Two in a half hours later-

Throttle was sitting in the hospital waiting room with his head in his hands, his elbows resting on his legs; looking utterly miserable in his helplessness.

They had reached the hospital due to Modo's driving in under twenty minutes. And while Throttle would have usually been impressed at his older brother's driving ability on a planet that wasn't their own.

He had gotten distracted when Shara had started siezing and had had to untie her and lay her flat across the seat so that he could cradle her head in his lap as Modo twisted half around in his seat for a moment to see what was going on, all he'd really seen was a lot of blurry motion in his mirror, before turning back to the front and gunning it.

Once at the hospital Modo hadn't bothered parking the car, instead choosing to crash it and quickly climb out and pull Shara from the back seat and then carried her inside shouting for someone to help.

By the time Throttle had managed to climb out of Modo's car and made his way inside, Shara was being placed on a gurney by several nurses whom ave her a shot then wheeled her into the emergency room where they couldn't see her anymore.

They had been sitting in the waiting room, waiting for someone to come out and tell them something for a while now. And Throttle was starting to think that no one was going to come out of the Er and tell them anything. It was worrying. Not knowing anything.

Yet at the same time he kept telling himself, No news is good news. No news is good news. No news- He was suddenly startled out of his thoughts by a coffee cup being thrust under his nose. He jumped in his seat and looked up, and up, and up until he was staring at Modo's concerned face.

"Here Throttle, this will keep you alert."

Throttle felt like snorting even as his brother spoke those words. Like being so worried his heart could stop any second just from the stress wasn't enough to keep him alert. Not only that but everytime he felt himself close his eyes just for a moment- All he could see was Shara siezing and all he could think was how much it must have hurt her.

He wondered if the doctors had been able to bring her condition under control.

He took the coffee cup from Modo and muttered a raspy sounding 'thanks' then set the cup down and resumed feeling miserable.

He sat with his face buried in his hands for another ten minutes when he heard the familiar voices of Stoker and Vinny coming into the room and looked up then over at Modo who scratched his cheek as he caught Throttle's dirty look.

"Uh...yeah, I called them because I figured we could ya know- sit here in shifts until we knew something." Modo explained as Throttle dropped his hands from his face and then growled.


Modo flushed then hissed at him. "Shara is their neighbor too. So they have every right to be here too."

"But they aren't close to her-" Throttle said, trying to point out that both males were far too absorbed with their own lives to spare much time for a human. Much less a neighbor in poor health. But the glare he got from Modo stopped him from getting any further as his brother leaned over into his personal space and growled.

"You aren't that close to her either. Yet here you are."

"That's different."

"Oh? How so?" Modo asked curiously as Stoker and Vinny came to a skidding stop in front of them.

"What happened?" The older of the four males demanded in a dark tone, pretty much telling them without actually saying the words that he was not happy to be here.

Throttle looked at Modo, both of them exchanging a look of wariness before answering. "W-We took Shara to the hospital like you said."

Stoker gave them a calculating look then smiled and reached out with both hands and without reason or rhyme, slammed their heads together and growled, "Start from the beginning you fools."