Title: Coming To Blows 2

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Castle enterprise. I only own this dialogue, since they've yet to release the real scene on the show.

Summary: Based on the new SPOILER for Knockout from Andrew Marlowe. Follow up to my earlier speculative fic, Coming To Blows.

Author's note: As soon as I read the new SPOILER, I saw this scene. It's not the full conversation, but it's where I could see it going. I've used some of the lines from the promo, and added my own interpretation. Lemme know what you think. It's on Tumblr too.


"But that's not the only twist. Expect Castle and Beckett to finally address the passionate kiss they shared earlier this year. "[When] Castle tells Beckett to back off [her mother's] case, it becomes a fight about their relationship," Marlowe says. "It's like, 'We kissed, we nearly died in each other's arms - what are we?'"

Here's how I see it:


"No, Castle, I told you. We are done."

"The hell we are!" he replied vehemently


"You want to tell me we're done? We're done? We've been together through everything. Hell, two months ago, we diffused a BOMB. I've been here with you through all of it, and you want to turn around and say we're done?"

"It's too dangerous for you to follow me into this."

"Kate, it's too dangerous for you to go into this!"

She glared at him. "Don't start this again, Castle."

"They're gonna kill you, Kate."

"This is my mother, Castle. I know the risks and I know what's at stake."

"Do you? Do you really? Do you understand just how much we'd all be broken if you get killed following this thing? Kate, we already lost Montgomery." He saw her jaw tighten. "And for whatever his sins and however he was involved, he was important to everyone. We can't lose you to this too."

"This is my life!" she replied. "This is my choice. And you're not going to stand in my way."

"And what about me? You go off and get yourself killed, and where does that leave me, huh?"

"You'll find…you'll find another muse—someone else to follow."

He advanced so that they were standing inches apart, his face taught with restrained emotion. "You know that this goes way deeper than Nikki Heat, and has for nearly all the time we've known each other."


"No, Kate. We kissed three months ago—on this case, of all things. And you know it meant something. Something's been different. You are so much more than a muse or a partner, and I know you know that! So stop pretending that it isn't true so you can push me away and go and play with fire!"

"Castle, no, not here. Not now. My mother's case…"

"Your mother's case won't be here forever," he replied, his hands reaching out to grip at her forearms. "I said always, and I meant it, Kate. But I can't do always with you if you're dead. There's something here, and you know there is."

"I know," she replied very quietly, her gaze meeting his. "I know there is."

He leaned in and they met in a furious kiss that was as much passionate as it was desperate. They stood there, locked together, him holding on to her with everything he had, and her trying to savor the moment before she had to push him away.