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Prologue in 2015 - The Half-Remembered Dream

The fourteen-year-old girl suddenly found herself in a very strange place full of corridors and walkways, mostly covered in checkers of black and white. She had no idea how she wound up in this world, as she was running, trying to find a way out of this labyrinth.

Where am I? The girl asked herself. Her pink hair was tied with red ribbons, forming into double-tails; she was dressed in her full school uniform, a brown sailor suit and a black tie, and this outfit was completed with a pair of white stockings and patent leather shoes.

The landscape told her nothing except for the lone green EXIT sign right above her; all right, this was the way out and she ran towards the door, pushed the bar that unlocked and she went right into…

What in the world? The girl was stunned; she couldn't believe what she was seeing once outside, and it was frightening and unreal, a dark and apocalyptic world: huge chunks of buildings and debris were floating up in the stormy sky, the wind howling in her ears whilst thunderclaps rumbled across the ruined landscape, a modern city in ruins, a veritable war zone.

And then she saw specks of what looked to be a pair of people. Focusing closer, they turned out to be as young as her, wearing the same school uniform but wielding weaponry. A girl, her midnight waist-long hair flowing through the wind, was toting a huge machinegun and an ornate round shield on her left arm; the boy, with short black hair and grey-blue eyes, was holding a pair of silver pistols in his hands, both aimed akimbo. The duo rushed right towards a rather fearsome and massive visage, dressed in a blue and white gown and what looked like huge assemblage of gears for feet, dancing upside-down like a jewel-case ballerina, but cackling in evil laughter.

Suddenly the boy and the girl started firing away their weapons, as if the bullets could tear out the hell of the monstrosity while they jumped and dashed higher into the air to engage their enemy as close as possible. But despite their immense courage, the monster merely shrugged hundreds of rounds as though they were no more than flies on an elephant, and laughed.

The sight of violence instantly frightened her, but the girl couldn't move an inch to run away, literally frozen in place, and no more than a couple of feet away a white cat-like creature stared right into her eyes; this stranger had four ears, a pair of which were floppy and had gold earrings; an oblong body with a red circle over its back; a billowy tail which the creature wagged slowly, as if unperturbed by the chaos.

"My God… This is terrible!" the girl exclaimed.

"We can't do anything about it, except to watch them," the creature said, and its ability to speak really surprised the girl. "That Witch is too powerful for them to stop, but I'm sure they're well-prepared."

"That's a witch?" the girl asked.

The cat creature nodded. "Yes."

More explosions erupted as the Witch retaliated with beams of light, generating huge shockwaves that blasted the mystery duo back into… the branches of a huge tree.

"But… I can't just stand here and watch!" the girl fearfully commented, and then for a moment she could stare at the eyes of the boy and the girl, helplessly stranded high up the tree, completely dazed and bruised.

The pink-haired girl first looked into the boy's eyes, grey-blue but afraid, shaking with fear, before a crimson glow surrounded him and he was pulled away into the air. In agony the boy's arms were stretched outward, as though struggling to resist, and then the girl saw reddish point of lights erupting from the center of the boy's palms, forming into fiery stigmata.

He was now being crucified but without the cross.

She then turned her gaze at the other girl, purple eyes pleading for help, her mouth agape, as if yelling what she wanted to say but the girl couldn't hear her words.

"It's over if you give up," the strange cat said.

The girl blinked. "What?"

"But you can change your destiny."

This time the girl gasped, as if the cat had something powerful to offer, just before a very loud explosion caused the girl to cover ears with her hands.

"Both destruction and grief is inevitable, but it's up to you to change it all," the cat continued. "You have the power to do it."

"Really?" the girl asked. "Is it possible? Can someone like me make much of a difference? Can I avoid this from happening?"

"Of course!" the creature exclaimed.

The girl couldn't believe it; here was someone offering her infinite possibilities to set something right… yet how?

As if the creature knew what she was thinking, it said, "If you want to act on it right now, you must make a contract with me!"

The girl blinked. "For what?" she demanded.

"Should you agree," the creature said. "I shall turn you into a magical girl."

On the bed, the girl unexpectedly woke up with a start, her dream cut off completely like a television plug yanked out of the socket as she rose from the bed, still clutching her stuffed elephant. It took a minute or two for her brain to boot back into reality and organize itself, before her eyes strayed towards the alarm clock (it was past 6:10 in the morning), and then her nose quivered, sensing the smell of breakfast wafting through her bedroom door.

Ham, eggs and bacon, and her father Tomohisa was doing all the cooking.

"It was a dream…" she mumbled, before sinking into her thoughts. Who was that boy and girl? Who were they? And what was that weird cat? What he was offering me, and in exchange for what?

She frowned, wondering if she'd seen such an apocalyptic scene before. Perhaps some forgotten horror movie on TV that she walked away from ten minutes after it started; or maybe…

Suddenly she heard her name being hollered from downstairs: "MADOKA!"

"Coming, Dad!" Madoka Kaname answered as she rolled off the bed, got up on her feet and into slippers. The girl then turned around to face the dresser mirror, smiled at the reflection and told her frazzle-haired self, "Good morning."

An Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku X Puella Magi Madoka Magica AU Fanfiction

Chapter 1: The New Kid(s) in Town
Written by soulassassin547 on 5/10/2011 12:41 a5/p5

Five kilometers away from where Madoka Kaname was standing, a young man, dressed in his new brown school uniform, coat and pants cut in the traditional style with a Prussian neck collar, was sitting and sandwiched between other passengers in a commuter train bound for Mitakihara City. He also had a large duffel bag sitting besides his feet, as it contained most of his clothes and important belongings.

His hair was black, clean-cut, never allowing it to grow long or be dyed in a different color, making him unlike the other boys of his age, who were experimenting with oddball hair styles. He also had grey-blue eyes, which sometimes he was still guessing if he'd inherited them from a mother he couldn't remember.

But his face was streaked with doubt and anxiety, not sure if he could fit into the new world that was proffered before him, to be accepted by a different society of would-be peers; it was days after he received a letter in the mail, stating that he was eligible for transfer to Mitakihara Academy, and furthermore, there was another letter that came with the document.

The letter was brief and was written and signed by his father's hand, asking him to come, and in rage he almost tore it apart when he realized that there was something else clipped on.

A calling card had the name Ryoji Kaji printed on, whose stated profession was that of a newspaper reporter working for the largest broadsheet in the entire country, and to aid him in identifying this man further he had his face stuck onto the card; along with that was a small letter: Kaji was assigned to be his guardian for the remainder of… How long? The boy wasn't so sure.

The young man's ears were stuck with a pair of earphones, and whereas everyone else were sporting iPods, he was using a slightly-battered SDAT player, cradling the device in his hand. He had the thing for almost ten years, he knew who once owned it, and it was still doing its role of playing mixed SDAT tapes that the young man also made by recording music that he liked.

Yet at the moment he was playing a song from an old RPG game on Track 25, and he'd programmed the player to auto-reverse on that track, effectively looping it as long as there were enough batteries to keep it alive.

He'd been glued to that piece of music since twelve, as it was the first song he heard after running away from his father three years ago.

The boy glanced up, wondering if he was close to his destination, Mitakihara Grand Central railway station, and on cue the PA system told him he'd arrived on time and warned to be careful when stepping out of the doors as he heard the squeaking of brakes engaged to slow down the commuter train. The boy then stood up and grabbed his bag, walked out of the train doors, gingerly sidestepping and trying not to get himself crushed by the morning rush.

Just then he saw a girl, also in a school uniform in the same color as his, was standing amidst the sea of humanity flowing and parting around her, staring into his eyes. Her midnight-black hair, set in place with a black band, reached to waist length; she had a somber expression on her face, and was holding a nylon school bag; furthermore she also carried a backpack strapped to her back, meaning that she must be a newcomer just like him.

For a few seconds the boy wondered what or who was she, before someone bumped onto his back, almost shoving him to the floor.

"Sorry, son… Sorry," a salaryman in a generic three-piece suit apologized for a moment, and the young man nodded as if he was saying, "it's okay." He then stood up to find the girl again, but she was gone.

The young man frowned. Who was she? He asked himself and then consulted his watch. 6:15 am, and he was supposed to be present in school before seven.

I'd better get going, the young man thought as he picked up his bag and walked through the turnstile, punching in his passcard. I have to find Kaji… He must be waiting out there.

As he walked up the stairs to find his way out of the station, the nametag strapped to the handle of his duffel bag dangled and swung, telling everyone who he was: Shinji Ikari.

The mystery girl with the waist-long midnight hair, and dressed in the same type of school uniform that Madoka Kaname was wearing as she was preparing for school, now stood behind a bank of vending machines just outside the train station. She took out an envelope from the side pocket of her bag, and read its contents, stating that she was selected as a recipient of a scholarship, because she was an orphan for as long as she could remember after the disaster.

Her parents were among those who perished 5 years ago, when an earthquake and a tsunami flattened Japan's eastern seaboard and left millions dead and thousands of children like her without parents or relatives, so a childless couple adopted her.

A week before today the girl received the letter, saying that the scholarship contained enough money to pay for the tuition and expenses for the rest of her school life, right up to college.

To the girl, it was no surprise: she excelled in school, both academically and in athletics (she held the prefectural record for the highest high jump). But she chose not to compete, preferring to let others have their trophies while she kept a low profile, and even then this agency gave her a scholarship from out of nowhere.

The girl then put away the letter back into the bag and consulted her wristwatch; she still had enough time for her to go to school so as soon as a bus screeched to a halt, she went aboard and held onto the stainless steel tubes bolted to the floor and ceiling.

Homura Akemi sighed, knowing that she was ready for the challenges of a new world that lay ahead of her.

While her father was preparing breakfast, Madoka and her mother Junko were in the bathroom, brushing their teeth. Between brushes before they spat into the washbasin, Junko asked, "How things are going lately?"

"Hitomi got another love letter, and that's the second this month," Madoka answered. Hitomi Shizuki was, in her opinion, the most strikingly beautiful girl in her class, and naturally boys were trying to win her over by sending the girl letters slipped into the shoe locker.

"Oh," Junko said, even while brushing further into her molars. "You don't want a guy who doesn't have the guts to confess to you in person."

In unison, mother and daughter then gargled and spat into the basin.

"Now… What about Kazuko?" Junko questioned. Kazuko Saotome was her classmate back in her high school days, but lately having trouble finding a suitor, due to her being past her thirties – figuratively the 'Christmas Cake' wallflower.

"She's still teaching," Madoka said, "but she tends to talk about her love life even while in class. I think it's her third month being a teacher, so it's a new record."

Junko chuckled. That poor girl, she thought as she watched Madoka wash her face while the older woman went about blow-drying her hair. "Well, we'll see about that, yet now's the crucial time for her."

"Really?" Madoka asked as she picked up a towel and dried her face.

"If she's not serious about herself," Junko said, "she'll be having more trouble later on. But if she acts on her issues, she'll be okay for another year."

The older woman began to apply makeup onto her face, and once done the businesswoman Junko Kaname looked really formidable and regal for work; her workmates called her the "Empress" not just because of her appearance, but for being sharp as a tack in business matters.

"How do I look now?" she asked, smiling.

Madoka smiled. "You're super-cool, Mom… But," the girl paused, holding two pairs of ribbons in her right hand: one red, one yellow, to rein in her rather messy pink hair. "Which ribbon should I wear?"

"I think that red would be nicer on you," Junko said, pointing out her choice.

Madoka blinked. "Really? Isn't that too colorful?"

"Don't worry, the color's perfect," Junko said. "You have to remember that appearance is important for girls at your age, especially for first impressions from others once they see you."

"Mmmm… Okay," Madoka agreed, and she began to tie her hair into twin tails, and then straightened the neck tie of her brown sailor suit. Once done, Madoka took a final check on her appearance.

"You look really nice," Junko commented. "Now your secret admirers will surely be knocked out once they see you."

Madoka laughed. "I don't have any of them yet, Mom."

Junko shrugged. "You have to tell yourself that you do. That's the key to being beautiful," she advised.

"How are you doing?" Ryoji Kaji asked, his hands on the steering wheel. They were both riding in his restored black 1994 Porsche 911. He had his hair ponytailed, a nice collection of stubble on his chin, and his necktie loosened, even against the newspaper company's dress code; but there were no questions about his appearance, for he'd won the newspaper several awards in investigative journalism.

Earlier he found Shinji waiting at a bus stop, had a brief introduction before the older man loaded the baggage into the rear seat.

"Uh… Nothing much," Shinji answered. The young man looked down to his lap, still unsure of what laid ahead of him. "Had no issue with my uncle; he said it was all right because my father asked me to come here."

"I see," Kaji answered. "Why do you look… sad?"

Shinji sighed. "I'm not sure about Father," he answered. "I mean, we haven't talked to each other since the last time… That was five years ago."

"He's been busy in the last few months," Kaji said.

"Why? What's he working on?"

"I don't know, and I'm in the dark as far as I'm concerned. Even if I sometimes I get summoned to his office, he couldn't tell me much except for a few orders… and by the way," Kaji said, pulling out a folder from the side pocket of the door. "This one has your school records, the transfer form, a few more documents, and your new school ID."

Shinji opened the folder and glanced at his ID. There it was, full name, age, year and section (Section 2-A), plus his mug shot, front and center. Below was the name of his new teacher: Misato Katsuragi.

"Who's she?" the young man asked about the teacher as he set the folder away.

Kaji smiled. "She's an old friend of mine," he said. "Don't worry; you'll be fine once you get to know her, and she's really a nice woman… and of course, you'll be having some nice classmates to get along with, but only if you can handle about introducing yourself."

"I can do that," Shinji said in a rather doubtful tone.

"C'mon… Cheer up. All that frowning isn't going to help your face."

Shinji forced his lips to form a grin.

"That's better," Kaji approved, but then he checked his watch. "Oh, shit. I'm getting late," he cursed.

The young man blinked. "What?"

"I'd better drop you off right there. The school's no more than three blocks away, and you should have enough time to get there before they close the gates."

"What about the other bag?" Shinji asked, worried about his duffel bag in the back.

"Don't worry, I'll drop them off at home," Kaji said as he pulled over to the curb and Shinji opened the door.

"Okay," Shinji said as he stepped out, hefting his school bag off the seat, and picked up the folder.

"Take care of yourself," Kaji said as the young man walked, and then broke into a sprint.

"Thanks for the ride! I'll see you later!" Shinji answered aloud.

A hundred meters away, Madoka was running, a piece of toast still wedged in her mouth. She couldn't believe that she was indeed late for school, and worried that she might not catch up with Sayaka Miki and Hitomi Shizuki, whom she normally walked along with.

Nearing the street corner, she was repeating the mantra I'm late, I'm late, I'm late in her mind when, out of sight, a boy appeared right in front of her, and it was too late for the girl to stop in her tracks.


Madoka and the boy collided, forehead first, then both of them painfully landed onto their backs.

"Ouch… That hurts," Madoka whispered, gritting her teeth, not realizing her toast was gone.

"Owwww…" the boy moaned, rubbing his forehead, shaking off the pain, but his eye strayed at Madoka, who was groaning and doing the same thing instinctively, except he could see her skirt hiked up and thus could guess the color of her underwear.

Seeing this, Madoka quickly tucked her skirt, stood up and dusted herself.

"Are you okay?" the boy asked. He was wearing the school uniform, but she never seen him before. "I… I'm very sorry, miss."

"I'm… Okay," Madoka reassured him, but she was already blushing furiously, before she picked up her school bag and ran off.

As she put some distance between her and the dazed boy, Madoka was irritated to know that this boy indeed saw her panties, and indeed, this was the very first time a boy took such a dirty peek. That pervert, she fumed, having heard enough washroom stories of dirty boys attempting to take a closer look at a girl's undies. Who's that boy?

Back there, Shinji was blinking, wondering what in the world he got into as he watched the pink-haired girl run away as fast as she could. Damn, he worried. It's my first day here, and I just bumped into a girl, saw her undies, and...

Shinji got up to his feet, picking up his bag and the folder, and for a brief moment he glanced at the half-eaten toast that was tossed and skittered away from the girl; birds were now clustered around it, chirping as they pecked away nibbles from the edges.

I'd better get going, Shinji told himself. I'll try to fix things… Better apologize to that girl, whoever she is.

"What took you so long?" Sayaka Miki asked Madoka, who looked embarrassed while Hitomi Shizuki looked on as they sprinted together, the school now a block away from where they were.

"Crashed into a boy," Madoka answered.

Sayaka and Hitomi blinked. "What? Who's he?"

Madoka blushed. "I… I don't know. He must be a transferee."

Both girls laughed and then cooed. "Wow! It could be the start of something very big!" Sayaka exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Madoka asked, her eyes blinking.

Hitomi stared into the girl's eyes. "How does he look like?"

"Well… Aw, he has black hair, not dyed or long. He looks kind, though."

"He looks as if he doesn't harm a fly," Hitomi said.

Madoka frowned. "It's not like that! He… He took a peek."

"What, a pervert?" Sayaka exclaimed, completely surprised.


"We'll see about that, mark my words," the verdigris-haired girl vowed with a clenched fist, cutting her friend off. "We'll find him."

"No, I don't want to see him hurt," Madoka suddenly pleaded. "I'm sure he'll apologize."

"What he did is unacceptable," Sayaka said, looking mean. "He must beg on his knees."

"Let me deal with him," Madoka said. "He doesn't look like a street thug at all."

Sayaka sighed, looking disappointed. "Ah… All right, it's your risk, Madoka, but if he turns out to be bad as I think, then he'll have his ass in Guidance."

Suddenly Madoka remembered her earlier dream, the eyes in her mind flashing back to the agonized face of the boy crucified in the air. Her mouth went slack for a moment.

"Madoka, are you okay?" Sayaka asked. "You look pale."

The pink-haired girl blinked twice. "I… Yes, I'm fine," she replied.

Sayaka and Hitomi smiled. "All right, we have to hurry up or they'll close the gates on us," the tomboyish girl answered.

"So… You're Shinji Ikari, am I correct?" the gray-haired man asked, sitting behind the desk as he looked at the boy standing before him. Both were in the principal's office, after Shinji was directed by a teacher to see the principal first to show his credentials.

"Yes, sir," Shinji answered.

"Can I see your papers?" the principal asked.

Shinji took a step forward, carefully placed the folder on top of the desk, before the principal picked it up and began reading the contents. As he did, Shinji's eyes glanced at the principal's desk nameplate: Kozo Fuyutsuki, Ed. D.

"Have you got into any kind of trouble?" Fuyutsuki questioned.

"Uh… N… No, sir," Shinji nervously replied.

"Good," the old man said, nodding in approval. "You seem to have a very clean record in the past… But I note something else: is Yui Ikari your mother?"

Shinji sighed. "Yes, sir. But she died ten years ago. Why, sir?"

"Back in college, where I was once a professor, she once used to study in my class before she got married," Fuyutsuki said.

"Really?" Shinji asked, his spirits suddenly lifted. "You know her much, sir?"

Fuyutsuki nodded. "That's right, young man. But…" he trailed off, looking at the wall clock above their heads. "We'll talk about her later, okay? You have to get to class and have enough time to introduce yourself to Miss Katsuragi and your new classmates." The old man then stood up.

Shinji smiled. "Okay, sir," he answered, before bowing deeply. "Thank you, sir."

"My pleasure," Fuyutsuki replied, bowing in return.

As the young man walked away, closing the door behind him, Fuyutsuki sighed as he sank into his chair, waiting for the second transfer student who stood outside, and now was knocking on the door.

"Come in," Fuyutsuki called out.

The door opened slowly, and Homura Akemi walked in and bowed. "Good morning, sir," the girl greeted, her hand holding a folder.

Fuyutsuki rose up again and bowed. "Good morning, young lady. I presume that you are Homura Akemi, right?"

"That is correct, sir," Homura answered and she dutifully handed her folder over to Fuyutsuki, who received it with both hands.

Shinji never got the opportunity to see the girl who had just entered Fuyutsuki's office, his mind focused on starting his first day in this school. He wondered what his classmates would be like, and how this Miss Katsuragi would regard him.

The young man looked up to glance at the sign nailed above the door of the classroom: Class 2-A; just beyond was another classroom designated as Class 2-B. He steeled himself, taking a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

"Come in," a woman's voice called out from inside, and promptly Shinji opened the door and entered, to find 30 pairs of eyes trained on him, and a woman standing before him. She had long, midnight-black hair, an amiable expression on her face, and wearing a yellow blouse and skirt (the hem almost close to violating school regulations on attire for teachers).

"Good morning, Shinji Ikari," the woman greeted.

"Good morning, ma'am," Shinji replied before they bowed slightly. "You are Miss Katsuragi, am I right?"

"That's right, kid. What took you so long?"

Shinji looked glum this time. "Traffic jam, ma'am."

"I'll forgive you for that for today, and it's your first day here," Misato said, grinning, before she turned to the class at large. "Okay, class, let us allow your new classmate to introduce himself," she added, handing to Shinji a whiteboard marker, and the young man wrote down his name in full kanji. Once done he bowed a little.

"My name is Shinji Ikari, and I came from Odawara City, in Kanagawa Prefecture. I'm fourteen years old and… and…" He paused for a moment, trying to find something to add to his introduction, yet in his whole life he was insignificant as far as he was concerned.

"I have nothing else to say," Shinji finally said, causing the whole class to laugh aloud. The biggest gale of laughter, however, was produced by a red-headed girl five rows back from the front.

"What a blockhead," the girl almost said loudly between laughs.

In no time Shinji's face grew a blush, believing he'd just blew his first day yet Misato placed her hand onto his shoulder and whispered, "Stay cool. Don't worry, I'll try to get you through this first day, okay?"

Shinji nodded. "Yes, ma'am… Thanks," he answered as Misato pointed out at an empty seat that was assigned for him.

Once Shinji settled down onto the chair, hanging his backpack to the hook affixed to the side of the desk, Misato began the day by writing down the new lesson of the moment.

"Okay guys," she said, facing the class again. "Let's start out on English. Bring out your book and go to page thirty; we're going to focus on pronunciation and then a bit of vocabulary expansion."

Like any other kid at this moment, Shinji pulled out his new English textbook from his bag and flipped the pages.

In Class 2-B, the entire class had to endure much of Kazuko Saotome's litany about being jilted yet… again.

"Before we begin, I'll ask one question," Kazuko said, tapping the pointer on the palm of her hand.

The class, with Madoka included, blinked, wondering if their teacher still had her sanity intact. With nobody to contradict her, Kazuko continued.

"Do you like your eggs cooked or half-cooked?" she asked.

Again, no one offered to answer, and so Kazuko shot a glance at a hapless student who looked drowsy, as if he'd spent almost the whole night playing a console game.

"Mister Nakazawa, can you answer it?" she questioned the boy.

Blinking, Nakazawa stuttered out an answer. "W… Well, it… it's okay to do it both ways."

Kazuko slammed her palm upon her desk and exclaimed, "EXACTLY! Either way is fine! We're talking about how you want your eggs cooked, and it's wrong to assume this has anything to do whether a girl's hot or not!"

By that exclamation point, Kazuko snapped her pointer in half to express her frustration.

"Girls, I warn you not to date boys who insist on eating their eggs half-cooked!" she added, before going on to elucidate on this rather trivial matter.

Sayaka shrugged her shoulder, and turned to Madoka, who was seated behind her. "Not again," she said.

"Yeah," Madoka agreed, but in her mind she was still thinking about the boy she collided with, and the weird dream she had early this morning.

"…and boys, don't try to fuss about your eggs, is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," the boys agreed in a half-hearted tone.

"Good," Kazuko finally concluded, but added, "Today, I have a transfer student who will introduce herself. Will you please come in, Miss Akemi?"

The whole class blinked; this was something new. The boys hoped for a beauty, the girls wanting for a super-cool friend.

And the new girl opened the door and walked in with a purposeful stride. She looked aloof, her eyes distant and yet determined; her black hair flowed, glossy as raven's feathers and set in place by a black hairband. All that was enough to drive the chatter volume to excited levels.

Sayaka was stunned by this newcomer and exclaimed, "Whoa, she's hot!"

But Madoka blinked twice, her mouth agape at Homura, as her mind instantly recalled that odd dream.

That girl… that's her! But… no way it's her!

"What's wrong?" Sayaka asked. "You're talking about something."

"N… No, sorry, I got carried away," Madoka replied as she watched the girl stand straight before the class.

"Here you go," Kazuko said to Homura. "You can now introduce yourself."

Homura nodded. "I am Homura Akemi… Nice to meet you all," she told the whole class as Kazuko wrote down her name on the whiteboard for her. But the bespectacled teacher wasn't sure how her name was written properly, so she nodded to Homura and handed over the marker. The girl then wrote her name correctly, the students watching in stunned silence, before she faced the class again and bowed.

Seeing that her knowledge in calligraphy was correct, the class couldn't do but to give her a round of applause. However, Homura's determined facial expression hardly changed, as her eyes were now trained towards Madoka's direction.

Madoka, realizing that Homura was staring at her, nervously ducked behind a girl's head in front of her, before she groaned, unsure what to do.

"Well… Miss Akemi?" Kazuko asked.

"It's all right, ma'am," Homura said. "I have nothing else to say. Thank you."

Back at Fuyutsuki's office, as he was working on a bunch of papers that he pulled out of the in-and-out bin, his phone rang. Promptly the old man picked it up.

"Yes," Fuyutsuki said.

"Have they arrived?" the caller asked. He sounded cold, in a tone implying that he was all business.

Fuyutsuki nodded. "That's right. I've just talked to them before I sent them to their classes."

"Good. I'll ask Doctor Akagi to prepare herself and her staff to check the new arrivals. What about the other Children? How well did they performed yesterday?"

"Well," Fuyutsuki said, picking up one of the reports that was sent to him by a staffer. "Tomoe and Soryu has taken care of one of the anomalies in the northern district, while Ayanami and Nagisa finished off another target in the south. As always, they were able to recover the Cores intact, but for now three of them are still out in the field, hunting down any minions that may have escaped."

"I see," the caller said in approval. "As for the ones with potential?"

"We've narrowed down to a few others within the junior high department, yet I'm also receiving reports that there is a Candidate, a street girl who happens to be hanging around downtown."

"Who is this candidate?"

"We're trying to track this girl down, but our men have yet to catch up with her. She's too fast."

The caller groaned an incoherent monosyllable, and Fuyutsuki could picture him with his hands folded before his face while thinking.

"I assure you that they're doing their best," Fuyutsuki said. "Once we have her, we'll have to convince this girl to join us."

"That will be acceptable, but our time is getting shorter as we speak," the caller said. "We need to build up a sizable force that can soon deal with the Beast of Walpurga."

Fuyutsuki nodded. "I'm aware of those constraints, and again, we'll be there soon, Commander Ikari."

"Very well then. I'll summon you later for a conference later on," Ikari said before he hung up.

Once left in silence, Fuyutsuki sighed and went back to work, picking up a pen to sign a few more legal documents. As he wrote, he wondered what sort of logic that propelled Commander Gendo Ikari to summon his son and then press him to fight a war that seemed to grow vicious by the passing of days.

Author's Notes: I wrote this chapter after some brainstorming the potential of combining these two disparate shows into one crossover story, by looking for any elements that would mesh them together. In lieu of using the conventional Eva universe and for the sake of greater compatibility, I chose the Campus Apocalypse in its place because of the near-similarities with PMMM and (although I have yet to play it) Persona 3 and 4.

However, as much as interesting this exercise is, due to my hectic schedule I cannot be sure if I could add another chapter, at least not until I have enough free time and less distractions that can allow me to keep on writing, so comments and criticisms are accepted openly to see if there's anything else I could improve on or to add.

But I'll try my best to continue this and my other work, Light and Water.

Thank you and good morning. J'ai ose.