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It was a mundane Saturday morning. Elena was escorting Bonnie across the Salvatore halls, down to the living room where her boyfriend awaited with a couple of open books and notebooks. Caroline was supposed to come, but due to the fact that she was good in math (don't start stereotyping her now –she's secretly a genius), she chose to stay at home and care for her mom who was currently down with the flu.

"Hi, Stefan," Bonnie greets calmly as she enters the living room, missing the way Stefan's eyes widened at the sight of her. She drops her bag down to the floor while Elena sits beside her boyfriend on the carpeted floor. She sits beside Elena and it doesn't take long till she, too, is engrossed with her homework.

From an outsider's point of view, the trio looked like a normal group of teenagers taking the whole study group thing too seriously. Now and then the teens would exchange math-related questions then jokes about how this was such a great day to solve some mth problems instead of dealing with Originals or werewolves.

For a few minutes Stefan tries to be the good boyfriend –then he was just trying to be a good man, because he realizes he doesn't give a rat's ass about math. He also kept on looking to his left, and beyond the brown hair and fair skin, he kept spotting the bronze and dark waves of long hair. Bonnie, he thought. All his thoughts were just that.

Elena tells him to stop copying her notes, though they both knew that he was beyond that (and he knew math like the back of his hand). After another five minutes, the Petrova clone screams brain damage and says she's going to the kitchen for some ice cream. She doesn't bother to ask them if they wanted a break as well and she mutters how the devil invented math as she went on her way out.

Stefan lets out a breath of relief. Finally, the unattractive barrier had gone, and now he was just here with her. He kept on wondering: why. Why hasn't he given her his time of day? Why did he only recognize this now? Stefan closes his eyes and takes a quiet inhale of air, and he feels the desire unfurl on his chest and his groin as the subtle scent of her perfume invade his nostrils. He opens his eyes and gapes at her, watching the way her expression held a little pout, her teeth abusing her lower lip as she stayed focused on solving her assignment. She was so desirable. She looked so… delectable. He found himself unable to take his eyes away from her lips, his mouth watering with the thought of tasting her lip gloss.

It didn't take long till the dam broke. In a few seconds, Stefan traps Bonnie on a hot kiss. He inwardly collapses with the intensity of his feelings, and he just knows it's too good to be true…

Stefan Salvatore, perfect boyfriend and eternal Elena devotee, was pressing her against the couch, sealing his lips with hers.

Honestly, it takes a while to sink in. It wasn't everyday that someone hits on her. Much less shoves their tongue down her throat. So Bonnie's eyes widen in surprise, and she can't help but feel a little startled to see Stefan with his closed, as if savoring the chemistry of their first kiss. When Stefan licks her lips with his tongue, urging for entrance and response, that's when Bonnie restrains her powers and uses all the physical strength she had to push the vampire away. OK, so maybe she did use a little magic. "What the hell, Stefan!" she demanded loudly, rubbing the back of her hand furiously on her mouth, willing to forget Stefan's taste.

Stefan doesn't hear her. His eyes are trained in on her lips. Ever the romantic, he dramatically places his hand on top of his heart and sighs. "I've never tasted such sweet ambrosia before…" He looks at her and gives her the sweetest smile she has ever seen she almost gags.

It wasn't that Stefan wasn't attractive –because he was, he was! But THIS was wrong on all levels! When Bonnie sees Stefan diving for her again, the alarm bells ring louder and she mutters a freezing spell. Well, more like something to keep Stefan in place. Somehow, she didn't think of giving him her trademark vampire aneurysm –but that's not definitely because it was reserved solely for his older brother (that was another issue altogether). She quickly runs to the door without giving Stefan a second glance. She runs faster when she hears him call, "Bonnie! Where are you going!"

When Bonnie gets to the kitchen, she finds the girlfriend there stuffing her face with ice cream. Unable to control her panic, she runs to her friend and grasps her shoulders. "Elena! I need to tell you something…!"

Elena doesn't feel the gravity of the situation, but stares at her like she had something on her face. "Wh–"

"Bonnie, don't run away from me…!"

Both girls turn their attention to the door and sees Stefan there, with a lonesome look on his eyes. He looked desperate. He looked need. Normally, a brooding Stefan was a fixture as the clouds are to the sky, but it was the first time that they ever saw his attention stray from Elena. Groundbreaking.

Elena gives Bonnie one quick glance and she finally sees the terror in her best friend's eyes and somehow, her perceptive abilities work double time that she understands for even just a bit, what the fuck was going on. So she tries to be sensible about it and turns to Stefan. "Stef?"

Stefan is cautious as he enters the kitchen, ignoring the call of his name. He takes a step forward and glances at Bonnie. "Bonnie."

All the while, Bonnie was trying to remember if she did anything the past week on her own. No. She didn't even bother practicing this week because she was too engrossed with social life –meaning meeting up with the gang to strategize defensive tactics against the dark forces and school, and the last time she had her grimoire open was two weeks ago! She had a suspicion about what this was about, but… "Elena! I must be cursed today or a side effect of a spell! It's stupid! It's… I… Oh my god, I don't know! I'm sorry!" It didn't take a while when the body shield started quaking and she frowns. She knows this girl too much. "Are you… are you laughing!"

Elena holds her belly, clearly entertained. "I'm sorry, Bonnie! It's just that it's so funny!"

"But your boyfriend, Stefan, KISSED ME!" Bonnie didn't know how much she could emphasize all the words at once.

"I did," Stefan confirmed.

"Well, everyone wants Stefan," Elena says dreamily. She then turns to look at Bonnie and gives her a wink. "Or we could play and you can give me a kiss as well…?"

For a moment, Bonnie thinks she might have been transported to another universe. She wanted to faint, but preferably, not in the Salvatore residence of all places. She should have strangled Elena by now, but it seems that her best friend was really just entertained, because Elena couldn't stop giggling like a school girl.

"And I'd love to kiss you again, Bonnie," Stefan whispers passionately. He sighs again. "Or more."

The giggles stop and now Elena lets out a low whistle. "Creeepy." Stefan gets nearer, obviously trying to get something out of her best friend, and unable to do anything else, she pouts. "Now that I'm seeing this in a third person perspective… I can see why you and Caroline would make icky faces whenever Stef and I make out."

"ELENA, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING! Your boyfriend is trying to make out with me!"

Elena, for the record, tries her best to push Stefan away. She wonders why he's not using his special vampire powers, but it must be because he looked more like a hypnotized man judging by that glassy look on his eyes. Definitely not her boyfriend now. She shrugs in defeat. "I know it's just a spell, Bon, so I know you'll fix this somehow." When Stefan tries to shove her away, she puts on her in-charge face and puts a hand up (the one she uses when she deals with drunk friends and by the looks, Stefan was more drunk than boyfriend), effectively having its desired effect. "Stefan, honey. Do you really want to kiss Bonnie?" She can't believe she just said that, but it's still kind of funny that she tries hard not to break into another feat of giggles. Besides, Bonnie's grasp on her was starting to bruise, but the girl was scared. Who can blame her?

"Yes," Stefan breathes, nodding. "I also want to touch her…"

But he still sounds so hot, Elena thinks with a shiver. "But you're my boyfriend."

"But I'm her lover," he moans dejectedly.

That's when Elena turns around to face Bonnie. "I'm not really jealous, Bonnie, but you have to fix this. I thought this whole Stefan going for another girl wasn't appealing but I'm starting to change my mind." She backs herself up against Stefan, pressing hard into his tight pelvis. "I'll hold him here and you go back to your house and do things right with your witchy juju!"

Bonnie nods, willing to obey. She dashes to the door, away from crazy-eyed Stefan.

The front door slams close with a loud bang it echoes through the house. You would think that Stefan would have woken up from his Bonnie stupor. Instead, he tries to shove Elena out of the way (again) to follow the witch, but his wrist was tugged to a halt. "Let me go… I need to be with her…"

Maybe she can play along with this, Elena thought. "Stefan… Why don't you just imagine that I'm Bonnie?"

Stefan shakes his head, no. "But I need Bonnie."

That's when Elena thought that Bonnie definitely had to fix everything. Because if Stefan was going to be this way longer than he should, she would start fantasizing about doing things ménage-a-trois with Bonnie and that was definitely a bad idea. Katherine symptoms, Elena thought sadly. So much for that mundane Saturday morning. This was going to be a long day.

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