This will be a little bit out there but I need all of you to bear with me. And please excuse the bad joke about where the guys live. I've had a rough, rough night.

Mars fell to the Plutakians and only four thousand of it's native people survived. Desperate for a planet where they could start again, the martians landed on Earth. Here there was plenty of land, and water and life.

There were cities and people everywhere.

Their first priority was to establish a place to call their home.

Their second priority was to integrate themselves with the humans around them. To do this they invented an alien technology that forced them to shape shift into humans. Sacrificing some of their height, muscle mass and bulk without sacrificing their keen senses, strength, agility or stealth.

Their third priority was adapting and the next one...

The next priority is rebuilding their population. The males who originally outnumbered the females three to one, are being encouraged to mate and reproduce. The story starts six months after Earth's government has found out about the mice and granted them sanctuary and even hired some of them to work for them.


Area 51-000

Suburbia wasn't what they had imagined it would be. They had thought that things would be a little more...imperfect and a little less Standford Wives. Everything was so quiet. Nothing at all like the rural areas that they had had on Mars. Where everything had been rushed and loud and a little bit messy.

Where as here everything was so neat and tidy.

The houses were perfect.

The yards and gardens were perfect.

And the people... Were nauseatingly perfect too in their own way.

"I don't think I want to live here." Vinny said as he scooted down in his seat until just the top of his head was visible through the window. Quite a feat for someone who in his human form was six foot four inches. His stormy blue eyes anxiously staring out the back SUV window at the people mowing their yards. He didn't think that they would fit in here.

But since they had been assigned to this area in particular then they didn't really have a choice. The people running the human government could be a bunch of assholes when you said no to them over something that they considered a favor. "Stop looking so freaked Vinny. You're making us look weirder than we really are." Modo said as he twisted around in his seat a little bit. His dark hair falling in his face a little bit.

Vinny looked at him like he'd like to kick him, but said nothing.

He'd learned to keep most of his smart ass comments to himself when he was in his human form around Modo. Mainly because Modo was still the same freakishly tall, scary, son of a bitch that he was in his alien form.

Aside from the lack of furriness and the almost pretty boy looks, the man didn't look at all like himself. And if not for the fact that his was still missing an eye and still had a mechanical arm, Vinny would think that he was a frigging movie star or something.

"I'm not making us look weird. If anyone is making us look weird, its Orlando Bloom over here." Vinny snapped as he glanced across the seat at Throttle who had (in an effort to hide his new looks from the unsuspecting public and to keep from drawing attention to himself) had bundled himself in a black and royal blue hoody with a dragon on it. The hood pulled up over his head until only the lower half of his face was showing.

"I wouldn't be picking on Throttle, man. He's sensitive about his looks without his fur and tail. Besides it's not his fault that he looks like that movie star guys doppelganger." Modo said as he glanced over at Throttle, noting that he was curled up in the small space behind the drivers seat. His knees were braced on the back of the seat in front of him and he was scooted down until only the top of his hooded head was showing.

His arms were crossed over his stomach and he seemed to be either completely ignoring the flow of conversation (which was possible since he liked to bide his time and hurt Vinny once they were outside of the vehicle) or he was napping after the long and more than a little strenuous trip from Washington D.C (which was also possible since he hadn't moved a muscle for a while now).

"Yeah. Well...who else is stationed around here?" Vinny asked in an effort to steer conversation down a less dangerous path.

"Rimfire, Carbine, Modo's sister and mom are in the neighborhood where we'll be living too. There are others. But I'm not one hundred percent about who they are." Stoker finally spoke up from the driver seat.

"What kind of day jobs did the government give us to use as cover?" Vinny asked curiously.

"I'm a lawyer-" Stoker said in utter disgust. As nice as it was to know the laws that governed humans intimately, he hated the mountains of paper work that went with his new job. "Modo is going to have two jobs, one teaching auto shop at the local high school, and another at the local youth center-" Modo grinned happily and punched the air with his mechanical arm.

"Yes! Jackpot!"

Stoker and Vinny both shook their head at the dark haired man. The lucky bastard. His jobs involved things that he actually liked. Cars and kids.

"Vinny, you'll be a motor cross racer and from time to time you'll help at the youth center-" Vinny moved to sit normally in his seat again.

"Do I get a bike?"

"You get a bike."

"Will it be cool?"

"The coolest."

"Alrighty then." Was all Vinny said before finally shutting up. Stoker and Modo chuckled. The blond was so easy to please.

"And Throttle will be working as a karate instructor, to teach some of the younger generation males in the area how to fight since it's felt among the older generations that fighting knowledge will help keep them safe." Stoker said as he turned the wheel and drove up to a tall iron gate that was attached to a thirteen foot solid red brick wall.

The second the SUV stopped, Throttle jerked in his seat and started to move. "Where are we?"

"In suburbia." Stoker said cheerfully as he rolled down the window and unfastened his seat belt so that he could half climb out the window to punch in the security code for the gate.

"In hell." Vinny growled in annoyance as Stoker drove through the gate and up the long drive way to a nice large, two story colonial style cabin with a big wrap around porch and roses and parked the vehicle.

"Okay Throttle. Here is your place. Go check it out and see if it fits your taste." Throttle blinked his turquoise eyes and stared out the window at the large two story house and felt the intense need to shutter. Dear god in heaven. This was his new home?