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Sunday morning, motel room...

"So I take it you have a crush on me...?"

"Crush? Now that's just plain irony… motherfucker."

"You heard that huh?"

"Please. I know everything." Pause. "Why did you have to do the spell anyway? Couldn't you just have told me? Asked me out?"

"I don't do anything half-assed. Don't punch me."

"Riiiiight. Doing a cheap love spell was the trick." Hear the sarcasm. "You've completely won me over."

"Psh. It worked, right?"

"Why did you do it?"

"I..." Takes a deep breath. "I wanted you to see me… as… well, as a man."

Snorts. "See you as a…" Laughter. "You're a vampire!"

Temper. "I screwed up, OK? If you only know how hard it was to see you with every other fucking–"

Touch. "Oh... you're pretty much hard to ignore, Damon."

Awe. "Really?"


Round six.

After the spell had been broken, it had taken half an hour for the residents of Mystic Falls to recover from the little disaster that they have created in pursuit of the only living Bennett in town. Kissing Damon turned out to be more than just a spell-breaker, it also managed to bring Bonnie's magic back. With Damon's help, they found the right concoction to create the perfect memory-altering spell that should make the supposed victims (aggressors) remember the event differently. OK, so maybe it took them actually an hour before they saw the right spell, considering that they made out, argued and made out alternatively. The new boyfriend succeeded to convince the new girlfriend that she should not want to live in her hometown regarded as the Mystic Falls' pariah because of what happened, hence…

"It's official," Elena announced like a news anchor as she entered the living room, trying hard to keep a straight face as she saw the lovebirds huddled on one corner of the couch like they were in their own little world. Of course they were making out before she disturbed them; she could see the flush on Bonnie's cheeks and the murderous glare on Damon's blue eyes. She holds out the daily newspaper in front of her before placing it on the coffee table. "Last Saturday has been declared 'The Bonnie Bennett Holiday', the day that all the male townsfolk had run a race to help her save children in third-world countries."

Pushing the newspaper away from her, Bonnie couldn't help but bury her face in her hands. "I hope I can live with this. You guys didn't even specify which third world country."

"Come on. You know that if ever an outsider asks about it, your former Bonnie zombies," Elena paused just to watch Damon freeze at the mention of the term; yes, Caroline would not stop telling their circle of friends about Damon's famous confession. "Would be too busy defending your honor. You are, after all," she paused again, taking the newspaper on the table just to read a line, "this town's 'beacon of goodness'." She couldn't help but do a mental 'awww'as she watched her future brother-in-law give her best friend a chaste kiss on the cheek for encouragement.

"Believe me, baby," Damon said, wrapping an arm around her, pulling her tight against him. "That holiday isn't even enough for all the help you've been doing those ingrates before they went crazy over you. It's about time, I say."

"Agreed," Elena nodded. "You have been saving the entire town pretty much for free and I know that you will keep on doing so until your hair turns gray." She sees a distinct flash of surprise and terror flash on their pretty faces, and she knows it's because of her reference to old age. Casually excusing herself out to get some of Stefan's things before heading home again, Elena leaves the room, feeling rather accomplished with her intent. She did want the whole innuendo to sink in real good; she was so looking forward to having all of her best friends forever if she's going to pull a Bella and ask Stefan to turn her in the not-so-distant future… "You can go back to making out now!"

"Gladly," Damon mumbled, eager to nuzzle his nose on the crook of Bonnie's neck. Before devouring his lover, he yells out, "And by the way, kindly tell my dearest brother that I don't miss having him around. Keep him at your place for as long as you like, doppleganger!" Though he knew Elena was busy hoarding upstairs, he was certain she heard all of that.

"You're an asshole," Bonnie told him, giving him a firm nudge on the stomach. As Damon busies himself with memorizing her scent, she thinks about the past three weeks since the whole thing happened. "Damon? Don't you think maybe it's time for Stefan to go back home? He can't live at Elena's forever."

Damon missed his brother, really. That is, when Bonnie wasn't around –which wasn't happening on a regular basis. So he shakes his head, no, and when he starts nipping on her neck and she finally moans, he is thankful that the subject has finally been dropped. Although Damon was sure that the spell did work for everyone (womenfolk included) that day, he can't help but wonder about its effects on the supernatural, or those special cases (like those who have had real contact with Bonnie). He didn't bother to ask anyone if it did work, because if Damon found out that they were lying to him, he just might lose it and kill Bonnie's friends. His first clue to this doubt was Stefan, of course, simply because he couldn't find his younger brother's new hiding place for his journal. Second, they have been making out more than they have been paying more attention to the spell, there was a chance that it wasn't as 100% foolproof. So until he trusts his own gut to trust Stefan again (and to find that goddamned diary), his brother would remain a homeless Bambi-sucker.


Unknown to Damon, his suspicions were more correct than not, because The Bonnie Bennett Holiday Spell did work for the normal Bonnie zombie, but didn't work completely for those special cases (mostly known as Bonnie's friends). They didn't 'love' Bonnie anymore, no, but what they felt was similar to someone who had just experienced a breakup. They remembered what they felt, what they said to Bonnie three weeks ago. They found it hard to move on. They would forget about the experience in the same manner someone who just suffered a heartbreak should grieve.

For instance, after the bloody disaster back at the lingerie store (Bonnie's only safe house during the zombie horde rampage), Caroline had made sure that she had given Matt the right amount of blood just enough to heal his injuries. Though Matt still needed aspirin after his magical regeneration, poor man was not weak enough to be graced amnesia by the memory-altering spell. Being inhabited by Klaus for hours made it impossible for him to believe that The Bonnie Bennett Holiday was because of some ridiculous cause to save third-world country children. Maybe it wasn't that ridiculous, but which country specifically! Therefore, Matt coped like he did the moment he found out about vampires; he handled it like a man. Make everyone think that nothing was wrong, tried not to bat an eyelid whenever Bonnie's name was spoken in random conversation, tried to believe that The Holiday was actually true. When someone would ask him if he participated, he would even respond light-heartedly that he was actually the frontrunner of the pack. It had been quite stressful the first few days, trying not to think of Bonnie other than as a friend. But thankfully, Bonnie had left his dreams, and bronzed valleys and raven hair were finally replaced by sunshine, golden curves, and well, fangs. Thank God for Caroline.

Sweet, sweet Caroline…

Now an inside joke between Damon and Caroline, the Cemetery Man (Tyler), vowed revenge the moment he dug himself out of his grave. However, due to his werewolf ridden persona that had been dominant during his Bonnie-blessed state, he had forgotten who the culprit was. His instinct kept screaming Damon, but sadly, being stuck underground for hours on end doesn't give you any evidence at all. It made it hard to point his muddy finger at the vampire, especially now that Bonnie was busy smooching the man's face every time he saw them. That said, the only recurring thought in his head was Bonnie. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. It actually made even more sense, considering he woke up somewhere near her grandmother's grave. However, he found it hard to believe that Bonnie was that heartless to bury him alive. So he really kept his bet on Damon. He was itching to investigate, but he wouldn't want to lose any more of his male ego if ever he revealed that he had spent an entire night marinated in graveyard slop.

When Tyler hears about The Bonnie Bennett Holiday, a part of him feels quite relieved. Maybe Bonnie was the one to have been creative enough to bury him six feet under, because that was just Bonnie's character –thinking about what was best for everybody. Who knows what kind of damage he would have done had he lost control of his werewolf side on a random day –much more on a town event like last Saturday? Thus, even if the spell did not really affect Tyler, he believes that three weeks ago, the whole town was engaged in a social event to help Bonnie Bennett's mission to save children in third-world countries. The moment he made sure that he didn't smell like the dead (which was a bummer, considering that he was the werewolf), he leaves town and hopes that Caroline calls him. But he dreams of Bonnie now and then, especially that time when he proposed to her when they were eight.

Who knows, maybe they'll still marry each other when they turn thirty…

Next on the list was the unfortunate history teacher. Alaric should have forgotten just like every single mortal who did, but unfortunately, being a vampire hunter had its perks. Perks, like, finally wearing an anti-spell charm, right before Bonnie cast the memory-altering spell. He had been so terrified of going through that traumatic experience again (his fried ass was the least of his problems, much less unintentionally groping one of his students) that he just had to take precaution, which, unknown to him, backfired like hell. Instead of being on board the whole Holiday celebration like he should have had he not worn the protection charm, now he is forced to act like he actually honors the day, like he forgot about everything, when truthfully, Alaric wanted nothing more but to quit his job and check himself into rehab.

When the dreams with Bonnie didn't cease, it was hard to admit to himself that he had problems; it was difficult to face the baggage. He had come to recognize his thirst for blood, how dark he had become –all thanks to the spell that opened his mind to such things. It brought out that Alaric who chose not to pretend, didn't put up a charade that he was just a normal history teacher. Alaric was afraid because he knew that three weeks ago, he had become the thing he hated the most. He, after all, had lived such a deranged existence ever since he started chasing those filthy demons around. He wants to blame them for ruining everything, especially the normalcy, but he couldn't, because it was his life now. He wanted nothing more but to stake Damon when he found out that the idiot was responsible for what happened (thanks, detective skills). But then again, he is left with no choice but to compromise, considering said criminal was making Bonnie happy, and admitting he remembered would probably sign his own death-contract because it was plain as day that the elder Salvatore was dead-set on announcing to anyone who came his way that the witch was his.

Clearly, Alaric's plans to wait for Bonnie to reach adulthood and hopefully make her his was useless. So he had to leave the matter alone and move on in his own way –which meant hunting rogue vampires more often than necessary because each of them was a Damon he could stake. Jenna would eventually hate him for it, but perhaps, it was for the best, considering that she deserved better. How could she be with someone as twisted as him? At least, he thinks to himself, The Bonnie Bennett Holiday will fall on a weekday next year. No classes good.

Maybe he should start seeing a shrink...

Strange enough, Jeremy's protection ring made him immune from the amnesiac-quality of the new Holiday spell, in contrast to the faulty spell Damon had done, which only managed to intensify his feelings for Bonnie. Safe to say he was still pretty much Bonnie-obsessed, although he didn't have the need to strip down just to show Bonnie how much he wanted her (Alaric man-handling him three weeks ago was also enough to make him NOT want to take his clothes off anymore, at least not when the lights were off). The few weeks had turned him into a definite sour-puss, unable to project anything but bitter sarcasm whenever 'Bamon' was around or mentioned.

He hated Damon. Hell, he even hated Elena. He just knew she wasn't against the new love team in town because she was secretly manipulating everyone to become vampires in the future; of course she wanted Damon to turn Bonnie too. For fuck's sake, something was wrong with his sister's head. Besides, it was her fault for looking like that Katherine bitch. OK, that was way too mean, but he couldn't help it. If she put a little more bitch in fending off Damon (the no means no policy, hello!), maybe he wouldn't have been so stubborn to stick around. AND NOW he just had to stick around to make sure he realized Elena wasn't the one for him. Thanks to Elena for keeping Damon around, so did she lessen Jeremy's chances for keeping Bonnie longer to himself.

Though Bonnie said it was the age gap that bothered her, he knew she wouldn't have been as motivated to do 'the right thing' if she didn't have another handsome choice stalking her. If only he could turn back time and make sure he stakes both Salvatores before being all 'friends' with everyone. If only he could believe that The Bonnie Bennett Holiday was real. If only Damon didn't exist, maybe Bonnie would have considered him as her only one. And he's so fucking cursed, because sooner or later, Stefan would be his brother-in-law and THEN he would have forever watching Bamon happen. And judging how powerful Bonnie is getting every single day, God forbid the world be damned with little Damons running around screaming 'Uncle Jeremy!'

Seriously. FUCK. THAT.

If there was something Stefan tried to be and excelled at, it was at being a gentleman. He knew that he would never win the 'best brother' category, considering that the only jury was his judge and executioner. When Damon coldly told him to pack his bags and leave until he felt it was right for him to come back, Stefan wordlessly did what he was told, and had moved in at Elena's for the meantime. It had been fun the first day, being with Elena again, and they would be lying if they didn't admit that they have acted like newlyweds. Elena was extra attentive to him (a little too much), and given that Jenna and Jeremy barely stayed at home throughout the day, it gave them the benefit of doing it on every single place they could. He was a gentleman; perhaps a too perfect one, considering that there were those rare instances that during his intimate moments with Elena, when her visage would be replaced by Bonnie. He wouldn't stop because of this mental interruption, and estimating they have made love on 15 different locations, he had come to Bonnie's memory in about 7. It was hard to move on from what he experienced with Bonnie, although only a mere kiss was what had only transpired. Elena did not ask if he still remembered; she probably chose to believe that he had been affected by the Bonnie Bennett Holiday spell.

Whenever Stefan looks back to read his journal and he sees everything he wrote during his Bonnie-filled day –he couldn't bare to erase the entries nor write a contradictory note on it. That, and he had started to hide his journal. He wasn't in love with Bonnie, no… But it was true, he thought, to have that one time in his life that he was free from Katherine's face (the sole thing that had ruined his relationship with his brother), the responsibility of Elena's love (the promise of forever), and all that there was had been Bonnie Bennett (love and fresh air). And though he would have thought that Bonnie was his moment of freedom, he would have to deal with the fact that his brother had found true love with that woman. It's strange to be on the other side of the fence.

At least, when Damon turns her, she'd be his sister-in-law…

When the Chinese delivery guy thanks Bonnie for the tip, Damon is quick to slam the door close, his nostrils flaring –and it's not because of the chili sauce. His brows are knitted together in obvious displeasure. Like The Flash he takes the food from Bonnie's hands and he swears at himself for bothering to drink a pack of blood while waiting for their Chinese delivery to arrive. As he fed, the doorbell rang and the inevitable happened: one of those idiot mortals had laid eyes on his witch, and just as expected, he had flirted with her unabashedly. Though the men of Mystic Falls did forget about their violent obsession with Bonnie thanks to the new spell, given that she had a town holiday in her honor, Bonnie had become an overnight celebrity. It was a fact that most people noticed her already, but now, they had the guts to take their chances with her. Damon surprises the brunette by scooping her in his arms, and dashes in the living room, just to find his keys.

When Bonnie realizes his intent of leaving, she starts freaking out. She starts pushing him away, but he had her on this iron grip. "Damon, what the hell is wrong with you?" If he wasn't so hot, she probably would have set him on fire, but the way one of his hands had purposely managed to cup her ass… But still, she manages to retort half-heartedly, "Put me down…!"

Damon curses his stupid car keys, but he finds them nonetheless. "You are marrying me tonight, Bonnie Bennett." He gets Bonnie's bag and her grimoire, he takes their food anyway considering that it may be a long ride. He does everything with Bonnie in his arms. Damn he was invincible. "If I can't help this kind of shit from happening again, I might as well have the right to kill these motherfuckers properly."

It takes her but a second to connect the dots. "Is this about the delivery guy?" Bonnie exclaimed, and then stared at his stubbled cheek. "I can't believe you just asked me to marry you…"

As Damon got them on the front door, lots of things on his arms, his intended included, he flashes her his trademark smirk. "I'm such a romantic, right?"

Typical Bamon fashion, Bonnie explodes and starts hitting him anywhere she could reach –except his perfect face. "You fucking jerk!" Her eyes were glimmering with righteous anger. "How could you ask me such a stupid question after what just happened! Marrying you is the last thing I should want!"

Damon pays her no mind; he enjoys the attention. He stands on the doorway with a contemplative look on his face. "I think it makes perfect sense. They're after Bonnie Bennett –they'll leave a Bonnie Salvatore alone."

"What the–"

"The guy's got a point, Bonnie."

Bonnie's eyes widen and she sees Elena's brown head moving somewhere behind Damon's shoulder. "What the hell, Elena!" She's about to point out that no one's suffering the spell anymore and that they have gone absolutely mad; she should totally set them on fire, both of them, until Damon repeats the question that makes her stomach flip-flop.

"Will you marry me?"

Yes. Bonnie clenches her jaw, both in irritation and happiness. "I think you did everything on purpose." She sneers at him and sees Elena from the corner of her eye. "Isn't he supposed to be in love with you or something?"

"Or something," Damon and Elena chorused with a roll of eyes.

Damon looks at her, really looks at her and Bonnie sighs. He really is a jerk. A jerk she had fallen hopelessly in love with. Damn that was cheesy. "For what it's worth, you have to ask me again."

"So will you marry me?" Damon asks, a glitter of hope in his face.

Could she even say the N word? N-O. "Yes."

As they share a deep kiss, they could hear Elena's happy squeals on the background. "OMG! Bamon's getting married! I'm off to tell the world!"

The front door closes and Damon and Bonnie look at each other.

"T-tell the world?" Bonnie asks no one in particular, and she starts to tremble. Honestly, Bonnie was still wary from having too many people around.

Damon scoffs. "Fuck that; I'm taking you to Vegas."

Though Bonnie was officially the town hero, Damon had to be hers. She doesn't even argue as he whisks her away. Somehow, she'd have to believe the whole Bennett-Salvatore thing would help her move on. She never dreamed of the whole church/garden wedding anyway.

"By the way, baby?" Damon asks as he steps on the gas, all the while putting her seatbelt on. "I know you're pregnant."

Marveling at Bonnie's startled expression (she probably didn't know about the bun in the oven yet), Damon grins as he looks at the road ahead. He had Bonnie, he was going to be a dad, and he was going to get married. He didn't think it was possible, he didn't think he'd look forward to this. If anyone was brave enough to ask him, he'd probably say that he was having the time of his life.

Who would think three weeks ago, that the worst day of his life would turn out to be his best?

The End.

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