent injuries that covered his face and chest. Ryder's first concern was the bullet wounds, upon inspection it was fair to say that the stitches had been torn open from the constant impact against them. Only having time for a quick fix, he wasted no time in piercing the newly threaded needle through Drake's skin; hearing the sharp intake of breathe he caught his friend clenching his jaw at the serious discomfort.

"So, how does the other prick look?" Ryder joked, attempting to distract him from stitching without any form of alcoholic or anaesthetic.

Drake smirked "Burnt ta a crisp I'd say..."

Shaking his head, Ryder chuckled "Damn D, tell me ya fucking killed him first?"

Drake's expression shifted, it was hard not to notice the sudden darkness in his ice blue eyes; a look Ryder hadn't seen in a very long time "What do you fucking think?"

Not wanting to witness his brother go off the rails a second time, Ryder just nodded in agreement with what he had clearly done. Cain sure as hell had it coming but Drake was once again walking that very fine line, Ryder just hoped Riley would pull through so she could assist in shoving him back in the right direction "What happened?" He asked; obviously interested in the events that had unfolded.

Groaning in the moment of Ryder wiping the blood from his cheek, Drake's jaw flexed "In short? Before I broke every single bone in his legs before leaving him ta burn, I made sure ta show him the mistakes he'd made..."

How on earth did he respond to that? Ryder knew Drake, he'd grown up knowing nothing about his real parents, it was just him and his brother; taught and raised by none other than Cain when Drake had finally managed to drop himself into the King's crosshairs at a very early age. Surely he would be feeling something? But being the man he was, his pain and anger would come out in the most unpredictable ways. Cain wasn't Drake's father but it was the closest connection he'd ever come to having, to find out that he'd quite simply just sold him out - well, understandably Drake's reaction was saying all it needed to "And King?"

"Same fate as it's occupant. Being the second signee on the property, I plan ta collect the insurance money when all is fucking settled with B Street, and Darley"

Ryder smirked "Well it's good ta see ya already getting on the business side of things..." Or was it? Was Drake too quickly trying to force himself to forget what Cain, Tyse and Darley had done to him? Dropping another blood covered towel into the trash, he started work on the deep and open gash sitting on his brow; proud of his effort Drake no longer was covered in his blood. Battered and Bruised yes, but looking exceptionally better than twenty minutes before.

"I guess I got some pretty big fucking shoes ta fill?"

"Nah..." Ryder casually replied catching his eye, placing stitching strips across the cut "Not really. Ya been filling those fucking shoes for the last couple of years, only difference now is no one is gonna dictate to ya what needs ta be done because you my friend, are the new fucking king of Orkney"

Feeling his lip curl upwards at the comment, Drake raised his hand; clapping him on the shoulder "Thanks"

"Don't mention it. But, I'm telling ya now, I ain't kissing ya fucking feet..." Ryder teased.

Drake couldn't help but let out a deep throaty laugh "Ya even think about doing that, I promise I won't hesitate; I will kick ya in your fucking face..."

Laughing, Ryder about to reply found himself pausing in the moment of hearing a low and echoing growl of an engine pulling up outside "Darley..." He stated; his eyes suddenly very hard.

Drake smirked angrily - he already knew this next bit was going to get seriously fucking awkward but for Riley, he was prepared to be civil at least. "Okay, time ta go greet the fucking enemy." Throwing a clean black vest on he headed for the door, Ryder in tow "...tell the boy's ta lock and load"

Ryder nodded at the order, Drake after all was smart; not fucking stupid - no way was he about to let the Darley gang cross the line without arming himself to the fucking teeth. In his current state of mind, Ryder just hoped Darley wouldn't make the same mistake Cain did and push him way too fucking far...

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